Commie beggars at Sonia Gandhi’s door

Well, I had planned to make today’s post about Sunil Sharan’s article praying to Priyanka Gandhi, but something so hilarious came up that I had to change my mind. Here’s the good news to end the year: Commies are finally shutting shop and looking for someone to take over their defunct party! )

Anyone remember 1996? When the United Front decided to form a khichdi government with Congress support, the Commies threw a big hissy fit and pulled out of the United Front to give only outside support. Back then, the poor Commies, led by Jyoti Basu (the monster who destroyed Bengal) still thought their party was viable in Indian politics. Jyoti babu is dead now and it’s a pity there isn’t a hell for him to go to. The even bigger pity is that Jyoti babu’s spirit cannot be summoned from the dead to come see his party being sold to the Congress.

Get a load of this:

There is a popular mood to oust the TMC government. Regarding alliance with Congress, we will take it into account when we will discuss the electoral tactics. The state committees were asked to take a decision keeping the situation of the respective state in mind.

Now, why are the state committees being asked to make a decision? Because elections in Bengal will happen at the same time as elections in Kerala. In Bengal, the Commies will need Congress crutches to mount any kind of challenge to Mamata Banerjee, while in Kerala the Commies are the main opposition to Congress. Yes and so the Commie leadership is considering selling the state units separately: while the Bengal unit will be sold to Congress, they will keep the Kerala unit. The directors are liquidating the assets of the company in stages. The defunct Commie machine lying in the junkyard of history will be broken up for parts and the rest sold as scrap.

What I am enjoying even more is that the Congress is playing a waiting game here, not responding to the Commie beggars’ calls for help. The Congress is a very experienced buyer of political parties; the Congress is the standard purchaser of every political startup in India (except ONE): from JDU to AAP. It knows that beggars can’t be choosers. It is waiting for top comrade Yechury to drag his nose through the mud and bring the price some more. In Kerala, it is the Congress’ turn to lose the election this time. Who knows, if Congress plays its cards well, it could make the Commie beggars agree to a defeat in Kerala as a price for a helping hand in Bengal?

Such is the spectacle of India’s secular forces today. Nitish running a government as junior partner of Lalu Yadav and both these Janata Dal factions dependent on Congress. “Anti-corruption AAP” in the warm embrace of Lalu Yadav. Trinamool Congress becoming AAP’s voice in the Rajya Sabha. While the Congis are scheduled to wrestle with Commies in Kerala, they might just go with the Commies in Bengal. If not, the Congis can just as well go with Mamata Banerjee. AGP of “Assamese pride” is at Congress’ feet while the Congress itself is at the feet of Badruddin Ajmal. They are wrestling and eating each other in the mud…all in the name of secularism.  This is the stinking cesspool that Indian “secularism” has become.

Man, it really stinks. Get rid of it. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to do for the New Year?






25 thoughts on “Commie beggars at Sonia Gandhi’s door

      1. BJP is surely not winning Bengal and Kerala anyways. Unlike Bihar, the challenge here is to create strong presence. In states like these, it is better for other parties to ally so that BJP can emerge as a pole.


  1. why congress?if CPM want to decimate trinamool congress, better have a tie-up with TMC itself. They would be automatically decimated because anyone associated with an outdated ideology like the commies would be gone like them too. how does that sound to Mr karat?

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  2. Credit goes to BJP. BJP has become a forest fire which has caused bhalu and bhedia run together. I must say though, I am confused even after Congress leaders are exposed for their corruption and exposed for their antics in Parliaments, why BJP is losing in local elections? Chai walk can you throw some wisdom on that please?

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    1. That is precisely the point to ponder. Where are the people of these states. They have no role to decide their own fate? Think beyond the known devils. Let the people of India think Nationally and help build the Nation. Let the people bury Congis, Commies,TMC and the likes for once. Try and vote BJP and its Prime Minister to feel the difference. I think people have that much wisdom. Bihar has faltered. Kerala and W. Bengal voters are educated and not as gullible and vulnerable as the Biharis. They can correct the course. Let us make a fervent appeal to the people to think of the Nation before they vote.

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    2. Indeed, there is credit to BJP. In Assam the day has come when Cong and all other secular junk have to ally to fight BJP. In Kerala and Bengal also this day will come. As for local elections, come on…


      1. To top it, AK now says the odd-even is only till 15th. So, what for did they need to go buy 10-15 cars? But these presstitutes in Delhi who hang on his every word won’t ask him.


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