Mameluk Mohammad Ali asks: why be obsessed with protecting women’s honor?

Mameluk Mohammad Ali, who goes by the somewhat ironic Twitter handle of @hindureporter, recently gave us a fascinating look into the “idea of India” with this article:

Why do I feel this article is so fascinating? Because it gives us a peek into how the idea of India is in panic over the continuous collapse of caste. Let’s read:

The Ram temple issue and attacks on Muslims found a mention even in meetings of backward groups that were essentially organised over rights of backward castes and were addressed by S.P. Singh Baghel, BJP’s backward morcha chief.

Notice the word “even”. It betrays both the surprise and the nervousness of “Hindureporter” that “even” the so called backward castes would think of themselves as Hindus. What happens to the 250 year project of the British and Indian royal families to keep the “lower” castes from identifying themselves as Hindus? Mameluk Mohammad Ali complains further:

In one such meeting on Friday, when several youngsters belonging to backward castes gave angry speeches highlighting BJP’s ignorance towards their grievances and demanding their rights, Satyapal Singh, the district BJP president intervened and appealed them to talk like “Kanwad, (worshippers of lord Shiva) who do not talk about caste.” “While it was good to talk about one’s rights, we should talk like ‘kanwads’, the Shiv bhakts’ who do not talk about caste,” he politely told the youngsters.

My god! Can we arrest this dangerous hatemonger immediately? Does he not know that dividing people on the basis of caste is the mainstay of the “idea of India”? Without this beautiful gift of caste divisions, there would be no Dynasty rule and by extension no food for Mameluks… Do these people want to starve all Mameluks to death? Horror of horrors…lock this man up and throw away the keys…

The saffron party has put up series of posters across flyovers and markets in Muzaffarnagar which seek to electorally encash anxiety of a patriarchal society over loosening grip on its women who, armed with education and technology get exposed to interact with men from the other community.

Mameluk Mohammad Ali’s article shows the anxiety of a privileged elite ecosystem over the loosening grip on “backward castes”, who armed with education and technology are getting exposed to their Hindu identity instead of their masters in the Lutyens cocktail circuit. As Harish Khare explained to us, the “idea of India” is to cheer for the guy who seeks insaaf for the “underdog” (not the underdog himself, but the guy who claims to seek insaaf for him).  The underdog remains the underdog and the guy who seeks insaaf on his behalf gets rich and powerful in the process….now if the underdog were to suddenly stop seeing himself as the underdog, the entire scheme falls apart. What will the guy who seeks insaaf for the underdog do now, how will he earn and what will he feed his cheerleaders?

In at least three cases which the BJP and affiliated groups portrayed as “love jihad” and “gangrape”, the girls came out to defend their Muslim boyfriends and told the magistrate in court that they ran away with them on their own.

In at least 3 crore cases in which the elite and its affiliated groups portrayed a certain group as “Brahmin-Bania party”, the “backwards” came out to defend their Hindu brethren and decided to vote for them on their own…

When this correspondent asked Kapil Dev, the party candidate why the BJP campaign was so obsessed with the idea of protecting “women’s honour”...”

Exactly! Why be “obsessed” with protecting “women’s honor”? If rape happens, relax…chill out and go take a selfie like Mameluk Mohammad Ali took at Dadri



12 thoughts on “Mameluk Mohammad Ali asks: why be obsessed with protecting women’s honor?

  1. The relationship between the seekers of justice for the ‘Underdogs’ and the so called the ‘Underdogs’ is of the ‘Supply and Demand’. If the demands go down, the suppliers will go out of their way to generate demand. They would invent ‘Underdog’, they would brainwash people that they remain ‘Underdog’. This reminds me Teesta and her group, actually prevented Muslim families from leaving temporary shelter long after 2002 Gujarat riots even though every thing had become normal . She promised them that she will force government to provide them with newly built houses and monitory help. She did everything her power to keep the ‘Demand’ up.


  2. I believe you got lost in translation. The article mentions that the women from the Hindu community elope with the Muslim men on their own and they do it on their own free will since they are now better educated. He lamemts that BJP is now raising the issue of love jihad to curb this behavior. In whole he is trying to defend his own community and portraying the majority community as the aggressive one typical of Muslim journos

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  3. Mameluk Mohammad Ali (@hindureporter) first time I heard of this guy after reading this post!

    After going through his twitter and seeing ‘work for@thehindu Ex @ndtv,’ he has to be a big Mameluk!!

    Made a mistake going through the tweets ,all who is who of commies are there,and gleefully finding imaginary faults of this govt,and patting each others back!

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    1. Such guys should be packed off to Portugal where they belong wanna be gora gaand!!

      On a serious note why is our I&B ministry tolerating such things and also all the debauchery that goes on the so called national news paper after this government has come to power!



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