With Kanhaiya Kumar becoming Bhagat Singh, is Chagan Bhujbal the next Ramprasad Bismil?

Yesterday, Shashi Tharoor, the world famous scientist who enlightened us about the dangers of drinking too much coconut water announced his latest discovery to the world:

Shashi Tharoor has finally discovered for us our new Bhagat Singh. The new Bhagat Singh has been valiantly flashing his weapon against the Brahmanical “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan”  created by Hindu males.

The greatest response of all came from the Unreal Times:


Somewhere out there in the sky,  Ajmal Kasab awaits his turn. Right now, the liberal camp is kind of divided over what to do with Ajmal Kasab. For some liberals, he is actually a Wahabi Hindu sent by Modi to attack Mumbai. For other liberals, he is an innocent victim of Hindu male extremism… But I am sure he will soon get his turn in the sun. After all, didn’t Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt throw a bomb in Punjab Assembly? How different is that from Ajmal Kasab and his 9 secular brothers launching an assault on the financial headquarters of the prison house of nationalities called India… Ten young secular brothers, united in the name of the idea of India faced with the might of thousands of armed and angry Hindu males. A battle to remember…

But now that Indian liberals are on a spree looking to find parallels with freedom fighters with prominent figures in the Dynasty ecosystem, expect Chhagan Bhujbal to see a ray of hope. We all know that the AAP government in Maharashtra has acted swiftly to put corrupt Chhagan Bhujbal behind bars:

Meanwhile the BJP CM of Delhi continues to drag his feet on the famous 370 pages of evidence against Sheila Dikshit supplied by Shri Arvind Kejriwal….

But the Kanhaiya Kumar-Bhagat Singh comparison has come as a ray of hope for beleaguered Chagan Bhujbal. He can finally stand and say proudly before the court:

Yes, my lord! Yes, I have looted Maharashtra. Yes, my lord I have plundered Maharashtra. So, what my lord? Didn’t our great revolutionaries Ramprasad Bismil, Asfhaqullah, Rajendra Lahiri and Roshan Singh loot sarkari treasures at Kakori on August 9, 1925? My lord, I have done something similar. I am the modern day Ramprasad Bismil. I am proud to be accused of looting under the same provisions of the law that Ramprasad Bismil was accused under… Give me azaadi! Inquilab Zindabad!


24 thoughts on “With Kanhaiya Kumar becoming Bhagat Singh, is Chagan Bhujbal the next Ramprasad Bismil?

  1. This nutty ‘coconut scientist’ is nuts to compare Bhagat Singh to this no good aged ‘student’ who has achieved nothing in life,other than living on tax payers money being a ‘student’ and enjoying life!!

    ‘Meanwhile the BJP CM of Delhi continues to drag his feet on the famous 370 pages of evidence against Sheila Dikshit supplied by Shri Arvind Kejriwal’….LOL LOL!

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  2. He is loose cannon II of Congress, but uses well meant words while blabbering too. He often does it.

    Loose Cannon 1 is our Doggy Singh who got remarried at a very young age of 67.

    When Congress digs a big grave to Modi and waits for him, generally Pappu jumps into it promptly. But on and off these two also accompanies Pappu. Both these loose cannons are very much required to keep Congress in check.

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      1. Mani Shankar Aiyer, The one person in Indian politics… His ass will envy his mouth that it generates so much shit..


  3. The mother of all Congis is very much annoyed with Tharoor, that he is not comparing her son of soil Pappu with anyone so far.

    So to give the benefit to Pappu, we will henceforth call him as living Doreamon..


  4. CW and all your supporters don’t know about history that Shashi Tharoor knows. He knows that Bhagat Singh once urinated in front of a British lady. Hence the comparison between Bhagat Singh and Kanhaiya.


  5. Btw, did you guys hear that 1992 and 2002 caused the Brussels blasts today. Or that Sanghis are actually behind it.

    If not, I am sure it will be said soon. Morons!


  6. Extordinary!!….what is happening??…everybody seems to have one track mind!!…worst kind of appeasement.

    Hillary Clinton‏@HillaryClinton
    “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”


    1. The same lady thundered some time back that Pakistan was nurturing snakes in their backyard which will only bite on any given opportunity.

      The actions of terrorists are predictable, than these US scums.. Always dangerous and against Indian interest. This is what we have experienced so far.. In a way they are also predictable that they are not dependable..


  7. They’re stuck with this loser Kanhaiya till some new messiah pops up. Already he’s so full of himself he spouts dogma like some commie pamphlet, and the faithful LimoLibs have no choice but to chant Hallelujah – kya karein, orders is orders. Orders are to keep the messiah spot warm for Pappu in his (yet new) incarnation. If it ever comes.


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