“As per liberal policy, no facts were verified and lies were spread”

Yesterday, sometime around noon, I found the following “information” circulating around Facebook.


It was unbelievable….in that I literally didn’t believe it. I knew it would take a few hours for the truth to emerge during which our eminent liberals would quickly disperse the lie all around as fast as they could before the truth catches up with them. As “evidence”, they had the following RTI provided by one Mr. Pushp Sharma:



The most damning line in there being:

As per government policy – No Muslim candidate was invited, selected, or sent abroad

As I said before, I literally didn’t believe it.

Of course, by evening the Press Information Bureau of the Government had caught wind of this “information”:

The Ministry of AYUSH has noted with anguish certain mischievous misinformation being spread in certain section of media and Social media quoting a reply to an RTI by mentioning a fabricated draft as Annexure I to that letter, which has never been issued by the Ministry of AYUSH or any of its agencies….

The same forwarding letter of the Ministry has been used by a section of the media in this matter, but with a non-existent, fictitious“ANNEXURE- I”, (which has never been issued by the Ministry).

The contents regarding religion based data in the so-called Annexure- I are not only fabricated but factually incorrect also.


I decided to do something about these liars and therefore as an informed citizen of India, I decided to file an RTM application myself under the Rajiv Gandhi Right to Misinformation Act, 2004 with the Ministry of Liberalism under the Ford Foundation. Here is what I asked in my RTM application:

Dear liberals,

A fake non-existent RTI response attributed to the Ministry of Ayush has been circulating in the mainstream media and social media, being reported on by news websites, channels and tweeted and retweeted about by eminent journalists. In this respect, I would like to ask the following questions:

Q.1. Other than fake RTIs, what are the other tools that the Ministry of Liberalism uses in its war against the Modi government? 

Q.2. Does the Ministry of Liberalism circulate lies only to create Hindu-Muslim divide or does it also divide people on other lines? 

Q.3. Who are the eminent liberals and news outlets who have shared the so-called RTI with the public? 

Friends, I am happy to let you know that the Ministry of Liberalism was very prompt in its response. I received an email instantly telling me that my RTM request had been forwarded to the “Government” of India currently in exile in Italy. Here is the formal response from  Italy:


Please find below the responses to your questions in order:

A.1. Besides fake RTIs, the Ministry of Liberalism also uses fake journalists, fake news stories, fake intellectuals and fake academics in its war against the Modi government. 

A.2. Besides Hindu-Muslim divide, the Ministry of Liberalism also takes a leading role in organizing Dalit vs Savarna wars, Jat quota wars, Patidar and Kapu quota agitations across the country. 

A.3. In Annexure-I you will find a list of the eminent liberals and news outlets who have shared the fake RTI with the public. 


  1. The Wire: http://thewire.in/2016/03/12/its-official-policy-under-modi-that-muslims-will-not-be-hired-as-yoga-teachers-24596/
  2. Shri Nikhil Wagle CdWebowUIAAwh6R (1).jpg
  3. Ms. Ranjona Banerji CdWed3rUEAEsVaL.jpg
  4. Shri Samar Halarnkar CdWeb6kUUAAobY1.jpg
  5. Ms. Kavita Krishnan CdWZyViUYAIzzRM.jpg
  6. Huffington Post India CdWZ25RUkAA7OYq.jpg
  7. Troll.in pic1
  8.  Janata ka reporter pic1
  9. Ms. Swati Chaturvedi: pic1


And the Annexure-I from the Ministry of Liberalism ended with this one damning line:

As per liberal policy, no facts were verified and lies were spread

12 thoughts on ““As per liberal policy, no facts were verified and lies were spread”

  1. Liberals represent the worst of the human race.Very low intellect coupled with dishonesty and arrogance makes them incorrigible.I have noticed that many of them don’t have or don’t want children.But conservatives tend to have more children.The liberals realize that they will lose if this goes on and so they try to insert their ideology in the education sector because that is the only way they can continue to spread their ideology(since they don’t want children).If we manage to break their stranglehold on education,their ideology will be finished.But till that happens,let us celebrate the fact that these losers don’t spread their genes.I propose that we hand over Darwin Awards to liberals for their great contributions to human society.By selecting themselves out of the gene pool,they have done a great service to society and hence deserve these Darwin Awards.


  2. But if Modi govt does nothing nor takes any action against such blatant liars – then what is the point supporters of Modi getting agitated ???

    As i have reiterated even earlier- Modi govt takes no deterrent action either because it does not want to confront or is incompetent to take them on or prefers to ignore/ turn a blind eye as maybe per some contrived political calculations these false reports/lies are deemed as blessing in disguise for Modi / BJP ( as indian public discourse remains mediocre ,riddled with lies which therby ends up projecting Modi as victim of fiberals and maybe help consolidate Hindu votes ).
    So maybe Rajdeep scumdesai and co are friends of BJP helping them covertly. !!! No wonder amit shah and co launched books of RS ; and AJ is frequently featured in ndtv.


    1. Beginning to agree with you. BJP might actually be feeling comfortable projecting itself as victim of liberal media complex. It’s a position that seems to work for them.


  3. Good post especially your ‘ RTM application under the Rajiv Gandhi Right to Misinformation Act, 2004 with the Ministry of Liberalism under the Ford Foundation.’…..ROFTL!! 

    These people have lost their mental balance and are sick!

    Hats off to SM who exposed the lies of these stupid people within no time as usual!!

    GOI should and must take strong action on those who created this blatant lie!

    But then when these guys make such strong statement as below I find nothing wrong in excluding members of peaceful community for the post of yoga trainers!

    “Maulana Wali Rehmani, working general secretary of ALMPLB,lashed out against Central government for promoting Yoga, Surya Namaskar and Vande Matram, “which are part of Brahmin Dharma” and “are against the ideology of Muslims”.”


  4. Ministry of Liberalism members seem to be cross-funded via their nexus of intellectually dishonest colleagues! Further, they keep copying & pasting each other’s views on their websites & blogs! Such a sham and shame to these Laal Salaams…..!


    1. Hi and welcome to commenting to on this blog 🙂 The Ministry of Liberalism has a fantastic network of Mameluks who use the Salma-Sabrina technique to spread their lies.


  5. Huffington Post is a liberal American news outlet. What it is publishing in its Indian version, I bet if exactly such thing happened in America, it would never publish. For example, if some group of students or any other such group starts sloganeering like destruction of America or breaking America into pieces, I bet the post would never side with that group as it did in Indian version.


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