Dear Irfan Habib, we are the 98.3%

Commie scum Irfan Habib is at it again. Here is his latest interview to the Times of India:


Historian Irfan Habib on Sunday said the India as a nation is much stronger than the RSS

I quoted this part because it is perhaps the only thing in his entire interview that I agree with. India as a nation is much much stronger than RSS and may it always be! We go down on our knees and salute our Mother and may she always be strong. Indeed, be it the RSS, the BJP or the “Bhakts” and “Internet Hindus”, no organization that we can come up with can ever be stronger than our five thousand year old nation. May it always be that way. Long live Bharat!  In fact, my core disagreement with the Indian elite is that they should stop believing that they have a right to hold our civilization under their thumb with the “idea of India” manufactured by Nehru and his stooges.

And it all goes downhill from this point:

“The government is being run against the collective — or majority — consensus of people. They should never forget that the last general election did not give them any verdict in favour of their ideology. The verdict was on the issue of development. In that, too, gave BJP got merely 31% of votes

There we go again. First of all, no Central Govt in our entire history has ever secured a majority (50%+) of the votes. You didn’t have a problem with this until the BJP came to power. You don’t have a problem with the fact that Nitish Kumar became CM of Bihar last month by securing just 16% of the votes! You didn’t have a problem when Congress ruled this country from 2004 to 2014 by securing 26-28% of the vote but you are whining about BJP ruling with 31% vote!  Because they were your patrons. Now you are whining because the new sheriff in town stopped the gravy train.

But there is a bigger point here than Irfan Habib simply being a crybaby about the rules of the game now that he has lost. Who are YOU Irfan Habib to tell me that the 2014 election was not in favor of the BJP’s ideology? Who made you boss that you have the right to make that determination? If you want something that is genuinely against the people’s consensus, it is the power of Commies like YOU. Listen to this:

Conceding his support for the Left, Habib said, “One should never be judged by his political bias in the realm of history. Instead his argument or logic must be examined objectively.”

You ask about the BJP’s voteshare in 2014? What was the Commie vote share in 2014? In fact, tell me what is the best ever performance of the CPI(M) since the year 1950? Has the CPI(M) ever managed to touch 50 Lok Sabha seats? No, it hasn’t. Never ever have the people of this country given the CPI(M) 50 Lok Sabha seats. For comparison, people of India have given the BJP a minimum of 100 Lok Sabha seats continuously in the last 7 General Elections. If there is one ideology that has been consistently and completely rejected by the nation of India, it is YOUR Commie ideology. The people of this nation despise Commies. Why do you forget that Irfan Habib? If you have such a problem with the government running against the “majority consensus”, how dare you Commies enjoyed all this power over us and our institutions? By your own logic Irfan Habib, shouldn’t Commies be the first to quit all our institutions?

The Commie voteshare in 2014 was 1.7%!! Yeah…really…1.7%. Shouldn’t Commies like you be the first to quit? How dare you impose your ideology against the wishes of 98.3% of Indian people? 

Even on the issue of patriotism, RSS drew flak from Habib. “Where have they been from 1925 to 1947? We have never seen them fighting for nationalism. After 1947 it is quite easy and fashionable for any party to be patriotic.”

He might actually have a point. It is easy for Indians to be patriotic about their own country. It is much much harder to become “patriotic” about somebody else’s country, like the Commies whose loyalty was to the Soviet Union. People like Irfan Habib have done a great job of concealing the fact that World War II began with a JOINT invasion of Poland by Hitler from the west and by the Commies from the east:

As part of the deal with the Nazis (the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact), the Commies occupied not just half of Poland, but also Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Commies kept Nazi troops well supplied with grain and oil.  All this changed when Hitler attacked Russia and the Commies did a U-turn to become fanatically pro-British. The Communist Party of India wrote to the British government volunteering to provide its own cadres as suicide bombers to support British and American troops. You Commies cheered Hitler when he was occupying Poland and you Commies cheered the Imperial British when the Soviets were with them. Not for one moment between 1925 and 1947 and not for one moment after 1947 was a single Commie ever loyal to India. What have Commies done since 1947? They went into the forests to create guerilla armies of terrorists that massacre people day in and day out. You want to know what easy life is Irfan Habib? “Easy and fashionable” is  Commie intellectuals like you who chill in the comforts of Lutyens Delhi, getting wined and dined by feudal lords of the ruling party, while  lower level Commie boys  carry out terror attacks in the jungles of Jharkhand.  You are not loyal to India where you were born, not to the Soviet Union which is your ideological anchor, not to the Congress whose salt you eat and not even to the young boys who  kill and die in the name of your ideology in jungles of Jharkhand. YOU are “easy and fashionable”. Fashionable to own and easily sold. 

Wait, this is about to get hilarious:

Commenting on the personal attack he faced in the BJP regime, he said, “I opposed Congress during Emergency. But I never faced any problem working in Congress regime afterwards.” Rewriting history texts for schools was never an agenda for Congress, he argued.”

Yes, you never faced a problem working in Congress regimes afterwards. I KNOW 🙂 🙂 Guess why that is 🙂 ? Have you considered the possibility that the reason you didn’t have any problems is because you did exactly what they told you to? Even better is the part about Congress not wanting to rewrite history texts. Yes, why would they? THEY wrote it in the first place, exactly the way they wanted them to be written. Why would they rewrite it? As a Commie, you should recognize this, no? Why would the ruling feudal lords want history to be rewritten? It suits them exactly the way it is, no? And of course they don’t give any problems to their court poets and historians…ROFL!

Set us free Irfan Habib. We are the 98.3% of Indians who are against Commies. Stop imposing your worldview on our history against the wishes of 98.3% of us. That’s how many Indians despise the Commies. We won’t let you forget that.

27 thoughts on “Dear Irfan Habib, we are the 98.3%

    1. Shan Shen don’t get me wrong…..DM has been doing ‘scare tactics’ regarding ISIS for many months…..they seem to always get direct info from ISIS!!

      I have stopped believing DM on many topics….i consider DM to be British propaganda mouth piece.

      Most of what they show regarding India is derogatory!!


      1. I wondered too – that they were reporting stuff that no one else was. But then I wouldn’t be surprised by MSM hiding such news either.


    1. Quick question, does this only target government officials going on business trips or does this also target Congress and pAAPi netas who speak ill of India when abroad? Also, I suppose this could be partially circumvented by those who use their own money rather than government money to finance their expenditures. Though I assume the RBI would be able to discern that something is wrong if Cong MPs magically start withdrawing crores…


      1. This has to apply to all govt. officials whatever party it may be(after all the idea behind this is to curb using tax payers money for joy trips!) . I agree they will find loop holes to circumvent.


  1. Guys, I just checked Ravinar’s blog after a long time, it looks like the blog is dead and new comments are disabled!! I fear that he may be in trouble? Does anyone have any information? Hope Mediacrooks will be back soon!

    Thanks to commenter Raj Dharm for sharing info about DynastyCrooks before Mediacrooks was shut down.

    I’m still going through all the posts, but Dynasty is off to a great start! Keep up the good work!!



  2. More and more I love that Saudi Arabia’s Imam who said that only Arab Muslims are true Muslims. All others are impostors and Kafirs. This Irfan Habib is impostor Muslim hiding behind the hide of Communist.

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    1. Read that article in the TOIlet blog and it was really funny. LOL. Modi never called her his daughter and Priyanka’s outrage about that was also childish. when the actual news came out about Modi’s speech, priyanka was left red faced. iam shuddering on seeing this author’s profile. articles on washington post,NYT, dawn, statesman etc., etc., wow. so we get the details about all the dynasty media connections from this one article itself. but, we have to appreciate this author on one thing. while reading itself, i was not able to control my laughter and i was really ROTFLOL, but this author has penned such a hilarious piece without even laughing even once, may be. but, he need to try better to get noticed by the dynasty and to be hand-picked for some plum awards/posts. there are many more lickers already waiting in the queue and the dynasty does not have the ability to lay their hands on the govt coffers till 2019 atleast.


  3. To all Indian Saraswati is a goddess, like Ganges and other major holy rivers. The confluence of Saraswati, Ganges and Yamuna is known a Triveni to every Indian—as is a holy pilgrimage site.




    It is disgusting to see a rambling, politicking report of Tom Lasseter claiming to report for Bloomberg. 

    The report smacks of Hindu phobia. 

     Nonsense being reported as Bloomberg news broadcast through NDTV.


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