Did Kanhaiya Kumar misbehave with a woman?

Folks, today’s post is only a question and while I suggest that we disseminate the question widely until we have a correct answer, it is important to note that we cannot jump to conclusions before we have solid evidence. So, let me begin this post with the now famous disclaimer that Jayati Ghosh would probably have given:

We know nothing and cannot prove it

So, last night, this FB post by one “Kamlesh Parmeshwari Kamlesh” slowly started going viral on social media.


The link to the FB post is here:


It is signed as follows:

“Kamlesh Narwana
Ex-JNU Student
Assistant Professor
Institute of Home Economics
Delhi University”

Although this post was written on March 3, the matter slowly started going viral only after she also shared the following letter last night:


Here, the key is to remember that this letter does not contain the sign / seal of the Chief Proctor of JNU. There can be no doubt that it looks fairly genuine, but we definitely have to wait until the original letter (assuming it exists) is obtained. There is a letter number and everything here, so verifying this would be as simple as someone like Tajinder Bagga or so going to JNU and checking with the Chief Proctor’s office. Should take a couple of minutes at  most.

I am hopeful that we will soon find out in the coming days if Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar can join the glorious revolutionary ranks of Tarun Tejpal, R K Pachauri and Hasan Suroor. Imagine the joy in Lutyens Delhi if they  discover that their new found soulmate Kanhaiya shares the same traits as other illustrious icons of Indian liberalism.

It is also a bit of a pity that while Kamlesh Narwana’s letter has been on FB since March 3, BJP’s IT cell has not swung into action (and who knows if they have even done that now?) Does power make people lethargic? I hope not! The allegations are quite serious. Exposing obscenely in front of a woman cannot be taken lightly. If the letter is genuine, the JNU administration agreed with this view and imposed a pretty hefty fine of Rs 3000. If Kanhaiya is to be believed, that is his mother’s salary for a whole month. Did Kanhaiya Kumar make his mother proud by spending her one month salary on harassing a woman? If so, this is the most fitting tribute an Indian Commie/liberal could give to our nation’s women on International Women’s Day.

We cannot, of course rule out alternative explanations. Did Kanhaiya Kumar want the azaadi to pee as a form of protest against Modi’s Swachch Bharat Abhiyan? Or perhaps he obscenely exposed himself in front of a woman to make a statement against Modi’s “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” efforts? If so, we should all support this brave son of India for taking a firm stand against “Brahmanical” Swachch Bharat Abhiyan….  We all know that Dalits have been forced to make a living cleaning garbage for centuries. By taking a stand against garbage and filth, is Modi trying to say that Dalits should not be allowed in India at all, just like Dalits are not allowed in the CPI(M) politburo:


If that is the case, we should all applaud Kanhaiya for taking a brave stance against Manusmriti and Brahmanism. In fact, I call upon all of India’s liberals to graciously urinate all around Parliament as a statement against Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. All the urine collected will be donated by Ajitdada Pawar to farmers of Maharashtra…

PS: It should be repeatedly emphasized that I do not know whether the letter that claims to be from JNU’s Chief Proctor is genuine. It is extremely important that this letter be verified from JNU BEFORE we jump to conclusions. As I said before, “We know nothing and cannot prove it” 🙂


17 thoughts on “Did Kanhaiya Kumar misbehave with a woman?

  1. I will be happy if Kanhaiya can prove the allegation is wrong but going by the plausible report that he urinated in public thus exposing his private parts in public, unless again he produces genuine contemporary documents (and not fake or post dated documents)that he has enlarged prostate or such similar illness, his action is not fit for a civilized person but a criminality and that proves his company of anti -nationals.


  2. Surprising?Not!Leftists are renowned for demonizing heroes and lionizing villains.By the way,thinking about it,a thought came to my mind.Islamism,Socialism,Communism,Marxism,Feminaziism,pseudo-secularism,pseudo anti casteists,pseudo anti racists,pseudo environmentalists,pseudo animal rights activists,etc are all hydras of a monster called liberalism.I wonder what would happen if one hydra is pitted against the other.Let’s say that Mr ABC is a so called secular who just wants to uphold rights of minorities(ie appeasing them).Mr ABC does not like the current Govt for daring to point out that Hindus are being discriminated against in the name of secularism.So he wants to discredit the Govt.He decides to concoct a fake story in which he was beaten up for suggesting that Kashmir does not belong to India.He goes to the media and tells them this story.The liberal media laps it up,realizing that this is a great opportunity to discredit the Govt.So they keep raking up the issue and this becomes a huge political issue with the opposition also jumping into the fray.What if the Govt decides to get rid of him without actually directly arresting him for sedition which would raise a huge hue and cry.What if the Govt asks a woman to file a false complaint against the guy for allegedly harassing her?The laws are anti male so there is a real chance that the guy could get convicted.If he is arrested for sedition,leftists would spin it as an attack on freedom of speech.But what would they do if he is arrested for harassment?They can’t spin it in a way that would anger feminazis because feminaziism is itself a hydra of the monster called liberalism.This would be a great way to get rid of these hero types like Hardik and Kanhaiya.I really hate feminazis myself but they have given the Govt a weapon(anti male laws that they worked so hard to draft)that it can use.


  3. Dear CW,

    We need not be so cautious to put disclaimer on the publication of this unsigned letter. It is only an allegation and in a country where free of speech is excessively used rather abused, you are only staying within the limits of publishing the letter as was available in the open forum like FB.

    It is the responsibility of the fake social activists and thugs of anti-national channels who are unduly supporting the rogue called Kanhaiya, to disprove the content of the letter.

    More so, in the backdrop of a Home Minister (???!!!) at the helm of affairs has dared to amend the words in an affidavit to protect the identity of a terrorist killed on a failed mission (God knows the hidden agenda beyond trying to kill Modi ji), but who is still defiant to brush aside the allegations despite various testimonies against him one after another.


    1. I agree. But you know well that “free speech” in our country implies only free speech for liberals and anti-Hindus. What else can I do? No option but to be cautious…


  4. Good exposure of this skunk!

    Hope in the days to come all the filth of this guy comes in the open for everybody to see!!

    What about that photo where one of his teacher is sitting in his lap and both looking into each others eyes lovingly………..is it photo shopped??


  5. CW, I believe you are being unnecessarily defensive. The lady (Kamlesh) provided all proof that she could provide on her own. It is not mere allegation as was the case with Ms. Jayati Ghosh. If she is not genuine, I doubt a college professor level person would dare to stake her reputation just to get some ink. Besides, anybody would fear ‘defamation suit’ if she could be proven wrong so easily. Ms. Ghosh’s allegation was not against single person. So she could get away without defamation suit possibility. So if, I were a betting kind, I would bet my salary on her side. Now the ball definitely is in the court of Kanhaiya Kumar to prove she is wrong. His inaction could (and should) be taken as acceptance of guilt.


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