ONE LAKH hits!

Look at that… the counter shows 101,173 hits, which means that we crossed one lakh hits a couple of days ago…


ONE Lakh…thats like a small Modi rally πŸ™‚

It is almost strange how I have become emotionally dependent on this blog myself. When I started in June last year, I wondered whether I could keep it going for a whole month. By January, blogging had become so much a part of my life that I realized that January was the first month in which I blogged on EVERY single day!

That’s why I forced myself to take a break from posting on Feb 1 and spent the excess time on my couch, binge watching episodes of Crime Patrol πŸ™‚

There have been times when I have felt downcast at work and this blog has lifted me up. Just knowing that there are all these people out there who take time out of their own lives to read what I have to say…or that they even look forward to what I have to say, is beyond precious. I don’t know any of you folks personally, sometimes I wonder about who you folks are…where you live and what you do in your daily lives. But that’s not important..what matters is that we all care deeply about the scourge of the Dynasty on our beloved motherland.

So, well thank you for all those hits. And especially thank you for comments! Please keep the conversation going. I love to find out what you folks think… I am delighted when my commenters start talking to each other… we need more conversations. So, please comment if you agree…please comment if you disagree!

And just in case there is an AAPtard or a Congi who chances upon this blog, I’d simply love to hear you too… Don’t worry, we won’t be mean to you, we’ll just make you feel like a fool πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

And lastly, I have to keep asking you folks for a favor. If you enjoy this blog, please help spread the word with your social media accounts, your twitter, your Facebook!



17 thoughts on “ONE LAKH hits!

  1. Thanks. Heard about this one on Twitter but couldnt get much precise info. Will be talking about it as well in an article tomorrow about how Hindus fail to play the victim…and appreciating Anupam Kher for finally changing that game a little!



    Well what can I say,but a big thank you and a big hat tip to CW for the continuous flow of posts.

    For making the posts hilarious and witty of those drab subjects.

    For taking up wide variety of topics and carrying out intense research for every post.

    For all the encouragement given to your readers.


  3. Well done,you earned each of those hits.Really enjoy reading your posts.If you keep going for a couple of years,who knows?You might become BJP National Secretary πŸ˜‰


  4. Congratulations. I am a regular reader. I agree with the term dynastycrooks but cant share your posts because you combine the religion with radicals who try to take advantage of that. Abuse the crooks as much as you can but suggest dont brush the religions.
    On a different note…when you say who are you where do you stay etc…i think people should start get-together to make it more organised.


    1. Hi Giridhar,
      Personally I believe that the radicals are the ones interpreting Islam correctly. There is only one interpretation of Islam and that is the Prophet’s interpretation. And looking at his life, it is very clear what he endorsed. The reason the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful is not because of Islam, but because the vast majority of people are always good people. But this is just my opinion. Please keep reading and commenting. Means a lot to me…


      1. I agree that majority of people are good and it is radicals that are trouble makers. You see majority of people dont strictly follow their respective religion but local culture. But when they are criticised on face they try to defend and start getting attached to it. That is what happened or happening with hindus in India. I see that with Christians in Ireland.


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