Hinduphobia at University of California : Hamas & Hezbollah are welcome but RSS is not!

Today’s post is meant to show just how many fronts Hindus have to fight in their struggle for existence. Hinduphobia is so deeply rooted in the global liberal mindset that it will take decades…or more… in order to make even a dent. This story also blows apart the standard liberal fig leaf defense of liberals speaking up for “weaker sections”: liberalism has nothing to do with who is culturally and demographically dominant. Even when Hindus are a microscopic minority as in the USA, liberals will bulldoze Hindus. We, the pagan Hindus have been slated for destruction. We should not exist.

I was alerted to this matter at hand by an article in Troll today, which of course took the anti-Hindu side:

Why a University in California is in uproar over donations by a Hindu right wing group


Apparently, an organization called “Dharma Civilization Foundation” felt that the Hindu perspective was not being reflected in American academia. So, what did these dangerous bigots do? They did the most American thing possible, they took their own PRIVATE money to the University of California, Irvine and donated it to support 4 endowed chairs for research: one each in Vedic civilization, in Jainism, in Sikhism and study of “modern India”. American academia is full of such “endowed chairs”, from Jewish studies chairs to Islamic studies chairs.

But lightning struck American liberalism as soon as pagan Hindus were trying to get themselves heard. And look at these crazy bigots: they didn’t start just one, but FOUR chairs covering Sikhs and Jains, trying to accommodate the entire spectrum of Dharmic Hindu thought. In a world where Shias and Sunnis are drilling holes into each others’ heads, the “Wahabi Hindu bigots” try to make sure that all points of view in the Dharmic Hindu spectrum are represented. Even with their limited resources, the bigoted Hindus take care to accommodate their own “minorities within minorities”, but the entire sweep of American academia is too narrow minded to accommodate just FOUR people with a Hindu point of view. With world famous UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine and UCSD, the University of California system is perhaps the greatest public university system in the whole world. And they can’t tolerate FOUR people with Hindu points of view.

Let the liberati explain, in this InsideHigherEd article:

The Dharma Civilization Foundation is no fan of the work of Wendy Doniger, a University of Chicago professor and former American Academy of Religion president….Nor does it care for the scholarship of Paul Courtright and Jeffrey Kripal, scholars at Emory and Rice Universities who explored issues related to sexuality in their respective studies of the Hindu god Ganesha and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a major figure in modern Hinduism


Yes, if you disagree with Wendy Doniger, you have no place in academic discourse. Oh wait, you don’t just have to agree with Wendy Doniger, you have to be a “fan”. And you have to compulsorily care for the scholarship of some Paul Courtright and some Jeffrey Kripal.

What are these Dharma Foundation guys whining about? Here is their complaint:

the fact that many scholars of Hinduism are not adherents to the religion has “resulted in widespread incidence of misrepresentations of Hinduism, and mischaracterization of the traditions and practices within the Hindu fold.

Yes, shocking isn’t it that a microscopic minority in America would feel that it’s own point of view is being misrepresented because the people who control the academic discourse surrounding their customs and culture have no connection to the community itself? How dare they raise the possibility that an insider’s perspective might be useful in understanding a microscopic minority? Are you questioning the ability of white liberals to fairly understand and appreciate every single perspective?

Don’t get me wrong: I definitely believe that it is unfair to accuse a scholar of “misrepresenting” a community simply because he/she does not belong to the community. What is shocking to me is how Hindus are singled out and treated by liberals in a manner no other minority is treated. Would liberals dare to tell any other minority to just shut up? Take blacks: would liberals dare to tell blacks to shut up about the lack of black perspective in American academia? Would liberals dare to tell Native Americans to shut up about the lack of a Native American perspective? And what about the “minority” called women : can you imagine liberal academia telling a feminist to shut up about the lack of women in academia? But how dare Hindus speak about lack of Hindus in academia?

The same argument that applies to Hindus could apply to women or blacks or Muslims: nothing wrong if black studies, women’s studies and Islamic studies are run  100% by white males, no? Except, no liberal would dare to say something like this about women or blacks or Muslims.

Get this from Troll:

Since December, faculty members and students have been voicing their concerns in various ways, one of which was a resolution of the department of film and media studies standing in support of their colleagues from South Asia. Students have circulated an online petition speaking against the foundation’s chairs. This has more than 350 signatures. The university has now convened a review committee to look into the funds. It is likely to submit its recommendations by the end of January.”

Indeed, the presence of Hindu voices are always a matter of grave concern.

Also key to the critique of the foundation is the close association of several of its board members with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its American arm, the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.”

Ah! Oh my god! A Dharmic foundation with links to India’s democratically elected ruling party? This is truly an outrage! I suppose the University of California disqualifies all donors and foundations whose board members have any connections to political parties in America or in other countries, no?  Just as an example, let us take the famous Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University:

A look at the 42 Government Department professors’ political affiliations shows a marked trend toward the left. At least 13 government professors are registered Democrats in Massachusetts; as few as two are registered Republicans.


So, out of 42 professors at the School of Government at Harvard, at least 15 (=13+2) were registered members of a political party! That’s more than a third! ROFL 🙂 So, can these hot shot professors work at Harvard despite being members of parties? Apparently, it does not influence their scholarly work at all. White liberals are a special breed who are able to set aside all prejudices when doing research. Brown skinned pagans cannot be trusted to achieve something similar.

Now that we know that the “Hindu insider” perspective is unwelcome at the University of California, let us find out who is welcome:


This is David Horowitz at the University of California in San Diego and his exchange with a member of the Muslim Students Association:

David Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?

Student: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross? If I say something I’m sure that I will be arrested. For reasons of Homeland Security, so if you could please just answer my questions?

David Horowitz: If you condemn Hamas — Homeland Security will arrest you?

Student: If I support Hamas. Because your question forces me to condemn Hamas, if I support Hamas, I look really bad.

David Horowitz: But if you don’t condemn Hamas obviously, you support it, case closed. Let me make it easy for you. I’m a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it or against it?

Student: For it.

Yes, Hamas and Hezbollah supporting genocide of Jews is welcome to speak at the University of California.

In fact, after the clip went viral, a professor called Mark Levine from the University of California at Irvine went to Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News to defend this poor kid who supports a holocaust of all Jews. But here is the best part:

HANNITY (Anchor): And so the question is, why would — why would the student and this organization get any student funds when they are — when she won’t speak out and condemn a terrorist organization?

LEVINE: Well, you know if you’re going to start making these kinds of litmus tests for getting student funds you could also look at right-wing groups —


HANNITY: Should this student group get any student funds?

LEVINE: As long as every other student group has the right to get funds regardless of their political views then this group has to.”


Yes, folks! The Hamas and Hezbollah supporting students who openly advocate genocide of Jews receive UNIVERSITY FUNDS from the University of California. That’s public money. Right now, the same University of California is up in arms because PRIVATE DONATIONS are coming from individuals with links to India’s democratically elected ruling party 🙂

Let’s thank our stars that we Hindus are still alive. Liberals have slated Hindus for destruction. They wont stop until the last Hindu is stamped out.


17 thoughts on “Hinduphobia at University of California : Hamas & Hezbollah are welcome but RSS is not!

  1. Real complex writeup…head spinning!!

    My take …the present guys who are carrying out studies on Hinduism are somebody at random weather they have knowledge or whatever.

    People from ‘Dharma Civilization Foundation’ who is donating wants qualified guys to do the studies preferably practicing Hindus!

    Finally the whole thing boils down to money,money and money!!

    Wonder why such studies are required? that to in a country like USA ?!



    1. Its a standard American way of using your own money to advance your own point of view. American liberals are losing their shit because Hindus have tried to play the same games they have been playing all these years.


  2. ‘Dharma Civilization Foundation’…..aprehension.

     “The Lens of suspicion may be summed up as “objective but suspicious”, and very often, the position of disbelief, is frequently presented as an objective study of religion, but which is nevertheless suspicious of the phenomenon of religion itself, resulting in varying levels of deconstruction and distortion.”



  3. Let us first be proud to say we are hindus, irrespective of caste, language etc and display our hinduness openly (like vibhuti, gopi etc). Let us greet each other with ram ram or some such powerful mantras. Let us teach our children our culture, slokas etc.


  4. Why worry about the liberals of the west, when our own liberals are hell bent on ‘villainization’ Hindus every chance they get. Most of these liberals are Hindus themselves. I bet they hate who they are, they hate their parents, they hate their ancestry.


  5. This post stuck a chord with me — a while ago I had watched the David Horowitz interaction with the peaceful student. In-depth research and insights, as always!

    The enemy is within — and this has been our problem from the times that the invasions on this land by the peacefuls began. Colluding with the enemies, and backstabbing within. As much as it was true then, it is true now, in a different form and shape. The form now is ‘liberals’, and most of them come from within Hindus.

    There are liberals, and there are liberals. I appreciate the Bill Maher type of liberals — search for ‘Bill Maher Islam’ on YouTube to get his take on ‘liberals’.


    1. Ha ha…what is amazing is that Bill Maher has now been “excommunicated” by the Church of liberalism even though he is totally leftie in matters of economic policy. But liberals will not accept him because he dares to speak the truth about Islam. In the liberalism game, Muslim trumps everything else. You can agree with liberals on almost everything, but unless you apologize for Jihadi terrorism, you will be kicked out of the liberal church.


  6. This is like the Indian government which has appointed a committee to monitor Hindu temples consisting of Muslims and Christians.

    Hindu temples are singled out for government control and management.

    Why are Hindu temples controlled by the government while all other faiths get to mind their own places of worship?

    Why is that only Hindu temples are under endowments department in India? None of the Churches or Mosques are taken under this department!

    “As per the information through RTI application, it has been observed that the Karnataka Government has appointed 6 non-Hindu officials (4 Muslims and 2 Christians) in the Endowment Department set up for the Hindu temples. The names of the officials are Smt. Magdilan Nalina, G. S. Sayyad Munir, D. K. Samimulla, A. S. D’Souza, Mohammad G. Shan Ali Khan and Abdul Aziz. Since the Karnataka Endowment Department is meant for looking after the management of the Hindu temples, the appointment of non-Hindu officials on the Endowment Department is illegal and not as per the rules. “



  7. You write fantastic blogs,but wish it reaches wider audiences.
    Above blog should be addressed to University of California and should be read by the concerned.
    Missiles in war are effective if they hit the intended targets,otherwise it is cry in the wilderness.


    1. In fact, Babri Masjid case is still in court today because of liberal intransigence. The communal Hindu side was happy with 2/3 of the disputed land given by the Allahabad HC judgememt and invited Hindus and Muslims to come together to build both temple and mosque. But Muslims and liberals have the policy of “not even needle point of land” to be given to Hindus.


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