Wicked me: If there is a new Modi, I’m loving this


The day was May 14, 2004. One day ago, the Vajpayee government had lost the election. The newspaper dropped off on our front porch that morning had the screaming headline:

Amazing! Power of the finger: BJP swept away in tidal wave

I remember it like yesterday. I remember the sharp pain that headline caused me. The scoreline was:

Indian National Congress : 145

Bharatiya Janata Party: 138

It was these 7 seats that pushed the BJP into 10 years of humiliation. The UPA embarked on a massive corruption drive: the Mameluks helped themselves to everything of value they could find: coal, spectrum, thorium. Money for irrigation in Maharashtra? Gone! Money for ambulances in Rajasthan? Gone! Relief money for Uttarakhand floods? Gone! Money for Commonwealth Games? Gone!  You name it, they stole it! While they were busy ransacking the nation, the Queen brought in Christian missionaries to feast on the endemic poverty and destitution caused by the UPA’s loot and the Nehruvian socialist legacy of the Dynasty. NGO owners went on lavish shopping sprees all over the globe with cash collected in the names of various causes: from giving wheelchairs to the disabled to building memorials for Gujarat riot victims. On July 30, 2012, the UPA government literally plunged half the nation into darkness:


That night, that exact same night when lights were out across half the nation, power Minister Shri Sushil Shinde was promoted to Home Minister! And while all this was happening, intellectuals were busy collecting their loyalty Awards and every night Presstitutes would dance on our TV screens explaining why the BJP is responsible for all the problems in the country. Yes, the ruling party of 55 years would join together every night with all other parties from across the country to blame the BJP alone for everything.

It’s still the same today: there are still just 2 sides: BJP and everyone else. But at least we are in power, damn it!

So, Kejriwal says today that the Modi government has given the CBI a supari to “finish all other parties”. Okay…so Kejriwal’s CM Office got raided by the CBI. Okay…so in Arunachal Pradesh, the elected Congress government has just been toppled by the BJP yesterday. Okay so Chidambaram’s son has just been raided by the Enforcement Directorate and Himachal CM Virbhadra Singh is being pestered by the CBI. And of course the Gandhis are going to court tomorrow!

Some of these are about the courts and have nothing to do with the government. Some are about the law taking its own course and of course some are simply about political revenge. You know what…damn it! Let it all be political revenge! Yes, dear Congress, it IS political vendetta. What will you do about it? Remember how you murdered democracy in Goa and Jharkhand when you had 7 seats more than we did? Remember how the confidence vote was stolen on the floor of Parliament in 2008? Remember how Modi was dragged to CBI inquiry after CBI inquiry? Remember how BJP was singled out and victimized all these years because they had 6-7 seats less than you did?

After 17 years of being loyal alliance partners in Bihar, Nitish Kumar did not even give  Sushil Modi the courtesy of letting him resign. Nitish Kumar simply dismissed him. When Modi’s rally in Patna was attacked by terrorists, they cracked jokes about history trivia that Modi may or may not have gotten wrong while bombs were exploding all around him. Ha! Today these same parties are complaining about vendetta! Ha! I say:

Arre kaun si izzat di hai jo aaj izzat maangte ho? Kis muh se izzat maangte ho? (Dear parties affiliated to the Dynasty, what respect did you give us that you have come to ask for respect today? With what face have you come to ask for respect?)

Well guess what? You won 2004 by margin of 6-7 seats. We have paid it back to you with interest by winning 6-7 times more seats than you have! How do you like that, haan? Sitting in the Opposition is not supposed to be comfortable. You know why? Because you are LOSERS and why in the world would winners and losers live the same way? So, get used to it! You have been rejected by the people, so you sit at the low table and eat humble pie. When you have your chance, go to the people, win a mandate and come occupy the high seat. Who is stopping you? Till then, learn to live in your second class role in this country.

If anything, Modi has been too nice. In his victory speech, he talked about “Team India” consisting of all parties cooperating. He even acknowledged the political role of parties that had won 0 seats in the Lok Sabha. That was his badappan (magnanimity). Madam, he took your retarded son by the hand and reassured him. Perhaps the Opposition took this to mean that they would be honored and pampered in Modi’s India. But the reality is : losers out, winners in! If indeed there is a new Modi who has begun political vendetta, I am loving it! This was long overdue.

That’s the wicked me 😉 Can you folks ever forgive me for this post 🙂 ?


23 thoughts on “Wicked me: If there is a new Modi, I’m loving this

  1. What you say is true ChaiWallah. But I am amazed that NaMo continues to use the same tactics with these opposition parties and media and continues to fail in developing intelligence in marketing. So, the BJP continues to be on its backfoot.

    AK cleverly manipulates his loyal stooges in media and the Congi media too relishes it. Suddenly it is not about Rajendra Kumar and CBI; instead it is watever wild allegations AK can come up with.

    Where is the counterpoint – what is stopping BJP from creating its own Fox News channel? There are enough of people like you out there who can present cogent, coherent, logical counterviews and yet your voices are hidden in blogs like these. Instead BJP sends its non market savvy people to the anti BJP channels and thinks job done.



  2. So, the rapist will walk out free. No, he is not a juvenile. And he wasn’t then either, other than due to a doctored school cert. The court slept then and has slept now also. I wish our society was truly intolerant – to such acts by the courts and the governments.


    1. Nirbhaya’s mother spoke thus.
      “That boy everyone calls juvenile; he beat her with an iron rod. He inserted it into her body till it went all the way up and yanked it out, and with it, her intestines. As she shouted for him to stop, he screamed at her, ‘Saali, mar! (Die, bitch)’ Yet the law calls him a juvenile.”

      What a shame such a monster walk out free inspite Dr.SS intervention.


      1. Yes, mmsrinivas, really felt very bad, that this monster will be released. And now, the news coming is that, delhi SC has refused to stay his release.Shame on our system, where a criminal is walking free.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah, once again a gr8 post. I am wondering how come you get energy to write a post daily. Hats off to you.
    I think BJP now needs to sharpen their attack. You are right that, Modi has tried all ways to take everybody with him. Unfortunately, this will put a break on daily bread and butter of Mameluke, and so their behaviour is natural. .I think BJP is unnecessary waiting for opposition to get polite and help them. That will never happen. Screw them and see the results. I do not know, why BJP is still afraid. Sometimes, I feel BJP is still in opposition and congress is still ruling. BJP is always seem to be defending.Do not know, when they will become aggressive.Or may be it has to do with DNA of Hindus, that we never become aggressive and always give chance to enemy.
    I have observed that, Modi was very clear about his vision for these crooks. If we see his interviews before 2014 elections, he has clearly mentioned that, he will not screw anybody, and let court decide.The same has happened with queen and still they are crying for political Vedanta.I think, BJP is still naive or is trying to show that they are polite. It will take time to become shrewd.Luckily, we have swamy, who is taking all burden of fighting against crooks.


  4. Our poor Bharathmata has been systematically looted by these guys since 1947!!
    Since Chaiwallah mentioned a few scams,I thought you all should be aware about all the scams since 1947.

    “Here is a summary of all scams since independence. These may not be the only ones. These are the ones that were caught and brought to the notice of the public. In total, this is coming upto Rs. 910,603,234,300,000, which is equal to USD 20.23 trillion. With this huge amount, India will become a super-power overnight and can permanently kill all social problems mainly poverty and unemployment.”



  5. Again the comments are showing undue haste and losing calm. What was Congress! People have realised in 2014. Then only people have chosen Shri. Modi as PM and gave him a clear mandate. He came to power on the promise of development and growth. He did not promise to be wicked and vengeful. His hard work is visible. He is on the right track. The congress and the rest of other parties are getting berserk. They will ruin themselves in the process. Modi does not have to wield any weapon. The designs of congress and the rest cannot work under the present times. Ever since Bihar was lost for BJP the opponents are feigning to reign in the country and dreaming to dislodge Modi in 2019. It is not that simple! Starting a fox channel and running a parallel media is never a good idea. Things are getting hotter for congress and as well for the partisan media. The congress will be crumbling under its own weight. The court has thanked Subramanian Swami for impleading in the Nirbhaya case. SS is calling the Hon’ble HC judgement brilliantly drafted. While congress is playing truant with all bills in Rajyasabha, within the existing law the erstwhile juvenile is bound to be free from the sentence and yet he cannot come out of observation for two more years extendible to ten years by an executive order. SS has valid plans under his sleeve. Women’s rights will be well protected by this regime. Do not jump to deride the judiciary. Finally, the game of politics is not anybody’s monopoly and it is never a checkmate till the lost move was made. Due diligence is required to be meticulously observed. Haste makes waste and patience always pays in the long run. Don’t get haughty. Continue the blogs and the trend is useful.Satyamev Jayate.


  6. After the PM recently had a meeting with the Congress president and former PM and agreed to way out passing GST suddenly the court case surfaced. Congress was waiting for a ploy to somehow scuttle the passing the bill. At the slightest chance they’re resurgent with the disruption of the Parliament. The mockery on the MSM continues unabated. Under the unpleasant atmosphere they find themselves in the evening panel discussions BJP spokesman being able to maintain cool is laudable. They are provoked and intrigued to the hilt. Meanwhile CBI raid on Delhi secretariat was apparently ill timed. Why was it hurried is puzzling. That provoked the crazy incidents. So pandemonium is deliberately being created from anything out of desperation by the opposition. Opposition is obviously finding itself very uncomfortable. BJP has three years. There is delay but there is enough time to deliver. PM and NDA will be able to deliver the best and the most. Time does not always favour only some. No need to feel frenzied and panic. Avoid self kicking. Be patient and watchful. By this evening mother and son will create further history by courting jail and so the circus goes on. Watch it. Keep moving. Jai Hind. Bharat maatha ki Jai.


  7. http://www.opindia.com/2015/12/dear-shashi-tharoor-here-is-the-real-war-that-is-destroying-indias-reputation/

    When Shashi T did his Britain owes India reparations bit and everyone went gaga over it, I held back.

    a. I knew he was a snake in the grass and could not be trusted.
    b. He was also just grandstanding on a stage and knowing that nothing would come out of it for India – other than brownie points for his own self.

    So, his true colors have come out now. Where yet again, an Indian goes on foreign soil and tries to make the country look bad.

    I don’t have issues on people pegging stuff on political rivals, abroad. NaMo does it also. But what these sickos do is to tarnish the country to some populace that laps it so they can put India down. They select a few crimes (gruesome and punishable as they are) in a country of 1.25 billion and brush the whole society with it. Guess what morons – such crimes occur in the very countries you go crying too. I don’t see their journos or politicians wetting the pillows in India or blaming their societies for it.

    And worse of course is the double standard. A few crimes can be used to brand a society. But even a lot of crimes across the globe cannot be used against a particular religion or its members.


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