Why won’t the BJP listen to “us”?

This Sunday, internet Hindus including me were in shock when they found the following tweets and FB posts from the Ministry of WCD:


The face of this vile anti-Hindu bigot on the face of a Modi sarkar sponsored campaign sparked a revolt of sorts. I can hardly express in words how deeply offended I was to see this vile creature’s face sponsored by what I thought was “our” government. This is the majority BJP government we dreamed of all our lives. And Nandita Das as a face for it?

Shortly after, the tweets and FB posts disappeared (thankfully). But, after causing such deep offense to all its supporters, the BJP owed us a written clarification. To be fair, Varun did step in with an explanation:

First of all, it is truly lame for Varun Gandhi to give the explanation, that too from his personal Twitter account. Also, I am not impressed by the mentality behind Varun giving an explanation for “Mummy”… the Ministry is not their family fiefdom…professional courtesy demands that the clarification should have come from the Ministry’s official handle. But at least, I am glad they did respond and remove Nandita Das.

This is really the tip of the iceberg, perhaps more like the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is a rising sense of disquiet among the BJP’s online supporters demanding to know why the party wont listen to “us”. Sadly, I believe there are two simple explanations for this.

(1) I have made this first point several times before in comments: if you think of the political market, the BJP has a complete monopoly on the right wing space. It is an immutable law of nature that monopolies produce crappy products. The BJP knows that its right wing supporters have literally nowhere else to go. So, the party does only the barest minimum possible to not lose the right wing. In fact, the BJP is not pro-Hindu, the BJP is rather the only party that is not actively anti-Hindu.

Compare to the left wing, pro-Islamic political space. Extremely competitive. There’s Cong, SP, BSP, JDU, RJD, TMC…and so many jostling for space. There’s AAP in Delhi and Punjab eating up “secular votes”. It’s a Darwinian struggle for survival. It leads to “survival of the most secular”… this is why every pin prick faced by every peaceful echoes loud and clear in Delhi and across the country. If Congress does not serve them well, peacefuls will just take their votes elsewhere. Who cares when Hindus suffer? If the BJP does not raise their issues, who will the aggrieved Hindus vote for? For Mulayam? For Mamata? Lol!

The same also goes for the economic right wing. The BJP can get by with doing the barest minimum to promote business in the country. Because other political parties are so left wing that they see “businessman” as roughly equivalent to “rapist”. Before every election, we are familiar with this standard headline:

X number of candidates have criminal cases and Y number of candidates are crorepatis

Lol! Being rich is seen as disreputable, almost on the same level as being a criminal! This is what happens to public discourse after decades of drinking from the poisonous Nehruvian well.

It’s tough to say what can be done to disturb the comfortable monopoly of the BJP on the right win in Indian politics. We know two things for sure:

(a) Monopolies always produce crappy products: so as long as the BJP’s monopoly lasts, the Hindu and economic right wing in India will be feeble.

(b) If new right wing parties are created to try and break the BJP’s monopoly, seculars will merrily ride to power because of division of votes.

Are we screwed?

(2) The second reason the BJP doesn’t listen to “us” is that quite simply, “our” feedback isn’t integrated into the BJP’s system. A party as big as the BJP tends to have its own babalog and gather its own internal bureaucracy. This internal bureaucracy is drawn purely from RSS pracharaks. Now, I have repeatedly talked about how the RSS influence overrides personal ambitions within the BJP and gives it the ability to expand far and wide…which simply no other party has managed to do since independence. But the RSS structure simply hasn’t absorbed technology and social media. The BJP might be the clear leader online, but these are mostly random people doing things on their own time…like me. There is no real evidence that the online/media/SM teams of the party even have a place at the table where decisions are made. Ditto with party spokespersons. In fact, I honestly feel sorry for folks like Amit Malviya…

This is one place where one can learn from AAP. Almost everyone  knows who AAP’s IT guy is: Ankit Lal is part of their decisions. Ditto with AAP’s TV spokespersons like Assholetosh and Ashish Shaitan….they are all part of Kejriwal’s core team. Of course, this is easier for AAP because of its media based origins and simply for the fact that it’s a very small and new party. Back when the RSS built its structure, no one had imagined there would be Facebook or Twitter. Now they have to integrate these new sources of feedback into the large pre-existing structure.

Well, evolve or perish! The BJP has no family to keep it running. Because it does not survive by reproducing, it has to  survive by evolving.  Evolve or perish!

I’ll end with a small anecdote. Just like that. So, I am young enough to take pride in joining Twitter and Facebook…and laughing at “oldies” who don’t seem to see what the big deal is. But now Whatsapp is the rage and I simply don’t see the point of joining. My student years have been over for a while…maybe I have become set in my ways and I no longer understand what “young people” are doing on Whatsapp. I hear that teens have moved on to things like Instagram and Snapchat. All of them are beyond me…now think about an RSS pracharak high up in the BJP hierarchy, at least 60 years old…

But then, I am mortal. Ideology is not. Evolve or perish.



31 thoughts on “Why won’t the BJP listen to “us”?

  1. As mentioned elsewhere, I think there are too many forces within the party and the govt that just does not care about the people or NM or anyone else. They are in it for themselves no matter what NM or any other leader wants. It is this group that controls Delhi and its environs and they will not give away their perks and benefits easily. This babudom was legendary during British times and it has never really gone away. However, the BJP should build an environment at least within their party that can reach out to those who support them, get their feedback, understand their concerns etc. Why they don;t do it is not something I understand.

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    1. They need to move quickly…create new feedback systems and integrate them rapidly. This is one place where the American candidate based system helps: each candidate builds his/her own campaign without a larger party bureaucracy.


  2. Nice article – but me thinks the answer is Simpler. BJP are a bunch of mediocre bumbling morons who are wholly incompetent to rise to the expectations of the people that believed in them and reposed faith in them.


    1. Dear Rightwinger,
      I think you are missing the point of the article. I am trying to explain that monopolies always create mediocre/crappy products. The most famous example of this is the Trabant, a car made in Communist East Germany. They say you had to actually put the oil and then physically shake the car to mix it with the fuel. This is the kind of junk that Germans car makers produced when they were given a monopoly in East Germany. Were the East Germans incompetent? Hard to say. What it means is that monopolies create incompetence…100% of the time.

      Just take our lazy, ineffective and corrupt bureaucracy. Do you think that the kids who crack IAS exams are lazy or ineffective? Then how do they become lazy and ineffective as bureaucrats? Its because government itself is a monopoly..when you have lack of transparency, accountability and competition, you automatically get incompetence. In monopolies, even Germans cant figure out how to make good cars and kids who crack the IAS exam cannot get anything done…


      1. Hmmm.. Generalization is self defeating.

        Here is a link that lists some advantages of monopoly taking google as example..


        There are good monopolies and bad monopolies depending entirely on the underlying competence of the managers.

        Mediocrity always hurts and disasterous. A relatively competent evil does /would overwhelm the mediocre good !!!


      2. Not necessarily. We don’t know that Google is the “best” search can be. It’s just the best we have. You are forgetting Google’s miserable and multiple failures to create a social network. Orkut became a joke…and lesser said about Google plus the better.

        Google videos died too and they had to buy Youtube. And Facebook, which is the “best” social network, failed to create email.

        Google tried to create its own “Wikipedia” and invited people to create “knols” (units of knowledge) just like Wiki to create an encyclopedia…another embarrassing failure…

        Google is one of the smartest companies the world has had and they have failed at pretty much everything they tried except search and email. Just see how many google services they shut down because there were no takers…


      3. Chaiwala,

        There are good monopolies and bad monopolies. Bad monopolies are because of incompetence of resources running it and so too with good monopolies ; the resources are the differentiators and it is not such that they are incompetent because they are monopolies.

        Google could afford to experiment because of it being a monopoly by peoples choice and perceived optimality in its search which helped it make super normal profits which in turn afforded it to fund its experiments. There would have been some mediocrity in its efforts, design, marketing that some ( or many) of its ventures failed. But even now it is one of the most profitable and popular company in stock markets. It would have done ( or got) something right ( from a business perspective if not from ethical , moral perspective) to achieve that success and maintain it for years.

        Almost all the top billionaires in the world run near monopolies. Microsoft, walmart etc. I am not the least supporting /justifying monopolies- but then some monopolies do have their efficiencies. And it may be relative efficiency in some aspects that makes them successful and prosperous for those that run it.

        And their success is because they are ‘relatively’ better than whatever else is in offer ..or that( their products and services) is what the customers ( that made them monopoly) prefer.

        Take also the cases of pharmaceutical companies that enjoy monopoly because of their research and patents. Their products may not be optimum ( and may even be deliberately structured as such to make supernormal profits ), but yet it is wrong to call them 100% incompetent just because they are monopoly. They are in business and they make supernormal profits ( their goal and objective ) because of their efficiency in building a business model that meets their objective ( howsoever lopsided and exploitative it may appear to consumers).

        Even in politics and governance, there is example of Singapore ( single party rule for fifty years ). It is today the best example of smart city nation. It is the basic competence, character, integrity of people that makes the difference and not just being a mere monopoly state lacking competition or becoming complacent or having no incentive to innovate ( which too are facts but depends on what time window one is looking at and other variables like environment, catastrophic events, wars, demographic changes etc ).

        Singapore does have its limitations – but then as of today on some key parameters of life – per capita , standard of living , quality of life, use of technology , good governance it is a leader and is deemed as a very efficient country ( a few times and a few light years ahead of a what a multi party democracy like India could achieve or many smaller countries of comparative size could achieve ). And it is one single party rule ( or single family rule for major period ) in that country.

        So it is not right to generalize

        Finally , to each his or her own as per their own. It is indeed evolve ( and adapt ) or perish – be it monopoly or perfect competition !!! And even that ( to evolve correctly) is a function of individual ability ( competence) too ( amongst other factors liks environment) .

        I close it here.


    2. I think this is a vast exaggeration that is simply not supported by facts. There are several extremely competent ministers in the NDA government, such as Suresh Prabhu, Sushma Swaraj, Piyush Goel etc. We seem to take them for granted. When was the last time (if ever) that an Indian overseas felt that (s)he could ask our government for help — and actually GET IT? Does anyone even remember their predecessors? Can anyone name even a single minister in the UPA who was not 100% incompetent?

      Somehow people seem to like dumping on Rajnath Singh and Smriti Irani. But just think how many times terrorists trying to sneak into India (or have sneaked into India) have been neutralized, without causing major damage. Don’t say “Pathankot”. Killing all terrorists while losing just six of our own is a significant achievement. Yes, all lives are precious, but terrorists always have an advantage in such a situation. Don’t say “Ajit Doval” because he is the National Security Adviser, not the Home Minister. Most of the criticisms of Smriti Irani seem to be ill-motivated and caused by jealousy, because she is so young and a full cabinet minister, not a minister of state. I haven’t seen any criticism of her that would hold up to scrutiny.

      Maneka Gandhi is a disaster, like some (not all) of the NDA ministers. She has passed her “use by” date a long ago and should not have been taken into the cabinet in the first place. Let us hope that the Nandita Das fiasco will seal her fate.

      Let us be blunt. The single biggest source of our frustration with this government is that Modi is sticking to Jaitley despite the latter’s obvious unsuitability for any of the ministries that he is handling. We have been shouting ourselves hoarse about this, but Modi apparently does not want to listen. Allowing Jaitley to ru(i)n the economy may perhaps prove to be the undoing of Modi in 2019. If so he will have no one to blame but himself. But let us at least appreciate the good work being done by some ministers, instead of tarring all of them with the same brush.

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      1. ‘The single biggest source of our frustration with this government is that Modi is sticking to Jaitley despite the latter’s obvious unsuitability for any of the ministries that he is handling.’

        M. Vidyasagar you hit the nail on the head!!…”.any of the ministries”….TO BE STRESSED!

        The below said open letter by Dr Gaurav Pradhan tells a lot!

        My Open Letter to 

        Shri Narendra Modi
        Prime Minister Of India

        Mr Prime Minister Sir, I have confidence in you but can i say the same for Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, NO.

        Sir,  ‘Make in India’, ‘Start up India’ visions WILL NOT MATERIALIZED as long as there is a Minister of Corporate Affairs placing UNNESSARY obstacles in front of Indian Citizens. Permit me to state my reasons based on three facts. 

        I have been visiting India almost every months for business meetings, workshops and studying India’s Business Climate. India needs Actionable and Correct Big Data! For India to accelerate (and India can) India needs to dismantle the obstacles in front of over 14,000,000 young people that are coming into the work force annually for the next 10 years who must start and become part of new businesses. India’s PM needs 1-2-3-4 pieces of immediate Big Data facts to be on par with the USA. First the USA GDP is about $17 trillion. There are 29.6 million businesses in the US (According to SCORE) of which 14,000 are publicly listed companies. 

        These 14,000 have a market value of $18 trillion, larger than the USA’s GDP. The USA with a population of 321,368,864 million has the ratio of business to population of 10.85 to 1. The ratio of publicly listed companies to USA population is 22,954 to 1. India’s population is 1,251,695,584 billion. To be on par with the USA India needs 115,363,648 tax paying businesses ASAP where 54,530 of these businesses MUST be publicly listed for the reason of a/b=c. India published monthly Tax Rate should come DOWN as function of new business formation. India tax paying publicly listed companies are worth an anemic $1.494 trillion. India’s market value is less than Hong Kong’s $3.082 trillion market value. 

        Hong Kong’s population is just 7,141,106! How is this possible that India’s IIT’s and politicians have not studied the how and why of Hong Kong’s business model for the immediate benefits of India’s Citizens? The solution of Made in India, Start Up India starts and ends with the Minister of Finance…!!!! The Minister of Finance needs to get down on the ground where the reality is just ONE TIME. Disguise himself as an Indian Citizen and then start an Indian business to see the obstacles. 

         Business is War and MUST be recognized as such! Only ONE General is required to release the trigger. It takes one hour to dismantle the enemy of PETTY obstacles. If the Minister of Finance does not know that…if we want 99% of Indian Citizens to pay taxes then why the hell is the Government of Indian charging its Citizens for the Pan Card? I can get a USA Tax ID online in seconds free! If we want Indian Citizens to start 115,363,648 businesses then why does it takes 2 months on average just to get a name registration? This is 5,537,455,104 hours, 230,727,296 days, 316,933 months, and 26,411 years! I can get a name registered in the USA in one hour…! 

         Sir, your Finance Minister in last 18 months had not offered anything which can be called “Out-of-Box” Idea. Sorry to say, if he continue as FM…… forget start-up India, even “Make In India” will fall flat.


        Start-Up Indian Entrepreneurs

        The Body Language says everything written above


  3. Maneka Gandhi is an Ace in the sleeve of NDA against Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi. NDA uses her for ‘In your face’ statement against SG/RG. She is given a relatively minor department. On the other hand, I would like to give some slack to Arun Jaitley. Considering world’s economy in doldrums, Arun Jaitley has kept India’s economy fairly stable. Of course, Sushma, Swaraj, Piyush Goel, Suresh Prabhu, Smriti Irani etc. are no doubt outstanding and should be recognized for their contribution.
    It would be very interesting to know who, what, why, how about the selection of Nandita Das for this message.

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    1. Somehow I have never been impressed either by Maneka or her son. Maybe because I am prejudiced against the entire DNA of the Gandhis…. But I know for a fact Maneka has done big zero for Pilibhit that has been loyally electing her all these years. Another Amethi.


  4. I would like to present the other side of the coin. Putting aside some overwise acts of supporting Hindu hating actions of the present govt., I think any major push for sanitizing and altering echo system should be done with full preparations. Are we ready? There are still large number of people who are supporting the anti Indian politicians, journalists, film artists, cultural and educational institutions against their own self interest. Look at the support Hindu abusing Khans, various politicians like aptards, congis are still receiving. After 1000 slavery, a group of Hindus are traumatized to make independent judgment in their own best interest. The vultures breeded in last sixty years exactly know and have plan to destabilize and destroy any nationalist government tries to make corrections. In these circumstances, wisest way is to wait for Ram temple, article 370, JNU overhaul, bungalow redistribution etc., until servitile factors of group of peoples are addressed in about another six months.
    Anti national forces are capable to create Mohmed Morsi kind of situation, if BJP did not play its cards deftly first 24 months.

    Explain the behaviour of aptards, Congi followers, Khan hysteria, main stream media,
    Award wapsi crowd, uncle agitators against their own self interest before rushing with reforms without factoring consequenceses within 24 months will show present restrain justifiable. But we must pressure govt. to act when time is up.


    1. The ecosystem is very deeply entrenched beyond doubt. They are all screeching right now, which means they are hurting for sure. The discontent is about the speed at which they are hurting. Of course, RW is impatient after waiting so many decades. But to be fair, we are still a whole year away from even reaching half way mark of NaMo’s first term. I say first term, because I am reasonably confident there will be three.


  5. Beautiful para from swarjaya article!

    “We should not forget that India is the only home of Hindus in a world where there are several countries for Christians, Muslims or even Buddhists. Hindus have nowhere to go if they cannot protect their interests even in India. The world would be a poorer place if Hindus feel marginalised even in India. The experience after 1947 shows that India is the final refuge for Hindus persecuted in our neighbourhood. So we cannot be apologetic about defending Hindu interests in India.”

    Excellent comment from one of the reader ,which address all points of Hindus!
    SirG • 12 hours ago
    This is the last chance Hindus have to avert disaster and catastrophic consequences at the hands of leftists, marxists, maoists, secularists, evangelists, islamists, traitorous media and miscellaneous anti-nationals.
    If the BJP, particularly Modi, does not understand how crucial it is to consolidate the support-base which brought them to power in 2014, our civilization is doomed.
    If the Italian rides back to power in 2019, it is simply game over for Hindus and our civilization. Like hyenas, all the aforementioned elements will start to pick apart the entrails of our civilization, and nothing will be able to stop them.
    I wonder what Modi and team are thinking. Who is advising him? Is Modi so stupid that he is not seeing the writing on the wall? Why has he gone into a cocoon?
    Just yesterday, there was the extremely depressing news of Nandita Das being appointed one of the brand ambassadors of this government. What a let down for those of us who stood by Modi.
    Why don’t Modi and team understand that this is leading to so much frustration among his most ardent supporters? We are not asking Modi to become anti-muslim or anti-christian. We want Modi to simply protect Hindu interests. Is that asking for too much?
    We want a solution to the draconian 93rd amendment.
    We want ownership of Hindu temples to be restored to the Hindus.
    We want a counter-narrative to be built to the carefully constructed perfidious marxist history we are taught in schools and colleges. Start sowing the seeds now. The trees will come later. Why have you abandoned such a crucial aspect of battle strategy? See how the congress has placed its foot soldiers in crucial positions and how they drive the narrative in this country.
    We want the anti-national media to be brought to book (we are not asking for censorship, but we are appalled that this government doesn’t so much as bother to refute them properly).
    You have complete control of Doordarshan. Are you so clueless that you do not wish to use it to your advantage?
    We want this country to be freed from the clutches of the Lutyens elite of Delhi.
    We want you to go after the fake Gandhis and deliver the “jhatka” which will finish them off politically and establish Congress-Mukt-Bharat.
    We want you to identify Trojan horses in your own party who are sympathetic to the wily Italian and her chums and get rid of them.
    We want this government to take up with the government of the United States the issue of massive conversion money flowing into India.
    If you think you will be able to pull this off in the final year of your government, think again.
    You can do all of the above without compromising your development agenda. Name one thing in the above which is anti-muslim or anti-christian.
    Why are you letting us down? Why are you not even listening to the rumblings of frustration and disgust that has crept into the ranks of your supporters?
    Why haven’t you learnt from the Vajpayee era that playing statesman got him nothing? Why don’t you understand that Sonia Gandhi gives no quarter?
    Why are you doing this? Why are you playing this dangerous game of slighting your own people? Why are you letting us down?
    What a depressing state of affairs. How truly sad. I feel for our country and our Hindu civilization. You are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. How unfortunate that we are alive to witness this.


  6. I think there are two bitter facts which we have to accept.
    (1) BJP has old habit of repairing whole economy and then give it on platter to congress. They did in 2004. They did not learn any lessons. They are ready for 2019 as well.

    (2) But we Indians also have habit of “scrutinizing” BJP government for each and every thing. It seems that, we want each and every thing from BJP without giving them time. We do not expect congress to do anything based on their past records, but at the same time, we want that BJP should do much much better than congress.

    By combining these two factors congis with help of traitors can easily get anything they want. even though they have 44 seats, because it has created ecosystem as we know. May be one modi is not enough. BJP’s condition is like a lame duck. who has power but still behaves like a novice. Ultimately hindus are pissed off. Its our bad luck that, after 100 years of injustice we still do not have any hopes even from BJP.
    As you said, chaiwala, BJP is really taking hindus granted because hindus do not have any other alternative and also now BJP has monopoly.For small small issues they are not even bothered about sentiments of hindus, forget about pride of hindus.
    I am still hopeful about Modi. May be he has only development as vision now. Once India becomes developed, he may concentrate on other issues.The question is, whether he will be able to do it later, because for that BJP has to be in power.


    1. Yes, it’s true that Bhajpaiyyas do scrutinize their “own” government carefully. This is fundamentally a good thing, but I do agree with you that we are currently overdoing it. I think BJP needs to forget about the ghost of 2004…it is something that can never happen again. Back then Congress was much stronger…remember that it was Andhra Pradesh that gave the UPA its two successive victories. Today in the same Seemandhra and Telangana, Congress sometimes comes 4th, sometimes 5th….Congress has become very very weak… In states like Andhra, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana which they swept in 2004 (total 59 seats of which they won almost 45), they are struggling to stay even in 3rd or 4th place…


  7. On the lighter side!

    NaMo2019 ‏@Shivgad Feb 7
    Big problem for some of us #Bhakts is that PM @narendramodi is not following the precise script we had laid out. He’s not our puppet.


  8. I simply don’t understand the strategy..

    1) Before 2014 – Modi said Darna Padega – 56″ chest et al.
    2016 – Assam rally he whines “Mom and son with 44 seats are blocking Parliament.”

    2) Instead of Sonia and Rahul coming and begging at the feet of Modi, it is Modi who is begging them to allow the parliament to work. Absolute Non-sense…

    3) We expected this govt. to rein in Media and make them run for covers..instead we see NDTV is awarded 3 things..
    a) Govt. Ads
    b) Exclusive Interviews by the FM Arun Jai Italy
    c) Name sake Notices from ED

    4) There are atleast 10-12 ministries which are absolutely pathetic (except Railways, Infra, Power, MEA) and really out of sync with the reality..Finance Ministry is the frontrunner..

    5) Before 2014 – Media mgmt. MSM and SM..narrative was set and driven by BJP
    2016 – Disaster..always reactive and fire fighting strategy..Nandita and WCD is latest.

    Almost 2 years to complete and are we going to witness another India Shining 2.0 with a statesman like Modi..Let’s see..


  9. Don’t you see the recurring theme in your comment? It is JAITLEY, JAITLEY, JAITLEY! Who helped Rajdeep Sardesai launch his book, even though he made no secret of his hatred for Modi? It is JAITLEY. Who is failing to use government advertisements as a level to force antagonistic media to toe the line? It is JAITLEY! Who is giving one exclusive interview after another to NDTV? It is JAITLEY! Who is giving an “abhaya hastam” from Enforcement Directorate investigations to all criminals, be it NDTV, or P. Chidambaram, or his son? It is JAITLEY! Who released poorly drafted OROP regulations? It is JAITLEY! Who is withdrawing customs exemptions for life-saving cancer drugs? It is JAITLEY!

    You say that there are 10-12 pathetic ministries. Please name another besides Finance. Other pathetic ministries are minnows in comparison.

    It appears that Modi has swallowed whole Jaitley’s advice to be nice to the opposition and try to become a statesman. Modi will pay the price, not just in 2019, but in all assembly elections between now and then. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.


    1. One of these days I have to write a detailed post analyzing Jaitley’s role. I have very mixed feelings about him, but I think that sometimes we RWs tend to go overboard in blaming him.


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