Validating the vermin: a nightmare on AajTak

OMG! What did I see on AajTak last night? The nightmare began around 10:00 pm and lasted a full hour. The program was titled “Uparwala dekh raha hai” (God is watching) and featured a roundtable with BJP’s Sambit Patra, Saba Naqvi, John Dayal and some other Mameluks from Queen Sonia’s court.

The topic was “Is it fair to connect Islam with terrorism”? I can assure you that in case God really was watching this show last night, God ended up with a terrible headache.

Yes, the show was all about repeating the same tired old platitudes about how Islam is a religion of peace and yada yada yada…

Why am I calling this a nightmare? Because BJP’s Sambit Patra was right there, validating the vermin like Saba Naqvi and John Dayal. This was really an outrageous example of how BJP has managed to lose the media narrative. Who the hell are Saba Naqvi and John Dayal to speak for India, India’s Muslims, India’s minorities or for anyone but themselves? By agreeing to sit at a roundtable on equal terms with these people, is the BJP not contributing to the sense of self importance of these vermin? By agreeing to sit at a roundtable, is the BJP not allowing these people to set the terms of the debate? Does anyone really believe that these Mameluks like Saba Naqvi and John Dayal can be convinced by argument? If not, then why does the BJP engage with them? By engaging with them, the BJP is only raising the profile of its enemies.

And what outcome could be expected from such a debate? Nothing except platitudes about the “peaceful nature” of Islam. TV debates like these keep the spotlight focused on pseudo-secularism. Does the BJP really expect to win the debate? Why not change the debate to topics that matter: such as FDI pouring in at breakneck speed, soaring forex reserves, the government’s big reform push after the Bihar polls? Instead of discussing Devendra Fadnavis’ successful “Jal Yukt Shivir Abhiyan”  in Maharashtra, a historic water conservation effort, the BJP ends up sitting in debates over beef and Dadri and what not. In the run up to the 2014 elections, I remember Ravi Shankar Prasad saying once that he was no longer interested in the “sterile debate over secularism”. What happened now? Why are we back to discussing stuff that doesn’t matter with a bunch of Mameluks?

Well, now you could say my blog itself could be accused of the same crime. I myself am always talking about the handful of Mameluks in the media. Am I not giving them undue importance? Totally fair point. But let me say this. I am not an official spokesperson of the BJP. I do not represent the BJP in any capacity. I’m one guy who responds to what I see on TV and what I read on the internet. Dear BJP, leave the lowly work of responding to Mameluk talking points to Chaiwallahs like me. They are at my level, not yours.  YOU represent 282 Lok Sabha MPs who received 17 crore votes. YOU can drive the debate. YOU can starve the Mameluks by refusing to talk about “secularism”. And whatever little propaganda they have left: we on social media can take care of that. The BJP’s greatest blessing is that it has literally millions of supporters who do not expect even one paisa in return. Let us respond to the Mameluk circus performers like Saba Naqvi and John Dayal.  YOU go talk about FDI and reform. Laugh away the issue of “secularism”, for that is what it is: laughable. Will you dare?


18 thoughts on “Validating the vermin: a nightmare on AajTak

  1. Well said!!, all these benami media…. main stream media are owned and controlled by forces from abroad!!

    “The BJP’s greatest blessing is that it has literally millions of supporters who do not expect even one paisa in return”…rightly said.!

    example of how msm does brain washing.

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  2. You should a very nice article written by Mr. S Gurumurthy in New Indian Express Chennai Edition Page 11 (22nd November). You can google e paper chennai edition and read. It demystifies the whole of jihad and what can be done by the moderates/seculars

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      1. Yes. It is an old video, but its relevancy increases every time there is a terror attack and all politicians start clamoring to make politically correct statements. (This time by even our ‘Communal’ PM).


    1. Personally, I am not very worried about Gujarat civic polls. I think BJP will win easily. Even if it loses, periodic setbacks are not uncommon for BJP in Gujarat. Seen many. If Patidars are angry, a civic poll defeat will let them vent their anger. By 2017 these people will be back with BJP.


  3. BJP is taking things very lightly. They assume the online support for granted. After Delhi and Bihar, maybe another shock in awaiting for Gujarat Civic polls. Modi should be concerned as it will be difficult to pull back once the narrative is driven away.


    1. Let’s not be overly worried about every single poll. This also feeds into the media narrative: making every little election about Modi. BJP has seen periodic setbacks in Gujarat. And I don’t even think they will lose this time. Keshubhai Patel was much bigger Patel leader than some Hardik. Good that BJP Gujarat is on their toes.


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