Why is Barkha Dutt having a meltdown over Shahrukh’s Diljale?

Dilwale…Diljale whatever… As an inherently positive person, I try to understand the qualities even in people I despise. For instance, Rajdeep Sardesai is a despicable thug, but when his book came out…dragging his behind all over the scene, ambushing politicians, film stars, everyone….getting them to take a picture with his book. I appreciate Rajdeep’s hustle. It tells you how these Mameluks got to be the top Mameluks out there. As Subbu Swamy says, in Congress, “chamcha” is a very high post! I give Barkha Dutt credit for spotting as far back as 2003 or 2004, the ability of social media to challenge the Mameluk narrative. Barkha Dutt did an episode of “We the people” demanding government censorship of blogs back when social media wasn’t even the faintest blip on the Indian political radar. In fact, while I was watching that episode all those years ago, my first question was: so what exactly is a blog 😉 ?

And I will always respect Barkha Dutt for that. She was able to spot her enemy coming from a mile away. Who would have thought there was such power in social media? But Barkha saw the potential …she saw the “clear and present danger” posed by democratized public platforms without Dynasty appointed gatekeepers. And she started demanding censorship of social media at a time most people had barely heard of it. Rahul Gandhi is a dumbass but his Mameluks are not.. it’s actually quite competitive to become a Mameluk of Barkha’s level.

So, now that Barkha Dutt is having a meltdown over social media driven boycotts and bad online reviews of her book, it’s a great way to gauge and validate the influence of social media. If they are desperately gunning for us, it means they are hurting badly. A Shahrukh Khan movie  collapsing seems to have sent a tremendous, bone chilling message to the elite.

First of all, don’t let them tell you for one second that Dilwale is screwing up purely because the movie sucks. Shahrukh admitted it himself that his comments had hurt the collections. AND, more importantly, if Dilwale had gone on to become a chartbuster, these same Mameluks would have called it a massive snub to social media by the ordinary public. Imagine the flood of articles telling Bhakts how the common people are saying no to their “intolerance”.  So, now that Dilwale is collapsing, it is important for social media to step up and claim full  credit. The Bhakts brought down Shahrukh Khan’s movie and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

See how they whine:

So? Now we are required to go buy tickets to see people we don’t like or we’ll all be intolerant? ROFL! But here is where Sadanand Dhume’s epic response comes in:

Ouch! Yes, Barkha, what do you want? Just like speech in our country, you want “reasonable restrictions” on the right to boycott with a monopoly for liberals on the definition of reasonable? Here, the meltdown of Barkha begins:

See, now Rajdeep is scoring over Barkha. Rajdeep was in even more difficult times when he released his book: Modi had just been elected, Rajdeep had just lost his job. Rajdeep was reduced to hand to hand combat with Modi supporters for a living. But he didn’t go FULL RETARD, he kept begging important people to “release his book”, showing up at everyone’s bathroom and living room. Here, Barkha is just throwing her toys out of the pram: “You hate my book…go hate it…I know you all hate it…F**k you all”. Think I am exaggerating? See what happened next:

Yeah…you all think I am dumb…F**k you all! Hell, I am dumb. Here, I will break all my toys. Are you happy now?

Here’s more fun:

What? You guys hate my book? Look I will hate myself more than you can. I suck. Everyone is good and I am pathetic. You happy now? I hate you..I hate you…I hate you…


Exactly. Barkha Dutt wants to be the arbiter of what we can boycott and what we can’t. So, go buy tickets to see Dilwale or Barkha will call Madam Sonia to pass a Protection of Tolerance Act (POTA). Oh wait she can’t. The people took that privilege away, didn’t they? I understand what Barkha is going through. I used to act the same way when my parents would put the comics on the top shelf and refused to let me touch them…


42 thoughts on “Why is Barkha Dutt having a meltdown over Shahrukh’s Diljale?

  1. ‘ I used to act the same way when my parents would put the comics on the top shelf and refused to let me touch them…’HA HA HA …..ROFL… I have done this to my kids!…long ago my parents have done this to me!

    I guess you will have to hide the tablet of your kids!!


    1. I have heard that after 2002 Racial Riots in Gujarat, many many Muslims lost their jobs and Hindu businessmen refused to hire Muslim workers. Our Presstitutes media missed this peaceful retribution by the Hindus which gave much stronger message to the Muslim community than anything else.


  2. Probably peaceful and tolerant form of protests for these people are forcing their way into the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Armed with assault rifles and other weapons, and kill unarmed people in the building.


  3. It is such a shame that they openly flaunt all morals. When others say something, even if it is garbage, it is freedom of expression. When people protest lawfully, it is intolerance.

    What the heck – people have to go to movies and put money into the pockets of Khans, to show they are secular? The Barkha’s of the world have now completely lost it.


    1. Hi brother,
      I have not put any comment of yours under moderation. That comment of yours which I edited the other day was just a one time affair! You have been commenting a long time and I have been enjoying your comments. I trust you fully 🙂 Please keep reading and commenting.



  4. Good presentation and writeup!

    Just a recap of some events ,why everybody hates her!

    Barkha is the only celebrity journalist on this planet to have hate pages on Facebook. The Internet is full of posts describing her as a Hindu basher.

    Barkha Dutt received the C H Mohammed Koya National Journalism Award in 2009, a Islamic award . 

    In 2010 Barkha Dutt was appointed by the Waitress as a member of India’s National Integration Council, due to her steady and rabid Anti-Hindu stance.

    During a NDTV discussion on Ram Sethu controversy, Barkha Dutt silenced a lady participant opposing the Project, by disdainfully referring to Ramayana as an ‘old wife’s tale’.   

    She said on NDTV that she does NOT like being called BURQA DUTT.   Well madame,  according to Indians , you behave like a Islamophile.  

    Even Wikipedia does NOT have a kind word about her.


  5. Double standards and hypocrisy of Zakir Naik,it used to bugg me so much…I could not even force myself to watch the bull he spews!

    What Tarak Fateh does in this viedio is great…all must have already watched this!


  6. If pen is mightier than swords or weapons, the Hindus use of internet media is the answer to challenges of prestitution and Congress’s (and its illegitimate inheritors) corrupt and anti national mis rule. The use of internet media is civilizational response and innovative way to effectively protest democratically as situations demand. Look, we have been restrained with many albatross around our necks in last 1000 years and mostly in last 60 years. Some of them we have put ourselves out of nobility of our culture, like non violence. If we unite, innovate, find effective alternatives all the forced albatross and shackles can be broken once and for all freeing ourselves from all abuses of last 1000 years and of misrules of anti Hindus. Even better- the boycott of anti national khans, burkhas, saggy aunties, rajdeeps etc. will put thousands such anti nationals and violent savages in dustbins.


    1. Nice!…..strange community…they decide who is who is not!

      In Hinduism anybody who believes that he is a Hindu is enough to make that person to be a Hindu nobody is going to question !!…..I am glad I was born as a Hindu and I am proud to be a Hindu!


  7. I couldn’t stop laughing reading your post. These people are like remind me of a boy in my neighbourhood who always gets out on nought and then takes the wickets away saying that since he got out there would be no match. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


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