Ajmal Kasab as a “victim”: the Queen’s court poet shows the sorry state of Indian liberalism

When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself that I would not get hung up on a certain handful of Mameluks who garner most of the RW attention on social media…you know who they are.  The Mameluk ecosystem is vast and RWs perhaps don’t pay sufficient attention to all its strands. Perhaps I keep falling into the same trap. So, in order to “diversify”, I have to call out a particularly egregious article by Harish Khare. Mind you that this is no ordinary Mameluk: he is Editor in Chief of The Tribune and was even media adviser to PM Dr. Manmohan Singh for as almost 3 whole years:


Perhaps this article will give you an idea of the kind of venomous snakes that Sonia Gandhi’s government had wrapped itself in. It would be no exaggeration to say that Sonia Gandhi was India’s most anti-Hindu ruler since Aurangazeb.

Given that Ujjwal Nikam has prosecuted dreaded terrorists, it comes as no surprise that his Padma award would cause anger among  Sahitya Akademi supporters. But let’s read what Mameluk Harish Khare says:

In the feudal times, kings and monarchs were known to reward with royal honours those whose loyalty and performance they approved of…..The Padma awards, our republican version of the Queen’s Honours List…

Yes, Harish Khare, kings and queens were also known to appoint court poets to go and sing their praises to their subjects. The “Prime Minister’s Official Media Adviser” is the modern version of that…

Ujjwal Nikam gets the Padma Shri in the public affairs category……. But he is no legal luminary. He is not an MC Setalvad..

I agree. He certainly is no M C Setalvad. If he was, his family members would know how to get bail on the phone…

In a society that normally cheers those who stand by and seek insaaf for the underdog, Nikam stands for punishment to one and all.

Notice the clever sentence construction. Harish Khare talks about cheering NOT by the underdog himself, but “those who stand by and seek insaaf for the underdog” 🙂 Get it? It’s not about cheering  the poor masses who struggle to earn a living, but cheering the rich people who seek insaaf for them 🙂 A certain Dynasty has grown very rich demanding insaaf for the underdog for the last 6 decades…go and cheer them!

Nikam is best known as the man who successfully prosecuted Ajmal Kasab and Yakub Memon, two men who in the public imagination had waged war against the Indian state.”

This sentence gives you a glimpse into what Indian “liberalism” has become today. Look at that: Kasab and Yakub waged war against the Indian state in “public imagination“. This is the man who was Prime Minister MMS’ media adviser from 2009 to 2012! The terror attacks on Mumbai were only in “public imagination“, they say… This is where Indian liberalism stands today. In their hatred towards Hindus and India, in their compulsive desire to create a moral equivalence between pagan Hindu India and  Islamic evil, they have moved so far away from the plane of reality that 26/11 now feels to them like it only happened in the “public imagination“.

Perhaps, Nikam can count many others among his victims, but it is his success against Kasab and Memon that has brought him public recognition

Again, friends, THIS is where Indian liberalism stands today. Not only did the Mumbai attacks of 1993 and 26/11 happen only in the public imagination, the people who carried out these attacks are now “victims” in liberal discourse. As liberals write and rewrite history with each successive article, the facts slowly fade away from each version to the next. The attacks of 1993 happened so long ago that by the time Yakub Memon was hanged in 2015, most people had forgotten it all. So, liberals started replacing tales of Yakub’s terrorism with tales of his generosity. He was a mild mannered man who spent time with books and papers, they said. In a decade or two, the myth making around Yakub Memon will reach a point where you will hear liberals tell stories of how Yakub would walk on the water and heal the sick and dying.

What about 26/11? It’s harder because its a more recent event. Everyone remembers Kasab. But will 26/11 still be recent 20 years from now? Today, about 10 years after 26/11, Kasab is already a “victim”. In 20 years, Kasab will become the innocent Pakistani boy who strayed across the border. In 30 years, liberals will tell stories of how nobody is sure who carried out the 26/11 attacks. In 50 years, liberals will show you the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and confidently tell you about 26/11/2008, the night when it was attacked by Wahabi Hindu terrorists led by the VHP. 


Now, Harish Khare continues with his complaint against Nikam:

At a global conference on counter-terrorism in Jaipur, Nikam volunteered this information: “Kasab never demanded biryani and was never served the dish by the government. I concocted the story just to break an emotional atmosphere which was taking shape in favour of Kasab during the trial of the case.” As Nikam recalled for us, an “emotional wave” swelled up in favour of Kasab when he bent his head and wiped a tear from his eyes. Newspapers of the day reported Nikam’s thought process. Soon, the electronic media took the cue: “Tears in Kasab’s eyes”. It was Raksha Bandhan that day, and some speculated that Kasab had got emotional remembering his sister. Some even went on to question whether he was a terrorist or not.  So, Nikam felt he had to counter that image (never mind the foisting of the Raksha Bandhan sentimentality on Kasab). He fabricated a lie that the ‘terrorist’ was demanding that he be served biryani.

Wow! I don’t know whether this is an indictment of Ujjwal Nikam or of the Indian media of which Harish Khare is an integral part. And he was even media adviser to the PM at the time this trial was happening! An emotional wave swelled up in favor of Kasab? Where? Who were the people that were part of this emotional wave?

Newspapers of the day reported Nikam’s thought process. Soon, the electronic media took the cue: “Tears in Kasab’s eyes”. It was Raksha Bandhan that day, and some speculated that Kasab had got emotional remembering his sister.”

Newspapers and electronic media! Exactly. The liberal media was experiencing an emotional wave in favor of Kasab. Not ordinary people like you and me. I ask you: did you feel an emotional wave in favor of Kasab? Not me!

Again, 50 years from now you will hear about how Wahabi Hindus attacked Mumbai in 2008 but framed an innocent Muslim boy. An emotional wave rose in favor of the innocent victim, but another Wahabi Hindu like Ujjwal Nikam cruelly sent him to the gallows…

Finally, Harish Khare complains:

A favourable public opinion consecrates itself into national conscience, which, then, acquires a sanctity higher than that of the law.”

Gandhi Dynasty chamchas should know a lot about acquiring “sanctity higher than that of the law”. From overruling the Madras HC on free speech to overruling the judgement setting aside Indira Gandhi’s election to overruling the court on Shah Bano, the Dynasty knows a lot about having “sanctity higher than that of the law”. Sorry, Mameluk Harish, if poor Ujjwal Nikam truly had achieved “sanctity higher than that of the law”, he would be awarding himself a Bharat Ratna today, not lining up with so many others to pick up a small Padma Shri…


21 thoughts on “Ajmal Kasab as a “victim”: the Queen’s court poet shows the sorry state of Indian liberalism

  1. Good post you stripped this guy!

    “public imagination“ “victims”……Aahaa…!..I think this guy has forgotten that we are in the Internet age and nobody is going to buy craap!


  2. You were telling me that this guy should have been given the “Presstitute of the Year” Award.Couldn’t understand why.But now I know why.


  3. Some time I shutter in thinking what would have happened if Kasab was not caught so ‘Red Handed’ and was not pictured with blazing gun in his hands? Twenty three years and College kids march in protest for hanging Yakub. But then again why CW thinks these Fibrals will wait for fifty years to blame 26-11 attacks on Wahabi Hindus? Didn’t Digvijay Singh present a book which exactly says that about 26-11 attack? And that was only what one year after the attack?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Same liberals argued that, in godhara train was fired from inside by “hindus” just before 2002 riots. It was not burnt from peaceful people from outside. They even came with the theory that, the mob can not throw petrol or kerosene at such a huge height of the coach. Nobody can beat indian liberals.Ajmal kasb is alreay a hero amogn them.
    Khare and his secular gang is lucky that , they can still write in favor of kasab and still refer them as “men” and not terrorists. If he would have been any other country, he might be in hell now.


  5. This guy should be caught and thrown in a jail for treason……”public imagination”!!! How did we let it get to this? There is frankly too much for one man to fix, even if he has three terms…it will need us to be united as a nation and have the pride and self-belief to throw out this liberal brigade


    1. If you think about it, the Mameluk ecosystem was created over decades. Before Indira G, the Dynasty did not even have a complete hold over the Congress. Indira threw all the non-Dynasty elements out one by one. Uprooting this tree will take a herculean effort.


  6. To term them liberals is to honour them with respectability of having civil different innocent ideology, where as they are leeches. Just as presstitutes convey the true meaning of sold out media, I think suckleechers will convey true meaning of the blood sucking vultures and worms spread throughout in politics, entertainment industries, cultural institutions etc.:-)…


  7. Look another nut!!

    QUOTE: Silicon Valley’s most celebrated venture capitalist and co-founder of Netscape browser publicly expressed his disappointment on Twitter and went on to say that the country would have been in much better economic shape had it been under the British rule. UNQUOTE


    F@#$ Y@#$%SELF — Marc Andreessen !


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