4 month old imperialist spy executed by Liberal terrorists

This is more of a reflective post. It was spurred by this report of Commies executing a 4 month old imperialist spy in public with a hammer and burying it in front of it’s mother. Read and cry:

Maoists in Bijapur district of Bastar region hammered a four-month-old baby with a rod in front of his mother till it bled and gasped to death. The guerrillas then buried the infant near their camp, while the mother screamed and begged for its life.


Oh well…another day…another murder by another liberal terrorist that passes by without any comment from the guardians of the idea of India.

There are two things that I find most ironic about the politics of our country. The first is that even after 1000 years of slavery, Hindus of India are unable to unite for the cause of the country, which happens to be the only motherland we have. We lose Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and see Assam, Kerala and West Bengal slipping out of our grasp before our eyes, but don’t really care. The idea of India brigade is so supremely confident in large scale Hindu inaction that they openly laugh in our face, they brazenly sing praises of Yakub Memon and make us feel ashamed for celebrating Diwali or Holi.

The second thing that I will never understand about India is the insidious success of the Commie Left in “normalizing” its propaganda within our daily life to the point that we do not notice it any more. For instance, the BJP today is still being pushed to a corner in liberal discourse because 3 decades before the BJP was born, a person who might have been an ex-member of the BJP’s parent organization killed Mahatma Gandhi! Add to that the apocryphal story that 7 decades ago, RSS leaders of 2-3 generations ago might have been influenced by some views of some people who had found something good about the Nazis! For god’s sake…the RSS-BJP is still defending itself from such strange accusations to this very day!!!

So, what do I mean by “normalizing” Commie propaganda? Can you imagine someone starting a party called the Nazi Party of India (Hitlerist) or NPI(H)?  It would be frontpage news not only in India, but across the world, bringing tremendous shame to our country. Can you imagine any intellectual, any news editor, any reporter, any journalist, any scientist, doctor, executive or any decent human being allowing NPI(H) to offer its views on any respectable forum?  Can you imagine NPI(H) being invited to any TV debate or conference? Of course not, because, as a society, we have accepted that Nazism must be rejected in every possible form…

Now, here is what I wonder about Commies. How come we as a society do not have the same visceral reaction to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) as we would have towards a Nazi Party? How come Commies get to fly the dreaded hammer and sickle with such careless abandon? Is the hammer and sickle not a symbol of death to literally hundreds of millions? Is the hammer and sickle any less than the dreaded Nazi swastika? The CPI(M) and CPI openly glorify Stalin and they are national parties: how come glorification of Stalin is not seen in the same league as glorification of Hitler? The Commies get invited to give their views on TV, they freely mingle in civilized society. How come?

Somehow, Communist views have managed to attain a level of respectability in our society that Nazi views have not, even though both are equally evil. And in terms of the body count, the Commies have kicked Nazi ass. And yet, in civil society and public discourse, the Commies have managed to get a pass. This massive PR victory for Commie ideology is one of the greatest ironies of India. We talk about Muslims being pampered in liberal discourse, but who can possibly match the extent to which the Commies are pampered? At least when a crazy Muslim holds up an ISIS flag, people comment on it. At the very least, it gets condemned. At least we agree that the ISIS point of view should not be part of public debate. Does society have the same reaction when a Commie shows a red flag with a hammer and sickle? In fact, in every corner of this country, you can find an openly Communist union. Can you imagine unions affiliated to ISIS or to the Nazis? How did we manage to let the Commies achieve such an incredible public relations coup? How did they manage to give Stalin’s and Mao’s and Pol Pot’s and Naxals’ massacres a modicum of respectability?

Let’s think about it.



26 thoughts on “4 month old imperialist spy executed by Liberal terrorists

  1. An excellent interview with Dr Swamy.

    The part about Arun J that we all know but NaMo tolerates, is critical. I hope he is seeing the futility of such an approach as Dr Swamy in pointing out and changes his ways.


    This was Mr Jaitley’s strategy: ‘Be nice to them!’ See, in the very beginning I had told Modi, when Jaitley was saying ‘be nice to them’, one of the reasons for keeping me out was that I was the red rag before a bull. Jaitley opposed my entry into the BJP; it was Nitin Gadkari…

    Can I quote you on that?

    Yes, of course. Jaitley opposed my entry into the BJP. It was Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh and, of course, the RSS that put their foot down. He (Jaitley) raised the issue of my criticism of Vajpayee also.

    Nitin Gadkari said, ‘What about our criticism of him? Are we going to talk all our lives about the past?’ When the wife and the husband quarrel, they say awful things to each other; but then they forget about it, no?’

    Jaitley’s view was always… and he told me that so openly — he didn’t hide it — ‘Your style of fighting with Sonia is different from our style, and I don’t think you fit into the BJP.’ He has been holding that view.

    I have been saying that these people (the Dynasty) are the most ungrateful people born on earth. The nicer you are to them, they think it is because it is their fundamental right that you be nice to them. They will not be grateful. They will not be reconciled to our coming to power.


    1. Especially when the waitress decalered….”she told me she was more of a Sicilian.”

      In effect she has declared that she belongs to Sicilian Mafia!!!

      The Sicilian Mafia, also known as Cosa Nostra (“Our Thing”), is a criminal syndicate in Sicily, Italy. It is a loose association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure and code of conduct.

      True colour of Jaitley is out!!


    2. Salutations to Shri Swami for his very candid revelations in swarajya magazine and his kind sentiments on Modi, hindutva and India. Even when he was antagonised he is a good friend because he is a patriot in the strict sense of the term.

      Now with the DDCA file episode with CBI and kejriwal, Arun Jaitley may be further exposed. Whether CBI was let loose by Jaitley and whether he really intends or pretends to get GST passed and whether he is a mole in Modi cabinet are the moot points Shri Modi would like to penetrate into.


  2. Human psychology which helped Communism its foot-hold in the world is still kicking and alive. The cunning Communist leaders promised to punish rich employers. the common workers who were jealous of their rich employers fell for these cunning Communist leaders and are still falling for it.
    Our MSM is full of such Communist sympathizer. Recently there is a case going on in China against a prominent right activist, but you will not hear or read about it in our MSM.


    1. Indeed, I think 2 things keep the Commies going: first there is natural jealousy of people towards the rich. The second is the fact that the Commies invested in an intellectual ecosystem.


  3. Share more ideas, suggestions on what hindus should do to sieze the initiative back.

    The bjp coming to power with absolute majority is one commendable success.

    Forces opposed to Hinduism and hindu unity are being spoilers of this success and we need to put our thoughts and work out how to consolidate and build on this success.

    RSS and its subsidiaries , offshoots are doing what they can – but a fundamental question that has always remained unanswered is “what is the motivation/incentive” for a hindu to

    a) remain a hindu
    b) fight/work/toil for the cause of hinduism.( consolidation,expansion)

    Even as we are preoccupied on such issues – thousands convert every day either to Christianity or Islam in our own country ( tamil nadu, kerela, andhra pradesh, karnataka , bengal, bihar, assam etc. ) and the incentive is Money/Job and deemed liberation from caste system ( and so there goes “pride”/”patriotism” as incentive for strengthening cause of hinduism).

    The propoganda machinery ( badmouthing hinduism ) set in motion during mughal and british times is fructifying now .

    My blood used to boil earlier. For decades. Now run out of steam. Hindu unity seems impossible for now as we are far too divided. We hindus are actually more christianized ( hollow , superficial , hypocritical) than even the christianized west. Not sure where we are headed.

    Decades back I had moved away from RSS as I found them too strait jacketed, too self critical , idealistic and rigid ; and had anticipated such a turn of events. Unless we find an answer to Money Power or become Moneyed ourselves – we would remain vulnerable.

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    1. Rightwinger….excellent points!!

      All foregin funded NGO’s must and should be banned….like how Putin did in Russtia!

      There are too many external forces working against Hindus.

      Dr.SS always says if Hindus vote as a block….there is no stopping India being the super power… which her rightful place!


      1. There are multiple reasons for this.
        (1) As you said, we hindus are never united.To be frank, I have seen that, we do not care about our religion. We only care about money. Indians living in western countries are never motivated politically. Simple example is Kashmir. If you talk about kashmir on foreign land, foreigners still assume that, kashmir is takan away illegally by India from pakistan. Pakistan still have similar image as India. Although, scenario now is changing, but Pakistains still were very active politically. The same situation is here in India. Instead of pakistanis, muslims in India always are united and they utilize their political parties whom they are voting. They bargain a lot. What we have done as hindus. Of course, we do not have any right wing party except BJP (which is I would say soft right wing party or truly secular party). The reason is simple, unless you get united, nobody will care you. We are divided.”A DIVIDED MAJORITY IS RULED BY UNITED MINORITY IN INDIA”.

        (2) After our freedom, our education system was made compatible with leftist mentality. Thanks to Nehru. Thats why we did not get any right to educate ourselves about hinduism. Because of that, our generations started to follow leftist mentality.Thanks to social media. I remember when in my schooldays, I did not have chapters for ramayana or mahabharata. The history books were dedicated to humayu, babar , akbar, aurangeb. All I came to know about our heroes was through social media. Luckily, now that is changing.Thanks to modi, now they are at least trying to change education system.

        (3) How come we forget traitor media, who gets funds from middle east and western countries.

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      2. “I remember when in my schooldays, I did not have chapters for ramayana or mahabharata. The history books were dedicated to humayu, babar , akbar, aurangeb.”….Mehul you said it maan!! You hit the nail on the head!

        These are exactly my thoughts!…these stupid historians believe that Indian history starts from mogual invsion! Imagine not writing about our rich ancient culture,civilization and Hindu history of the past 30,000years! We can’t help it because the whole world was ruled by Hindus!

        It must be noted that before 7000 BC, India ruled the whole world. After 7000 BC, Emperor Vikramaditya ruled a Hindu kingdom from Palestine to Urals to Vietnam.


    2. “The propoganda machinery ( badmouthing hinduism ) set in motion during mughal and british times is fructifying now .”

      Indeed, now a few weeks before any Hindu festival, be it Diwali, Holi or Rakhi …the ecosystem starts whining telling us we should boycott the festival. Reading on Twitter that some fashionable schools are making kids do posters and presentations on why not to celebrate these festivals…


  4. On the communist thing – indeed I am amazed at what they are able to get away with in India. I had to leave the country to find out about the atrocities communists had carried out in the world. Here, they have hidden themselves under democracy (in spite of being anti-democratic) so they are just another party, support Muslim parties (in spite of claims being atheistic), have covered up what communism has meant to the rest of the world, and openly follow and carry out China’s orders for them here. In any other country they’d be hounded out. But here they thrive under the garb of “intellectuals”. Heck, the next CM in TN could be a guy named Stalin – a person responsible for millions of deaths and yet his name is proudly carried in India.

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    1. One reason for this could be that India is too vast and too pluralistic a soceity. And barring some pockets of unrest – most indians generally had it the easy way. They never had to struggle for anything. And have mostly lead a contented easy going life and so that makes them susceptible to those with nefarious designs ( predators of religion, ideologies , political parties , cheap labour – one would be surprised at what low price indians sell their pride, humanity, integrity )


    2. So true. Massacre after massacre on a daily basis, but who has ever seen the media ever question the Commies. Meanwhile, BJP President is put in the dock for comments from Sadhvi Prachi.


  5. If a 4 month old baby was killed the way it is described ..it is really sad. In Daily Mail they give haajar articles on ISIS with lot of atrocities done by ISIS …mainly to create fear of ISIS..as they have an agenda…many of these reports and photos have been proved beyond doubt have been faked in alternate media.

    I detect a lot of disgust and frustration in this well written post!

    Two things you have touched upon
    Communists in India
    Naxalites and Maoists

    I was under the impression that communists in India is on the decline and nobody cares for their ideology and them??…am I wrong??

    Naxalites and Maoists …why is this still there in a Independent India?? Who is
    benefiting? Is Indian government so helpless that these cannot be eliminated?

    The Naxalites and Maoists have gone from toe hold to foot hold . Why was the ‘Red Corridor’ allowed to extend upto Karnataka and is about to enter Kerala ??

    Nowhere on this planet will any ruling government allow foreign desh drohis forces to run Trojan Horse NGOs to air drop arms / ammunition in the Red Corridor , fund these seditious people , and provide them with legal assistance .

    Human rights activist and foreign funded People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) general secretary Kavita Srivastava, Kavita Srivastava’s is a naxal sponsor and supporter .

    An evangelical netword of Trojan Horse NGOs was created for spying and subversive activities ( Like Kundankulamprotests/ Naxal and NE movements / Expansion of RED corridor ) 

    This network in India, established with funding and strategic assistance from US-based TMOs, gives US intelligence agencies virtually real time access to every nook and corner of the country. Joshua Project II was launched to sustain conversions and intelligence-gathering. 

    The JOSHUA PROJECT 2 plan was based on a military model with the intent to invade, occupy, control, or subjugate its population. 

    The idea was to send out spying missions to source micro details on religion and culture to drive fissures in Hinduism.
    This project can even today send a mass SMS and cause a SPRING REVOLUTION.


    Naxalism is pure and simple TERRORISM, which disguises itself with terms like “class struggle” and “social justice” funded by foreign sources.


    1. “I detect a lot of disgust and frustration in this well written post!”

      Indeed. Yes Commies are finished electorally. Somehow I can never get past the fact that the intellectual system gives so much respectability to Commies in spite of that. They cant win elections…they commit massacres. And yet media panders to them…


  6. The reason why communist go Scot free is due to abscence of any counter narrative by forces opposing them with strong ideological grounding which can create a conceuptlised structured rebuttal to communist theories at the same time exposing their misdeeds which in Indian context are plentiful.
    The only organisation which could have done this is RSS which unfortunately due its organisational shortcomings is totally bereft of any intellectual power unlike communists who have long tradition of huge intellectual out put with vast literature with their own terminology,the literary output of RSS or right wing is practically non existent with smattering of few pamphlets.
    As a result of this handicap of any intellectual back up with abscence of terminalogical framework RSS/RW is unable to coherently demolish the arguments of communist neither is it able convince the common man of its superiority of its ideology and thereby expose the nefarious design of communist.
    Notwithstanding the above if RSS/RW had realised the critical role which media plays in propaganda and In effective PRO it could have started its own TV channels or newspapers,the shortcoming of intellectaul could have been overcome,which too has been overlooked by it and it is leaving the matter in the hand of Organiser or Panchajanya its weeklies.
    On the other hand the communist even today with their total global obliteration control big chunk of media Eco system which enables them to retain their prominence.
    Till RSS takes steps to rectify the matters the status quo will continue.


    1. For the millionth time, we are wishing the RSS/BJP would do something about creating an intellectual system. Despite so many massacres, Commies flourished because they invested heavily in an intellectual ecosystem.


  7. The points what you have raised is valid. It happens because we Hindus want to be 100% perfect and that mentality forces us into the commie-islamist trap. Just take a few examples.

    1. The western elites lose no time in pointing fingers at Hinduism whenever a rape happens in any part of the country . Everything from Manusmriti to Hindu Male is responsible for it. And we again start the whole process of defending everything. We seldom realize that the Old Testament is as vicious as Koran is. It also calls for eye for an eye. But we don’t give back the Chrislamists in the language they understand. We need to be realistic that no society is perfect.

    2. We have a false perception that Westerners are our friends and they are liberal. They are as illiberal and racist as can be anyone just the difference is that they are very clever at hiding it. Also we are always looking for a white man’s appreciation. Our affinity for the white skin hasn’t dissipated even after 68 years of independence. We are always looking for foreign goods and make fun of anybody who has risen from this soil.

    3. The Hindu Right Wing organization has never cultivated an intellectual foot soldiers someone like Rajiv Malhotra, Swati Sarkar, or Jaggi. This actually enables the commies to cry wolf even if we protest anything wrong but would adopt a deafening silence when the Maoist and the Islamist wreck mayhem. This is partially understandable due to all the educational institutes being full of Commies and their lackeys. But you know this is where BJP and RSS should work. Create institutions that reflect, create and nurture the Hindu thought. This is something that we are sorely missing. Even Rajiv Malhotra has also highlighted it in his interview with Madhu Kishwar.

    4. The rigidity of the caste system (although now loosening) is also a reason that we are missing the USHV.

    5. Finally we need to shun the “Maryada Purshottam” attitude and face the reality. The islamists and the commies use each dirty tricks in the book to advance their cause. What stops is from doing the same to them. This is a civilization conflict and is something that we have to win if we want to see our children prosper . Look what Modi got for the first 18 months by going soft on the Congis, TMC and AAP.


    1. What a fantastic comment. Thank you so much. I remember when NYT said that BJP govt is banning Maggi because Maggi can give women freedom from the kitchen!!!

      Our biggest problem is caste. The elites feel so secure because they are confident Hindus will never be able to rise above caste.


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