This Women’s Day, please join Mameluk Raheel Khursheed and other liberals in cyber-bullying a 15 year old girl!

This International Women’s Day, let us begin by remembering the contributions of Tarun Tejpal and R. K. Pachauri to the empowerment of women. And let us not forget selfless liberal warriors like Hasan Suroor, who have contributed to the empowerment of BOTH women  and children! That said, there are some women who genuinely deserve to be hated and bullied. These are the women who choose to have opinions, especially opinions that are not in line with the fashions in Lutyens Delhi.  The role of women is to write gushingly about the sex appeal of Arvind Kejriwal’s all male ministry. Any woman who refuses to play this role deserves to be bullied.

So, there was this upstart 15 year old girl called Jhanvi Behl who dared to challenge the PM candidate Kanhaiyya Kumar to a debate:

A girl who dares to disagree with the left wing? Poor kid, little does she know that if she chooses to stick to her right wing leanings, she faces a lifetime of dehumanizing, sexist insults. Just ask Smriti Irani:


Well, Sanjiv Bhatt, today you are exonerated. At least you went after grown up empowered  women, two of them elected MPs and the third an educated professor. Your fellow liberals have managed to make you look like the nice guy today by stooping to attack a 15 year old schoolgirl.

One of the first to go was All India Bakchod:

Recently they attacked Smriti Irani for being an “Aunty”. Now they go after poor Jhanvi Behl for being too young. You see, for a liberal, the most important thing about a woman is her age and looks. Is she an “aunty” or a “baby”? What else are women good for anyway?

Not surprisingly, some “trolls” turned up to criticize, at which AIB’s Rohan threw a hissy fit. In a series of 9 angry tweets, he attacked the world viciously for not appreciating his cyber-bullying of a minor, ending with this narcisstic tweet:

Oh come on Rohan, the Archbishop thing was bound to come up. Don’t get so defensive. After all, the Catholic Church is famous worldwide for taking a keen interest in the “welfare”  of minor children, isn’t it?

The next to go was Twitter India’s boss Mameluk Raheel Khursheed:


The puppies will moderate? This is what a 15 year old girl gets for daring to express an opinion! Wait there is more:


More attacks and all of them attacking her age. If Jhanvi Behal indeed wants to grow up to be a woman with right wing ideas, she had better get used to this stuff. Do not expect grown liberals to respond to your opinions. Get used to them responding  in terms of your age and your body shape. It helps enhance the sense of manhood of grown male liberals.

In any case, Jhanvi has already “cheapened” herself by facing quite a few TV cameras since she made her comments on Kanhaiyya Kumar. In future, should she be the victim of some pervert with a hidden camera, she might have to put up with comments like these:

How an actress who has faced the biggest of television cameras of all sizes and shapes could get so rattled by a pinhole CCTV eye, we will never know.


It hardly ends there for Jhanvi. Now it turns out that she might even be an agent of some kind. Here’s Baby Karnad making his dad proud:



Let a few more days pass and JNU professors might received info from plausible unnamed sources that she works for the IB. For now, Jhanvi Behal’s family has fought back with this “clarification”:

Fifteen-year-old Ludhiana activist Jhanvi Behal, who has challenged Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar for open debate over freedom of expression, belongs to a middle-class family that claims to have no connection with the BJP, RSS or any political party.


Yes, I hope the Behals do clarify that they do not have any ties with the country’s largest political party. Otherwise, their daughter would not be qualified to debate with card carrying members of the CPI’s student wing!

Sorry, Jhanvi. You picked the wrong set of people to support. By daring to disagree with Lutyens, you left the liberals with no choice. This woman’s day, please repent, relent and come join the fold of enlightened liberals who are leading the struggle against “Hindu males”.


14 thoughts on “This Women’s Day, please join Mameluk Raheel Khursheed and other liberals in cyber-bullying a 15 year old girl!

  1. Apt post with a great title!!

    Yes this 15 year old girl who as a citizen of this great country found KK’s speech obnoxious like millions of Indians.

    She was brave enough to take on this pipsqueak on for a debate!

    The entire ecosystem worked for days together to create this ‘KK’ as a Great leader ,great orator, unbelievable speech etc etc used all adjectives!! HA HA HA somebody even said that Modi has met his match!?

    LOL LOL…… hear comes a mere 15 year girl and says she challenges ‘blue eyed boy kk’ for a debate!

    Thus this so called liberals and the entire ecosystem, including AAPTards are attacking Jhanvi.
    How dare she challenged their blue eyed boy kk!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi CW…my wife is a regular reader of your blog and is very appreciative of your presentation…I had mentioned long ago, if you remember!

    As she was reading this post,at every stage of this post explosive expletive ,her reaction was how can they write like this!

    Next reaction,they can say anything and get away,they expect others to be docile and not react! Of course that era of not giving back is over!


  3. It is amazing how hypocritical our Presstitute media is. They don’t mind saying that 65 years old country’s PM found a match in 28 years old student president of a lowly university but they can’t stand that 28 years old college student found a match in 15 years old school girl ! These Mameluk in media don’t mind gambling their reputation when something bad is being reported against Modi Sarkar. Look how they got eggs on their face about Ms. Irani not helping accident victims ! If we read report, we get impression that bad ass Modi Sarkar refused USCRIF Visa. Until you read deep down in the report that USCRIF has been denied Visa since 2009.


    1. It was just horrible the way they went after Smriti Irani over an accident. BJP lost Gopinath Munde in a tragic accident, did we ask whether driver of the other car was from some opposition party? It’s an accident, but they couldnt even let that be.


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