How Bharat Mata became a hate figure: How Indian liberalism dipped to its lowest point

By now we have known for a while that Indian liberals have gone down a dark path:

anti-Modi —> anti-Hindus —> anti-India.

As for their search for a leader to take on Modi, they have gone down this route:

Rahul  –> Kejriwal —> Nitish —> Hardik Patel –> Kanhaiya —> Shaktiman the horse

The paranoid phobias of Indian liberals have been eating them up inside. They have positioned themselves against every possible aspect of Hindu culture: hating on Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Karvachauth and what not. Some outrageously funny articles published last year even saw Hindutva prowling behind the scenes of the blockbuster Baahubali. This year when Baahubali-2 comes out and shatters all records, expect liberals to lose their mind.

Continuing with their obsessive hatred for anything, liberals are now openly coming out even against the Hindu belief of treating the nation as the motherland. They hear the term “Bharat mata” and they explode in anger. Say hello to the newest liberal cause: demonizing Bharat Mata! Recently there has been a spate of articles attacking “Bharat Mata”. Take this article by Mrinal Pande titled “How the Sangh Parivar transformed Bharat Mata into a militant goddess” ( and now the latest by Shoaib Daniyal : “How Bharat Mata became codeword for a theocratic Hindu state” (

Friends, they have noticed the Hindu imagery behind “Bharat mata”. And keeping with their policy of stomping on anything connected to the soul of India, they insist on demonizing it, ripping it out until the nation that remains is no longer recognizable as a descendant of Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka and Vikramaditya and Kanishka and Harshavardhana… They will not stop until the nation and its single Hindu consciousness is completely destroyed and we can no longer recognize it as the land of Valmiki, Chanakya, Adi Shankara, Kamban, Tulsidas, Thiruvallar, Dayananda and Vivekananda. Forget that, they want that Bharat, the “prison house of nationalities” should fall apart and we should lose the thread of unity between the themes of Kamban Ramayana and Tulsi Ramayana…

Take this from Mameluk Shoaib Daniyal:

Although not the first author to emphasize the mother for political purposes, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay (1838-94) transforms Bharat Mata into a fully fledged Hindu goddess… Ananda Math’s contribution to the development of a proto-form of Hindu nationalism is immense.

Tell you what, Shoaib Daniyal…when Bankim Chandra Chatterjee becomes a “communal” hate figure, Indian liberalism is at it’s lowest point. I don’t know if Bankim Chandra received a Sahitya Akademi award, but he was a writer and an intellectual 1000 times greater than you will ever be. When someone of the level of Shoaib Daniyal spits on a giant like Bankim Chandra, who is being anti-intellectual now, the left or the right?

There’s more:

During the Swadeshi movement and the agitation to annul the 1905 partition of Bengal, the idea of India and Bengal as a mother goddess was used widely in the popular realm….Abanindranath Tagore, nephew of Rabindranath and father of modern Indian painting, created what was probably the first pictorial representation of Bharat Mata in 1905, which was widely reproduced and used in the Swadeshi movement.

Now even the Tagores are coming under attack! You idiot Shoaib Daniyal… do realize that the 1905 movement had as its primary aim the rejection of the partition of Bengal on religious lines into Muslim majority East Bengal and Hindu majority West Bengal?  Today those people who fought tooth and nail against division of Bengal on communal lines seem like agents of Hindu theocracy to you?

And then:

Nationalism and divinity also got fused in the more militant forms of the freedom movement. The Anushilan Samiti, a group that believed that using violence against the colonisers was justified, took great inspiration from Ananda Math. Initiation ceremonies of the Samiti consisted of conducting shastra puja, weapons worship, in front of a pratima, an idol of the goddess Durga.”

Anushilan Samiti is communal now? Shame on you Shoaib Daniyal…members of Anushilan Samiti included Sri Aurobindo and Rashbehari Bose! Jatin Das of Anushilan Samiti fasted unto death in Lahore jail joining Bhagat Singh in protest (a real 63 day fast not the Kejriwal type 10 day “fast” while drinking from a steel glass all the time). Jatindranath Mukherjee of Anushilan Samiti (known as “Bagha Jatin” or Tiger Jatin in Bengal) died in a gunfight with British troops.  Prafulla Chaki of Anushilan Samiti died in a similar battle. Khudiram Bose of Anushilan Samiti was hanged at the mere age of 17! And these people are communal agents of Hindutva to you now? Wait, then what happened to the left’s claim then that Hindutva agents never contributed to the freedom struggle? Do the sacrifices of Khudiram Bose and “Masterda” Surya Sen hold no value for you?

In 2013, for example, Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, conducted a public shastra puja on Bijaydashami, the day Durga defeated here enemy, thus creating a direct link to the Anushilan Samiti.

Tell you what! Any Indian would be proud to establish a link to Anushilan Samiti.

Friends, what makes a nation? Is it the mountains and rivers and the physical geography? Is it the political boundaries drawn on a globe? Or more precisely, what makes the Indian nation?  We don’t all speak the same language, we don’t all worship the same gods or have the same religion. The only thing we have in common is our civilizational legacy that we all inherit whether Hindu or Muslim or Jain or Buddhist or Sikh or atheist. And here we have liberals striving to demonize that legacy. In essence, liberals are trying to cut off the nation’s jugular. If they succeed, the nation will die. Every nation is unique. America, for instance, is defined as a nation, by its successive waves of immigrants. Japan is defined by its language. France is defined by its language and its history of opposing royalism and theocracy. Germany and Italy are  defined  by the coming together of small disparate principalities sharing a common culture. We as a nation are defined by our Hindu civilizational legacy.

I have said many times that the venomous seculars of today, led by Madamji, are much worse even than the Nehruvians. You know the Nehruvians started the Constitution with the famous words:

India, that is Bharat

In those four words, they reclaimed thousands of years of civilization. The makers of the Constitution knew that they were not inventing a nation, but reclaiming history. By saying  “India that is Bharat”, they established India as the sole successor of the legacy of Bharat. But why would the makers say that India is Bharat when clearly it is just part of what used to be Bharat? Because India alone embraces the legacy of Bharat. Pakistan and Bangladesh also occupy physical space that once was part of Bharat, but they made a conscious decision to reject and deny this civilizational legacy. Mr. Daniyal, once you reject Bharat, you cease to be Indian. Then you are no different from a Pakistani. Let me make this clear.

29 thoughts on “How Bharat Mata became a hate figure: How Indian liberalism dipped to its lowest point

    1. A little bit true history on Sufi!!

      “ADHARMA first came to India came with a Sufi saint Khwajah Moiuniddin Chisti ( his dargah is in Ajmer ) who kicked a host king on his teeth , and acted as a facilitator for the first Muslim invader Mohammed Ghori.  

      12 years before this Sufi saint came to India , King Prithviraj Chauhan’s mother had a dream and she implored her son NOT to trust a Sufi saint who would come as a spy for an invader from the other side of Hindu Khush mountains.  

      Prithviraj Chauhan paid the price for ignoring his mother’s advise, when the Sufi saint indeed came to his kingdom, and he treated him and his followers as  guests .   Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti poisoned the lake waters from which the king’s army elephants,  horses and camels  drank, as was standard warfare tactics in the deserts ( poisoning the oasis waters ) .”


  1. The jihadi agenda has long been to eat up India piece by digestible piece. Swallowing India whole is likely to give them a broken jaw and lacerated food pipe. Google Mughalistan and you will see many fanciful maps where some morons have gone overboard with a green sketch pen. This is supposed to be a precursor to the grand aim of IS of establishing a global caliphate. So make no mistake, the Lefties are pushing the IS agenda with both eyes open.


  2. Pakistanis suffered the mayhem of partition in 1947, and we Indians or rather Bharatwasis have been suffering since 1947. The Muslims of Undivided Bharat wanted self rule, and they got it; but what about Hindus? We never got it, thanks to the sanctimonious rhetoric of cabal of pseudo seculars. What we received was a state entrenched in continual, ceaseless internecine mistrust and frequent reminders of 1947 in umpteen cases of communal frenzy. The people who professed to represent the interests of both the communities, jeopardised our interests and in doing so created a society which is at war with itself. A cabal of wise men created a Constitution that they amended, altered and flouted as per their convenience. We swear by a Constitution that has been subjected to about 100 changes, compare with it the 200 years of US constitution. The sanctity, inviolability of the constitution has been discarded by those very people that swear in the name of that very constitution. Even the basic structure of the constitution has been altered when the very Preamble of the constitution was amended. The most important issues like the Fundamental Rights have been conveniently modified, to suit the political establishment. So, what the subsequent generations are surreptitiously stating is that our forefathers were short sighted, or are the the present masters being partisan.
    The Indian freedom struggle is replete with cases where umpteen number of revolutionaries lay their life in service of the motherland. What did they get. How many of us or our youngsters remember Rash Behari Bose, Madan Lal Dhingra, Jatindra Nath or Khudi Ram? How many of us know the history of hundreds of freedom fighters incarcerated in Cellular Jail. A list has been hung right in the centre watch tower of Cellular Jail depicting the names of those great men, but how many of them are known to our generation. But everyone knows Gandhi and his coterie. Why? Because Gandhi and his ilk suited the colonial masters, Gandhi and his cabal protected them from receiving the same treatment that they were inflicting upon the natives. Had Gandhi really been a paragon of non violence, he would have asked the then Viceroy to pardon the death sentence of Bhagat Singh and others. But he didn’t. Because for him non-violence was just a garb to safeguard the British. Gandhi was a coward who was hiding his cowardice behind the facade of non-violence. And Indians have always been puerile, imbeciles, emotional humanitarians, who loved the life of their adversaries more than their own. And these Indians succumbed to these humanitarian calls, and let themselves be killed, but didn’t kill in retaliation, except a few young people, who could see through the deceit and treachery of this sinister cabal. And these young, bravehearts were disowned, let down and turned over to the British by this cabal of well wishers of Queen. Just think, how many of these subsequent beneficiaries of Independence by being anointed the PM, Ministers, Governors etc, went to suffer the inhuman conditions at Port Blair. None. These people feasted upon the sacrifice of those brave men who smilingly and bravely kissed the ropes.
    But I believe, now the society is slowly rising from the long slumber and beginning to see the truth, but a lot remains to be done. We need an orchestrated, nationwide movement whereby the young are taught the True History of Indian Independence Movement, where those forgotten heroes are conferred their true position.
    Actuated by a love for colonial masters, a section will always try to place impediments, but I am sure the truth will be revealed, and a nation will rise again to regain its glorious past.

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    1. Rajinder Sharma…..EXCELLENT!!

      Some of your statements are too good I am reproducing below!

      “ Because Gandhi and his ilk suited the colonial masters, Gandhi and his cabal protected them from receiving the same treatment that they were inflicting upon the natives.”

      “Because for him non-violence was just a garb to safeguard the British.”

      “Gandhi was a coward who was hiding his cowardice behind the facade of non-violence.”

      “These young, bravehearts were disowned, let down and turned over to the British by this cabal of well wishers of Queen”

      “Those forgotten heroes are to be conferred their true position.”

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  3. Well written passionate post indeed!!

    The Adarsh liberals and psudo sicularls can F@#$% off ,this Holy land of ours will remain Bharat Matha whether they like it or not!!

    These set of people who has problem with  “Bharat Mata”are minuscule in number we don’t care for them!

    We Hindus can’t help it, that the whole world was once upon a time had only Hindus …next came Jainism ,only in the recent years the Abrahamic religion came and created all the turmoils in the world!!

    “Jai Bharath Matha Ki Jai”

    (Bhārat Mātā (Hindi, from Sanskrit भारत माता, Bhārata Mātā), Mother India, or Bhāratāmbā(Sanskrit: भारताम्बा; अम्बा ambā means ‘mother’) is the national personification of India as a mother goddess. She is an amalgam of all the goddesses of Indian culture and more significantly of goddess Durga. She is usually depicted as a woman clad in a saffron sari holding the Indian national flag, and sometimes accompanied by a lion.)


  4. Current Indian history has been made a bunch of distorted facts which needs to be re-written to keep our younger generation apprised of the true history. Fortunate we have a nationalist PM under whose reign the Netaji files have been declassified at least to let the Indian public the ugly truth kept hidden for decades by Khangress. The need of the hour is to form a committee urgently comprising of erudite academicians (for heaven sake not from Khangress & Communist parties) to thoroughly review the text books till 10th Std to do away with the deliberate insertions of concocted theories by the Khangress traitors.

    One thing which is gratifying is that Social Media has taken over the MSMs to call their bluff in no time; the awareness being created by the SM is stupendous and it is our collective responsibility to ensure freedom of SM is preserved at any cost.

    Till about 30 years back, at the end of each movie (in Chennai) National Anthem would be played in the theatres and the audience will stand in rapt attention till its completion; not sure who abolished it. Why can’t such practices be brought again to instill a sense of national pride?? We know clearly who all would object to such an idea and this set of crowd will be very minuscule, who will get ignored automatically by the larger public.

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    1. Nowadays these people attack any display of patriotism… be it national anthem, Bharat mata ki jai or even military displays on Republic Day. They have well and truly gone mad.


  5. We have chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” for many many decades, if not longer. We have never heard anybody objecting or refusing to say that chant. Why Now? Because we have Narendra Modi as PM? We had BJP government before. I don’t remember anybody declaring such opposition to this chant as it is done recently. Only difference is Narendra Modi. And they say that intolerance has gone up? On whose part? The answer is obvious isn’t it?


  6. Chaiwallah, you are not correct when you wrote:

    “Nehruvians started the Constitution with the famous words:

    “India, that is Bharat”

    Actually those who wrote the constitution WERE NOT NEHRUVIANS! I was born on September 29, 1947, just 45 days after our independence, and I can clearly remember as a small child how many stalwart Congress leaders there were in each part of the country: Kamaraj Nadar in Tamil Nadu, Tanguturi Prakasam in Andhra, Govind Ballabh Pant in UP, and so on. The hopelessly insecure Nehru systematically went about cutting them all down to size and/or forcing them out of the Congress. An example of the latter was C. Rajagopalachari. When Earl Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India, he drew a salary of Rs. 3 lakhs per month (this was in the 1940s)! When Rajaji was briefly Viceroy between the dominion (August 1947) and the Republic (January 1950), he paid himself Rs. 900 a month, saying that was enough! Those were the kinds of selfless leaders we had back then.

    So please do not credit Nehru with reclaiming the glory of Bharat for the new Republic of India. That credit belongs to others.


    1. My point is that while Nehru had contempt for Indians, he did not actively HATE them. Under Sonia ji, Congress seems to have become outright anti-India. Be it even a cricket game, it seems that Congress nowadays actually cheers for India to lose.


  7. Gr8 article chaiwala. Commies always hate words like yoga, mata, cow since it comes from Hinduism. You might have seen speech of sabana azmi where she told that if awasi has problem with mata, then he should say bharat amma. Bloody anti nationals.

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