Mameluk Jayati Ghosh: “We know nothing and cannot prove it”

Folks, today we have a fantastic demonstration of how the anti-national lie machine works in perfect sync. It all began with respected JNU Professor Jayati Ghosh declaring this to CNN-IBN:

Here you can see that the respected “academic” is having an epic failure of imagination. Come on, Jayati Ghosh, you are being paid big bucks by the Indian taxpayer for whatever you have been passing off as “research”. The least you could have done is pulled a Barkha Dutt on us and said that your source is “Ankit from IIT”. Is this how you put in references while drawing conclusions in your “research” papers, quoting unnamed “plausible sources”?

Then, came  the most epic line of all:

We know nothing and cannot prove it“. I guess we finally have a fitting slogan for the liberal “research” in JNU’s social science departments.

But Jayati Ghosh’s liberal peers quickly lapped up her research and started citing it as a reference. Never mind that Jayati Ghosh knows nothing and cannot prove anything. The “proof” that IB agents staged the JNU anti-national protest will be written into history later on whenever a secular government comes back to power…

Personally, I think that “plausible sources” have assured Jayati Ghosh that whenever Lutyens gets back control of Delhi,  MHA bureacrats will be tortured  with cigarette butts until they agree to file an affidavit confirming that IB agents were indeed in the JNU crowd. Of course, I know nothing and cannot prove it.   🙂

The first “news” outlet to start citing Prof. Jayati Ghosh’s outstanding “research” was AAP’s footmat Janata ka Reporter.

That’s just level 2. Level 0 were the unnamed plausible sources of Jayati Ghosh. Level 1 was Jayati Ghosh herself. Next, this tweet by Janata ka Reporter was picked up by Mameluk Nikhil Wagle:

That’s level 3. In Level 4, the tweet by Nikhil Wagle citing the tweet of Janata ka reporter citing Jayati Ghosh citing unnamed plausible sources…gets picked up by rumor monger in chief:

You have to admit this is kind of awesome 🙂

Even as an adult, I love to sit back and watch “How-its-made” videos…you know the ones that show you how stuff is manufactured…like how potatoes are harvested, then washed, peeled, fried…passing from one worker/machine to the next until the finished potato chips are packed and ready for distribution. You know, like this:

This was kind of awesome too. Like how Jayati Ghosh harvested her unnamed plausible sources, Janata ka reporter processed it, Nikhil Wagle inspected it, until finally Yugpurush Kejriwal packaged the readymade lie for distribution to “news” channels across the country. Coming soon to a TV/newspaper near you…the yummy, crispy, delicious lie. When you take a bite, think of all the unnamed, unheralded “plausible sources” out there in the fields working hard to bring you that awesome crunchy, munchy flavor…Enjoy! We do thank them and all the Mameluks along the chain for giving us this nice peek into how lies are made.


26 thoughts on “Mameluk Jayati Ghosh: “We know nothing and cannot prove it”

  1. Good post of real fresh potato chips(manufacturing process) …I mean thaaza kabar(manufacturing process)!!

    Thanks for taking us through the process of making potato chips …no no I mean manufacturing process of fake news!!

    Rofl….these guys have reached a obnoxious level of intolerance!!


  2. He he. can’t believe that, they have gone till this stage. Anyhow, they are masters in peddling lies. Luckily they did not tell that, those agents shouting slogans were actually RSS agents.
    I think, its enough now. we realy can not tolerrate these traitors. I think, BJP should control the media first (mainly ibn, ndtv, abp and aaj tak). rest will fall in line. After all, lies are spread by these crooks only.


    1. Bjp should have done it ( reign in media crooks and set the public discourse for media) as top priority when they took over. And done it SMARTLY. They had a rajdeep sardard by his balls in US …if t they only had mahendra reddy file a case of assault against RS in USA.
      Even now ndtv can be easily made to go the kingfisher way and prannoy roy hounded like vijay mallya for the debts – if only rajnath and arun jaitley have even an iota of patriotism and competence in them ..
      And similarly shekhar gupta and a few others can be fixed smartly allowing law to take its own course … These are all criminals with tonnes of goof ups.. Any ordinary citizen in their shoes would have been rotting in prison for much lesser crimes.

      But I guess narendra modi is not too bothered about it and infact enjoys a mediocre and corrupt media as it helps him get projected as victim and the public discourse remains mrdiocre taking the spotlight away from his own blunders.


      1. Agreed, Rightwinder. Hoped that, after coming to power, BJP will teach them a lesson. But when we have AJ at helm of IB, nothing can be done. wondering why Modi is not bothered at all.


      2. One thing I never understood is why the guy who was assaulted by Rajdeep in New York simply didnt file a police report. Total mystery to me. He had the whole thing locked up.


    1. Mehul…This guy who has drawn this map is great,infact I saw this map on somebodies tweet were Rajive Malohatra has appreciated and was seeking the artist to design the cover for his next book!!


  3. Unrelated.Smriti Irani supposedly narrowly escaped an accident.But supposedly,someone else was hurt and the daughter of that other person is alleging that Smriti didn’t help and that Smriti just left.Won’t be surprised if this turns out to be a false allegation.Some people know that Amethi won’t be their colony forever and they know that they will be overthrown 3 years later.Also,Smriti mauled them in parliament a few days ago.Won’t be surprised if this turns out to be yet another attempt to boot her out.


    1. These people are going mad with hate, especially angry at Smriti for troubling the Shehzada in Amethi. It’s an accident and they wont let it be. BJP lost Gopinath Munde in an accident. No one asked if the guy driving the other car was an AAP or Congress agent. These people have gone crazy.


  4. The most amazing part of her statement is “Would be happy if disproved”. In another words, what she is saying is, the burden of disproving is on us ! If we fail to do that, her “plausible” source remains intact. This logic reminds my of a childhood fable that the rumor is that the burglars are so good that they come in without making noise. So the villagers were very scared whenever there was no noise !

    But then, what do you expect from the students where the teachers are like her?


    1. Actually, this might be a valid criticism. Modi government should have gone after the *teachers* at JNU rather than the students. When teachers are like this, why blame the students?


  5. This also reminds me of the facts I read that during 2002 US Vice President’s office leaked a report to New York Times that Sadam has weapon of mass destruction. The New York Times publishes that information as from “Plausible Government Source” and later on the Vice President on a TV talk show gives NYT report as proof that Sadam indeed has weapon of mass destruction.

    Note: By the way, the NYT reporter who fell for the ‘plausible source’ was hounded out of NYT and her career was ruined. What do you think of the future of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th level rumor mongers in India?


  6. Great statement by Dr.Subramanyam Swamy!!
    Swamy said that it took Muslims 15 years to make Iran a Muslim dominated country, 17 years for Iraq, 21 years for Egypt and it took Christians 50 years to make Europe a Christian dominated continent.
    “But despite Muslims ruling India for 800 years and Christians for 200 years, nearly 80 percent of the population in the country is Hindu. “It is because, the Hindus believe in keeping their religion intact.”


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