Which country can Aamir Khan migrate to?

I am a big supporter of people’s freedom to choose. Freedom of choice, you know…like this guy:


And if you don’t like India, you shouldn’t have to live in it. So, well, now that Aamir Khan is considering moving to a different country because of “intolerance” in India, let us look for a good tolerant country where this great conscience keeper of the nation can safely preach the “idea of India”.

Surely America, the land of liberty will give space to Aamir Khan (after the standard cavity search, of course). After all, this is where Revd. John Dayal goes to complain about lack of religious freedom in India.

Oh…never mind.

What about Britain? After 200+ years of imperialism, the British have settled down into a nation that greatly appreciates liberty.

Damn! What about France with its motto of “Liberte – Egalite – Fraternite” ?

Translated, that means: “Hollande’s ruling Socialist Party (in French: Parti Socialiste or PS) has suggested forbidding all preaching in Arabic in French mosques”.

Ouch! What’s with the civilized white world turning its back on the Religion of Peace? Well, maybe there is ONE place that would welcome harassed, tortured Muslims from intolerant India and the civilized white world: there’s always the Islamic State. After all the motto of ISIS is:

Give me your tired your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…I lift my lamp beside the golden door! 

No cavity searches guaranteed while entering. Let’s see what’s on the other side of the golden door of peace:



27 thoughts on “Which country can Aamir Khan migrate to?

  1. The grudge of the elite league of “Tolerant” and “Rational” thinkers, actors, historians and the like is that with the advent of Social Media, they cannot get away with their deceitful and false declamations. Now the active SM contributors are quick to seize upon any instance of willful, biased and politically motivated rant of the high and mighty and in no time rip apart their treachery and deceit and disrobe them for all to see through. This tool of expression of outrage at the hands of heretofore general docile people did not exist before, and hence these elites could get away with anything they said, but now their words, actions and monologues are subject to social scrutiny and censure. Therein lies the pain of this league of Extraordinary Men, who are contriving to keep their hold on public discourse to themselves, and on the other hand are millions of people who are bubbling with new found energy to thrash everyone, however high and mighty, and show them the mirror. This shall continue for some time, gradually settle into an equilibrium where each participant, small or large, shall come to understand his limits of expression.
    As far as Amir Khan is concerned, he may use his Freedom of Expression to give vent to his pant up emotions, but he should not regret the use of FOE by other people and should take up criticism with same gusto as he would the appreciation that has been unequivocally showered upon him. But the most unfortunate part is that this messiah of Tolerance did not feel intolerance when “Vishwaroopam” was not allowed to be dubbed in Hindi and screened in North India, when Taslima Nasreen was physically assaulted and had to leave India, or when Satanic Verses and hordes of other books were banned, or when a few decades back “Kissa Kursi Ka” was banned and entire prints were burnt down. But, yes, today I feel I am not capable enough to judge intricacies and complexities of human nature, for, I always thought Amir to be a versatile actor, an honorable, just and decent person, a compassionate human being, and LO, I am proved WRONG. Amir Khan is much much more and much beyond what I thought, he is as politically motivated as others of his ilk, who in their pathological hatred against a certain Person, can go to any length, unmindful of the fact that their such nefarious utterances can cause embarrassment to the entire nation. But their antipathy is so acute that they do not mind denigrating the nation, insulting the national spirit of peaceful coexistence, as long as they can bring disrespect and shame to just one person. So, Amir Khan, you carry on with your agenda, I shall pursue mine. Let us see who has the last laugh.

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  2. I was hoping you would take up this ‘thaaja’ topic for your certification!!

    Good writeup,let him go from our India,who cares,nobody will miss him!!

    He was the first guy to sign the petition regarding US Visa to Narendra Modi.

    SHOWCASING INDIA AND HINDUISM IN POOR LIGHT VIA Satyamev Jayate….western countries are happy when India and its people are shown in poor light….these guys get awarded!

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  3. Good Write up.

    I want to make a couple of points here.

    1. By all counts the Modi wave is officially over. The results of Lok Sabha By Poll reflect this. I f the narrative that is built up in the country that “Modi Videsh main aur Rahul Khet main” keeps on then I am afraid the debacle is very near.

    2. I do not agree with your previous election analysis of Bihar. I am myself from the place and believe me caste has made a grand comeback to Bihar after a decade. Thanks to Modi’s incremental policies.

    3. The mood of the swing voters is now in the n direction of the caste ghetto of Mandal days and if this continues then BJP is all doomed for eternity. BJP over utilization of the Modi brand is back firing on them especially in the Hindi Heartland.

    4. The biggest disservice to the govt is done by the people who give feedback to the Modi govt. They are not giving the proper picture to the top command.

    5. BJP has to make the structure of the party horizontal. The MP by polls display this. Shivaraj’s backed men have literally done a clean sweep.

    6. Modi needs to take charge of the helm of affaires himself and deliver the goods to the people. For that Arun Jaitley has to go. He is the mole in the house who will be responsible for the downfall of the party.


    1. I think Modi wave ended a long time ago. No wave can last this long. When Modi came to power, Lalu said he would Mandal bomb the government. And he did. Let’s see how Modi can face this Mandal bomb.


  4. I was just wondering that, how come Aamir did not say anything about intolerance, since he with Shahrukh were leaders for Bollywood gang against BJP. Anyhow, he has opened his mouth, and as usual against national interest. These guys are anyhow hopeless.Good thing is that, more and more people have started to realize who are real traitors.first time, I also see voices coming out against Amir khan. (anupam kher and raveena are natural, but rishi kapoor war surprice package). I think , gang of useless Bollywood celebrities,fiberals, traitor media, are opening and getting frustrated day by day. Government must now order intelligence agencies to keep a watch on these traitors.I am sure this was a signal to minorities to make their war more aggressive against bjp. Aamir also has new film coming, but used very cheap trick as usual.can’t expect better from him.We can only teach these guys lesson, by not watching their movies.

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    1. He he…indeed… it is kind of surprising that Aamir waited so long before opening his sanctimonious mouth. Have seen real change in the way people are responding to him. Real ray of hope.


      1. Thanks Chaiwallah. Its really nice to see that, in each blog you read all comments and respond to each comment. This is rally unique, since it takes a lot of time, and also shows that how much respect you have for your readers.

        Its really a good change. I saw a lot of people now against this double standard actors. The opposition is even more compared to pk controversy.Hindus are getting united, but BJP is still watching like a lame duck.

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      2. Hi Mehul,
        Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. My commenters (and especially regular commenters like you 🙂 ) are very special to me. I am thrilled that so many people take time out of their lives to discuss politics with me. Which is why I make it a point to respond to every single comment!


  5. Why is it that when the word intolerance is uttered, the BJP, restarting, Hindu groups have to respond. It is the peaceful folks who must explain why they need to be treated differently. Will the country come before their religion in case of a sacrifice? Aamir Khan has exposed his limitations beyond his acting capabilities. Would have been better to keekeep hmouth shut. is mou

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    1. So true. Another of the zillion ironies inherent in our “secularism”. When Muslims do a terror attack, whole country comes together to praise the peaceful nature of Islam. Hindus are put in the dock for random incidents.


    1. As far as I know, this Rahul Pandita is a real weirdo. He is a Kashmiri Pandit and has written a book “Our moon has blood spots” on the KP genocide. But he seems to have a lot of sympathies for pseudo-seculars. Strange strange guy. Case of Stockholm syndrome perhaps.

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  6. Fact of the matter is, we don’t encounter Muslims portrayed in “Kabuliwala” any more. Those Muslims who will never forget if you helped him. He may even give his life to protect you if you helped him in past. Today ‘gratefulness’ is the biggest casualty among Muslims throughout the world. Pakistan is standing today because of help from America, but for Pakistani Muslims second biggest enemy in the world is America. Paris attackers’ family was (is) receiving seventy thousand Rupees worth of welfare support from European (Belgium) government. So the terrorist grew up eating welfare bread, yet that did not matter to him in the end. We have our Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan in the same category of ‘in-grateful’. Jis Thali Mei Khate… Dudh Pane Wale Ka Rrun Chukaya Dunse Se…

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    1. Muslims living on welfare is Europe’s biggest headache. A class of lazy, jobless, aimless parasites who are now moving decisively towards the Islamic State. But socialist Europe refuses to cut off the welfare drip. Even America has refused to learn any lessons from 9/11. STILL feeding Pakistan.


  7. In a country such as India which has uniquely won civilizational war against thousand years of assault, the old, ugly and dirty hold of these Pakistani cultured impotents on Indian Films is both tragic and ironic. Tragic because the films are cultural and various art medium of the country and they are in the hands of barbarians. Ironic because this industry is so disingenuous that it even borrows its name Bollywood from Hollywood. As long as we would have foreign flow of money into this industry, it will continue to churn anti national products and anti national ugly, old and outdated actors and filmmakers and at the same time army of pervert idiots enjoying such trash.


    1. The only place to hit them is in their bank accounts. Snapdeal was a fantastic beginning. But momentum needs to be sustained. Boycott their movies. Stop buying brands they endorse. Within minutes, India will become tolerant.


    1. That was the sort of line Modi took when he announced “Burre din” for these people at his 1 year anniversary rally (in Meerut or Mathura I think). But BJP propaganda machine is living in its own world, unable to amplify Modi’s message.


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