March for India to Aamir and Snapdeal : How the people are responding where BJP failed

I have long believed that the BJP’s greatest blessing is that it has so many people who support them without wanting a paisa in return. The Congress patronage network is the opposite of this.

On the intolerance debate, I see the official BJP floundering, I see BJP spokespersons on TV being overly defensive, unable to turn the tables on vicious presstitutes and the Award Wapsi gang. I see topmost ministers sitting calmly in the audience as Aamir Khan trashes our nation. Yes, I am talking about Arun Jaitley. I see even Modi mouthing platitudes about Islam, when Obama, Hollande and Putin have the guts to tell it like it is.

The official BJP seems scared, apologetic about its massive Lok Sabha victory. The BJP’s supporters are doing the opposite. Frustrated by the party’s placid approach, the BJP supporters are stirring the pot. Vehemently and courageously. When top Ministers sitting in power are scared to rock the boat of secularism, Anupam Kher is putting his career on the line by coming out openly against repeated insults to our nation.

March for India was brilliant. By bringing out ordinary people against the compromised Congi elite, it took the PR initiative decisively away from the tolerance mafia. And the latest Aamir Khan episode is even sweeter. Common people hitting these hypocrites where it hurts most: in their pocketbooks. Snapdeal was an excellent choice. People who shop on Snapdeal are also the people most active on Twitter and FB. Insult the nation and you will have to deal with us.

This is the beginning of smart protest. Please…no more hooligan style stone throwing. In this age of cameras, don’t make it so easy for NDTV. Bad optics only gets you a bad name. But enjoy the leftie morons seethe with rage as the online world junks Snapdeal, applying pressure where it hurts. Totally bloodless, totally legal and stunningly effective. With smart protest there should be smart Hindutva. Talk less about cows and much more about Uniform Civil Code. Whether the BJP is awake or not, the larger ecosystem has begun to organize spontaneously with or without help from the party. Country above Party. Dear Aamir, very few people have benefitted so much from the tolerance of Indian people as you have. You spit on us, we turn our back on you. If we don’t like you, we don’t have to watch your movies, right? You said that in all your arrogance because you were confident that Indian Hindus were tolerant enough to enjoy your movie trashing our traditions.  Dear friends, let’s make it a reality now.

Oh and just in case anyone feels that Snapdeal is an innocent bystander who should not have to face the heat:







19 thoughts on “March for India to Aamir and Snapdeal : How the people are responding where BJP failed

  1. Very thoughtful analysis. I agree that, we need a smart response. Lets boycott brands endorsed by these traitors.Stop watching their movies. Do not wait for BJP to take any actions. But I at least hope, BJP to show some guts and remove AK from incredible India campaign.
    One of the reason might be chota rajan’s arrest. He might have started to tell the people involved with isi and dawood, and so these traitors are really worried about themselves.

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  2. So, no one thinks AK’s rant was a one-off or that he is just saying what is his wife said etc.

    We know he signed the visa denial request. And in this video he goes above the law and declares NM murdered innocent Indians (we know he really doesn’t want to say that). Of course in his mind there have been no other murders, riots etc happening in India under any other leader.

    He gloats that US flouts Indian laws and courts and declares NM as a criminal. With SG leading him on, of course. He feels it is not a matter of national affront that an Indian CM should be denied a visa by a country that has welcomed everyone possible; say, for eg, the Indian soldier murderers from Pakistan.

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  3. I was waiting for this to happen. When two other Khans already mouthed negatives how can this Khan be far behind? srk said intolerance is all time high. Sallu said it was wrong to hang that terrorist. And mow this ‘intellectual’ muslim follows suit by mouthing bad about our country. These guys are ever ready to back stab the very country that gave them so much unconditional love, support and stardom. I have not watched a single movie from this trio from last 5 years and will continue to do so. I did not go for Innova despite it being the best car and I do business with flipkart only. About the brands endorsed by other two Khans, I do not even consider them. But we Hindus are extra ordinarily tolerant and magnificently ignorant and have unbelievably low level of self esteem, we continue to support these *&%$&&*^#$%(. Things will cahnge now. AK has hit himself on head here.

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    1. The Aamir Khan episode is bound to make these snakes think before they defame our country. The manufactured tolerance debate is not working as planned. Ordinary people who don’t see the slightest bit of increase in intolerance are wondering WTF when they see TV and newspapers. Tolerance issue is backfiring.


  4. Obama, Hollande and Putin showed guts, but Modi did not. Agreed, but would Obama etc. show guts if Muslim population goes up to 15 per cent in their country? If Modi somehow increases vote shares from Muslims from five per cent to eight per cent loss could become victory. What worries me even more is our Hindu voters’ thinking; “If Modi cannot do everything, we will vote for those who do nothing” I am seeing that attitude in Gujarat among Patidar Patels. They were staunch BJP supporters, until BJP rejected their demand, now even though Congress has also said that it cannot give reservation to Patidar, still those Patidar have gone to Congress just to oppose BJP.


  5. I am back in India after 2 years. First time that I visit India after Modi became PM. It is so frustrating to see the news channels. What if AK feels that there is intolerance. Where is the proof? It is more disheartening to hear BJP spokespersons. I just watched for few minutes and till now (for 2 days) I havent seen any news channels.


    1. Until recently, those leftist TV reporters and anchor personnel would say what they want and did not suffer criticism. At best, some angry person would write a letter to editor in TOI or Indian Express. Now a days with social media being active, they are getting paid back in the same coins. Hence they have started shouting intolerance…intolerance. We can see it from Amir Khan’s recent statement. He said he is not going anywhere, but stand by what he said from his heart. He also said that the reaction he received proves his point (that intolerance is increasing). So what he is saying is he has right to say what is in his heart but other people say what is in their hearts it is intolerance !

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      1. He he…as a child we were taught to write “letters to the editor” in school. These TV and mediawallahs miss the days when all people could do to object to their agenda was to write a polite letter to the editor. These people are not used at all to receiving criticism. Thats why so much whining about social media…


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