Kejriwal and the shifting goalposts of OddEven

I would like to begin this post by admitting that I do not live in Delhi. As such, I hope Delhi’s Raj Thackerays will forgive me for daring to write about it

And in case you live in Delhi, please feel welcome to catch a flight any time to Gujarat and drive straight to the residence of the Chief Minister without an appointment at any time to discuss the local issues of the state.

I have watched daily updates on “national news” about the Lt. Gov of Delhi, the Police Commissioner, the Delhi Commission for Women, Delhi’s principal secretary, even the caretaker Power Secretary for Delhi and that one time a Delhi MLA created a ruckus in a Mithai shop. But I do apologize to the cheerleaders of Yugpurush ji for daring to speak about Delhi. I am afraid I come from one of the states which is expected to gift a free coal block as a tribute to the people of Delhi so that they can have cheap 24 x 7 power:


Maybe I do need professional help, Mr. Sekhri. I have heard that with “professional help” from the media, any lazy movie buff  can become a Chief Minister. And then turn the state into a theater of the absurd for his personal entertainment.

So, what’s the purpose of OddEven?  Let Dy. CM Shri Manish Sisodia explain:


What an idea sirji! Corruption on even days and honesty on odd days? Or perhaps Yugpurush ji wants to be CM of Delhi on odd days and CM of Punjab on even days?

I am assuming that after a while Delhi’s Deputy CM came out of his New Year’s day drunk stupor and realized that the party line is that OddEven is about curbing pollution.

Of course, pollution was never gonna go down:

This was implemented for the personal amusement of the Chief Minister. What can be more fun than watching an entire city scramble, their legally owned vehicles banned from the public street, being fined Rs 2000 for each “violation”? And why implemented for just 15 days? Because after 15 days, the show will get boring for Yugpurush. It will then be time to choose a different movie.

Of course, there is always a backup plan of blaming the BJP’s various B-Teams in case anyone asks any questions:


Of course, as time began to pass, the goalposts began to shift again. Suddenly OddEven was no longer about pollution, but about reducing congestion on Delhi streets. Everyone tweeted in unison; it was like watching a Reliance Jio launch:



Okay…anyone who seems to remember that OddEven was about reducing pollution and not traffic congestion is clearly an Adani-Ambani-BJP agent. Reducing traffic by banning cars? Pure genius! Arvind Kejriwal is like an idea machine. OMG! How does he do it?

Wait, was it about reducing corruption or pollution or congestion?

Never mind, get the media’s “professional help” like Abhinandan Sekhri suggested. You can be a Chief Minister too.


14 thoughts on “Kejriwal and the shifting goalposts of OddEven

  1. Well compiled and written.

    Ever since this guy became the chief minister of the capital he has been shifting goal post for everything and blaming every body else for non performance!

    The support he gets from media is unbelievable.

    Arvind Kejriwal was the most hated Indian in 2015.

    AK-49 should also get the title as the person who is made the most fun off on social media!




  2. Very scathing article. And this hits on the spot. I hope your articles get read widely..including by the bungling jokers err spokespersons of bjp. You have handed them so many points to build their offensive on.

    it is a pity that the public discourse in this country is being run by clumsy mediocre crooks in media and politics.


  3. I must confess, I betrayed my own feelings of utter disliking for Kejriwal, swallowed my pride and saluted Kejriwal…for his action on private primary school admission in Delhi. That without knowing the intricacy involved. Until I read Jaggi’s column ‘Swarajya’. It totally escaped me that this order applies ONLY to majority community schools. That was only one of the items explained by Jaggi.

    This topic of private primary school admission could be one good topic for CW to Blog on. I believe many people like me got fooled on this Kejriwal’s action.


    1. Kejiwal and his pet scisodia are really masters of making people fool. Media is the biggest tool that they use. You may have remember this joker scisodia travelling on a bicycle on next day of odd even scheme.Media was very busy showing him riding bicyle whole day. It was very funny to see this joker waving his hand to each individual on the road when riding on bike. He was showing like he is doing something great. But if you have observed and somewhere I have read, that bicycle costed around 15000. I am sure scisodia is not going to ride bike daily.
      Whiile, there is a BJP MP from rajasthan, who travels by simple bicycle daily.As usual no word from media.As far as I know, he still comes from bicycle to parliament from almost a year.


  4. This is a question to Punjabis.In Punjab,I know that BJP-SAD’s chances to win the elections next year look quite bleak.I also know that the fight will probably between Congress and AAP.What are AAP’s chances?Both AAP and Congress are bad but AAP is worse IMO.I really hope that AAP loses.This virus must be restricted to Delhi only.Does Congress have a good chance to win now that Amarinder has been appointed as the Punjab Congress chief?


  5. Would Delhi based AAP have received so much coverage from Delhi centric media if it was say Manipur or a Pondicherry based party with equally whimsical policies and actions?Why must puerile and comic activities and going on Munciple corporation of Delhi be treated as national news by the English and Hindi of being of great significance and ignore the riots by fanatics.
    Or can we say that Arvind Kejriwal and AAP could have been bred sustained only in the brash,boorish,boastful and vain culture which the north and particularly Delhi provides?


  6. Each and every action, decision by the joker of Delhi is nothing but to remain in Headlines with prompt support from media cronies. Can anyone give his one major govt. action that has helped Delhiites apart from tomfoolery of freebies? Media pumps up around 18-20 hours of news for this joker and well he provides them with taxpayers money in the form of Ads.

    Kejriwal accuses Arnab of earning 5 cr monthly salary and every other second calls everyone an Ambani agent fills the coffers of Media by shelling out taxpayers money in the form of OddEven ads to Times Now and CNN IBN is nothing but Thanksgiving for the support Media gives him by keeping him on TV 24×7.


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