Dear Muslims, please behave yourselves when in Tunku Varadarajan’s country!

There are very few articles that I have read in recent times that have made me laugh out as loud as Tunku Varadarajan’s article in the Indian Express about “Europe’s cultural nightmare” with Muslims :

Here is Tunku’s prescription for peacefuls coming to Europe:

With that in mind, I offer a “Manifesto for Middle-Eastern Migrants in Europe”: You may enter Europe, provided you commit to the following:

(1) Remember you’re no longer in Syria/Iraq/Unfreedonia.

(2) Remember that women are equal citizens.

(3) Learn the local language.

(4) Do not agitate for cultural, legal, and educational exceptions for yourself.

(5) Abandon jihad.

(6) Pledge loyalty to your new country.

Ouch! Referring to peaceful lands as “Unfreedonia”? Asking them to “abandon jihad” and pledge loyalty to the new country, treat women well and not whine about “cultural and legal exceptions”?

What did Tunku have for breakfast? What happened to all the liberalism, all the worries about Islamophobia, about negative perception of peacefuls? What happened to not stereotyping entire cultures?

All that liberalism vamoosed… read this:

They’re unassimilable not only because resources are scarce and migrants too numerous to be dispersed among the native people of relatively small countries, but also because the migrants’ culture resists assimilation into Europe. …I’d rather the migrants were asked to give up most of their values, not their valuables.

Ouch! Asking the peaceful migrants to give up their values…telling them that their culture resists assimilation. Tunku babu, which shakha of communal RSS have you joined?

Let us find out why Tunku babu is so angry. He explains himself:

The mass groping of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, by men of North African and Middle Eastern origin, has offered the most lurid and distasteful example to date of the culture clash …. In a city (Paris) that saw murderous Islamist terrorism last year, it would be culturally untenable to bow to the Islamist chauvinism

Seems like peaceful activities in Paris and Cologne have pushed Tunku babu to drown his liberalism in the Atlantic Ocean.

But see, it was merely a few months ago when the same Tunku Varadarajan was writing this:

the thoughts of a man who can’t quite bring himself to believe that Muslims can be proper Indians. This isn’t exactly the formal view of his party, the BJP, but it is certainly the view of the RSS and the VHP, which are the ruling party’s suppliers of ideological fuel.


Hain? What’s going on here? Seems like Tunku is bashing the communal RSS and VHP for allegedly refusing to believe that Muslims can be proper Indians. And there’s the same Tunku talking like Muslims can’t be proper Europeans? How about the RSS and VHP prepare a “six point manifesto” to hand to every Muslim in India? What’s cooking? Can RSS and VHP argue that Muslims need to give up their “cultural values” if they want to be truly a part of India? Can RSS and VHP argue that Muslims need to stop seeking “cultural, legal and educational exceptions” for themselves within Indian society?

I’ll tell you what’s cooking. It’s simple, really. See, when peacefuls struck in Paris and Cologne, Tunku Varadarajan was super pissed off. You see, Tunku or his own family could have been in Paris or celebrating the New Year in some German city. So, Paris was personal. So was Cologne. Paris and Cologne are like home to him, Malda is not.

How many peacefuls could there have been in Cologne? 1000? 2000? In Malda’s Kaliachak, there were close to 1 lakh who burned down the town and a police station. Ditto in Purnea a few days later. In Muzaffarnagar, there were more than a lakh people demanding death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari. Those menacing crowds never made Tunku Varadarajan give a damn about the dangers of Muslim “cultural values”.  Because Tunku Varadarajan does not live in Malda. No one he knows or cares about lives in Malda. He doesn’t give a flying f**k if Malda or Muzaffarnagar is wiped out by Muslims. He doesn’t give a flying f**k if Barpeta in distant Assam is overrun by Muslims. He doesn’t care. Why should he? His friends live in Paris and Cologne. India is just a colony from where the elite extract wealth..

Did the British give a flying f**k about the Deccan famine of 1870s that wiped out 5.5 million people? Did the British give a crap about the Bengal famine of 1943 that killed 4 million people? In fact, with the famine at its peak, Winston Churchill ordered all ships of food to be sent to feed Greeks! Churchill cared about Greeks…he didn’t care about some colonial subjects in India. In fact, Churchill even forbade Americans from sending food aid to India in American ships…he argued that all resources would be better used to feed the higher races in Europe.

For the Indian elite, that’s what India is: an extraction colony. It is to be plundered, looted, stripped of every possible resource to cater to their own luxuries. They don’t give a damn if Indians perish… Why would Tunku Varadarajan care?

In fact, Tunku Varadarajan has been angry with Muslims before: that was in 2009. Guess why?

Guess what would make Tunku Varadarajan angry enough to suggest that Muslims should be profiled separately at airports?

Must we continue to be neutral in handling all people from different groups even though we know that there are differential risks posed by people of one group?


Yeah…you heard that right…don’t  be “neutral”. Accept that one group is specially evil and screw them! What made Tunku babu so angry? Here’s the beginning of his article:

As the enormity of the actions of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan sinks in, we must ask whether we are confronting a new phenomenon of violent rage, one we might dub–disconcertingly–”Going Muslim.” This phrase would describe the turn of events where a seemingly integrated Muslim-American–a friendly donut vendor in New York, say, or an officer in the U.S. Army at Fort Hooddiscards his apparent integration into American society and elects to vindicate his religion in an act of messianic violence against his fellow Americans.


Because a Muslim killed Americans. Those are people Tunku Varadarajan cares about. If only Nidal Malik Hasan had killed 1000 Hindus in India instead, Shri Varadarajan could have written an article bashing RSS and VHP for not being tolerant enough…

So, dear peacefuls, behave yourselves when on Tunku’s turf. Behave yourselves when you are in America, in France or in Germany. There’s like a billion subhumans living in India…do whatever you want with those…


14 thoughts on “Dear Muslims, please behave yourselves when in Tunku Varadarajan’s country!

    1. As far as I know both the Varadarajans (Sid and Tunku) are American citizens. And they give us lectures about how to stay tolerant. But they fly off the handle when faced with angry Muslims in their own land…

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  1. I am so surprised that if Tunku is a citizen of a foreign country, he considers Indian culture (his Motherland’s culture) and Indians as so inferior. I know people who have settled in a foreign country start to appreciate our culture and our way of life lot more now than when they had not left India. It is said you truely appreciate person and place only when they go away. It seems reverse is the case with Tunku. Pity.

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    1. Not the Tunku types. These are foreigners at heart from the day they were born. During British rule, many famous British figures were born in India, like Rudyard Kipling. But they knew from Day 1 that they were British, not Indians. Tunku is like them. Ravinar calls these people “foreigners dressed as Indians”.


  2. It’s quite obvious isn’t it why Tunku feels this way? After the recent Paris, Cologne attacks, there has been a severe backlash in those societies against immigrants in general. Tunku is letting his adopted country know that even though he’s a brown immigrant himself, he should not be lumped in the same category as these other “peaceful” brown immigrants. Letting his paymasters know he’s completely integrated into their society.

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  3. Separating Tunku’s hate for Hindus, his manifesto for peacefuls is fair. Why should not peacefuls remember that India is freedonia?

    Remember that women are equal citizens.

    Learn the local language.

    Do not agitate for cultural, legal, and educational exceptions for yourself.

    Abandon jihad.

    Pledge loyalty to your country.”

    As regards, his hate of Hindus, lump him with other presstitutes and take away their privileges and and let them suffer the traitors’ fate because you cannot hate vast majority of people and could be patriot anywhere in the world.

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