What’s wrong with Agent Ayyub and why yesterday was just a strange day overall

First of all, I thank the editors of Opindia.com for picking my post on Mother Teresa as one of their Editor’s picks after I submitted it to myvoice.opindia.com


Thanks a lot, you guys! You are doing an amazing job!

Ok, but yesterday was just a strange day overall. First there was this article from Agent Ayyub:

There is another kind of intolerance that is brewing in the country – that which is not being described on the front page of our national dailies. That which is being pushed aside as the handiwork of the fringe. That which is not being considered with as much outrage by the media as it should ideally have been.


Okay so which crazy, loony, anti-India, far left cause is Agent Ayyub’s heart bleeding for? Can you believe what she said next:

The murder of 27-year-old Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) worker Sujith who was hacked to death in front of his aging parents in Kannur district of Kerala, allegedly by CPI(M) workers has gone unnoticed.

Huh? What is happening here? Friends, I need your help deciphering this. What are the motives at work here? My guess is that since the Congress is staring at a disastrous defeat in Kerala at the hands of CPIM, the deep seated elements of the Mameluk ecosystem are realizing that this was probably not the best time to make heros out of Commies. What do you folks think?

Soon after, this happened:

Didn’t I tell you that yesterday was a strange day overall? Adarshliberals soon pounced upon this bit and were having a great time ridiculing “Bhakts” and perhaps rightfully so!

But turns out yesterday was a rather bad day for seculars to make fun of Bhakts. Because then this happened:


So, what happened yesterday? Any guesses, guys? Up was down, right was left, secular was communal and communal was secular. Did the earth stop spinning briefly or did it start spinning the other way for a change? Remember the date guys: March 18, 2016….it was the one day when the world was spinning backwards…


23 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Agent Ayyub and why yesterday was just a strange day overall

  1. Extraordinary!!….Agent Ayyub statement?!….LOL LOL

    Will Agent Ayyub also come out clean that her ‘fictional investigative report’ for which she acquired fame was all fictional indeed!!

    NaMo is aspiring for noble peace prize!

    Congi’s are trying win over RW!!….ROFL!

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  2. Congratulations Chaiwala. You deserved it. Keep it up.

    I really can not believe commies tilting towards right. By the way, I was not surprised by NaMo’s statement. He is already second Vajpayee in making or who knows even he can leave him behind in race.

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  3. Your article got picked?Congratulations!You should send more articles to them and also to Indiafacts,Swarajya,etc.Regarding the topic,Modi was probably just doing lip service.

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  4. Sorry …off topic.

    There are slimy bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry who are sabotaging the BJP Govt from within by trying to trouble the BJPs core support base…the middle class…

    After the PPF tax sabotage now they have come up with reducing interest rates of PPF and other saving instruments…even for senior citizens….

    So what is lost on PPF tax they are trying to make up with this clever sabotage…

    And the height is they did not raise the Income Tax limit this year…as normally middle class tax payers expect the govt to do….

    Now Arun Jaitley does not have to win elections….he can get in through backdoor via the Rajya Sabha….So why would he care….and of course he can get back to word jugglery in the Supreme court as a lawyer like some thieves who were earlier UPA ministers are doing now…. 





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    1. It is good that you too have realized that bureaucracy is taking Modi govt for a ride ; and it is far too deep rooted.

      I had given a suggestion to finance ministry last year ( april) which would have helped get traction on illicit wealth. I got a response this year march commending the suggestion but not adopting it even in this budget.

      Recently got an opportunity to meet a minister in delhi. Less said about the non event the better. The meeting did not happen in time and got delayed by 2 hours and even got eventually trivialised ( i had flown in to delhi with a bjp functionary at my cost ) as the minister did not even listen to what i had come for !!! ( it was to share some ideas that would have saved costs and been pathbreaking as there is nothing like that now ).

      Anyway – now i have completely given up. Things will happen /improve at their own pace as per the whims and fancies of bureaucrats and competence of incumbent minister. Take smart city for example. Ideally one should have developed 3-4 various kinds of towns as smart cities and used that to replicate other cities. ( vis a vis every city reinventing the wheel for itself. It would have been very cost effective) .

      Neither cost nor efficiency is the key. It is just headline grabbing announcements and window dressing !!!

      I was very sure of epf tax rollback from the moment it was announced . such announcements are done only to distract and divert attention from other more critical initiatives / fine print … So that everyone is preoccupied with the distraction.

      On the ppf issue – this was expected as the overall direction of the govt / rbi is towards a lower interest rate regime. They want to increase consumption. As the economist keynes had once said “savings is private virtue ,but public sin’


    2. Srinivasji: When the inflation is low, the bank interest on savings accounts is always low. Right now some European and American banks are paying one percent or even lower interest on bank accounts.


    3. I disapprove of many decisions of FM but this time he is totally right. Inflation is down. Interest rate must also go down. Rather BJP must go and explain to people why they now are better off with 5% inflation and 8.1% interest rate than in the UPA era of 8.7% PPF rate and double digit inflation…


      1. Dear CW,

        \ Quote

        First of all, I thank the editors of Opindia.com for picking my post on Mother Teresa as one of their Editor’s picks after I submitted it to myvoice.opindia.com \ Unquote.

        Congrats and all the very best for many such accolades in future.

        While the tax norms have been rolled back, the age restrictions on PF withdrawal is coming as a jolt for the middle income group as this restriction is illogical. In private corporates the employer contribution is part of the CTC (Cost to the Company) of the Employee. Not really sure what the Govt wants to achieve with such half baked measures.

        What is an employee loses his / her job and not able to get another within a reasonable time. The EPF money only will come as a saviour. Trying to freeze all the avenues possible for the common man is not desirable in a reduced Interest environment.

        I also realise that the Central Govt does not carry a magic wand to end our woes over night, which are carried over for generations. While this being so, Govt also should be pragmatic enough to understand the practical issues faced by the middle class survivors (???!!) on the Savings front. My frustration is we the aam aadmi become target for any Govt, while the upper echelon escapes unscathed by subverting the system and the lower strata not having anything to lose.

        Govt cannot raise Palaces on the tombs of the common man and call it an achievement.


  5. As they say, even broken clock gives correct time twice a day. So Rana Ayub gave her opinion that we agree. It happens some time. Didn’t Sonia Gandhi say recently that UPA Sarkar didn’t do anything for two years? Let us take 20 percent confession and call it a quit. Although, it did not do anything positive for ten years, but let us run with two years worth of confession. Sometime miracle happens and we get ‘Ganga Jal’ from crow’s ass.


  6. If you really want to decipher early mameluk game, which started on March 18, 16, they have began to realize that their anti national bland craziness has cost them the last iota of credibility. That brings to Modi’s successful Gujarat policy of doubling loss of credibility of pseudo’s by reinforcing the fact of his own misjudged equality. Add to that drying of funds for bones for media dogs. However, until the third and fourth Chanukah nitis need and DAND will be hidden under political correctness, anti national traitors can get away by betraying 90 p.c. Indians which are Hindus.


    1. This might be a good explanation. We can see that Congress units at local level in MP, Maharashtra etc are trying to pull out of the overt anti-India posturings of the Congress party of late…


  7. Dear CW,

    Old habits die hard. We should be careful before passing our judgement on these scums and rejoice that they become holy cows overnight.

    The reason is they realise they are under attack from all across and unable to find an escape route. There is an adage, ‘If you are not able to beat the competitor, join with him’. This is nothing but a cheap tactic to keep a low profile till the SM attack dies down.

    Rana Ayyub is a Rana Ayyub for ever and you cannot find an iota of wisdom prevailing upon her for heaven sake..


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