50,000 hits already this year! Can you believe it?

It’s not even 3 months into the new year yet and as of this moment, we already have 50,355 hits here! I focus on saying WE because this blog is an effort to create a community, however small, but trying nevertheless to strike one small blow against the narrative of the mainstream Mameluks. We are all in this together.

The GRAND TOTAL for this blog so far is now 1.33 lakh hits! It’s beginning to approach the size of a Modi rally, finally 😛

So, please all of you friends who come visiting, thank you so much! You all have become a part of my life and I hope that my blog has also become a small part of yours. Please keep reading and commenting.

This month, I took a leap of faith and submitted a couple of my posts to Opindia’s Myvoice. Here they are on the Opindia website



The first one got selected as one of the “Editor’s picks”. That was seriously awesome. I have been a big fan of Opindia ever since they launched and it was nice to be on their website.

In April, I am getting ready to launch a Facebook page for this blog. All the posts here will simultaneously appear on the FB page, so you can share them on your FB profiles with a single click. Please be mindful that everything on this blog or on the forthcoming webpage is done by me in a bit of spare time from work every day, so please consider if you find the FB page set up in a somewhat amateurish manner 🙂

One more thing…since we are lucky to have a growing number of commenters, these days I sometimes take a day or two to respond to every single comment. Please do not mind, because I am committed to respond to every single one of them. I feel genuinely grateful each time someone comments and so I feel it is my responsibility to thank them with an individual reply each time. I also like to say a welcome each time a new person comments for the first time on this blog.

One thing that’s not going so great is that, judging by the names of the commenters, we do not seem to have enough female readers on this blog. Or at least enough people commenting with clearly identifiable female pseudonyms. So, please if you are out there, please let me know if you have some suggestions, or maybe there is something about the tone or content of the blog that you find off putting.

But most of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holi! I myself had the best Gajar ka Halwa 🙂 What did you folks do? Let’s end with a bit of great news about the coming Achche Din …




40 thoughts on “50,000 hits already this year! Can you believe it?

  1. I used to think your blog was one of those satirical pieces but after reading your article on Opindia, I have bookmarked you on the browser. Ek chaiwalla PM Ban gaya…aap bhi bade bane…yahi dua hai. Jai hind.


  2. Your posts are addressing the right topics and hit the right notes. First thing I read in the morning with a cup of hot tea is your post. 🙂 Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success!


  3. Hearty congratulations cw. I am reiterating you have a gr8 quality to respect ur readers which at least I have not found with any blogger. My gut feeling is that u will easily reach 1 million in this year.


  4. Thanks dear . You are doing a very good job. Every body is with you. Take care. You are hitting the crooks where it hurts the most on our behalf. Go ahead.


  5. Hi Just read this article and thought you should know female readers are out here though we may not comment much. I have read every single post since coming across this blog last year. And one post where I came close to commenting was the one on what does Hinduism mean for you as an individual. You mentioned exactly what I have been thinking there so was good to know . Good work and keep you it going.


  6. U certainly have female readers though may not b commenting. M an ardent fan of your blog. Have been a sincere reader right from your first article n have seen you grow to this stature. Congratulations keep the great work going .


  7. Congratulations. You are doing an extraordinary job. You certainly have female readers though may not be commenting. M an ardent fan of ur blog . Have been a reader right from the first article n seen you grow to this stature. Awaiting the launch of the Facebook page.


  8. Dear CW, Bravo.. Great to see the number of viewership going up for your posts, keep going. For me it is a wonderful platform to vent my anger on the hypocrisy of the vested interests in our society, hence I see a wonderful group of such like minded people here.

    Secondly, the time & energy put in by you in researching deeply before publishing an article wonderfully laced with a subtle satire is what makes me log into your blog every often.

    Next, your sincerity in taking time to respond to each of the comments is really commendable, which gives me a sense of belonging.

    As for your concern on female viewership, except for very few, ladies still feel Politics is a clear no no for them because politics means only ugly things (of late) and vociferous comments for which they may not be mentally tuned. On and off you may get into few posts outside politics say on articles pertaining to role of women in religion, spiritualism and women empowerment. This may slowly start attracting them come forward to raise their views. From my side, I will try and reach out to my friends through my FB page. Once you launch your own FB page, I will invite them to your page which will slowly gain momentum.

    Lastly, you may ponder over bringing out your posts at least in few popular Indian languages with the same content. Of course, I understand it is a herculean task, nevertheless you can keep this in mind.

    I wish you all the very best in marching towards a Million viewership latest by this year end.


    1. Hi,
      A warm welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂 I am very happy I was able to inspire other RWs to start speaking their mind. Congratulations on your article posted to Opindia 🙂

      Awesome awesome research by you for digging out the details of that NGO. Fantastic article! Keep it up yaar!!!



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