Mani Shankar Aiyar brings it into the open

Before the Lok Sabha elections, I remember some people saying on social media that the Congress is ready to allow Pakistan or China to reach Delhi as long as Modi is kept out. Perhaps it is time to take this literally. Earlier, I used to say that Indian secularism has been taking the following trajectory:

Hating Modi —> Hating Hindus  —> Hating India

But now it seems that the secular brigade has already gone so far down this road that they have now crossed these levels and reached the next station:

Hating India —> Loving Pakistan

It’s happened before. As many as 65 Jaichands wrote a letter to President Obama asking for American intervention to stop Modi, remember? Clearly, that didn’t work. In their anger, Indian secularism has finally decided to take the nuclear option: asking for Pakistani help!

A few days ago, Senior Congress MP  Mani Shankar Aiyyar had this to say in Pakistan (watch from 0:55)

Here is a translation of the relevant part in Hindi:

Mani Shankar Aiyar: When our Manmohan Singh was PM, Indo-Pak dialogue continued 3 whole years. 

Pakistani interviewer: But sir, what is the way out now from the position we are stuck in?

Mani Shankar Aiyar: Remove him (Modi), bring us back

Pakistani interviewer: But only you guys can remove him. 

Mani Shankar Aiyar: Yes, we will remove him. But till then you will have to wait.

What a fantastic conversation between a proud Mameluk of Queen Sonia and a Pakistani? The most fascinating part of this conversation is that the Pakistani interviewer laughs off Mani Shankar Aiyar’s appeal for help and asks Congress to remove Modi themselves. Yes, Congress is more desperate to remove Modi than Pakistanis are!!! A disappointed Mani Shankar Aiyar tells Pakistanis that if they are depending on Congress to remove Modi, they will have to wait. Clearly, Pakistan was ready to wait, Congress wasn’t.

The questions here are obvious. What was Mani Shankar Aiyar expecting from Pakistan when he said “Remove Modi and bring us back”? What kind of help was he thinking about? And given that Aiyar was comfortable asking for such help openly, surely he had good reasons to expect a positive reply. Where did this confidence come from? Does it mean that such help has been received in the past?

Of course, it is most important to note that the Pakistani interviewer surely has no power to issue official directives to the Pakistani government, the ISI and the various terrorist agencies that report to it. Which makes the situation even more sinister: surely the Pakistani government will take note of such an appeal from a top Congress leader. The official Pakistani response to this appeal obviously will not be made public by their government. Which raises the sinister question: what is the actual response to Mani Shankar Aiyar’s appeal from the Pakistani establishment?

Many years ago, India’s most patriotic Pakistani reporter, Shri Karan Thapar had written this about Modi:

Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this. For he is the agent forcing this change. And whilst he’s with us, he will do just that. I have no doubt Indian politics after Sunday the 23rd is another country. We have to live with new challenges. Some of us have to accept new leaders.


Hmmm…. “Sudden removal”  of Modi? That was 2007. Back then, Modi was miles away from making a bid for Prime Minister. But the Queen and her Mameluks saw Modi coming. In a way, we must appreciate the Queen’s intelligence apparatus: few BJP supporters in 2007 would have seriously anticipated the phenomenal rise of Modi. But the Congress establishment anticipated it even before we did! And the dog whistle had gone out right then.  And note the sentence “whilst he’s with us, he will do just that“.  The expression “he is not with us any more” is a common euphemism for death and is even listed in Wikipedia (see here).

Say what you will about Karan Thapar, but this Pakistani reporter has a very solid command of the language of his overlords in England. He knows exactly what he meant by the words “sudden removal” and “while he is with us“. Yes, the dog whistle went out long ago.

Eight years later, the dog whistle from the Queen’s  establishment has turned into a loud SOS. Will Pakistan respond? What is the view at GHQ in Rawalpindi? I don’t know…


30 thoughts on “Mani Shankar Aiyar brings it into the open

  1. Gandhi family has a unique ability of identifying their puppets and their challengers. Reading the article I can say that KT had literally seen the future. Now you know I truly understand why they hate Modi so much. In fact now I would like you to recall the same KT saying in one of the television debates in 2014 when Modi went to US that the foreign govt in future may ban him thinking that he can turn the public opinion significantly.

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  2. You know seriously I fear Modi’s meteoric rise has upset ted so many countries that they might even try to assassinate him . If he wins the 2019 mandate believe me Congress will try to assassinate him even at the risk of turning a wave of sympathy towards BJP becuse he is the biggest threat to the Congi establishment.

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    1. You know what, I also thought same thing (but not about 2019). I am really concerned about the way Modi is roaming everywhere. Also, the morons like manishankar are indirectly telling pakistan and their allies to remove him. But my gut feeling is that, no matter what happens, Modi will come out of all this. Remember, they tried to kill him gujarat (sohrabuddin), they tried to kill him bihar (during 2014 election). They never succeeded.

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    2. When Modi was coming to Delhi from Gujarat after winning in May 2014, I was genuinely worried when his plane took off. I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard he had touched down in Delhi safe and sound.


  3. Congress party is defending Manishankar’s statement with a vague but totally false information that Manishankar never said that. People can go on the link themselves and find out the truth ! So where is such link? They don’t say. They assume people will just take their words that such a link exists.

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    1. He he… we should feel lucky BJP managed to create enough noise that the Congress at least felt the need to backpedal from this remark. With the condition of the BJP’s PR machinery these days, it’s a relief.


  4. Honestly let me tell you something. Before Modi set out on the UK tour Rajeev Srinivasan had warned of going to UK for the fear of a terrorist strike. I sincerely believe that he should now stop all this shows and focus on the ground issues and make the BJP apparatus more horizontal. We need more people like Modi to counter the Congi and sickular environment. Making a horizontal structure ,Praveen Patil of FiveForty3 argues, will make BJP more capable because whether we like or not now it is BJP vs ALL. So the battle has to be won intelligently like Arjun did to kill Jaidradh on 14th day of Kurukshetra battle. Fight on your strengths, find allies in the enemy camp, suffocate the lutyens media by reaching out to regional media and convey the message clearly to the masses and to people who matter most-the common man on street.


    1. I think Modi’s foreign trips come to an end this month. He needed to secure FDI, which he did. Opposition made these trips an issue, but no one will remember this by 2019. Opposition will flame out by May 2019 due to overcriticism.


  5. Karan Thapar wrote on Dec 29, 2007: “I have no doubt Indian politics after Sunday the 23rd is another country.”
    What was “Sunday the 23rd January is another country”, SIGNIFIES and hinted as a dead line for sudden removal?
    From 2007 Till 2016, Jan 23rd is a Sunday only in the year 2011. Where was Modi on that day and date?
    What were the incidents happened around him? Missed then?
    The threat is clearly renewed openly and brazenly now by Mani Shankar Aiyer and Salman Khurshid.
    Let us verify methodically and deliberate over carefully.

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  6. Let us smell the coffee the only way to defeat the evil designs of the opponents is to get the people’s mandate at hustings,that is possible only if BJP delivers on the election promises and keeps its vote bank happy.
    Unfortunately that is not happening as the skyrocketing of prices of eatables,imposition of Swacchata Abhiyan tax and increase in railway fares, reduction in interest rates of fixed deposit are sure receipe for disaster and will lead to fall in the popularity and trust deficiet for Modi personally in the minds of middle classes,once the trust and belief is eroded it will be difficult to regain it.
    It is there fore necessary for the party to realise that merely delivering homilies and grand declarations of policies and plans will not suffice to keep the voter base intact, the Govt will have to work fevirsishly to deliver here and now on all the matters of concern to the people and their daily life in terms of food prices,inflation mind you not the whole sale index but the actual retail leval prices,petrol and diesel price reduction, the benefit of fall in crude prices has not been unfairly passed on to the people,job generation etc,in other words the Govt will have to show its performance on ground,if necessary populist measures should be undertaken along with long term measures on overall development.
    If the above is done people will not mind Modis global outings and will happily listen to his Man Ki Baat!

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    1. Certainly. And I feel a lot of results will show before 2019. There is a massive infrastructure push underway right now. All right wing governments suffer from this initial hit in popularity. Right wing govt by its very design creates conditions for growth, unlike Left wing govt which announces dole programs. This is why UPA govt popularity surged in the beginning and then ebbed. With Modi, he took a hit in the beginning but will recover later.


  7. This is nothing but 100% SEDITION . .

    This guy is seeking enemy help to oust a legally elected govt.


    This viedio should go viral like the chaiwalla viedio!!

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  8. I am amazed at what KT had written, such gumption!

    I am even more amazed how you, Chaiwallah, have managed to dig the article out and put it in context. How do you do that?

    Me, a fan of DynastyCrooks (the blog) !

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  9. In what context the duo Mani Sankaran and Kurshid visited Pakistan and what for ? The pervert Mani was the one who called Veer Savarkar a true ptriot as a British slave and removed his name from the list of freedom fighters imprisoned in the infmous Andaman jail. This sick mind could not even retain his deposit when he contested last and was nominated as RS member for literature (God knows for what he wrote) by the President. please do not call this pervert anti Hindu as Ayyar as that Tamil word refers to a pious bramhin caste.

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  10. What else can you expect from a stench mouthed hooligan Mani Shankar Aiyar. He was born in Lahore in 1941. He lost his deposit in 2014 Loksabha elections from Myladuthurai, TN. Then nominated to Rajyasabha. He as member of the Marxist Society in Cambridge and was “busy collecting funds for Chinese soldiers” when Indians were donating money and jewellery to sustain India’s fight against the Chinese in 1962. He could manage to become a diplomat, posted in Karachi, from 1978 to 1982. Aiyar remarked to Amar Singh of Samajwadi Party (SP): “Oh that bloody Mulayam — he looks just like me. It could be because my father visited Uttar Pradesh at some point. Why don’t you check with Mulayam’s mother?” That was the height of his stupidity. He was accused of being a Pakistani spy by another MP in the Rajyasabha. Now he implores Pakistan to help to remove Modi.

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  11. Bjp has failed miserably in its media management front. The video of Sk and MSA should be circulated widely by the bjp so that the people will be aware of the real face of congis. Is bjp waiting for the msm to do that. Why doesn’t bjp sponsor regional media houses. If you do not have funds then stretch ur hands nation is ready to contribute.If you fail to capitalize this opportunity then you have no place in politics. Indian voters want such type of sansani news items. Swamy is leading the anti Gandhi crusade alone. Is he getting any support from the party or not?

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    1. BJP has been very weak in supporting and promoting its friends. This weakness is coming to hit the party very very hard in this media driven age. Swamy has ZERO support from BJP.

      And welcome to commenting on my blog 🙂

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