Decoding Kerala ki azaadi and Bangal ki azaadi

In the ongoing JNU situation, by now everyone has heard the slogans. Everyone has seen the passionate love for Afzal Guru “ji” in our TV studios and paid intellectuals in arts (and excuse me…the “social science”) departments of our universities. Every single person who had argued for Varun Gandhi to be arrested and the key thrown away for his inflammatory speech has given passionate lectures on “Freedom of Expression”. Every single person who is ignoring Kamlesh Tiwari sitting in jail for months under “National Security Act” is out on the streets protesting for free speech. Every journalist who has beaten up his critics at Madison Square Garden is out on the streets protesting for dissent 🙂 Meanwhile, another young RSS worker has been slaughtered by Commies in Kerala. Just one more dead Hindu.

But in all this, something has been ignored. Along with the Kashmir ki azaadi slogans, there were two other slogans that went along with them:

Kerala maange azaadi, Bangal maange azaadi

I believe that both Right and Left on social media and mainstream media have let this slogan pass by without much examination. The Left has an obvious vested interest in not talking about this, but the Right is making a mistake in ignoring these 2 slogans. The JNU is the beating heart of the Indian Left, we should not ignore the idea behind these slogans. What is the idea behind these 2 slogans?

Kerala and Bengal have never been disputed territories. So why Kerala and Bengal? At first the choice may seem random among our many states, but it is not. Here is what’s going on:

Hindus constitute 54.72 per cent of the total population in Kerala, with Muslims accounting for 26.56 per cent and Christians 18.38 per cent, according to the population census by religious community 2011 released on Tuesday.


Ah! 54.72%! So, it is not unreasonable to assume that Hindus could fall below the 50% mark by the next census in 2021, which is merely 5 years away.

Three districts which the Muslims have overshot the Hindus at Murshidabad (47 lakh Muslims; 23 lakh Hindus), Malda (20 lakh Muslims; 19 lakh Hindus) and North Dinajpur (15 lakh Muslims; 14 lakh Hindus).”


Notice that in two of those districts, Muslim population exceeds Hindus by just 1 lakh each, which means these are NEW Muslim majority districts. West Bengal’s border districts are the frontier for Muslim expansion into what remains of India. And here, please please please don’t forget the most important fact. Let me put this in bold upper case letters:

WEST BENGAL IS NOT BENGAL. WEST BENGAL IS MERELY A PART OF BENGAL. More than 60% of Bengal has already been “liberated” and made into Bangladesh. The fight is now over just the remaining 35% or so. Bengali Hindus today have control only in about one third of their historic homeland.

So, Kerala and Bengal are now the two hottest frontiers for further Islamic accession of India. It is no coincidence that the Left has started talking about “Azaadi” for Bengal and Kerala. Friends, I feel we cannot afford to ignore this. The JNU is the guiding light for the Indian left…it tells us exactly what the left is planning for our country. If they are talking about Bengal and Kerala, it means Bengal and Kerala are next on their menu. What you see today in Kashmir you will see in West Bengal and Kerala tomorrow. We have just a third of Bengal left. We cannot afford to let it go. I am a Bengali myself. This is deeply personal for me as well.

You know, when I was a kid I asked my dad about this line in our national anthem:

Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maratha ..

What happened to the second name in there? Where is Sind? I don’t see it anywhere in the map of the Republic of India. If we don’t stop these anti-nationals now, your children will ask you about the next line in the national anthem:

Dravida, Utkala, Banga

They will want to know where this place called “Banga” is. What will we tell them? If the Left succeeds, will Bengali and Malayalam be classified as “foreign languages” in what is still left of the Republic of India? Will we have to tell our children that Rabindranath Thakur, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Swami Vivekananda were Pakistanis? Will we have to tell them that Adi Shankara was born in Pakistan?



32 thoughts on “Decoding Kerala ki azaadi and Bangal ki azaadi

  1. Good you have highlighted this ,actually it is quite sinister the way you put it,this slogans have not been talked about and debated in any article!!

    Commies and peaceful community are like oil and water,right now they are together I wonder how long it is going to last!


  2. Quote:
    “Afzal, your killers are still at large” is not an innocent cry but a blood-thirsty howl to eliminate all those who work to uphold the unity and sovereignty of India  also fall in the league of anti-nationals, anti-national intellectuals who owe allegiance not to the all-encompassing and inspiring idea of India but rather to themselves first, to India-haters next, to a section of their political patrons who have only the interest and welfare of a particular dynasty or family in mind, a welfare and benefit to be accrued at the cost of India, at the cost of her well-being, at the cost of the security of her millions of ordinary citizens.

    Yes indeed, the struggle and ‘jung’ shall continue  but not until “India is destroyed”; until India triumphs and the enemies of her civilisational soul are relegated and dissolved for perpetuity.

    Anirban Ganguly

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  3. It looks to my mind that awareness among Hindus is at an abysmal level on who are all Hindus in the first place. This allows for divisive agenda of the Congis & the opposition parties to play well amongst Hindus with their vote bank politics. Though there is Sunny & Shia, they call themselves as Muslims. Though there are Catholics, Protestants & Pendergast they call themselves as Christians. But only with us there is so much confusion in calling ourselves as Hindus.

    Till then the sinister designs of the hate mongers will play havoc at its best.

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    1. CW, being a Bengali yourself, can you throw some lght on how the self respecting proud inhabitants of West Bengal tolerating these developments, without much protest.


      1. In the 16th Loksabha(2014) there are 22MPs and in West bengal assembly of 294 there are 59 muslim MLAs(2011) which is about 20%. Boarders with Bangladesh are kept porous by Didi. Hindus are 70% in W.Bengal and Muslims are 27%. Didi of TMC is seen doing namaz and hobnobbing with Muslims. Let us see how the majority community votes and who wins in 2016. Banga going out of the National Anthem is not that simple.


    2. Hindus suffer from this “defect” because they have never been a missionary religion. Hinduism so to say is just a way of life. But things are reaching a point of criticality now. I have become convinced over last one week that purpose of the anti-nationals is to literally wipe out Hindus from India.


  4. It is clear from the action of all the people who have enjoyed power mongering /pimping/influencing/enjoying all the comforts provided by the GOI even though they are not govt employees during the previous govt are stocking the fire and keep it burning till the BJP govt falls.





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  5. I had in my comment to your earlier post had questioned the competence and intent of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh.
    Today bassi is saying that he will not object to bail to kanhaiiya! !!

    Modi has gone insane. Better that his supporters stop defending him and thereby stopeating humble pie repeatedly.


  6. I have always wondered, what Hindus have done to Christians? There had been very few and far in between racial tension between Hindus and Christians. Compare that to through out the world, Christians and Muslims are at each others’ throats and killing each other for hundreds of years. Yet in Kerala Christians are siding with Muslims. Don’t they know when Muslims become a majority, they will annihilate Christians? Same thing about Communists and Muslims. Why they have so much love with each other in India? Communists beat hell out of Muslims in China and Russia. And which Muslim country has socialistic, communist governing philosophy? Why so much love here?


    1. Me too. Always wondered the same. Hindus are most harmless people on earth. Everywhere Christians are up against Muslims and Commies. I have often wondered if in places like Kerala, Hindu right can actually strike a deal with Christians. But strangely enough, Indian Christians tend to prefer Muslims… amazing.


  7. These slogans may sound like emanating from across the borders: from training camps of Taliban, ISIS or Lashkar-e-Toiba. Unfortunately, they’re coming from the heart of India in New Delhi at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)!

    — “Bharat desh ho barbaad, ho barbaad; Afzal Guru amar rahe, amar rahe; (May India be damned; long live Afzal Guru)
    — Kashmir ki azadi ki jung jaari rahegi. Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung jaari rahegi (Our battle will continue until Kashmir is freed, until India is destroyed)
    — Tum kitne Afzal maaroge? Har ghar se hum Afzal nikaalenge (How manyAfzals will you kill? We will produce one Afzal in every house)
    — Bharat ke tukade honge dus, Insha Allah! Insha Allah! (India will be broken into 10 pieces, God willing)
    — Kashmir ko hum lad ke lenge. Bharat ko jihad se hum khatm karke rahenge (We will snatch Kashmir by fighting for it; we will finish India by waging a jihad on it)
    — India Go back. India Go back
    — Afzal tera karwaan hai adhura. Mil kar hum karenge poora (Afzal, you left with your journey incomplete; we will fulfil your dream)

    This is from a great article,I know everybody has heard it several times ,but still repeating it lest we forget!!

    Listening to this slogans our patriotic feeling increases,unlike what this street thug says:



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  8. I am from Kerala and like you CW, I also feel something sinister in the slogans of these anti-nationals when they perfectly choose Bengal and Kerala for “Azaadi”.. There are already no go zones and districts in Kerala that are dominated by the M population..Together with vote bank appeasement from both fronts LDF and UDF..the day is not far when Hindus in Kerala may become like Pandits of Kashmir..

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    1. Hi Sreekanth Kannoth… this true in Kerala!


      “The COMMIE political GOONS are called ATTIMARI gang .

      ATTIMARI is an extortion system of wages that headload workers’ unions in Kerala imposed for loading/unloading goods from lorries . 

      They are supported by congress / communist kerala politicians and they do the vendetta during bandhs .

      If you use outside workers, the union insists on a compensation, NOKKU KOOLI, literally, wages for just looking on from the sidelines . 


      They will NEVER touch dirty cargo like cement and manure bags—they convert this to PAY UP FOR FORCING US TO WATCH” .

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    2. Exactly. Something is cooking. JNU is the heart of the Indian left. The choice of Bengal and Kerala couldnt just be random. Work has already started on laying an intellectual foundation to purge Hindus from these two states.


    1. Baap re…the scroll, the wire, the print…catchnews…all these sites have mushroomed to propagate anti-India views. The question is who is funding them. Meanwhile the RW needs to professionalize the social media outreach to fight back. They are professionalizing, are we?


  9. Kavita K’s “brilliant” tweet. rotfl.

    “If you care about press freedom, perhaps it is time to boycott Arnab Goswami?”

    Irony, thy name is KK.


  10. Hey There.

    Today I fell into a spat with one of my colleague.
    He visited Kerela last week and was telling us about his experience. In the mid of the conversation I passed a comment about Kerala becoming another Kashmir and he wanted me to throw some light.
    I recall from my memories about hearing something like these anti national slogans described in your article and hence ended up citing that example. Now I have a problem, my colleague is saying I am making up stories however I know I am right.

    Hence I started googling and landed up here. To my amazement I cannot find a single news article from any of the stream line media and big news channel. In case you can help me with some links to browse through and support and propagate the above issue of anti national elements in Kerala.



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