Bardhan vs Singhal : How Commies are systematically mainstreamed and gentrified

Now here’s a post that you could say brings out my mean streak again. As distasteful as one might find it to dissect obituaries, I have to do this to show how Commies have been systematically gentrified and mainstreamed in popular discourse. The new year began with the news that Commie A B Bardhan died at the age of 92. If you have seen any news rag on the internet such as Troll or DailyO, or any newspaper or the Twitter timeline of any major politician, you will find sappy, sob stories remembering A B Bardhan.

Ok, about 2 months ago, on Nov 17, VHP leader Ashok Singhal passed away at the age of 89. Two men, both who died in ripe old age. But let us look at the way the media covered the passing away of Ashok Singhal:

First, from our colonial masters at BBC:

The headline of the article itself was ” Controversial Indian VHP leader dies”. You can only imagine the tone of the rest of the article.

Next, from our Dynastic masters at NDTV  appointed by the colonial rulers

Ashok Singhal will be remembered as one of the most divisive figures in Indian politics

Here’s the Hindustan Times:

Though critics dubbed him a “Hindu fundamentalist” and “India’s Ayatollah Khomeini”…

And there’s


So, “controversial”, “divisive”, “blistering anti-minority” and “India’s Ayatollah Khomeini” : they couldn’t stop kicking Ashok Singhal’s dead body.

And now watch how Commie A B Bardhan’s death is reported.

Here’s the Hindustan Times that talked about Ashok Singhal as “India’s Ayatollah Khomeini”:

The headline in Hindustan Times is “A B Bardhan: a self critical spirited advocate of Left unity is no more“.

Here’s the Economic Times:

The headline in ET goes: “Bardhan’s blunt speak and integrity endeared him to all“.

And here’s, where Bardhan is an “honest politician with a sweeping view of history

Bouquets f0r Bardhan and brickbats for Ashok Singhal. Why not refer to this dead Commie as “India’s Stalin”? Instead all we get to hear is about his “integrity”, “sweeping view of history”, “endeared to all”, “self-critical”.

Now, when someone passes away, it is common courtesy to speak well of the departed person. My question is why the same courtesy is not extended to the Hindu right wing? This brings me to my pet peeve: the mainstreaming of Commies within political discourse.

Someone described Ashok Singhal as divisive. Okay. That’s his opinion. But where are the articles describing Commie Bardhan as divisive? Commie ideology is not divisive? The rivers of blood that Commies cause to flow are not divisive? Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-Il, Fidel Castro and all are not divisive? But mainstream discourse in India has accepted Commies as respectable contributors, despite the fact that more than 98% of Indians reject Communism. And despite having given the nation 2 Prime Ministers, countless Chief Ministers, countless MPs and MLAs and winning hundreds of millions of votes, the Hindu right is still struggling to achieve legitimacy to participate in public discourse. This legitimization of Commies, pushed by “intellectuals” and “academics”, represents the deepest triumph of the enemies of the Hindus of India.


You know the enemy’s triumph is complete when the vanquished accept their second class status whole-heartedly. Not just whole-heartedly, they accept their second class status without even thinking, as a matter of habit. Watch how the Hindu right accepts its dhimmified status without thinking:

Here’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh:

Here’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP’s seniormost CM:

Here is just one out of 4 tweets that Devendra Fadnavis put out to condole Bardhan’s death:

Look how they all bow down and accept the legitimacy of Commies. THIS, my friends, is the ultimate victory of the liberal elite. What a shame!

Now, go back and check how many Congress leaders and Commie leaders have condoled the death of Ashok Singhal. I tried my best to find ONE, just ONE. I couldn’t. Let me know if you can find any.

While they do not accept the legitimacy of the Hindu right, the Hindu right bends down and accepts them. Without even thinking. This is how they continue to rule our minds.

The only saving grace, perhaps, was this somewhat terse tweet from the Prime Minister himself:

Okay, he was a passionate Commie and was committed to being a Commie. At least I can agree with that. At least the Prime Minister didn’t talk of any “irreparable loss” or “respected across parties” or “deep concern for poor” or any stuff like that.


33 thoughts on “Bardhan vs Singhal : How Commies are systematically mainstreamed and gentrified

  1. What a comparison!…..painstakingly researched for us to evaluate.

    ‘when someone passes away, it is common courtesy to speak well of the departed person.’…….so true.

    ‘Presstitutes’,MSM are not going to change…..but you feel terrible/sad when you read the epitaph given to Mr.Ashok Singhal.

    Indeed a eye opener….thank you.


  2. Both the leaders Shri Ashok Singhal and Shri AB Bardhan have left for their heavenly abode. They left their imprints for their followers. One who cannot leave a tear for the departed soul and call them by filthy names and epitaphs are a class of menials who cannot be considered humane and their comments carry no weight. BBC, NDTV, Economic Times and Hindustan Times are well known for what they stand for. People care two hoots for their comments be they be good are bad. They are always partisan and worthy to be dumped in the dust bin .

    By raising the question-“why the same courtesy is not extended to the Hindu right wing?- we are exposing our fallibility and demeaning our leaders. By the way these comments from the toilet papers are not worth repeating or pondering over.


  3. It’s amazing how Commies whitewash their hatred…
    Here is a rally for Ang Kaji Sherpa (pretty much the Nepali equivalent of Kavita Krishnan or Arundhati Roy), wherein he is described as the “voice of the people” (in actuality, he’s a xenophobic anti-Hindu twat) after he was arrested in September of 2015 for making hateful diatribes against social cohesion (like urinating on corpses of Newars and Bahuns).


    1. Like how Kavita Krishnan or Arundhati Roy receives funds from abroad. this guy too must be receiveing funds to carry out desh drohi activities!

      Hi Jaskaran…..your name….which language?


  4. Like colonists ruling 95 p.c. of population with less than 5% armed personals, police force, control on currency, secret services, mameluks, moles, institutions, platforms, echo system etc. The Congress ruled similarly when they were handed over the power. They improved on colonists tactics how to still rule on 95% Indians with less than 5% traditional partners of colonial type rulers. In sixty years they build up anti national medias, parties and more anti national institutions. If the first stable nationalist govt. after a thousand years after strengthening army etc. will not dissemble the colonists covert tools like anti national media, anti national institutions, anti national & illegitimate party bosses and in place build up the same but nationalists like any other democratic nationalist countries do, despite albatross round our necks, Delhites and Biharis in regional choices, you will find them returned in national scenario- a return of last sixty years: people voting against their own self interest and survival. Insulated from foreign interference, 90% of people should build up with facilitation from non corrupt nationalist administration and national resources.


    1. 5%! You overestimate them, my friend. The British had usually 10,000 men posted in India and the highest ever was 30,000. 30 crore Indians vs 30,000 Brits. How did they keep us down? Using our own inferiority complex against us.


  5. In reality, I am proud of Mr. Singhal. He had caused severe burning of the choice part (where the sun don’t shine) of the left, pseudo secular and anti-Hindu Presstitutes in our media. How the hell they can say any good thing about their tormentor? On the other hand, Mr. Bardhan was losing grip of his political life steadily. Why kick a dying dog?


  6. Yes Chaiwallah, really shame on these commies. when BJP requested obituary reference for Ashok Singhal in delhi assembly session after Singhal’s death, AAP opposed it and AAP rejected BJP’s demand. AAP said that singhal spreaded ideological terrorism. Shame on this AAP. These commies will go to any extent to hate hindus. They will not e ven leave dead leaders.
    In this article about singhal’s death, they did not even spare Modi. They even had problems when PM tweeted about singhal’s death!!Singhal is almost compared with killer of muslims. So much hate for hindus.

    As usual, BJP is also slowly and gradually trying to show this type of image. I think it is something related to DNA of hindus. Hindus always had sympathy to their enemies. It started with prithviraj chauhan and still going on. BJP really needs to become aggressive. There was no need from BJP leaders to show such a respect to bardhan.I do not know, but why BJP is trying to show this type of image.It shows that BJP is still novice to power.


    1. ‘It started with prithviraj chauhan and still going on.’….well said Mehul!

      “Ghori was made a prisoner. He begged for his life and honourable Prithviraj Chauhan foolishly allowed him to return to Kabul against the advice of Samyukta and his wise ministers . This was the biggest mistake which lead to Muslim rule in free India, for 650 years before the British rule.”


  7. A typical example of traitors. We do not need pakistan as enemy. Our media is sufficient. As Suhel seth said yesterday, France did not invite any syrian for discussion in studio after paris attacks. But our media, invited pakistanins like guests as usual. And they got banged by Pakistanis as well. Shame on these presstutites.I hope now BJP at least boycotts these channels. At least for these type of incidents. Its really disgusting to see bjp spokespersons getting banged every time on discussions.India TV and Zee news are somewhat doing good. At least their image is better.


    1. These Presstitutes keep on saying ‘the nation wants know’….now it is clear who really wants the info!



    1. Gr8 satire mmsrinivas. Yes, it is irony that, Saudi Arabia which itself does not have human rights in place, now heads the UN human rights panel.


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