Smug liberal Neena Haridas wants to put RSS back in “its place”

Friends, the smug liberal space in India is so vast, so vibrant that we often across masterpieces of elitism such as this in the DailyO titled

Why should India care about what RSS thinks about gays?


It is written by one Neena Haridas, editor of Marie Claire India. If you want to see smugness and class hatred at its finest, look no further than her first line:

When and how did we come to this turn when one of the largest selling English national dailies leads its Page One with a story on the “opinion” of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)?

Ha! Till now, we have seen liberals striving hard to crucify the RSS by smearing it on Page 1 of newspapers. But Neena H spills the beans and shows where the shoe really pinches the liberals…the RSS is now polluting the front page of their “largest selling English national dailies”! Ah…the pain it must cause a smug liberal to just wake up in the morning, get their English newspaper from their front porch and see RSS on Page 1 instead of say Queen Elizabeth II or Queen Sonia I. Ugh! Seeing the low class RSS on page 1 must ruin their whole day…it is right up there among their pet peeves with the maid/cook/driver not being fluent in English and street children chasing their Mercedes while they are just trying to get to the Taj Hotel for the 35th International Conference on alleviation of poverty.

The “largest selling English national daily” she is referring to is the Hindustan Times with as many as 1.16 million readers! Just because the RSS/BJP won 170 million votes or about 146 votes for every reader of the HT doesn’t mean these desi bumpkins can be on page one of newspapers now.. As long as the RSS was restricted to pages of vernacular newspapers, it was OK…but now they are entering English newspapers!  Shame! Outrage!

The headline in Hindustan Times says: “Homosexuality not a crime, but immoral says RSS.” The story explains that RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale is of the opinion that homosexuality shouldn’t be considered a criminal offence as long as it does not affect others and sexual preferences are private and personal….But who cares what Mr Hosabale or the likes of him think? Who exactly is interested in their opinion? Actually, who asked them for an opinion?

Indeed. Must be a mystery to you who cares about the RSS. Let me give you an anecdote about Pauline Kael, a “film critic” for the high brow New Yorker. In the 1972 US Presidential election, Richard Nixon swept 49 out of 50 American states in one of the largest ever Presidential wins. Here was Pauline Kael’s reaction:

I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them”

So, Madam Neena H, I know you live in a special world of Marie Claire…I know it is a mystery to you who cares about the RSS. Try stepping into a crowd of unwashed Indian natives for a change. You might be able to feel their existence.


Historically, RSS may have had a semblance of some philosophy when Baliram Hedgewar founded it whose idea of India was a Hindu Rashtra….The RSS was banned several times by various ruling governments and reminded of its place: that it would be nothing more than a cultural organisation, with no politics of its own.

Yeah! Those Achche Din when the RSS was put in its place with repeated bans by ruling governments! How dare they try to have a politics of their own, instead of being a cultural organization? In India, only Aamir Khan and Sahitya Akademi writers and  PhD students in African studies sucking on other people’s money have a right to have their own politics! Not the RSS…no not those lowly natives! Good thing that governments would repeatedly put them “in their place” with bans!

Most of us discounted them as chaddiwalas who run around our colony parks. Our attitude was that we may not agree with their beliefs and thoughts, but it is a free country. Each to his own.


The Editor of  Marie Claire naturally thinks that anyone who is unfashionable enough to wear a chaddi must be discounted. But hey, she is also merciful enough to concede that it’s a free country. Except of course that she is also fine with the repeated bans on the RSS by ruling governments. No contradiction there! To each his own…by “free country” we mean that everyone has the freedom to pick their own Italian designer label…whether Gucci or Armani… Who cares if a couple of chaddiwalahs are banned…does Gucci even make chaddis?

None of us bothered to sit up and take notice even when Babri Masjid was brought down with clinical precision. May be it is time to take notice, after all.

Yes, they have entered front pages of English newspapers now! Madam  Neena H feels it is time to finally take notice…

Today the gang of Swayamsewaks led by the kind of Mohan Bhagwat and Hosabale have become important voices with views and opinions on everything from sexuality to economy to women and religion.”

Yes, how dare they have opinions on everything? I did a google search of Marie Claire India covers and found this:


It covers matters of high importance such as “the making of a feminist porn film” and “who is up for a vagacial?”  Who could be dismissive of important stuff like this!!!  Clearly, you are not just a producer of irrelevant crap, but someone who needs to be giving their opinion on politics and national interest to India Today’s DailyO!! And of course, it is a free country.

You know what else is free, Madam Neena H? The market…it’s free too… I am sorry for calling you the Editor of Marie Claire India…sorry you are the former Editor who used to run Marie Claire!  And look what I found when I googled :

Outlook Group has announced the closure of three of its magazines, Marie Claire, Geo and People with immediate effect. The decision came as a surprise even to the employees — the firm’s management has said negotiations are underway on human resource issues….

A magazine source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the news came all of a sudden even as editors and journalists were preparing to send one of the magazines to be shut down to press. Employees got to know of the decision through a tweet...



The free market has spoken Madam Neena H! Can you hear it? You know what it’s saying? It’s saying that no one cares about what’s published in the Marie Claire…they can talk about vagacials all they want, but no one cares! It’s a free country with a free market and no one cares if Marie Claire stays or goes 🙂 Can you hear it Madam Neena H? So, your royal highness may choose to finally take notice of the RSS…but I am pretty sure you can’t get rid of the RSS with a tweet. If only someone had taken notice of Marie Claire, it would not have come to this….


11 thoughts on “Smug liberal Neena Haridas wants to put RSS back in “its place”

  1. The irony is we would have never known of the wretched Neena H without this tweet. The hate for the unwashed masses by modern day Sepoys like her, brainwashed by American Orientalism must be countered every time. Cheers!

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  2. Good post …you have systematically shredded this female and her attitude and her article into smithereens!!

    I know everybody is knowledgeable about RSS…but still I am writing a few lines.

    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is a Hindu organization.

    It is NOT a militant right wing organization as touted first by the Christian invaders and now by the Indian Muslims and Sonia Gandhi coterie.

    The mission of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was the revitalization of the hijacked Sanatana Dharma value system based on universalism ( Vasudaiva Kudumbam ) , equality and peace propounded by the ancient Vedic Maharishis . 

    In 1955, RSS leaders demanded the end of Portuguese rule in Goa and its integration into India. When Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru refused to obtain it by armed intervention, RSS leader Jagannath Rao Joshi led the satyagraha agitation straight into Goa itself. He was imprisoned with his followers by the Portuguese police.

    These people like waitress ,aadersh liberals and MSM who demonises RSS have no idea the kind of sacrifices made by RSS.


  3. Journalists are the most pathetic group of professionals I have seen.Yesterday.I saw a tweet which was a screenshot of an article posted on the India Today website which was titled somewhat like this “Will Pakistan finally humiliate India?”Pakistan lost to India yet again and now,our lead is 11-0 against them in World Cup matches.I would have loved to see the faces of the India Today losers after India won.


  4. Yes, for the life of me I cannot understand what these people think of themselves. Do they really believe that anybody cares for them??


    1. Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂 These people live in a special world, where Marie Claire magazine matters but not RSS. These are the sepoys of today…stupid Macaulayputri…


  5. Those Mamluk believes nobody cares what RSS thinks or what is the opinion of “Chaddiwalas” except when they believe Narendra Modi is influenced by RSS.

    Note: It is news to me that some times in past RSS was banned. I know Nehru did invite RSS to participate in 26th January parade. I don’t remember any other such organization was ever invited to 26th January parade.


  6. RSS was banned immediately after assassination of Gandhi. However it was later revoked by a tribunal. RSS, along with several other organizations were banned during emergency.(1975-77).


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