#JNU: Even the birds of prey circling above seemed to let out cries of “not thus, not thus”

As a child, my favorite book was C. Rajagopalachari’s concise Mahabharata in English. I must have read and re-read it like a thousand times. Here is one of my favorite parts (as much as I can remember the exact words) with Sanjaya describing to the old king Dhritarashtra what happened after the death of Abhimanyu:

Subhadra’s son, who like an elephant in a lily-pond, single-handedly wreaked havoc among the Kaurava Army, was thus overwhelmed by numbers and killed cruelly. And having killed him, O king, your men danced around his body like savages. Even the birds of prey, circling above, seemed to let out cries of “Not thus, Not thus” “.

Every time I think of these lines, the scene seems to come alive in front of my eyes. I shiver.

Something similar happened yesterday.

Two CRPF men were overwhelmed by numbers and killed cruelly by Communists. And having killed them, Commies danced around our cable news rocking to the concert of Commie hero Kanhaiyya Kumar. And joining them in this disgusting dance were the so called intelligentsia and the “liberal” media.

In vain did I try to find out at least the names of the 2 heros who gave their lives fighting Communists yesterday, defending the motherland. Everywhere I turned, the only names TV was reeling out was names of traitors like Kanhaiyya Kumar, Umar Khalid and all…where are the names of the 2 heros who died fighting Communism? No one had time to even tell us those names.

Friends, the media won’t tell us those names. Listen in the wind. Listen with your ear pressed to the ground, touching the sacred motherland. In some speck of dust, in some gust of wind you shall surely hear the names of these heros, for they have become immortal. If you listen harder, you shall hear the cries of the thousands of victims of Communism across India: 29,000 of them from Bengal alone. Listen harder and from the womb of the earth you shall hear the tortured cries of the suffering souls of the 30 lakh people murdered by  Communism in Russia.

But the microphones of liberal media won’t pick up those sounds. Their microphones and their cameras can only pick up the rock concert of Commie star Kanhaiyya Kumar. Behind every cheer…try and listen hard…and you will hear the 2 crore people murdered by Communism in China calling out for justice.

To those media savages dancing around rockstar Kanhaiyya Kumar, I say: pause for a moment. At least go find out the names of the 2 CRPF men who died fighting Communism yesterday. Find out if their bodies have even been recovered yet. Find out if their bodies are even in 1 piece. Please ….stop this disgusting dance around your Commie hero. Watching the “journalists” in Lutyens studios make merry as the blood of CRPF men flowed freely on the battlefield makes me wish they would look up for one second and see: even the birds of prey, circling above, are letting out cries of “Not thus, Not thus”.


25 thoughts on “#JNU: Even the birds of prey circling above seemed to let out cries of “not thus, not thus”

  1. Thanks CW. Your post left me wondering and ruing the loss of Indian value systems. Wonder, what are we turning into. A people willing to accept insult to our mother land, just because we hate a certain person who happens to be at the helm of affairs today. We are not outraged at people who contrive, conspire, aspire and resolve to divide our nation. A nation which is willing to condone desecration of our age old value systems, our religious beliefs our Gods and Goddesses by a section of our own people who rejoice in derision of our own nation, religion and values. A section which is enamoured of everything that is foreign, be it values, people, religion or philosophy. Where shall we take our nation in pursuit of our fascination for colonial, western ethos. Where shall our hatred for our national values land us. Are we not moving to another division of India, this time through the nefarious designs of some of us, for whom nation is subservient to their leftist ideology, an ideology that has been discarded by the World, an ideology that resulted in millions exiled to Siberia, that resulted in summary execution of opponents, an ideology that massacred 3000 young students in Tinaman square, and none of our Leftists raised a single voice against these acts of tyranny, oppression and persecution. Do we want a system of government that sympathises with Naxalites who mercilessly murder 75 para military personnel, do we want a government that prides in summary execution of dissenters, or do we want a vibrant disciplined democracy, which gives us the right of dissent, a right to alternate ideologies.
    The youth of this country have to decide, what do they want this nation to be. For, ultimately, it is they who are the future of India, and so long as India remains a democracy, one man one vote shall prevail. I shudder to think of the day when under the garb of egalitarianism, social transformation, we shall be condemned to suffer the persecution in the name of social good, by a Communist Government. So, Let the youth decide, where you want the nation to go.


  2. Kanhaiyya Kumar is just a fad.BJP’s winning streak was ended by Kejriwal and he became the media’s hero.Then Nitish and Lalu became the toast of the media after they beat BJP.Then it was Rohith Vemula.Media lost interest in all of them because they realized that these guys weren’t probably good enough to dent BJP’s 2019 chances.So now they are trying to lionize Kanhaiyya Kumar.Once they realize that the majority of people are against him,they will dump him as well and move on to someone else.


  3. By the way,this Prashant Kishor guy is going to work with Congress in Punjab and possibly UP as well.He will try to make them win both states.Supposedly,if Kishor helps them win Punjab,he will work with them till 2019 and will manage their 2019 campaign as well. Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2016/03/02/prashant-kishor-rahul-gan_n_9364596.html .I have always thought that this Kishor guy is overrated.He seems to join the party that is favourite to win before an election and after that party wins,he makes it look as if he played a key role in their victory.But It will be a big challenge for him to make them win UP 2017 and an even bigger challenge to make them win INC 2019.He will have to undertake the greatest marketing campaign in history to market a man who is seemingly unmarketable.I think he will not succeed.


    1. Kishor may be overrated. But, Modi & BJP made the biggest mistake of not holding him. Nowadays people don’t think & are carried away with good marketing. BJP now need good marketing and advertising. I feel that Kishor would have been very helpful to BJP. Also it would be easier for him to advertise for BJP than the dynasty party.


      1. From what I have heard, Amit Shah didn’t want him to continue and saw him as a threat. If this is true, this is pretty shameful…refusing to nurture talent because the top leaders feel threatened is a standard Congress trait. Pity we lost a talent for this.


  4. A gr8 post CW as usual. From past days, I am wondering if our soldiers are really fighting for the wrong people. They must be thinking if the guys like kanhaiya are worshiped by media, then what is their need at border. Feeling pity for our country.Media was so happy that, they have won a war against Modi. The speech of kanhaiya was prepared by a journalist. Proper care was made, so that it look anti modi. The speech also had inputs from zero loss theory founder kapil and other lawyers.


    1. Exactly Mehul, I was thinking the same way that somebody like Mr. Sibal guided his speech to make sure it comes very close to violating the bail condition but does not cross the line.


  5. It is indeed sad that two precious lives where lost because of these stupid communist,whose agenda is controlled by desh drohis !

    This small insignificant pipsqueak Kanhaiyya Kumar from MINI MOSCOW acted like a hero and gave a shit speech!




  6. Hi CW
    I have had the same relationship with CR’s mahabharata in my childhood – every dussera, every vacation, any time any place – so when I read the title I rushed in to read the name of the ‘Abhimanyu’ !!

    They don’t even have a name? I got a shiver and for a moment I could hear the tortured cries from the womb of the earth.

    Keep writing CW!! Make a lot of noise!! We’ll add our roars like Hanuman did! And hopefully we have a Krishna to direct us !!

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  7. These Desh Drohi Presstitutes now advising us that we should not bring up our soldiers’ sacrifice during every national issue !! I am sure this is because our criticism is biting on their ass. They are put on the short end of the stick on this issue so they want to get us off our strong point.

    Let me repeat. I am very unhappy with our Hon. Judge that she allowed this prick to go back to JNU and bite the hands that feed him. When and how all these participating students study? I remember in my college days, if I miss one hour of class, I had to study four hours to cover the missed class. Government should come up with some plan that all bachelor level students can get ONLY four years worth of subsidy, Master level Only six years etc. If they take longer, they pay from their own pockets.

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    1. CW Please read the following in firstpost.com. One of the few sensible ones in firstpost. Presstitutes have found the greatest freedom fighter India has ever seen. I am sure he would bite the dust shortly when he begins campaign for the commies as the home grown ones would not want him to steal the thunder.



    2. Did you see Nikhil Wagle’s latest tweet attacking media for giving too much importance to Kanhaiyya Kumar. I think 10 JP is not happy with yet another person overshadowing the Shehzada…ROFL 🙂


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