Say hello to new Mameluk Ashok Swain

It has been a while since I have done a blog post in my old fashioned way, picking out a piece of crap published by some Mameluk and exposing him 😉 It’s what this blog was intended to be and I am getting back to this today…with a particularly stinking piece of crap published in by some Mameluk called Ashok Swain. First, the title:

Mr Prime Minister, don’t suppress dissent – it is critical for India’s economic growth


First, let us find out who this idiot is:

The writer is Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden.” 

What? A professor of “peace” ? Hmmm…that must be the new name for Madarsa teachers in politically correct Sweden. Rename the teachers of Islam as professors of “peace”!  Fits perfectly with the mission to form a fully Dhimmified Europe.

Now, you can easily guess what all this Mameluk has written, the usual mishmash of grievances about NGOs not getting funding and all. But, I found his starting line particularly interesting:

Manmohan Singh is not a better politician than Narendra Modi

What? No way! There is simply no way that Narendra Modi is a better politician than Manmohan Singh. C’mon, Manmohan Singh never won an election in his entire life, never spent 5 minutes campaigning for anything, but stayed PM for 10 whole years. Modi slogged it out from the badlands of Uttar Pradesh to the interiors of Maharashtra to win his term as PM! Manmohan Singh needed just 145 seats to become Prime Minister, while Modi would be Leader of the Opposition today if the BJP had won 271 seats on May 16, 2014. As Prime Minister and as coal minister, Manmohan Singh signed off on the 2 lakh crore coal scam and still came to be celebrated as “honest”. Before leaving, Manmohan Singh even ran away with watches and carpets and speakers from the PMO:


And here Narendra Modi has to answer for the price of the suit he wears… A better politician than Manmohan Singh? ROFL! Under Manmohan Singh, the Congress plundered everything from land to spectrum to coal to Uttarakhand flood relief and no one raised a finger in protest. Manmohan Singh was never held accountable for the lakh crore scams of his Cabinet Ministers and even the coal scam that he permitted as sitting coal minister! Here Modi is being held personally accountable for anything Sadhvi Prachi says 🙂  Better politician…ROFL!

Let this Mameluk continue:

At a conference in New Delhi early in November, Singh invoked Jawaharlal Nehru to remind that an open society and a liberal polity, where individuals are free to pursue their ideas, are prerequisites for entrepreneurship, innovation and competition. Suppression of dissent, Singh cautioned, poses a “grave danger” for economic development.”

Yes, Manmohan Singh invoked Jawaharlal Nehru and his jeep scam to remind us that a corrupt polity, where everyone is free to pursue their own scams are pre-requisites for ruling 57/65 years. Suppression of scams, Manmohan Singh cautioned, poses a grave danger to  development of black money.

Now, let us come to where the shoe really pinches:

In just 19 months, the Modi regime has cancelled or restricted the foreign funding of nearly 9,000 non-governmental organisations. …The government has, at the same time, rammed through a few big infrastructure projects in disregard of the affected populace.

Who exactly are the “affected populace” here? The people who had gotten used to stealing the money allocated for the projects or the NGOs who had gotten used to raising millions from abroad through scaremongering? Yes, the earlier Mannu model was clearly better:

Step 1: Announce Massive infra project

Step 2: NGOs do  scaremongering and raise millions from abroad.

Step 3: Project is  not completed because your party members stole the allocated money, as in the historic irrigation scam.

Step 4: NGOs claim victory to their foreign donors because project is not implemented.

Step 5: NGOs campaign for you in the elections!

Everyone wins! The NGOs who impressed their foreign donors are happy! Your party members who stole the allocated funds for the project are also happy 🙂

The “professor of peace” will now come the heart of the matter:

But whenever this conciliatory method is rejected in favour of an authoritarian approach – as the Modi government is currently doing – rights-based opposition has the tendency to become violent. In India, the Maoists have used oppressions to garner support and legitimise their struggle…..The Modi regime too is likely to face sudden mobilisation of dissenting voices and violent protests against its economic policies if it doesn’t abandon its authoritarianism….The dissenters are likely to include violence into their repertoires to protect their rights.

Ah! Didn’t I tell you that “Professor of Peace” is a new name for Madarsa teachers in Sweden? Like the preachers of the Religion of Peace, the real work of Professors of “Peace” is to rationalize and justify the use of violence!

Here comes the more insidious threat:

Another lesson the Modi regime should remember is that rights-based protests are no longer confined to a state boundary, less so in India. Over decades, social and environmental activists in India have formed ties with national and international networks to obtain information and resources. If threatened and coerced further, these activists in India can easily exploit smart communication networks to circumvent local restrictions and internationalise their issues by coordinating with the global groups.

He he…don’t we know that already 🙂 Yes, we know that there is a vast international network backing “Peace”. We know that some young fools in the West  might get influenced to go fight for the creation of a stone age society in India. Many are going to do that in Syria and Iraq. Nice of you to threaten us so openly.

8 thoughts on “Say hello to new Mameluk Ashok Swain

  1. Good certification of this new Mameluk!!……”stinking piece of crap”…..perfect!

    The NGOs outnumber the total police force by almost two to one. You are right….these foreign funded NGO’s are the most dangerous for the country.

    Your favourite ‘Chuha’is at it again…..the title should have been ‘anti pseudo intellectual’!!


  2. A very well write up chaiwallah, especially the mannu model. I recently read somewhere, that as per Chankya, when king becomes stronger and starts to control the nation, the petty thief,traitors, terrorists feel the heat and start complaining of intolerance in society. These mameluks are feeling heat. Day by day, their level of frustration is increasing.Today one joker will say something and tomorrow another puppet will be ready to blabber something.Really tough time for them.


  3. Manmohan is thankless. He owes his political existence to PV Narasimharao. He seldom remembers him. Later he mortgaged himself and his self esteem. During the decade of decadence under UPA he conducted himself in a way unbecoming and left a pathetic legacy. His subjugation just to be the PM without giving anything in return to the motherland and approved the plunder and is viewed honest is travesty of justice. Comparing him to Modi is gross injury to the tall order of Modi.


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