Dear liberals, take JNU issue to United Nations :)

So, I am still far away in a strange country with a terrible internet connection, but I have become so addicted to blogging that I can’t help saying a few lines nevertheless. It took me like 10 tries loading and reloading but I managed to watch the new video with

“Bharat ke tukde honge: Inshallah Inshallah!”


Well, it is nice to see Indian liberals finally discover the importance of free speech. As Opindia put it perfectly, for the Indian liberal, “free speech” is like my uncle’s car, only I can borrow it because he is my uncle, not your uncle 🙂

All these months, Kamlesh Tiwari has been sitting in jail, charged under the freaking National Security Act. Then, no questions of free speech were asked. When Karnataka Police picked up a man and sent him to jail merely for insulting Tipu Sultan in a Facebook post, freedom of expression didn’t come up. Ha! My favorite example is that in 2007, the BJP itself had to attend a “de-recognition hearing” because some BJP leader had released a CD speaking ill about Muslims. Freedom of expression wasn’t threatened even when the main opposition party in the country was threatened with derecognition because it had expressed a view that liberals found Where is freedom of expression? In India? You are better off looking for snowfall in Madhya Pradesh.

And so, dear Nehruvian liberals, the sedition laws stay…don’t cry like b*tches because you are now at the receiving end. You should have thought about freedom of speech BEFORE you summoned the BJP for de-recognition over a CD. You should have thought then. Now please enjoy yourselves in jail.

Not surprisingly, some liberals have rehashed the old “Godse smear” and have been sniping at the BJP. Oh come on… Sakshi Maharaj is just one MP out of hundreds of BJP MPs…the BJP is not like your party with 1% vote and 0-5 MPs. And he retracted his words immediately. Now please tell your 2-3 MPs and your little party to stop glorifying Stalin as a matter of policy. You may not need lessons in patriotism from the “worshippers of Godse”, but we also do not need lessons in democracy and free speech from the worshippers of Stalin, Mao, Castro and Che Guevara.

There have also been numerous articles by liberals “warning” the Modi government: telling them they are underestimating the power of JNU. There was one in the Hindustan Times explaining how JNU faculty and alumni have “international connections” and how the New York Times and the Economist may turn against Modi if he keeps up pressure on JNU! ROFL! I burst out laughing. Clearly, lefties are not aware of their own irrelevance.

And there is another reason those threats ring hollow. By definition, a threat works like this:

“Do this OR ELSE I will take away X”

What will you take away, liberals? What have you given the BJP that you can threaten to take it away? You threaten to stall Parliament? Ha! As if you wouldn’t have stalled Parliament if the BJP compromised on JNU! You threaten to unite the Opposition against us? Ha! You have all been united against us since Day 1! What will you do now? You threaten to turn “international opinion” against us? Ha! You already got Modi banned from the US and Europe and Canada and Australia and nothing worked. What threat do you guys have left? What will you do? Will you try to ban the RSS? Already happened several times!! Lol! What is left? And finally, will you threaten that secular state governments will get BJP supporters and workers killed? Ha! BJP/RSS workers are already being massacred under secular state governments in Bihar, Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. What is left for you guys to do now? What can you do to hurt the BJP that you have not already done 1000 times?

So dear lefties, please understand that you can’t blackmail us. Because you are already using every tactic from intellectual suppression to defamation to physically massacring BJP workers. There is nothing new you can do…

So, dear lefties, be our guest. Go ahead and do your worst. Let us find out who is more powerful: the Home Minister or the “President” of JNUSU. I say take it to the United Nations that Modi’s army has invaded the Republic of JNU and captured its President. A “Head of State” like Kanhaiyya Kumar dragged away by an invading army!!! Go tell the world about this outrage. Go tell them that Modi government didn’t give a flying f*ck about diplomatic courtesy:  He didn’t even inform the embassy of the Republic of JNU (also called Aaj Tak) about the arrest of their President. He should have raised the issue of anti-India activities at the India-JNU summit meeting, no? Go tell the UN how Indian forces captured your little Republic… go tell the UN how Modi will neither recognize the sovereignty of JNU nor the diplomatic immunity of all its ambassadors in TV studios. Go ahead and do your worst…






50 thoughts on “Dear liberals, take JNU issue to United Nations :)

  1. BJP has realized that this is a great opportunity to push the libs further into the ditch.I really like their aggressiveness on this issue.There were reports a few days ago that Subramaniam Swamy might become VC of JNU.Didn’t happen.But would be fun if it happens!I hope the Govt does it to p^&s them off further.

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    1. Agreed that it’s good opportunity for BJP. Whatever is happening, that’s really good. All enemies are getting united just because of their hatred of modi and Hindus. While hindus are also getting united.that’s the big achievement. I am not much hopeful about bjp making swamy as VC, but let’s hope bjp plays this aggressively and keeps up this momentum.

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      1. I was reading Jaggi’s article on SwarajyaMag about the JNU uproar and he made a very pertinent point in that “The whole battle has taken on a BJP versus the rest flavour. This will cost the BJP dear in terms of its legislative agenda, but will probably pay it some political dividends”…the latter can only be good news. I don’t have much hopes from parliament session other than what comes out of the Railway and General budgets. The Opposition will find any straw (Rohith Vemula, Ishrat Jahan) to disrupt parliament anyways.

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  2. Ha ha, simply amazing writing chaiwala. BJP is in form. Today kanahaya’s custody is extended. Good. Also some presstitues were thrashed at patiala court by lawyers. Day by day people are getting to know about lowest leval of liberals.

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    1. BJP has been in form on this issue…but there is always room for more. The PM should have attended a soldier’s funeral and let the images of that get superimposed with Rahul supporting JNU traitors.


  3. Good post CW!! Your dedication to your blog is unbelievable! Good for us!

    I hope Modi government will go all out and slap sedition cases , sedition cases of dismembring India must not be handled by “COLLEGIUM ” JUDICIARY .

    It must be handled by agencies sworn to protect BHARATMATA,who are more loyal to the watan than”LAWYERS TURNED JUDGES”.




    Finally as the faculty of are SUPPORTING THE ANTI NATIONAL STUDENTS,I guess it is time to SHUT DOWN JNU– OR CHANGE THE FACULTY 100%

    Every “popular uprising” against governments NOT toeing the financial bankers/ Western line has been triggered by foreign funded NGOs around the world..

    The sleeper cells run by anti-national forces, trigger the uprising when their foreign masters order it. Sleeper cells are even run by professors in universities.

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  4. Kudos to this guy!!

    Siddharth Singh, JNU ‏@sidd4india  Feb 10
    Although I study in JNU bt still I wl support #ShutDownJNU becz 4 me India always comes 1st. Boot out Left morons & separatist is d only way

    Siddharth Singh, JNU ‏@sidd4india  Feb 14
    Sir now you have d evidence so please act decisivly and stop giving statements. #IndiaAgainstDeshdrohis

    Unfortunate that JNU incident has been supported by LeT Chief Hafiz Saeed’, says HM Rajnath Singh

    Siddharth Singh, JNU ‏@sidd4india  Feb 14
    Please sir act now & stop giving statements. Other Nationalist forces wl loose morale if nothing happens to traitor

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  5. One can’t miss to watch the desperation of the leftists in TV debates. Even the most reasonable leftist anchor fails to reveal his true self. It is like the end of the world for them. The government now must take the issue to culmination with all the might at its command, and not bargain out a compromise for some short term gain.

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  6. JNU is not representative of true Bharatiya values any way. If any thing it is anomaly like Congress party to India in mostly last sixty years. It is anomaly like Nehru and Indira instead of Netaji and Patel ruled India. It is anomaly like aaptards and buddhus ruling some states instead of patriots in their own self interest. Therefore, we should start dismantling this anomaly. But it is not by chance but by long term design that this anomaly is there. Like matrix, there are invisible shackles tied to our ankles, arms, feet and body. There are invisible albatross round our necks for centuries. This confusion about distinguishing treachery from freedom, treason from democracy, anti nationals from Bharatiya Indians, the freely roaming snakes from the disciplined soldiers of India is the result of this anomaly and perversion. We have to understand and courage to first unshackle Indians. I just give you one example of invisible shackle. You are Hindu but you should respect Christian faith and turn the other cheek when other follower of respected Islam hits you in secularism defined by anti national previous anomalous political parties, medias etc., no matter how much impractical the believers of those faiths consider it and do not follow it in their own majority countries. Now does not anti national Afsal Guru gangs at JNU getting protection make sense in true perspective? See how shackles work in binding us from taking effective steps to dismantle traitors in public institutions, political parties, media houses?

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  7. Chaiwala,

    Your belief in BJP and their capabilities is unrealistic !!
    Modi / Rajnath may yet spring a ‘statesmanlike’ compromise .
    Do not forget history of past 21 months !!


  8. Desperation of left and their supporters is palpable. They cry our office board was blackened, they attacked us at court by people wearing lawyers’ gown. Actual BJP supporter chanted pro-Pakistan slogan..Bla Bla Bla. BooohoooHooo Right Wingers are attacking us without any provocation !! Anti-National slogan is not sedition !! BJP’ approach to JNU issue has unintended consequence. It unites opposition. On and on and on.

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  9. Somebody suggested that all those guys who were hollering anti India slogans to be caught and put in front of a group of Indian jawans and ask them to shout those slogans…then watch the fun 🙂


  10. Since the JNU goons have openly raised anti India slogans and threatened the sovereinity and integerity of the country ,the Delhi police sould take suo moto action and put the goons and their supporters like Yetchury ,Amul Baby and other commees and Congees in cells for sedition and give them third degeree treatment.Also the HM should stop shouting and start shooting down the anti national JNU goons.


  11. I have heard that this Kanaiya Kumar and many other students shouting anti-national slogans have been removed from the JNU roster. Even if sedition charges don’t stick, going through police remand should teach such traitors a good lesson.


  12. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero


    1. Some time I wonder why that Malini lady was removed from Hindu? Was she because she was not leftist enough? The Hindu was down in the deep leftist mud before Malini left and nothing seems to have changed.


      1. Even among Leftists, we are seeing perhaps a very radical and very dangerous strain take hold. Did you see the “students” marching on parliament, faces covered with checkered neckerchiefs and chanting “Bandook ke dam par azaadi” ?



    “Bangladesh-based terror outfit Jamat-ul-Mujahideen (JMB) is in cahoots with some JU professors.

    Bangladesh-based Jamaat-e-Islami and BNP ( sworn enemy of Bangladesi Awami League ) are in league with TMC – this is a secret.”

    Students of Jadavpur University are raising slogan supporting the JNU. It seems a big conspiracy to destabilize the Country by the Commies 



  14. How moronic these scoundrels could be to support the terrorists who are under the garb of JNU students (???!!!).

    Freedom of speech?? Since it is enormously allowed in India, these anti-nationals don’t seem to understand what freedom of speech really mean. They should be forced to once travel either to Russia, France, Pakistan or Bangladesh and talk ill about their countries leave alone going against those countries. The Govt authorities of those countries would have issued free passport to hell to these scumbags.

    What else you could expect from the supporters of Yakub Memon and his likes, beyond this. All along these guys are crying foul on Intolerance in our country when such a thing does not exist. Going by the current situation with so much provocation by the anti-national elements, looks like the patriotic citizens would really turn intolerant to show them what real intolerance mean. The days are not far off..


    1. Welcome to commenting on this blog! Public anger seems to be rising against the anti-national elements. Liberals have gone from soft-Islamism to hardcore anti-nationalism. They are playing with fire here.


      1. Absolutely true. Public patience is eroding day by day and Congis and their ilks who show their solidarity in supporting the anti-national agendas will be shown the doors permanently from politics. The writing on the wall is very clear in the forthcoming LS elections; 2014__44 to 2019__Single digit to Congress has already been guaranteed.


      2. Hi Swaminathan: Though I would like to see congress coming down to single digits in 2019, it seems that it is not going to happen. The UP people have given them one seat in by poll. I cannot understand how people could vote for this party.


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