Just Jallikattu? Liberal push for Lebensraum will ban Hindu marriages and funerals!

In the last few posts, I have been pointing out how it is all beginning to look like a struggle for Hindu existence. Every time a Hindu festival comes around, the liberal ecosystem begins its collective whine like clockwork: trashing Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Karvachauth, Rakhi…and whatever else they can find. This was aptly captured in this now viral tweet from @AdarshLiberal :

Now we all had fun with this and I daresay even a handful of liberals did laugh. But it’s really no laughing matter. The brainwashing against Hindu festivals has seeped into popular discourse, bashing Diwali and Holi are now practically a part of the school curriculum. More recently, the Hindu right wing space has been left aghast by a Supreme Court order to crush Jallikattu. The reasoning of the Honorable Court was the following:

What is the necessity of such festivals… like Jallikattu?


Let me just say I have the greatest possible respect for such thinking. What is the need for Jallikattu, for Diwali, for Holi, for chocolate, for ice-cream? The only things we really need in life are two servings of beef per day, Aamir Khan movies, Sahitya Akademi poetry and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. In fact, I want to ask  what is the need for Hindus to exist at all? Oops…sorry, I can think of at least one reason for Hindus to exist: without Hindus, who will buy tickets to make Aamir Khan’s movie earn  over 700 crores?

But today’s post is not about Jallikattu. It is about reminding people that it is a much more serious struggle for Hindu existence itself. They go after Diwali on the issue of pollution. They go after Holi on the issue of water conservation. They go after Rakshabandhan on the issue of patriarchy. The propaganda has seeped into our culture, into our discourse, into our schools, everywhere. But, the topic of this post is to explain that it won’t stop there. Liberals will want more…and more…till there is no Hindu left:

Try this:

Researchers have long suspected that the rituals of religious devotion in India, Nepal and South Asia, may be a factor in the level of brown carbon and soot which pollutes the air in the region, but until now little work has been done to quantify the size of the problem.”


Look what Hindus are doing to the planet:

Between 2011 and 2012, the researchers measured emissions from marriage ceremonies, funeral cremations, incense sticks in temples and graveyards, and found mango bark, cow dung, camphor, leaves, vermillion, and cow urine being burned. They identified fourteen “deadly” volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde, benzene, styrene and butadiene, they told Nature magazine.”

And there is even more:

There are three million religious places of worship in India alone and over 10 million marriages take place every year in this country according to the 2011 census. When these results were multiplied to fit these scales, the quantum of emissions was just baffling,” said researcher Shamsh Pervez.

Ha! You thought liberals would stop at Holi and Diwali? Long ago, liberals started working on an agenda to demonize Hindu marriages and funerals. It is merely a matter of time before the propaganda goes deeper and you start seeing tweets from Saggy Aunty, Agent Ayyub and others attacking Hindus for their marriages and funerals. Did you just share a happy picture of a friend’s marriage on Facebook? Get ready to be shamed for taking part in a barbaric ritual yagya that is destroying the planet. Did you just write something expressing your grief about the death of a friend or relative? Get ready for liberals to poke you in the eye demanding that you should stop polluting the planet with a cremation. Are you an average middle class person, who wants to do good, who has accepted the relentless propaganda at your child’s school against Diwali? So, you decide to give up fireworks and crackers to have a “green Diwali”. All you do is light diyas on your doorstep…Ha! Liberals will come after your diyas too. Oh…and do you know how many poisonous chemicals are there in your rangoli? Forget Diyas and rangoli, do you know that your agarbattis are destroying humanity? Stop lighting them every night.

By the way, did you notice the great genius called Mr. Shamsh Pervez who came up with this study? I am sure you would enjoy more of his wisdom:


You filthy Hindus! Look what you did! Thousands of people are dead in Uttarakhand floods because of your agarbattis. Here are Shri Shamsh Pervez’s credentials, taken from his twitter timeline (https://twitter.com/shamshpervez) :

Professor of chemistry, with research field in air pollution monitoring and assessment. Fulbright Fellow in Environmental leadership program

He is an “environmental leader” identified by Fulbright! Here is some more from the eminent Environmental leader:


For friends who might not speak Hindi, it is my honor to translate his tweet thus: “What Owaisi says is totally right. Until killers of Rajiv Gandhi and of 2002 Gujarat are hanged, Yakub should not be given death penalty“.  A devout peaceful like Yakub Memon cannot even hurt a fly. Such is their love of peace that they like to be buried in an environment friendly manner, unlike nasty Hindus who like to say one final “Fuck you” to the planet by asking for their bodies to be burned up.


Yet another scientific conclusion from this distinguished Environmental Leader…

This is not about Shamsh Pervez. This is about struggle for Hindu existence. They don’t stop at shaming Hindus for wasting water on Holi. Now they are shaming us for having too much carbon in our bodies which gets released into the atmosphere by cremation. Indeed, just imagine how much food Hindus consume, imagine all the oxygen we breathe and all the CO2 that is exhaled by a billion Hindus. Can you imagine all the resources of the planet that would be freed up if Hindus simply did not exist?

Lebensraum” is a German word, simply meaning “Living space”. But this is the word that the Nazis used to justify their push to wipe out the Jews, the Gypsies, the Slavs and all other “inferior races” so that the “master race” would have “living space”. A few years ago, I had a chance to be in Krakow in Poland and I went to see (and perhaps, pay tribute to the innocent dead) at the most infamous Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau. Walking around in the Nazi factory of death, standing inside the gas chambers where millions of innocent human beings were suffocated to their deaths, one reflects on this now dreaded word “Lebensraum“. And when we hear that  the world would be a better place without Hindus polluting it by burning up the carbon inside their bodies, one cannot but wonder: are liberals pushing for Lebensraum? Are liberals beginning to talk about a planet without us Hindus? A “Final Solution” to our existence, maybe? What do they really want and where does it end?



22 thoughts on “Just Jallikattu? Liberal push for Lebensraum will ban Hindu marriages and funerals!

  1. Excellent post on these Adarsh Liberals!!

    Adarsh Liberals are fools living in fools paradise ,nobody cares for them now. Let them shout from roof tops!! Now a days these Adarsh Liberals are the butt of jokes, all kind of jokes.


  2. Hindus are already irrelevant and most of them are christianized/ westernized. The true hindu following hindu way of life as per hindu traditions, scriptures does not exist. We have adopted english language, western way of dressing , nuclear families , western way of worship , rituals , western reasoning, western inventions , western products , western way of interactions , western political system , western style of admin/governance – so it is just a matter of time ( 2030 or latest by 2050 AD ) before hindus become equivalent of parsis !!!!

    What you have written are but milestones we are reaching in our ( hindus ) journey to self extinction and inconsequentiality !!!

    I had pretty much anticipated increasing chaos and degradation – so never did usher a child of my own into this world.


    1. Dear Narendra Kumar You want Hindus to come up with forceful arguments. Do you mean to say the western countries has not polluted the earth till date and Hindu religious rituals only create pollution. Tell me if all the products and services consumed by the entire population Of all religions do not create pollution. If so lets identify the big ones and fix it first. We don’t need external enemies. We have enough internal ones who can do this. People who engaged Kapil Sibal Abhishek Singhvi need to checked who gave the funds for the same and how appex court accepted the petition when even high courts would reject the same as due process was not followed. I am referring to the Diwali petition


  3. What is the need for this post! Why the bull shit was needed to be compiled from the twitter of a and is re-tweeted here. Rightwinger says Hindus are already extinct! Let us ponder over better and useful issues instead of picking the rags from twitterati and blow it and add imagination and invite saggy and ayyub to take it further. Hinduism and its way of life is not that simple for these pigmys to extinguish it. Chaiwallah can be reassured and has to be enlivened.


  4. CW thanks for the post. Leaves a lot to contemplate. I wish to take the discussion a little further. Why is it that it is Hindus, their traditions and scriptures that are being denigrated, and who is actually responsible for this sordid state. Most often than not, it is not the Abrahamics who are the real threat, it is a section amongst us Hindus, who are contriving and conspiring day in and day out to ridicule and demean our own ethos. I haven’t seen a single petition by Muslims against archaic and inhuman practices of Polygamy, Burqua and the like, but I find Hindus challenging Hindu festivals and traditions. Jallikattu was one, Sabrimala temple issue is another. Who is responsible for this? We ourselves. Not a single Muslim voice is raised against Burqua, but Hindu purdah is branded regressive. Right since 1947, Muslims stood in support of their religious ethos, while we Hindus discarded our scriptures and traditions in the name of modernity and rationalism. And the result is while personal matters of Hindus were codified under different laws, the Parliamentarians could not dare touch upon the issue of codifying Muslim personal laws. Thus, till now, even after 68 years, we have not been able to bring about a Uniform Civil Code. Day in, day out, some self acclaimed, self righteous rationalist brands Hinduism as regressive and archaic, and a whole battery of supporters stand with him in this desecration. And the courts find themselves to be the compendiums of Vedic knowledge that they pass strictures against Hindu ethos, never ever questioning other communities. So, while Jallikattu is banned for cruelty to animals, Animal slaughter is allowed – no cruelty in this beastly act. And courts in their wisdom make immensely high sounding, self acclaimed proclamations like, doctrine of necessity? I wonder what is this necessity? But the essence of all discussion is that if we have to address this continual, relentless diatribe against the Hindu culture and ethos, we must learn to assert ourselves, with equal aggression and fierceness as the antagonists. And the attack needs to be in unison. And for this a concerted action by representative social bodies is required. But unfortunately, no one is apparently taking up the cause in right earnest.


    1. Personally, I think Hindus have to fight on two fronts:

      (1) To mold public discourse and to vote strategically demanding that the autonomy of private Hindu institutions like temples, schools, etc is respected. There is nothing undemocratic about demanding autonomy for privately run religious institutions.

      (2) We must always be on the lookout for addressing regressive customs ourselves, before Adarshliberals pounce upon them and defame our community. On Sabarimala, we Hindus have dropped the ball big time. We should have reformed in time to remove gender discrimination in a temple. And now when we come out and try to make the case for temple autonomy (which I support), we are sure to lose the perception battle. It is a hopeless case. People will accuse us of trying to defend discrimination. Liberals know that. That is why they are laughing at us.

      These two must go hand in hand. We have a difficult battle. We have to make our defenses impeccable. Liberals control the discourse. They are in a position to take advantage of the smallest chink in our armor.


  5. I think you don’t know the tradition of sabarimala. Lord Ayyappa is a Brahmachari. and women can’t enter that temple (bottomline). You are saying it should be removed because of the constitution that is written in 1947. You get admitted in an institution you follow its rules. simple. There are hundreds of ayyappa temple in Kerala where women can worship. No women in kerala want to go to sabarimala out of devotion, (they’ scared). It is hardcore commies who have never entered a temple backing for sabarimala entry. More than 1 crore people visit sabarimala per year , temple is open only for < 100 days/year. There has been many conspiracies by Christians to destroy its glory.


    1. Yaar…I understand. But perception is everything. This really is a struggle for Hindu existence and our enemies will use every possible weapon to defame us. And it’s just reality that we cannot win a perception battle if we say that women cannot enter a certain temple.

      Yes, I must admit that I don’t know much about Sabarimala temple itself. But I think I have some idea of Brahmacharya. I don’t think Lord Ayyappa would want women to be removed from his temple: Lord Ayyappa would be able to see in a woman the same light that is in every jeeva in the universe. That’s what makes him Lord Ayyappa, if you or I wanted to practise Brahmacharya, we would need to stay away from looking at women.


      1. There is NO restrictions of religion or caste at Sabarimala. However since the deity Ayyappa was a confirmed bachelor, only women after menopause can visit the temple.

        There are NIL barriers, even white Christian foreigners go there ( unlike Guruvayur ) . All wear the same black mundu. All are equal . The upper castes do not have a chip on their shoulder.





  6. The fact is every light bulb leaves an environmental footprint. Recently, some environmental activist came up with some very unpleasant calculation about how tremendously big environmental footprint the lighting is leaving behind during the month of December when the Christmas lighting lasts almost entire month.

    Almost every city in the world is running out of space for the burial of human bodies.

    Forest fires which burns for months spew more Global warming gases than the entire world’s cars are spewing in an entire year.

    It is said that one of the major contributor of the Global warming gas (Methane) is the beef cow population. Every burp of the cow is very rich in Methane gas. The food fermentation in cow’s stomach makes it burp almost every couple of minutes. It is said that the world’s most polluting industry, causing the biggest environmental footprint is animal husbandry.


    1. This might sound like a strange thing to say, but my personal favorite among all Hindu traditions is the Hindu “sanskara” for the dead. In our Hindu tradition of cremation, I see a clear point where our Hindu way is unique and distinct from Abrahamic religions.

      See, creating a grave and then marking the spot with a stone and an inscription is really about creating a memorial for the dead. It seems like a desperate way to hold on to the physical body of the departed person.

      I love our Hindu tradition that accepts that the person is gone and now there is nothing left to do but return the body back to the five elements it came from. We cannot be attached to the body. The fire consumes the body and the ashes are immersed in the holy Ganga… a Hindu comes from the five elements and goes back into the five elements. No physical trace is left behind. There is nothing to mark the spot where the cremation or the immersion of ashes takes place… the circle of life continues.

      For example, I have seen Christians purchase burial plots (and it’s NOT cheap). They actually check out the spot they want to be buried in! So much attachment to the body, even when they know they will be dead 🙂 The Gita teaches us to treat the body as a set of clothes. We wouldn’t create a special closet to store our worn out clothes. Nothing expresses this uniquely Hindu idea of body as a set of clothes as the tradition of cremation.


      1. CW so true!….copy pasting from some other blog.

        Cremation of a person’s dead body is supposed to rid the departed soul of any attachments to the body it previously resided in.  Hindus believe that proper open air cremation releases an individual’s spiritual essence from its transitory physical body so it can be reborn.  If it is not done or not done properly, it is thought, the soul will be disturbed and not find its way to its proper place in the afterlife.

        The shedding of old clothes, the underlying message –can be gleaned from a 7000 year old Vedic Sanskrit verse:

        “Dhanãni bhumau pashavashcha goshthe,
        Nãri gruhadware sakhã smashãne,
        Dehashchitãyãm paraloka mãrge,
        Dharmãnugo gachhati jiva ekaha.”

        “Wealth will remain buried, cattle will remain in the pen, (his) wife will accompany (him) to the doorway, friends will accompany him to the crematorium, the body will come till the funeral pyre, but on the path to the next world, the jiva goes alone (with his karmas).”


  7. Sanatana Dharma is the oldest religion on this planet.

    Sanatana Dharma has survived for the last 30,000 years.

    Sanatana Dharma  has survived during mogul rule in spite of atrocities,destruction of temples etc.

    Sanatana Dharma has survived during the British rule in spite of the fact that The white invader made the Hindu self loathing by injecting immoral poison into our Vedas / Upanishads .  They took away the originals of our scriptures .

    During these 1000 year periods there were people who used to ape the invaders,also do as per their bidding so that they get all the benefits from the invaders.

    Even now in this period Sanatana Dharma  is going on strong, even with the onslaught of liberals,conversions by Christians,atrocities by Muslims!There are people who ape west and consider what the west is doing is the best!

    When you are constantly comparing yourself to the Joneses, you’ll suffer unintended consequences.

    An India without Hindu dharma would not be India at all.  Hindu dharma has shored up the timeless spirit of India.

    Why has Hinduism survived after 1000 years of onslaught by foreign invaders ?

    What is the magic in Hinduism, that endless poison injections into our scriptures by jealous foreigners and their stooges in India could NOT kill this great religion or way of life ?

    Sanatana Dharma makes even the most insignificant person feel that he is NOT a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is a drop within him.

    Sanatana Dharma steeped in spirituality gave abundant HOPE . 

    Sanatana Dharma is the eternal fountainhead of Hope . Hope can feel the intangible and keeps your heart stout –so that it wont despair. 

    Sanatana Dharma will servive forever what may come!!


    1. It ( continual existence) depends on what one believes /considers sanatan dharma to be ??
      if one keep on diluting the traditions and cultures associated with the sanatana dharma of past and keep on broadening its definitions to include more and more into its ambit – Ofcourse sanatana dharma will continue to exist.
      one can always say —
      1. Muslims too are but a branch of sanatana dharma worshipping ‘formless akahara brahman’ with Arabic language as base.
      2. Christians too are a sect within Sanatana Dharma organized as various churches idol worshipping mary , jesus and some saints of that cult in a different language. There is a book that claims ‘Jesus lived in India’ by a german : and supposedly groomed by hindu rishis and buddhist monks
      3. So long as there are temples for some deities ( considered as hindu deities ) followers throng such temples ( irrespective of faith, understanding, cleanliness of body , gender – including menstruating women – the santum sanctorum be damned !!! ) – sanatan dharma is alive
      4. Hinduism is alive and thriving basis caste based reservations ( competence , reason, rational, objectivity be damned !!!! )
      5. Hinduism is alive and thriving irrespective of the calendar we follow, the language we adopt ( local languages be damned), the dress we wear, the belief systems we adopt ( and what we forsake !!) , the standards we adopt for society and interactions and so on…….. We have lost much of our knowledge and skills around metallurgy, engineering, medicine, astrology, spirituality , simplicity, traditional mechanical skills , family values.. And even as hinduism gets diluted in its core , it is busily assimilating a potpourri of convenient modern day beliefs and conventions in a lopsided way creating a hotch potch group which is still considered as ‘Hindu’ …
      So of course sanatan dharma will exist in some form or the other ( fungible ) irrespective of and independent of what it was envisaged and followed ( in letter and spirit across many kingdoms ) over many thousand years !!


      1. Brother, defining exactly what is being a Hindu, or what is “Sanatana Dharma” is a very difficult issue. Gandhi, Savarkar and Ambedkar and many other eminent people have put tremendous effort trying to define it. In fact, difficulty of definition is a core feature of Sanatana Dharma.

        Its easy to define a Muslim or a Christian because all you have to do is accept one book and one messenger.

        One simple thing that Savarkar proposed is that Hindus are those whose “punya bhoomi” is India.

        When we talk about “dilution” of traditions, we end up sounding dogmatic like followers of Abrahamic religions. The greatest dilution of our Dharma would be to remake it in a dogmatic form as an image of an Abrahamic religion.

        My personal favorite analogy for understanding our connection to our Dharma is to think about our relationship with our parents. Of course it is biologically impossible to stop being children of our parents (lol), but it is possible to stop acknowledging our parents. And an Indian who converts to Islam or Christianity is doing that: suddenly he has an alien messenger, an alien book, an alien holy land. If you read Dr. Swamy’s article after 26/11 that got him fired from Harvard, you will see that Dr. Swamy was asking for Indian Muslims and Christians to “acknowledge” their Hindu roots. Being part of Sanatana Dharma can be seen as a kind of acknowledgement. Of course, as I mentioned at the beginning, it’s difficult to define and many smart people have pondered about it.


      2. The beauty of Hinduism is one has to just think that he is a Hindu that is good enough ,one has this immense freedom there is no compulsion of any sort to be a Hindu, Hinduism is NOT a religion. It is a way of life.  

        This is a religion without fundamentals or lack of compulsions. You cannot get ex-communicated for NOT toeing the line.

        Under the doctrine of karma, the ability to make FREE choices remains with the individual.

        which other religion has only GIVEN but never TOOK from foreign countries they ruled ?

        Is there any other religion without an agenda ?

        In Hinduism we forge the hinges of destiny on OUR OWN TERMS –as god has given us FREE WILL.

        This is where KARMA based sanatana dharma shines –when compared to other religions.

        Hinduism is the only religion which is based on reason and NOT blind faith-yet we are called superstitious. –there is NIL superstition in Hinduism .it is based on QUANTUM PHYSICS.



    If Hindus are not proud of being Hindus, what else can they be proud of?
    it gives me great joy to reveal that NOTHING ELSE gives me more pride THAN BEING A HINDU. besides, this is not something i developed recently. even as a little boy I enjoyed this feeling. i am greatly indebted to my ancestors who against all odds retained their HIndu faith and passed it on to us. neither the swords of invading muslims nor the sops and threats of christian missionaries made a tiny dent in their faith. actually, it had the opposit efect on our younger generations.
    my parents are not adamant. they still want me to respect other faiths. they have corrected me when i used indecent language against those who tried to convert me. in a way that attitude of my parents’ is partly responsible for the hardships of HIndus over hundreds of years. but at last, we have learned even if we have to become a tad indecent. i believe a degree of indecency is required to live in an unfair world.



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