Aurangazeb’s fan girl Audrey Truschke turns logic on its head

Aurangazeb’s fan girl Audrey Truschke is back. She is the liberal determined to (and likely to) make a great career trampling on pagan Hindus. Some of you might remember her from this article I wrote about her few months ago:

Now, she is back in The Wire with another article explaining everything that was wonderful with Aurangazeb

The article is titled : “The pernicious myth of India’s medieval Muslim villains“. Yes, folks, it’s all a myth. We lost our country to 800 years of Muslim rule. We lost a third of our country to Muslims forever. In whatever remained, Muslims have kicked us successfully out of Kashmir, and are at various stages of the “final solution to the Hindu question” in Assam, Bengal and Kerala. And now liberals are coming for the last of what we have left: our memories. Liberals are coming to tell us that our civilizational memory of 1000 years of oppression is just a myth. Audrey Truschke is but one small cog in the wheel that is designed to squish Hindus forever. Wait and see…the next generation of liberals will write about how Kashmiri Pandits were a myth; the generation after that will write about how it’s a myth that Hindus once lived in Bengal and Assam and Kerala.

Really. Imagine 2050. Nobody will know an actual Hindu who lives in Bengal. In whatever part of India that is still left, someone like Audrey Truschke will come along and write about how Hindus never lived in Bengal and that the evacuation of Hindus from Bengal is a myth created by the Hindu right wing to win elections in Rajasthan and Gujarat and Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the 3-4 provinces that may still be left in India by then.

Just sample a line from Audrey Truschke’s article:

Aurangzeb was not the Hindu-hating, Islamist tyrant that many today imagine him to have been. And yet the myth of malevolent Aurangzeb is seemingly irresistible and has captured politicians, everyday people, and even scholars in its net. The damage that this idea has done is significant.

Yes, folks the idea of Muslim villains oppressing Hindu subjects is a myth. So what if the broken and desecrated temples can be seen to this very day? So what if we can read the accounts of the oppression to this very day? So what if in 1947, Muslims blatantly refused to co-exist and took away 1/3rd of India? So what if the Hindu population of Pakistan in 1947 was 15% and now it is just 2%? So what if I see that in ALL 57 Muslim majority nations in the world TODAY, Sharia is considered the supreme law? So what if I see Muslim nations everywhere treating non-Muslims with savage oppression EVEN TODAY?


We are still supposed to believe that somehow magically in the medieval era, Muslim  rulers were treating non-Muslims with great generosity and tolerance. And it is Audrey Truschke who has uncovered this great secret.

“Muslim villains” are a myth. Just like evolution, you know. Don’t use the fossil record nor the genetic markers that are observable in every animal. Use faith like Christian fundamentalists do to “prove” creationism. Don’t notice that everywhere in the world even today, Muslim majority nations oppress non-Muslims savagely. Use liberalism like Audrey Truschke is to construct a fairy tale of Muslim tolerance in medieval India.

Now get a load of this:


a certain percentage of modern Indians nonetheless feel wronged by their Islamic past. What is problematic, they ask, about recognizing historical injustices enacted by Muslim figures?

Yes, indeed, what is problematic? Please enlighten me, O learned liberal one:

For many people, condemnations of Aurangzeb and other medieval Indian rulers stem not from a serious assessment of the past but rather from anxieties over India’s present and future, especially vis-à-vis its Muslim minority population.

Ah, I see! So, we can’t recognize the past injustices because doing so might color our view of the Muslim population today. Thanks Audrey for being a historian who is telling me to close my eyes to history. Okay…what do I do next? Can I at least recognize the injustices to non-Muslims in the 57 Muslim majority nations in the world TODAY? Sorry, this kind of assessment might lead to anxieties about Muslims today. Okay, Audrey can I look at Pakistan and wonder why it so happened that Hindu population decreased from 15% to 2% and in India the Muslim population grew from 10% to 15%? Oops… have “anxieties”. Okay, Audrey, India has just one Muslim majority area today: Kashmir. And Hindus got kicked out of there as a whole. What am I, an Indian Hindu supposed to think about my future if Muslims become a majority in my neighborhood? Again…pointless anxieties…I know.

So we close our eyes to the distant past (medieval Muslim rulers), the recent past (partition in 1950s), just 3 decades ago (Kashmiri Pandit exodus) and the present (57 Muslim countries with Supreme Sharia) in order to draw conclusions about Muslims. What do we have left to use as a basis for conclusions? Well, we always have liberalism, dont we 😉 ?

Okay, how about we do an experiment? Let’s take a bunch of peacefuls who are fleeing oppression and welcome them warmly into a nice safe new country that is wealthy, well developed and open minded. Surely, there’s no way peacefuls will be ungrateful enough to start raping women en masse in their safe new home?

Sorry. Experiment inconclusive.

Here is Audrey’s best line:

Religious bigotry may not have been an overarching problem in India’s medieval past, but it is a crucial dynamic in India’s present. Religious-based violence is real in modern India, and Muslims are frequent targets. Non-lethal forms of discrimination and harassment are common.

Did you hear that? Oppression of Hindus under Aurangazeb isn’t real, but their oppression in modern India is. Partition of India isn’t real but Delhi’s church attacks are.

What offends me about Audrey Truschke’s article is not so much what she says. Apologizing for Islam is standard fare among liberals. What offends me is how easy it is for Western liberals to spit on Hindu faces. Can you imagine a liberal like Audrey writing this way about American blacks? Can you imagine her dare to point out that white Americans didn’t invent slavery, but mostly brought in blacks who had been sold to them by OTHER BLACKS from Africa. It was black African kings who would invade each other and take each others’ people as slaves and then sell them to white traders. And where are black people better off today, Africa or America? Can you imagine a liberal dare to point these things out?

What offends me is that liberals read Indian history backwards. Everywhere across the world, liberals tend to speak up for the oppressed, the dispossessed, the disadvantaged. Now, I personally believe that the solutions offered by liberals for these historical wrongs are all misguided. But usually no liberal tries to belittle or erase the memory of such historical wrongs. No liberal would ever try to convince American blacks that slavery wasn’t too bad. India is the only place where liberals deny the historical wrongs themselves. You have the Hindus who didn’t rule their land for 1000 years. You have the Hindus who were expelled from a third of their country forever because of their religion. WE ARE THE OPPRESSED. WE GOT KICKED OUT OF OUR LAND. Now you have liberals telling us that those wrongs either didn’t exist or should be forgotten. Logic is being turned on its head and WE Hindus are being told to mend our ways because it might hurt the sentiments of the former ruling class, i.e.  Muslims. Nowhere else in the world does such a thing happen.

This is as much liberal chicanery as a drastic PR failure on the part of Hindus. Muslims control 57 countries where minorities are treated like animals and Sharia rules supreme. There are 1.7 billion Muslims and just 15 million Jews in the world. Yet, these 1.7 billion Muslims who control 57 countries have managed to play victim over losing one small sliver of land in Israel. Life is so bad in Muslim countries that Muslims run to Germany. There’s 1.6 million Arabs in Israel. Have you seen one Israeli Arab seeking refuge in Germany? Yet, it is Israel that is oppressive and not Muslim countries.

See that? 1.7 billion vs 15 million and guess who is the victim? Amazing, no? Here Hindus got ejected from the whole of Pakistan but are now being made to apologize because of “non-lethal discrimination” against Muslims.  It’s a lie that Islam gets bad PR. I say that no other group does PR as excellent as Muslims. And unless we Hindus recognize our massive PR failure, we are doomed.



21 thoughts on “Aurangazeb’s fan girl Audrey Truschke turns logic on its head

  1. Long ago I had made the mistake of watching paki news ,but then I found to my amazement they were reporting the same news as Indian counterpart but the opposite of everything.

    This female has done the same as the paki news in this article!



    I am extremely confident what they could not achieve in the past 1000 years with unbelievably cruelty and force to convert and reduce the population of Hindus,they will fail!


  2. I have a problem terming them as liberals in Indian context. They are anti Hindus with deadly agenda. It is compounded and conspiracy when the external and internal forces are working for a long time continuously to eliminate only people in the world who have been protected by their unique religion of truth against the prevalence of falsehood all around. They have all the traps and ditches in place and all the distractions, traitors, moles, agents, presstitutes, pimps, robots are in place and the Hindus with their arms and limbs chained are administered blows after blows daily for thousand years now so much that we are not even realizing it.


  3. These logically , deaf, dumb and blind liberals believe that they are doing favor to Muslims of the world, but what they are succeeding in is, keeping Muslims in a perpetual victim mentality. They are doing Muslims as much harm as the handlers of suicide bombers are doing to Muslims.

    Granted if we consider Christians as peaceful people all through out the history, we (present generation) could be forgiven, if we don’t read about Christian ‘Crusade’ a few hundred years ago. We may have hard time extrapolating the Christians as savages. Needless to say the Christians have evolved like all human races. (We don’t see Romans lining up stadium to watch lions maul slaves). But these liberals can’t extrapolate present day Muslims’ savagery to few hundred years ago Muslims’ savagery? Logically entire human race evolved to become more civilized. If today’s Muslims are evolved than how brutal they must be a few hundred years ago?


    1. That is my real problem actually. No one can change the past, but at least Muslims TODAY should be expected to change. And here we have “historians” telling us that Muslims who are killing everyone today were nice and peaceful in the medieval times…lol


      1. Hey! History is written by the Winners and the strong. The Brits were winners. The Muslims are winners. Hence their view get’s propagated. You want your view out there, then start winning. Do whatever it takes, but win. Then, your turn to write history. With the other guy not being around, your view is the only one. That’s the way to do it, Bitch!


        1. Exactly. And these days the whiners are winners. In fact, Muslims are winners in public discourse today because they are the best whiners in the world. It is truly amazing how Muslims manage to whine and be the most violent people in the world at the same time. That’s why I am saying, Hindus have to learn to whine well and play victim.


  4. Your write impressively and your logic is irrefutable and reflects the harsh reality,but we need to ponder over why the community is being taken for granted and analyse the reasons for the daily degradation and its inability to exert any influence over the nation inspite of being in numerical majority and how to get our place in the sun in the country and ensure secured future.
    I request you to apply your thoughts on those lines.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Ramesh. I have actually thought about this before and here is my reasoning:

      Personally, I think almost everything can be explained by viewing political parties as companies, ideologies as products and people as consumers.


    2. The biggest reason, as described by Rajiv Malhotra is our huge loss of Hindu cultural and spiritual knowledge. Most literate Indians are Macaulayputra/putris who do not look upon their culture or Dharmic traditions as something unique but as “religion – opium of the masses” and run away from it. Even if secular Hindus feel what they have is good, it is thought to be the same as everyone else (Universalism from the dominant cultures). Hence they do not care to save it from harm and co-opt what comes their way? Our knowledge gets broken down and “digested” with the bits deemed useful, utilized.

      One part of the solution is to create Dharmic research seminaries that create Intellectual Kshatriyas who know Sanatan Dharma and our scriptures as well as a devout Christian or Muslim’s worldview and their scriptures. Their full time job would be doing Purva Paksha (understand the Other as well as he understands himself) and give our civilizational response – Uttar Paksha.
      This provides the and institutional and intellectual rigour that holds our civilizational fort walls up against marauders. We stopped doing this some time in the past to our own peril. When the first Muslim invaders arrived, we should have followed them back to where they came from and learnt about their ways. Further. we lose Adhikar over our knowledge.

      PS: Rajiv-ji is in India this month for the lanuch of his book “Battle for Sanskrit” and associated lecture tour. People interested in the details of his lectures, please email me here: g-r-e-p-a-s-h-i-j-i-t at g-m-a-i-l dot com . I also suggest this blog’s interested readers to join the Yahoo group RajivMalhotraDiscussion for discussions regarding this and watch his videos uploaded on utube.


  5. “He was a Prince every Way qualified for governing. None ever understood Politics better than he. The Balance of distributive Justice he held in an exact Equilibrium. He was brave and cunning in War, and merciful and magnanimous in Peace, temperate in his Diet and Recreations, and modest and grave in his Apparel, courteous in his Behaviour to his Subjects, and affable in his Discourse; He encouraged Virtue, and discountenanced Vice, and he studied the Laws of Humanity, and observed them as well as those of Religion, for, in that Part he inclined to Superstition.”
    [A description of the Great Indian Emperor, Aurangzeb, by the Scottish merchant, Alexander Hamilton, who resided and travelled in numerous countries in the East, and who did not hesitate in describing a country as being oppressive and repressive if he found it to be so. He resided and travelled in India for many years during the latter part of Aurangzeb’s reign, even fighting for the British East India Company in their short-lived war against the Great Emperor which ended in a crushing, humiliating defeat for the British.]


    1. Hello,
      A warm welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂

      I am sure that Aurangazeb had his fans, but I refuse to take seriously the words of one random Scottish merchant when I can see with my own eyes the temples he destroyed. I read what he did to Hindus and to Guru Tegh Bahadur and you should too…. If you are arguing that he was just as evil as most other Muslim emperors and should not be singled out, I might agree with you.


      1. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. I copy and pasted that quote from the following website:

        There’s quite a few more quotes there from contemporaries which appears to conflict irreconcilably with the commonly held view that Aurangzeb perpetrated a systematic programme of widescale genocide and forced conversions.

        Or do you think the truth could be somewhere in between. He wasn’t as good as he is made out to be by his leftist fans nor was he a Hitler as made out by others?

        My own inclination is that there’s always two extremes to any issue.


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