A Congi bedtime story : Is Piyush Goyal fulfilling Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams?

Long long ago, there lived a great man called Jawaharlal Nehru with a great vision. He had a dream. He wanted to develop our country into a prosperous, powerful nation.  So, he did tapasya and penance to please God, until Mother Mary appeared before him and offered to grant him a boon.

“What do you want, my child?” — Mother Mary asked.

“I want nothing for myself, Mother Mary…I want every village in the Central South Asian region to have electricity” — Nehru replied.

(Point to note: this was before 1947 and the “idea of India” did not exist at that time. It had to be called the Central South Asian region)

Mother Mary smiled and said : “Your selflessness has touched my heart. You shall become PM of the Central South Asian region. You shall bequeath the throne to your children and to their children after them. You shall be blessed with a grandson who will have great dreams about the nation you will create called India“.

Saying so, Mother Mary disappeared and Nehru dutifully got to the task of securing the throne for himself and his children. In due time, by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Nehru was blessed with two grandsons Rajiv and Sanjay. 

But then the great man was faced with the problem of finding out which of his two grandchildren would grow up to be the great man with great dreams about India. For this, the great Nehru consulted the learned astrologers and all the wise fortune tellers of his time:

the government on Wednesday dug out a letter written by Jawaharlal Nehru to his sister Krishna Hutheesing from the Ahmednagar Fort prison in 1944 asking her to get a “proper horoscope made by a competent person” for his grandson and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.


The young Rajiv grew up quickly. He was taught by the best teachers, sent to the best schools. Everyone was awed by the growing prince. But alas! Empress Indira died suddenly and Rajiv was just a young man of  40 when the crown passed to him. Although his teachers had full faith in him, many in the population were skeptical. Could the young prince discharge such important duties properly?

To everyone’s delight, the young prince took to the job like a duck takes to water. Soon he was dreaming like an expert. On some days, he dreamed of a poverty free India, on other days he dreamed of an India that’s a superpower, on other days he dreamed of a country where everyone has electricity and everyone has drinking water. In his spare time, he would invent computers, television, email and jet planes.

The great man left behind a legacy of dreams for us to fufil. Now, even die hard India-haters at the Guardian are acknowledging that Piyush Goyal is fulfiling Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams. Hotasar is a small distant village of just 200 people in Rajasthan, which many thought was impossible to reach. But then, an engineer arrived with the “good news” of Rajiv G’s dream:

When a government official first came to Hotasar in western India, the villagers shooed him away. He had come to tell them an engineer was on his way and the village would get its first electric light bulb within months. “Bring light? To Hotasar? It’s impossible,” they told him. Others had promised the same, but plans to electrify the village had repeatedly failed.”


Let’s read on:

Vishal Singh, a government official responsible for overseeing the electrification programme in 126 villages in the wider Jaisalmer district, says: “There were no maps, landmarks or boundaries here. We went out into the field ourselves and marked out the areas that needed electrifying.

See the power of Rajiv Gandhi’s dream. But unholy materialistic thoughts immediately creep into the minds of the villagers when they hear electricity is coming:

On the day the electricity is scheduled to start, the Pardeshis talk about what they’ll purchase for their house. “We’ve got to buy a fridge and an air conditioner,” says Hussein.

What a shame! They are thinking of a fridge and an AC for themselves. Have they thought about the deprived students at JNU’s School of International Studies? They have nothing.

As the sun sets, the waiting finally comes to an end. The electrical engineer, Mojeem Khan, turns on the first light bulb. A small cheer erupts from the small crowd, and sweets are distributed.”

Yet another small crowd getting ready to leech off the resources of the planet with their electricity and their fridge and AC. Sigh..

A set of Christmas lights comes, changing from green to blue to white. The boys run to the sockets to charge their phones.”

Oh..thank god for the Christmas lights! At least they are not wasting the precious electricity.

The TV comes on and men gather around, flicking from channel to channel: a Punjabi comedy, a Bollywood film from the 90s, the news. “We’re going to sit here and watch TV all night,” one of the neighbours says.

They’ll watch TV all night? Thank goodness! By morning they should know all about the rising intolerance all around them.

Taiji, the oldest member of the household, who can’t see in the dark, happily touches the faces of the girls sat at her feet in the courtyard. “I can see you all now,” she says”

Finally, everyone who was in the dark can see the dangers of Modi’s rising intolerance. Taiji can see them all now: the dangers of Yoga, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi and of course the threats posed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s festival gatherings. No wonder the proud electrical engineer says:

Khan, the electrical engineer, stands outside the courtyard of the house. “I love my job,” he says, watching the villagers celebrate.

Bhai, you should be proud! Rajiv Gandhi had a dream that every person should be able to see on TV the dangers of Modi’s intolerance…

18 thoughts on “A Congi bedtime story : Is Piyush Goyal fulfilling Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams?

  1. HA HA HA……..ROFTL!!!!

    Beautifully written,superb indeed….I enjoyed it thoroughly,you have covered so many achievements of this government entwined in the satire !!

    Central South Asian region…LOL!

    But alas!….after this I had expected….Empress Indira found out to her utter disdain that her son had got entangled in the web of a ‘honey pot’!!


  2. Wonderful satire to convey one area where the Govt of the day doing a great job.Piyush a great professional.Keep up the good work CW.Such “outpourings” can only from someone who has only Nations interest at heart.


    1. Thank you so much. Piyush Goyal is definitely a minister Modi can be proud of. He is doing historic work that will change the future of millions of Indians. Can’t even imagine what life must be like without electricity for so many people. And finally, 66 years after 1950, they are getting electricity.


  3. Piyush Goyal is proof of why you need to have Technocrats can be better Ministers and not Politicians(there are some notable exceptions to this though).Very,very efficient.


  4. Dear CW,

    A wonderful article, rib tickling but interspersed with hard truth.

    Really really starting from Nehru all his descendants are great dreamers………….

    ……….Only dreaming……… Piyush also could have continued the dream, but this BJPian seems to have felt otherwise that he got hastily into action. How intolerant he is? Having waited for 65 long years the villagers would not also have any complaints waiting for another 10 years to celebrate the diamond jubilee in dark.

    Nehruji stopped with his grandson; did not think about his great grandson, the youth icon, the shining star, the future of Thailand… Very sad..


    1. As Modi once said in a rally, Congress took 50 years to go from “aadhi roti” to “poori roti”. They would take another 100 years to go to pet bhar roti! But Piyush Goyal showing that the nation can be electrified in 5 years only. Gandhis would have taken 200 years…


  5. Congress is hell bent on proving to the gullible Indians that “Acche Dins have not come” And where ever it is vastly obvious they turn around and try to grab credit from BJP ministers to their own leaders. In so doing, they stupidly forget that up until two years ago, they ruled for ten solid years. Apparently, they must be counting on that people will forget to ask such basic questions like, “What did you do to fulfill Rajiv Gandhi’s dream?’

    By the way CW, a great “Tongue in Cheek” article.


  6. Haha. Gr8 satire. CW you are best in satire to this dynasty crooks.
    We lost Rajeev gandhi at very very young age un(luckily),otherwise we would be superpower now. If he would have survived, I am sure inventions of smartphones, cloud computing, digital India,mangalyaan , globalization, metro, driverless cars, IT revolution, bullet trains would have been on his name .He had such an extraordinary DNA best in world only after his dad Nehru that, his product rahul has brain which may be considered almost similar to Einstein.no one in this world has even 1 % capacity to ” see only dreams” like this great leader.
    Well, piyush goel is doing a wonderful work. Every week electrifying almost 20 villages is one of the difficult task.kudos to this asset of modi. I hope bjp makes people aware about this. I have already seen some fools who are still giving credit to Rajeev for this.


    1. Ha ha…thanks. Indeed, if Modi can get electricity right by 2019, he is all set for a massive win. As far as I know, electricity was his trump card in Gujarat also. And he has chosen just the right man for the job.


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