Ecosystem steps up to shield the Queen from National Herald

Well, it’s been almost 3 days now since I have been planning to write about AAP, Dawood Ibrahim and Abid Patel, but it’s really quite impossible to stop talking about National Herald. And why should we stop talking? It is not some lowly pawn like Teesta in the net, this time it’s the Queen herself who has landed in a soup. With the Shehzada as an equal partner.

Honestly, is there anyone who is surprised that Congress has activated its entire ecosystem to defend the Queen over National Herald? With the Delhi High Court order summoning the Gandhis to appear and defend themselves, there is little scope left for the conspiracy of silence now. It has to be about conspiracy of commotion. The Award Wapsi gang were mere foot soldiers. Now the heavy cavalry and armored regiments are appearing on the battlefield.

The Business Standard has been one of the first to come out with “detailed research” on why the Queen is pure as driven snow. Here is the headline:

National Herald issue: How the Gandhi family revived Associated Journals


Under and Rahul Gandhi, has morphed from a company that was bleeding crores into one that is making profit, filings with the show. While the profits are helping it write down the losses it had accumulated over time, the company is also investing significantly in construction-related activities that could potentially increase its revenue prospects, filings show.

Exactly! At the exact time when the Gandhi family was choking the Indian economy, Associated Journals Ltd was raking in profits…awesome 🙂

“The turnaround in The Associated Journals’ fortunes shows that it’s not just political acumen, the Gandhi family also has a head for business.

Awww…the Queen and her Shehzada bringing growth and creating wealth. And here mean Dr. Swamy is trying to take this bonanza of wealth creation away from us! I do not hold any grudge against the author of this article, one chota mota Mameluk called “N Sundaresha Subramanian“. It is during times like these that small Mameluks get to make a living and make a name for themselves. Becoming a celebrity Mameluk is highly competitive business. Let’s not grudge this poor sap his supper.

Here is Super Mameluk Rajdeep Sardesai out to defend the Queen:

This interview should go right into Rajdeep’s hall of shame, right beside his now infamous segment “Where is the fraud” on CNN-IBN when Dr. Swamy first brought up the National Herald case. I suggest people watch the whole interview and see Rajdeep’s face when Swamy says confidently that he will send the Gandhis to jail 😉 The only good thing about this interview is that Swamy comes out looking like a judge, with the Dynasty’s lawyer Rajdeep grovelling before him…

The other fun part is when Rajdeep complains about Swamy’s “background” of attacking the Dynasty for the last 15-20 years. Ha, so what Rajdeep, so what? What about your own background of opposing Modi, right from unbelievably biased coverage in 2002 to physically attacking Modi supporters in New York? Dear Super Mameluk Rajdeep, Dr. Swamy is but one man against a Dynasty and its massive ecosystem of Mameluks. It takes time for ONE man to fight an entrenched dynasty. Let this National Herald case unfold further… we’ll see 🙂

As I mentioned yesterday, the Congress party’s senseless tantrum in Parliament over a court order has made the entire nation curious about National Herald. The best part about this is that Swamy is not a minister, not even someone with a high position in the BJP. And everyone knows you can’t control Swamy. So, the charge of vendetta won’t stick. The charge of National Herald scam is much more likely to stick. A lot of Congress spokespersons are adopting the line that nothing will be proved “just like in Bofors”. Big mistake 🙂 By invoking Bofors in the same sentence as National Herald, Congress is only raising the profile of the NH scam. Whether they like it or not, the ordinary public is mostly convinced that Bofors was a scam in which the guilty got away. Voters who were too young in the 80s (like me) or were born after 1990 have all heard of this legendary scam. Dear Congress, you are making National Herald into another legend. And please…whose idea is it to try and tug at people’s heartstrings by invoking Indira? This is so foolish it must have been Pappu’s idea. The sense of reverence for the Dynasty is long gone among the public…and as Rahul found out to his dismay at Bengaluru’s Mount Carmel college, the Shehzada’s inherited, unearned privilege is now an object of irritation and scorn for the young electorate. Your “Mummy-Daddy defense” on the National Herald scam will only irritate and disgust voters, particularly the young, urban voter.

For Prime Minister Modi, the NH case has come at a very opportune moment politically. Yes, he is probably not thrilled at the disruption of the GST Bill that seemed near to passage. But for the PM personally, after the defeat in Bihar, there was an erosion in image and signs of impatience among the populace. This is a fantastic moment to press the advantage. The Congress has become embroiled in yet another scam and this one is directly attached to the Queen and Shehzada! Since the summons has come from a court with no involvement of CBI or ED, Modi’s defense to the “political vendetta” charge is rock solid. It is time for BJP to put the Congress on the mat for blocking reform simply because a court summoned the Queen to answer for a major scam! By the way, am I the only one who has noticed how the Mameluk media is scared to say “NH SCAM”? They are calling it the “National Herald CASE”. They are scared to say “SCAM”.

Thank God Hindustan Times found some space on their front page to cover the National Herald scam:

Maybe the Hindustan Times ran out of invisible ink when they decided to print the news on Sonia and Rahul.

Meanwhile, the anti-corruption fighter of the century decided to join in:

So, now it can be safely said that another 526 crore worth of favorable media coverage paid for with the money of Delhi taxpayers has been added to the Mameluks’ war chest for the National Herald scam.

Meanwhile, “Ankit from IIT” leaked this info:

The most telling comment on the course of events was this one:

Ah! So the fear is real 🙂 Well done Dr. Swamy.  They are *worried*.


34 thoughts on “Ecosystem steps up to shield the Queen from National Herald

  1. A hat tip to Chaiwallah,for taking trouble of going thru lousy articles,and presenting to your readers with humor,scarsam, sometimes anger etc etc. the substance of that article!!

    Dr,Subramanian Swamy’s…remark on PC was hilarious ..’he is a nobody’..’in my opinion he is a substandard lawyer!!

    Swamy tweeted that he would appear before a Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur to raise the Aircel Maxis scam.

    UPA-2’s 2 New Scams exposed by CAG in Parliament.

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond to these evil machinations by MSM. I have been a long time (and daily) reader of your blog but it’s the first time I am commenting on it. Kudos to you for taking the time and effort to do what you are doing. As I read more (on your blog and other various sources such as OpIndia and SwarajyaMag) it is shocking to see how our entire national discourse has been shaped by the INC and its cronies over the last 70 years. It is high time informed and concerned citizens (note I didn’t say “Intellectuals” LOL) take a stand against this rot.

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  3. The real challenge for Indian people is to resist 90% of Congress leaders secret prayers to send Gandhis in jail immediately once and for all. All the Congress leaders outside of Gandhi dynasty are neutered indefenatively systematically for last 60 years. Removal of Gandhis after trillions of dollars and decades of looting is God given opportunity for their suppress ambition. A truly Hindu congress leadership can upset and divide Hindu votes. Untill vacuum created by collapse of corrupt dynasty is filled by Indian republican types for sensible nationalist agenda as a counter balance for rational nationalism in tune with Bhartiya ethos, we need corrupt, stupid, dynasty to kick around with all its illegitimate party companions in a strategic build up.

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  4. This may not be relevant to topic, but could not stop myself to share this.
    We know may scams of UPA, but there are many scams which never came out. 60 lacs crore thorium scam was one of the scam which was never made public. India had one of the largest thorium resources which was given to foreign countries at peanut price.

    BTW, if AK49 is also exposed by swamy, that will be great fun.


    1. Indeed, thorium scam is one of the biggest scams ever that got buried. What is more chilling is that 11 nuclear scientists died under mysterious circumstances. Of course, there was no AwardWapsi then. I remember reading one article about this in Sunday Guardian.


  5. This may not be relevant to topic, but could not stop myself to share this.
    We know may scams of UPA, but there are many scams which never came out. 60 lacs crore thorium scam was one of the scam which was never made public. India had one of the largest thorium resources which was given to foreign countries at peanut price.Congress has exploited everything about India, which includes land, air, water everything.

    BTW, if AK49 is also exposed by swamy, that will be another great fun.


    1. Because the Dynasty feels they are above the law. Yday Firstpost reminded of the time Cong brought Chandrashekhar down because 2 constables were found on the road outside 10 Janpath. Btw, after Jaggi left, Firstpost seems to be publishing anti-Dynasty articles with a vengeance. They seem to have woken up to the rude reality after Jaggi left in disgust. Laddoos in both hands then 🙂


  6. Congress would have scored brownie points if ED or IT had initiated action against them in NH scam. I was worried and sceptical about Arun Jaitley when no action was taken against Gandhis by Finance Ministry or ED on this case. But turned out to be a boon in disguise, so now they can’t claim Vendetta by Modi Govt.


  7. I have a strong feeling that if SG/RG are sent to jail even for two months, there will be a civil war between the Sonia supporters and Sonia opponents in Congress party. That will pretty much doom Congress party.


      1. Yes yes. It will bring out ‘Sona Ka Suraj’ in India for sure. From judging our Presstitute media’s reaction (or no reaction) I am being more and more hopeful about the verdict to our liking. Especially now that Shanti Bhushan has come out claiming 300 shares of NH and he was cheated out of his share by this cheating Ma-Beta.


  8. Siculars are really in deadly panic mode. All the scumbags, rats and vultures were at one place in audience and in attendance at Burqua’s NDTV show with their new found messiah AKin preparation of calamity of inevitable Gandhis going to jail.. Noticed present Diggi, Abdullahs, Javed Akhtar, Shabana and many mameluks in search of new sicular master. It was hilarious.


    1. Sickulars thought nothing could touch them. The court order has put them completely on the mat. The panic in Lutyens is tremendous. After May 16, 2014, I haven’t been in such a good mood in a very long time…


    1. OMG! This is freaking awesome! Shanti & Prashant Bhushan are both itching for revenge on AAP-Congress. And both of them are superb legal minds. If they join in with Dr. Swamy, I am beginning to actually think the Dynasty is going to jail…


  9. It is heartening to see the pseudo Gandhi’s getting into a ‘well thickened soup’. Subramaniam Swami’s ability to smell the rat is fabulous. To see Rajdeep in distress perhaps more than Sonia and Rahul is giggling! Why a media person after all should feel so much for the wrong doers is flabbergasting! Swami filing a caveat in Supreme Court shows his perspicacity. With Shanti Bhushan threatening to lodge transfer of shares from AJL to YI as illegal should be an additional nail in the coffin and to seal the bluff. The legal noose seems to be menacingly tightening. The battery of congress lawyers and the media stooges are seeing the writing on the wall clear. Rahul had correctly predicted when he said earlier that “whether Achche din ayenge ke Nahi magar Bure din jaroor agaye. He is on dot! What a soothsayer he is. Congress choosing to logjam Parliament on this case is a pity and it will spell doom leading to their own peril. Good days are certainly ahead for mother Bharat. Satyamev jayate.


  10. A little leg work is required before the dynasty is sent to hell to burn in Tihar. This is to avoid fate of Congress followers similar to the fate of AIDMK and RJD followers who have to endure convicted criminals ruling them again! That is because there are no strong alternatives allowed by criminal leadership in their party or no alternatives build by opposition by infiltrating their organization. Luckily for Congress followers the young rebels are strong and powerful. If they start campaign to Jail Gandhis and whole India join the campaign for an indefinative long period to Jail corrupts even at the cost of uncomfort of BJP and drawning out any support for corrupts in the process the leg work will be completed for long rest in peace in jail or their native country.

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