Mameluk Shoaib Daniyal accuses the nation of apostasy – 1

I’ll never know why I waited so long to talk about Mameluk Shoaib Daniyal who has been pouring his filth for so long in the columns of Perhaps it is his recent column accusing the nation of apostasy by turning against “Nehruvianism” (first time I read that word) that has left me with no choice.

Faith over rationalism: The Indian elite are making the same mistake as their Pakistani counterparts


Oops sorry. The article is addressed to the “Indian elite”, not to the filthy natives who are congenitally prone to all kinds of ignorance. So, Mameluk Shoaib miyan, first of all I send you my sincerest apologies for daring to comment on your work despite not being “elite”. Gustakhi maaf, huzoor. Freedom of expression is a bitch, you know….

In 1947, India’s ruling elite set out a development blueprint for the nation that was surprisingly rational for the country’s income levels. Ravaged by two centuries of colonialism, while India was one of the poorest countries in the world in 1947, its Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru spoke of technology and progress.

Note above all the tone with which the article begins. Typical Mameluk point of view All credit for our nation’s achievements is appropriated by the elite, headed by the family. The fact that India is perhaps the only poor nation that managed to keep its democracy going is credit to the Dynasty, not the people. The fact that we can keep at least 30 major linguistic groups under one nation and one flag when Shias and Sunnis are out there drilling holes into each others’ heads is ZERO credit to our people and our civilization. All credit goes to the Dynasty. The fact that in the 1970s we were perhaps the only people to snatch our country back from a Commie dictator like Indira Gandhi is also ZERO credit to our people. All credit goes to the elite.

I tell you what Nehru spoke of: addressing the independent nation for the first time ever, Nehru told us that the whole world sleeps when it’s midnight in India. It wasn’t a gaffe, it was a written speech he was reading out, a written speech which he knew would be preserved for a 1000 years. He showed an ignorance of the most basic scientific facts that was surprising for a person of his dad’s income level 😉 Shows you that rich dads who send their below mediocre sons abroad to study in fancy schools can end up with surprisingly poor results 😉

The Indian state’s new “temples” would be dams, institutes of technology and science.

And herein Mameluk Daniyal plays his most cunning card. Build dams, institutes of technology and science. Who could possibly object? But the Commie inspired Nehru wanted to snatch people’s religion and replace it by such  “temples”. And what is worse, Nehru installed himself as the God who was to be worshipped in these “temples”. He wasn’t inspired by rationalism, but by Communism. On Nehru’s birthday, a ghastly nationwide festival was declared whereby children would all be required to show their fanatical admiration for the Fuhrer Chacha Nehru. Snatching people’s religion and replacing it with Fuhrer worship is not rationalism, Mr. Daniyal.

The result: the Combined Annual GDP growth rate for India from 1947 to 1964 was 1.68%

So much for the elite driving India into a new dawn. And observe how India’s pitiable rate of GDP growth of less than 2% was called “Hindu rate of growth“. Again, the dams and institutes of technology are attributed to the Fuhrer and his vision, the pathetic GDP growth is attributed to the 5000 year old religion of the natives.

The messiness of religion, both as ideology and communal identity was sought to be hidden away.”

Hidden away indeed. While Nehru prepared to snatch others’ religion, he himself was writing letters to get an “accurate horoscope” for Rajiv Gandhi. The one thing every monarch worries about is making sure the throne passes to his successors. And it seems that the outward Commie Nehru was taking no chances when it came to Rajiv:

Who knows, maybe stars that are millions of light years away do in fact have a bearing on the prospects of Rajiv Gandhi succeeding to the throne? As Nehru mentions in his letter, there are discrepancies between “proper solar time” and  “war time”. Suddenly the man who doesn’t care to find out about time zones while delivering the first speech to the Indian nation at the moment of independence, has become a researcher on time zone discrepancies. Yes, indeed, what if Rajiv has been born under the wrong star? What if Rajiv has been born under the wrong star and we don’t know it yet? He might miss out on the throne for being born under the wrong star! Perhaps a special puja, slaughtering a goat or something, anything would suffice to satiate the angry demons in the stars that are millions of light years away? How many Brahmins would be needed for this special puja to save Rajiv from the anger of the stars? When it comes to passing the throne, you can’t take any chances, can you?

Meanwhile, you poor Hindu natives can’t keep your  “communal identity”.

Oh…and finally, as for “hiding away”: Mameluk Daniyal’s friends love to indulge in filthy fantasies about Modi and Jasodaben, but I will desist from making any comment on what was “hidden away” between Indira G and her “yoga guru”  Dhiren Brahmachari:


Let all that stay behind the curtain. Let’s read further in Daniyal’s article:

Even in the Nehruvian age, though, while the narrative in Delhi was all about science and rationality, the states were already jostling to use faith as driver.

The devotion of Mameluk Daniyal is touching. There was a Ganga of rationalism flowing from Nehru’s cap. Not only could the natives at large not appreciate its sweet nectar, even the lesser mortals who ran Congress state governments were deviating from the way of the Lord. When Moses was at the top of the mountain talking to God, impatient people below made themselves an idol of a calf, a false god they could worship. Moses’ brother Aaron himself created this golden calf for people to worship while the great leader was away. Same with the lowly state governments of the Congress. Unable to understand the leader’s message, the Congress Chief Ministers were floundering on the path of truth. Why would anybody blame PM Nehru for the actions of his party’s Chief Ministers?

By the way, can anyone think of an example where a Prime Minister has been blamed for the words and actions of a party MP, even a fake party MP, even a rank and file member, even an ex-rank and file member from an organization that was related to his party who died even before the PM was born? Oh..and dear Mameluk Daniyal, what do we make of Nehru’s silence over these so called attempts to swerve from the path of rationality? If Modi’s silence over Dadri meant approval, what did Nehru’s silences mean?

Sorry, I forgot that Modi is a mere mortal and dear leader Nehru was god. You can’t judge gods by the standards of mortals.

And what narrative of rationality anyway, Daniyal bhai? You mean a narrative of rationality and suppressing “communal identity” when Nehru wouldn’t even give us a uniform civil code? The most basic foundation of a modern, secular state is equality under the law. And when you give mullahs the right to enforce triple talaq, what kind of sick joke is it to say that rationality is being promoted and communal identity suppressed?


(to be continued: sorry folks, exposing this Mameluk will take at least 2 posts. Got a lot more to say…  It is rare indeed to find an article so densely packed with lies as Mameluk Daniyal’s article)




12 thoughts on “Mameluk Shoaib Daniyal accuses the nation of apostasy – 1

  1. Enjoyed reading!!….waiting for the second part!

    ‘ Shias and Sunnis are out there drilling holes into each others’ heads’

    ‘There was a Ganga of rationalism flowing from Nehru’s cap.’

    The above two ARE hilarious ….ROFTL!!…HAHAHAAA


  2. I’ve heard of this genius before.He wrote an article recently which basically tried to say that the bullet train was a waste of money.And how did he come to the conclusion? He compared the lifetime cost of bullet train with 1 year expenditure!What a clown.I sometimes wonder if the articles on and dailyo(except a few)are satire.I rarely read scroll and dailyo(I usually only read Minhaz Merchant’s articles).


  3. He gets name , fame , money for what he does. So Mr Daniyal ( and every other presstitute ) does whatever they get paid for. What have indians and Hindus done about it or going to do about it ???

    They won a election handsomely in 2014…. And they frittered away the opportunity and allowed the mameluks to regroup and consolidate. I have no sympathies for prithviraj chauhans of this world.


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