Modi’s massive “anti-scam” : Parrikar RECOVERS 20,000 crore!

Guys….it’s all over. The liberals have got their wish. Modi is finally trapped in a scam! It’s a big juicy Rs 20,000 crore scam! They’ll be celebrating all night and all day at Nehru Dynasty studios now…


Wait!!! What? WHAAAAT?

Instead of stealing public money, this Modi government actually recovered public money?


OMG! Parrikar you can’t do this. People of our country will get a heart attack. We are used to lakhs of crores being stolen. We have never heard of a government minister actually going and finding extra public money for the exchequer! You are going to give us all indigestion…

This is intolerance! This is intolerance towards scamsters and thieves. When a government minister finds 3 billion $$$ or 20,000 crore Rupees of public money that was lying forgotten in some US account, what kind of message does it send to aspiring secular scamsters? Modi, please stop making the nation intolerant to scams.

As an aspirational country, we expect a lot from our politicians. First there were thousand crore scams. Then, came the lakh crore scams. We had become used to joking about such things, drawing satirical cartoons on scams and going to jail for them, like cartoonist Aseem Trivedi found out.

From +2 lakh crore, you suddenly bring us down to -20,000 crore! Negative! I wonder if we even have a term for it, but let us go with “anti-scam”. What are we supposed to do with this “anti-scam” of yours?

While the UPA was busy defending us from internal enemies such as Modi and the Gujarat Intelligence Bureau, some 20,000 crores trickled out to America and the money was forgotten. Poor dears, the UPA. Government babus who were refusing to change affidavits must have been giving them a hard time…while they were doing the important work of torturing them with cigarette butts, they didn’t notice that they had forgotten 3 billion dollars!

And read this:

“From somewhere near $3 billion, the account has come down to $1.7-1.8 billion. During last year, we must have paid nearly Rs 6,000 crore from this fund for our committed liabilities….


So, not only did he recover the forgotten money, he had even started utilizing it for future payments over the last ONE YEAR! He had recovered Rs 20,000 crore and didn’t even care to mention it to anyone for a whole year! It is almost like it is possible to work for the people modestly without making a show about it.  This further shows Parrikar’s intolerance and desperate desire to shame Kejriwal. First Parrikar becomes an IITian CM, then goes around without security like a commoner for 5-6 years without anyone even noticing. Is this not a wicked plan to make Yugpurush look bad for refusing security during the first 24 hours of his CMship? Then, Parrikar goes ahead and recovers Rs 20,000 crore for the nation and doesn’t even mention it to anyone for a year. Now, the Yugpurush is looking silly for boasting about that one day when he decided to go to the office despite having a fever… what a wicked plan by Parrikar to make Kejriwal look bad.


8 thoughts on “Modi’s massive “anti-scam” : Parrikar RECOVERS 20,000 crore!

  1. ROFTL!… these scums hope this was true ‘Modi is finally trapped in a scam! It’s a big juicy Rs 20,000 crore scam!’

    Hats off and kudos to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar !!

    Some anecdotes showing Manohar parrikar’s simplicity:
    -He is humble, decisive having clarity of thoughts and more importantly shrewd diplomat. His decisions, statements etc. have always helped India and worried Enemy states.

    -Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was spotted standing in a queue among the public at a wedding in Pune!

    -When he was Goa CM, he went to office on scooty with no body guards or anything. 

    -He moves around in cabs, takes drop as a pillion rider on two wheelers, travels economy class, carries his own luggage, no entourage surrounding him – simplicity which others of his stature rarely care about.

    -They had refused to allow him entry in the hotel a year ago when he arrived at the hotel on his scooter for a conference. The guards stopped Parrikar, who was wearing sandals, at the entrance. They refused to buy his ‘claim’ that he was CM of the state and was going to attend a conference. The CM did not argue with them and left the venue. He returned only after the organisers realised the mistake and requested him to attend the conference.

    “He always pays from his own pocket whenever he travels outside Goa. In fact, whenever he came to Mumbai as Goa CM, he stayed at an old friend’s house which did not have a toilet inside,” Bhatkhalkar says.

    -Senior leader Sushma Swaraj in an election campaign meeting narrated the anecdote.

    “One day, I was waiting in an airport in Rajasthan when the staff came rushing to me and asked where is Goa CM (Parrikar) as he was expected to land in the flight.

    We started searching for him and saw that Mr. Parrikar was already walking out of the airport with his bag hanging to shoulder without insisting for VVIP treatment,” she said. 

    -This incident happened when he was the chief minister of Goa,one day on his way to office on his scooter,one luxury car knocked his scooter from behind at a signal. The youngster who was driving the car came out of his car shouting!(even though the fault was his).

    The youngster said I am the son of the police chief. To this Parikar said I am the chief minister of Goa,you be careful and follow the traffic rules!After which he got on his dented scooter and left ,leaving a visibly stunned youngster!

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  2. Gr8 post cw. Ministers like parikarr, suresh prabhu, piyush goyel are jewels of modi government. Gr8 that we have guys like them in government.
    Happy mahashivrati to all.

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