Answers to Mehdi Hasan and why it is “your ISIS”

By now, everybody has seen the Al Jazeera program where Mehdi Hasan attacks Ram Madhav:


With the double barrelled weapon of Islamic fundamentalism and British colonial racism gunning for him, Ram Madhav clearly found himself hemmed in. Being spokesperson for the ruling party also took its toll on Ram Madhav in terms of having to maintain some level of political correctness. As a backup, Mehdi Hasan used to great effect his superior command of the English language and also gave himself the luxury of a backup crew of an “expert panel of 3 people” to which he had pre-appointed a 2/3rd majority for his point of view. Clearly, God’s warrior was taking no chances.

So, Mehdi let me answer your questions. Here are your questions (paraphrased):

Q: The US State Dept denied Modi a visa until recently as did the UK govt because they all believed he was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths in Gujarat… 

A. Hey Mehdi, since when have you become a fan of what the US and UK govts say and do? Are you going to accept the official propaganda of the US and the UK govt on Muslim countries? Are you gonna support the US and the UK when they accuse Muslim countries of having weapons of mass destruction and invade Muslim countries? Day after day I see you on Youtube bashing what US and UK govts have said and done. Suddenly when it comes to a nation full of kafirs, you have become a footman for official American and British propaganda? Because in your worldview, there is a hierarchy, isn’t it:

Muslim  >>   Christian  >> Pagan

The sovereignty of Muslim nations comes first, above everyone else. US and UK have no right to judge them. But India should be under the thumb of US and UK because we are a nation of pagans, right? Guess what, we are sovereign and don’t give a damn what US and UK govt have to say about our democratically elected leaders.

Q. What about various communally charged comments made by various RSS and BJP leaders? 

A. I appreciate you for managing to cherry pick examples quite well. These sparks fly on all sides and it is not surprising that in a party of millions of members, there are reprehensible statements made from time to time. Even by the top leadership. It happens on all sides. Sonia Gandhi, the Supreme Leader from 2004-2014 had actually cried tears of sorrow for dead terrorists in the Batla House encounter. PM Manmohan Singh had himself proclaimed that “Muslims have the first right to the nation’s resources”. So, don’t play this worthless game of “gotcha”. Move on.

Q. PM Modi has described M S Golwalkar as “inspiring”. Golwalkar was inspired by Nazi race theories and said this and that about Muslims and Christians…. 

A. Okay, another “gotcha” game that is trivial to play. Mr. X has described Mr. Y as “inspiring” and once in his lifetime Mr. Y said something bad, so now go ahead and blame Mr. X for everything about Mr. Y. Let me show you how ridiculously stupid this game is: Okay Mehdi, tell me : as a Muslim, are you inspired by “…”????

I am scared to fill in the name there because I don’t want to be beheaded. If you are in fact inspired by “…”, let me know what are your views on sex with minor girls. Let me pick up the books that contain the teachings of “…” and ask you to explain why you support each and every barbaric view expressed in there. Believe me, you will have a very crappy night at the Oxford Union defending everything that “…” said and did. Feels unfair? It is. But you started this game, remember?

Q. What do you want do with the Taj Mahal? Paint it Orange?

A. Okay, so you asked this question condescendingly. I get it. But let me ask you something: why “orange”? What does the color orange have to do with RSS and Hindus and all? Oh…I know, you probably think that  orange is a symbol for Hindus. In that case, I have news for you, it’s not “orange” but “saffron”. You asked this question to mock us. Instead you have only exposed your own ignorance and arrogance.

Now why am I going on about what may seem like a minor point? Yes, the confusion between “orange” and “saffron” is understandable for an outsider and you would probably suggest it should be forgiven. But why? What if a white American sitting in front of you at the Oxford Union had said that Muslims from the Middle East wear towels on their heads? You would have gone right to your battlestation and started raising hell over “ignorance” and “Islamophobia”. Just like you don’t know that Hindus use saffron, not orange, an American might not know or care whether Muslims wear towels or turbans on their heads. It looks like a towel and they call it a towel. There’s nothing inherently offensive about the word “towel”. What’s the problem with calling Muslims as towelheads then?  Ah..we know…the whole world has  a responsibility to know and care about YOUR religion and culture, a courtesy you obviously don’t extend to others.

Q. “My ISIS ?”

A. This is the audio bit from the debate that the Left and Mehdi Hasan want to popularize most. They want to pick up on the moment that Ram Madhav said “your ISIS” while telling Mehdi to mind his own business instead of demanding answers from India.

Ram Madhav is a BJP spokesperson. He is hemmed in by certain political correctness and unable to elaborate on that point. I am not a BJP spokesperson. So, let me speak from the heart  Mehdi and tell you why it indeed is “your ISIS“. Mehdi, you run a one man traveling circus all over the place denouncing Islamophobia, speaking and advocating on behalf of the Muslim community. You appointed yourself as their representative so you gotta answer for them too.

Listen, ISIS is just ONE spectacularly brutal manifestation of how Muslims are behaving today. In fact, ISIS is not even that spectacular, ISIS is more like an obvious next step in the progressive build up of psychotic behavior by Muslims over the last several decades. You were all over Ram Madhav with random remarks from RSS leaders, let me ask you about the things that Muslim leaders from the 57 Muslim majority countries on earth are saying. Something like 55 of these 57 countries are brutal dictatorships and they have all subscribed to the “Islamic Declaration of Human Rights”, which considers Sharia to be Supreme Law. Almost all of these countries ban Israelis from even stepping inside their borders. What do you have to say about that? Now, you will obviously do the usual dance of Muslim apologists and say that you don’t support these vicious fundamentalists. But then you Muslims need to tell us what you are doing to kick out these fundamentalists from controlling ALL your countries.

You wanted Ram Madhav to give a solution to the Kashmir issue, YOU Mehdi Hasan need to tell me what YOU Muslims are doing to solve the issue of brutal dictatorships and barbaric Sharia law across the Muslim world. You were not satisfied by summary condemnations from Ram Madhav, you wanted ACTION, you wanted a PLAN. So tell us Mehdi, what is your plan for curing the Muslim world from its barbarism? You worry about war over Kashmir and India’s nuclear weapons, imagine how worried we must be about the intentions of the barbaric block of 57 Muslim countries who have declared Sharia as the Supreme law.  You pretend to be some kind of thinker. I never hear you talking about the real problems facing Muslims, I see you haranguing everyone about Islamophobia. I see Muslims on the streets against some cartoon in Denmark or some obscure Youtube video, I don’t see Muslims on the street against the million atrocities that happen under Islamic regimes every single day. And until the Muslim community and their self appointed representatives in the media like you are able to give us that, you deserve every bit of the so called “Islamophobia” you get. A phobia by definition is an irrational fear. You are worried about India holding “nuclear weapons in defiance of international law”, imagine how worried we are about 57 countries that treat Sharia as supreme law. In 57 countries where Muslims are the majority, Sharia is supreme. In the countries where Muslims are not a majority, they are always on the streets against some cartoon or movie and always on vacation when thousands of people are slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists. Is it irrational to fear such people? So until I find you speaking more against Islamic theocracies and Sharia law than against “Islamophobia”, it will continue to be “your ISIS“.

In fact, your whole show Mehdi was on Al Jazeera. That’s the state television of Qatar. Is the government of Qatar democratically elected? Will Qatari government allow me to draw a cartoon of you-know-who and show it on Al Jazeera? You are sitting on the official channel of an Islamic monarchy/theocracy and lecturing India’s democratically elected government on tolerance.  You and your ISIS need to look within. Just to recap, isolated condemnations won’t do. For every one innocent  Muslim who gets badly treated at the airport due to “Islamophobia”, there are at least 1000 innocents who have been beheaded by angry Muslims. Your body of work on Islam should reflect the relative magnitude of the two issues. Until then, its your ISIS. You bet.


33 thoughts on “Answers to Mehdi Hasan and why it is “your ISIS”


    You have very effectively and systematically shredded into tiny pieces this dumb guys stupid presentation!

    What gall to do such a dumb show when the whole world is looking at India and the PM in a new light!


  2. Fantastic post. These hypocrites try to paint themselves as Holier Than Thou when it comes to other, especially Hindu religion, but have total blind spot for what happens under their own nose. We see day in and day out that when Muslims kill other Muslims, nothing happens, but even a minor crime by a Hindu against a Muslim all hell break loose. I remember couple of years ago, an army major molested a Muslim mother and a daughter, entire Kashmir valley remained shut down for days on out until Major was suspended. Although this Major happened to be a Muslim but he was associated with Indian army that was his crime. On the other hand terrorists frequently hold entire Muslim families as hostage and kill them and no strike in Kashmir.


  3. Chaiwallah! Your spirited outrage at Mehdi Hasan on “your ISIS” is aptly justified.The programme is captioned Head on Head. They only understand beheading. Kudos to Rammadhav and Gowtamsen who dealt face smashing blows to the anchor and the tutored panelists, particularly the Hindu named J&K woman, who were hurling canards at him. They did not hide their venom for Hindustan, it’s PM and RSS. India is capable of handling their “only problem POK” has been effectively conveyed by Madhav. “If you feel you are a minority then you should have the goodwill of the majority” is the logical advice.


  4. I love this fellow Ram Madhav. Without losing his cool, with his limited vocabulary he gives our strong replies. May be the tone of his replies are soft, but not the content, which is firm and decisive. ‘Your ISIS’ was a classic. This Hassan fellow was giving out wrong numbers and Ram Madhav corrected him right there. That lady was reading out some atrocious numbers from a piece of paper and Gautam Sen rightly put her in place making her go wild. That was the moment I loved the most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I too agree about Ram Madhav!

      Mehdi Hasan’s material which he was referring to is clearly from the agenda of the ‘intolerance brigand’ of pseudo intellectuals of waitress.

      Ram Madhav did a commendable job without getting flustered by Mehdi Hasan’s staccato burst of questions!!


  5. This Mehdi Hasan has no standing in a democratic India set up. Only civilized human beings who accept the normal non violent method to deal with vast majority of normally non violent and genuinely democratic life style has standing to debate about India’s course of action among its nationalist citizens.


    1. Shan Shen good link!

      This guy is quite a character!

      Some readers comments on this guy!
      Mehdi is an arrogant bigot. 
      The guy is just a glib mouth and empty rhetoric, nothing more.
      Mehdi is a vile liar and apologist.
      I’ve seen hasan performing at the Oxford Union and he’s rude, bragging and pushy.

      The people in the comment section freely discusses about ‘He Who Must Not Be Named ‘ and some of the links given by these readers are mind boggling!


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