Just how frighteningly anti-national was the UPA government?

Sometimes, it is only some time after the danger has passed that we come to know just how great the danger was. Think about some guy who worked at the World Trade Center but  decided to take leave from work on Sept 11, 2001. It was probably much later in the day that he found out how incredibly lucky he was to be alive. After India’s great escape from the UPA government in May 2014, it is only now that we are learning how frighteningly anti-national our rulers were. We should feel lucky. We should all feel lucky.

First of all, we know that David Headley had named Ishrat Jahan long ago as a Lashkar operative in 2010 itself on being questioned in Chicago. But why wasn’t he questioned via videolink until 2016? Did the UPA government go so far as to hush up the testimony of terrorists of 26/11 to keep Modi out? And when David Headley repeated himself on video link this year about Ishrat’s terror links, it was absolutely chilling to watch the entire Congress ecosystem come together to try and discredit prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam.

What a shame! What a shame!

I think I have said before that this new opposition, this new Congress under Madam Sonia Gandhi does not feel like a domestic political party any more. It feels like we are dealing with Pakistanis. To think that they would go after Ujjwal Nikam to try and save the reputation of a terrorist like Ishrat Jahan….

Much worse happened with the Afzal Guru case when Chidambaram said this:

On the good side, I am happy that Congress feels that it can never come back to power again and hence has no further stake in running the country. But on the much darker side, what is the Government of India supposed to say internationally now? When Pakistanis and jihadis point to Chidambaram’s words and say that a top minister in the Cabinet that took the decision to hang Afzal guru has said he might be innocent, what answer are we supposed to give? Mr. Chidambaram, you are out of power, but do you have no responsibility towards the country at all?

It gets darker and more chilling. I am running out of adjectives here:

What!!!! Is this true, Mr. Chidambaram? Is it true that you were loosely talking about such ultra high security issues to random journalists off the record?  I am aghast. I shiver at the thought that you and your friends were in charge of India’s national security less than two years ago.

Let’s come to the recent chilling revelations in Ishrat case. I told you I am running out of adjectives:

Former Home Secretary GK Pillai on Sunday said that his boss and former Home Minister P Chidambaram had changed an affidavit which described Ishrat Jahan and her aides as LeT operatives. Pillai claimed that Congress leader Chidambaram had recalled the file a month after the original affidavit was filed in Supreme Court.

In 2009, UPA government had submitted two affidavits within two months– one that the four, who were killed in an alleged fake encounter, were terrorists and the second saying there was no conclusive evidence of terror links.”


Did a top cabinet minister change an affidavit to save a terrorist’s reputation? In any other country, this would have been the biggest news of the year, but not in India. Instead ABP News is busy investigating the photograph of the Prime Minister’s 95 year old mother lying on a stretcher…

RVS Mani, former under secretary (Internal Security) in the Union home ministry, the man who signed the two affidavits in the Ishrat case, has claimed that he was used as a rubber stamp by the government.

Stating that the evidence in Ishrat case was engineered, the former bureaucrat said that he was ordered to sign on the second affidavit and hinted that the SIT wanted him to implicate the Gujarat Intelligence Bureau officers

In an interview to Times Now, RVS Mani has alleged that he was tortured by SIT chief Satish Verma. “The SIT chief burnt me with cigarette stubs. I was chased by a CBI officer,” the former bureaucrat said in the interview.”


I am filled with such intense disgust that I am actually experiencing conflicting emotions. The BJP supporter in me wants to scream this information off the rooftops and bring everlasting public disgrace upon the Congress.

But you know what, there is another voice within me. The voice of an Indian who does not want our country to be disgraced. What am I supposed to scream off the rooftops? That the Union Cabinet of my country tried to help a terrorist? That instead of going after terrorists, our Union government actually tortured our bureaucrats, burned them with cigarette butts to get them to falsely implicate Intelligence officers of Gujarat? We are all Indians. How am I supposed to look people in the eye and admit that this is what my elected government did to my fellow Indians to save a Lashkar terrorist? Please tell me…


24 thoughts on “Just how frighteningly anti-national was the UPA government?

  1. Good fost!

    Yes all this did happen under UPA govt.,truth always prevails!!

    Listening to RVS Mani it is as if a CIA type story is unfolding!Unbelievable,’cigarette butt torture’,trying to trap him by ‘honey pot’,subsequently hounding him for years!!

    I hope all these guys will face the music,I am sure more patriots will come forward and reveal to what extent these people(desh drohi politicians and media) are ready to compromise the security of the nation to meet their end!!

    Before the Italian waitress ( with 100% foreign DNA ) entered politics , it was a pretty decent    
    This white skinned foreign woman has vitiated the Parliament totally. It has become a market place .

    Ever since the Italian women took over power mafia rule has been used to subvert opposition and to abuse Hindus and Hinduism.

    ‘MautKaSaudagar’ which she had applied to Modi is actually apt for her!! 

    MediaCrooks ‏@mediacrooks  4h
    Congress & PC must be made to pay a huge compensation for framing & falsely imprisoning cops of Gujarat

    I too agree with MC.


  2. I was about to put this comment,when I saw your new post !

    CW if you have not given your certificate to this RABIDLY ANTI-HINDU AND PRO-PAKISTANI-guy….I recommend you please do!! 






  3. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.Everyone(including the future generations)need to know the damage that Congress did in the last 60 years to the country.It hampered our progress.What BJP can do here is to make a “sin book”.This sin book would record all the misdeeds done by the INC in the 60 years that it ruled.You have Almanacs that are released every year and new information is put in the almanacs every year.Similarly,BJP should release the sin book every year,preferably on Dec 28(INC’s foundation day) every year.The fact that it’s at the end of the year is an added benefit.The BJP should publish and release 1 sin book every year and add new info about the INC’s misdeeds in every edition of the sin book.They should publish translated copies of this sin book and give it to the people.


  4. Good point by somebody!

    Wish BJP defends their honest supporters like how CON gress defends its Corrupt crooks!!

    All these guys will start behaving like cornered cat…allegations will start flying.

    SG….We are being targeted! (LOL playing the victim)


  5. Just the hatred towards ONE MAN makes the entire govt machinery go anti nation!!! SG is a person with a mind so vicious, so vengeful and so much hatred we are indeed lucky that BJP came to power. What made all the congress party members go pro Ishrat and anti India is what mystifies me. Are there no patriots in this party? Are these people so shameless that they are hell bent on causing harm to the nation because they dislike ONE MAN? I hope these guys with their counterparts are counting their last days.


    1. It is not the hatred of one man, it is hatred for Hindus for thousand years of Hindus victory. In the nip of the time Hindus en mass were giving up, Modi appeared and stopped the thousand years agenda crystallized in Congis and others that Modi and Hindus became their open target.


  6. You hit the nail on the head in your last para, CW. As an Indian citizen, I am proud of my country and that includes our culture, heritage, and in the power of our democracy. That we allowed such people to lead us is shameful enough without advertising it to the world. It is one thing to be personally corruptible and quite another to sell away the nation’s security down the drain. These people have no low, they can stoop to any depth to retain the power….we can’t play at that level because we care too much for our country. I am frankly at a loss for words. I really try hard to keep a balanced perspective (I am pro-Modi because I am pro-India and not vice-versa) but with every passing day, I feel I am becoming more rightist than center of right because of the blasphemy and treason permeating through all layers of the opposition, media, and intelligentsia!!


    1. After reading that Congress was ready to torture our officers to save a terrorist and blame Modi, indeed we can all agree that there is nothing so low that Congress will not stoop there.


  7. We are not getting it yet. Just having few MCs, CWs, Swarajya, Opindia etc. going to wake up 1000 years lethargic morons, who voted anti nationals for almost sixty years (and still now voting neo antinatioals like AAPtards), read and enjoyed their propaganda, watched Paki nautankis, played their lyrics and music and never took a little trouble to cheer up the patriots who defended on borders, fought their intellectual wars with the traitors, unfurled flags of truth in blogs, social medias in limited platforms available to them. Now move over your *** and sit where your laptop, tablet is and shower your comments to MCs latest and CWs latest until it numbers 200 and each one new now on.


    1. Hindus are always lethargic. If the reality of what Congress did in Ishrat case will not open our eyes, nothing will. As for AAPtards, they must be smoking ganja or something I think.


  8. What is so surprising is, even after these facts have come out, we don’t see hoards of Congress party members are not renouncing their party membership ! When will their eyes open? Are they waiting for Manmohan Singh to come out and show us cigarette burns on his body? Such a serious matter and all they can say in their defense is, BJP is trying to divert attention from JNU issue !! All indications are that BJP is vastly benefiting from JNU issue. Why in the world, it needs to divert attention from that?


    1. Anti-Modi hate has long ago turned into anti-India hate. In any other country, something like the Ishrat affair would be enough to finish the political careers of most of the top Congress leaders.


  9. Now I am just thinking, did UPA government was deliberately negligent in preventing so many terrorist attacks? Akshardham attack in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Mumbai train attacks and so many smaller attacks such as Pune bakery bombing, the bombing at the base of a temple, but biggest of all 26-11 attacks, etc. etc.?


  10. Excellent!

    John Swinton, former Chief of Staff for the New York Times, said it best in a toast made before the New York Press Club :
    “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it will never appear in print. If I allowed honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”


  11. The Ishrat affair is not about saving a terrorist’s reputation. Reading the facts revealed so far, here is my take.

    LeT was “enticed” by Indian agencies to take out Modi, supposedly to lay a trap for terrorists. (The word “enticed” was used by a former spook on TV, i think on the Arnab show). The LeT got together a gang with Ishrat as the window dressing, or maybe as a suicide bomber. RAW knew about the plot. IB knew about it too. IB had recently had it’s boss replaced by Mr Ibrahim, a person assumed to be sickular.

    IB wanted to scotch the assassination plot because – surprise – Ibrahim put his duty first. IB was forbidden to tip of the Gujarat govt. After all, IB is only an intelligence gathering agency; James Bond stunts are outside its domain.

    The idea must have been to let the LeT hit team do it’s job – kill Modi – which would solve a whole lot of problems for the CONg. The bodyguards do the needful with the terrorists caught on the spot, and Gujarat police would do what was neccessary with any surviving gang member who escaped. There would be the usual public furore and Chidu & Co would hold Kasab style trials to quell the outcry. Why, they might even have hanged the guys.

    As things turned out, IB informed the Gujarat police who nipped the plot in the bud, killing the terrorists before they did their job. (As one can see, the whole gang, when it got into that Indica car, were already dead people walking. Guj police killed them before they got Modi; the CONg desired to throw them under the bus AFTER they they did so).

    The kiiling of the gang upset some people bad enough to start screaming “Fake Encounter”. Now this was all the siht they could throw at Modi, he having escaped permanent removal from the scene. Indians are sick enough of terrorism to not mind having some terrorists dead now and then. The fake encounter story is purely for the benefit of New York Times and other papers of their ilk. Stop foreigners from ever thinking of India except as some violent Third World hell hole.


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