Selective outrage … lol

We are used to the drill by now. Each time followers of the tolerant religion drench the world with blood, a liberal army comes out in full force to whitewash any damage to the reputation of the Ummah. Half the blame is put on RSS/BJP/Western powers as the situation may demand and the rest of the blame equally distributed among entire humanity. Focus is brought on the real victims of Islamic jihad: not the people who actually died and their surviving friends and relatives, but the Muslim community that might face prejudice as a result of those murders. Terror has no religion and no justification, except when it does:

Dear Rana Ayyub, if a father whose family has perished in the Paris bloodbath tweets angrily to you, will he be called an internet troll?

But this time, we are witnessing a curious new phenomenon, at least among Indian liberals:

It feels wrong to LOL in such a sad situation. I know that the Right Wing has had a string of poor PR showings in recent months, but I am declaring victory at least on the intolerance front. I said before that the charge of selective outrage is sticking to liberals, which is why we saw a slew of articles trashing “whataboutism”  and trying to debunk the accusation. But today, we have the validation I was looking for. Friends, our opponents have been forced to copy our tactics. Which means our tactics are working. Yay!

So, this is the hot new idea  in Libtard town: accuse people of “selective outrage” over Paris attacks while ignoring many more deaths in the Middle East. Employ “whataboutism” to discredit “selective outrage” over Paris. Let me take a moment to LOL before I proceed.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

I can hardly think of a more self defeating argument than the one libtards are pushing here. Please go ahead and outrage as much as possible over *every* Islamic terror attack. I am glad to join you. We Right Wingers have been screaming ourselves hoarse that the world should stand up and take notice of the daily massacres connected to the tolerant religion. Go ahead and outrage because you will have to outrage 24 x 7 x 365 because there is a tolerant person carrying out a terror attack somewhere in the world every single minute.

No, the Paris attack does not offend me any more than the attacks in Beirut or Ankara or anywhere in Iraq or Lebanon. I don’t want to treat the Paris attack as anything special, in fact I want you to recognize that the Paris attack fits into the 24 x 7 x 365 outpouring of violence unleashed by members of the tolerant faith. Thanks for proving my point! Now you see why I called your argument a self-defeating one 🙂 ?

And yes, like most Right Wingers I have been much more outspoken about the terror attack in Paris compared to attacks in the Middle East. Yes, I hardly talk about terrorism in the Middle East. It’s not because I don’t care about innocents dying in the Middle East, it’s because I am tired of trying to speak up for them because our outrage falls on deaf liberal ears. No, I don’t care any more about innocent lives in Paris than in Beirut. I just thought that because modern liberalism is a repackaged version of “white man’s burden”, YOU might actually give a damn this time and recognize the problem the world is having with the tolerant religion. That’s why I spoke up this time. I spoke up because I thought Paris might get your attention. I spoke up because your limousine liberal international conferences on tolerance are more likely to be held in Paris than in Kabul. I spoke up because the people who can fund documentaries and other crap liberals live on are more likely to live in Paris than in Somalia. So, I thought you would give a damn. Evidently, we got your attention but couldn’t wake you up. Because you are not asleep, but pretending to sleep.

Looks like Modi got off lightly this time. No link to 2002 Gujarat riots yet…


12 thoughts on “Selective outrage … lol

  1. These jokers will anyways blabber, since the are paid by their masters. We cant change tail of dogs to make straight. They have already started crying after today’s strikes on syria by France.
    Europe has committed a big mistake by accepting refugees. Paris has been attacked many times this year. It seems that, Parisians are becoming “tolerant” like Mumbaikars against these attacks. This is only because of their secular policies.Europe needs to adopt zero tolerance policy like Japan (not a single person of “religion of peace” is allowed to enter Japan), Russia (Very strict leader), USA.


    1. Yes, a month or two ago, people were commenting that Europe has made a big mistake by accepting these people. And so was I. We knew it. Can’t believe that Europeans were so criminally stupid. Damage is already done now.


  2. We seem to not care for innocent Muslims deaths in Middle-East because Muslims don’t care when innocent Muslims are killed by Muslims. Muslims and pseudo secular raise hell when a Muslim was killed by the radical Hindus, but they are totally silent about seven Muslims arrested by Gujarat police for killing two BJP leaders. Those justifying terrorist attacks are forgetting that because of five or ten radical Muslim terrorists, hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims will be killed. One would think that such lop sided ratio against Muslims would wise them up. But for Muslims, friends like our pseudo secular brigade, who need enemies? There always be a question,..” What came first Chicken or egg”? Will these pseudo secular brigade entertain this question for Gujarat riots?


    1. If there is a cartoon in faraway Denmark, Muslims from India to America will be out on the streets immediately. When an attack like Paris happens…Muslims just shut the door coolly and forget.


  3. Every time all these set of guys does rabble rousing,it will be syncronised and all use the same words or simillar words.

    It is as if they all have the same agenda, all are being directed by the same source/force!

    The question we need to ask is, this force is it indian or is it from outside the country.From past six months this has been going on with one incident or other.

    Chaiwallah’s observation is correct suddenly all these guys have changed their tune!!


  4. What’s the take on this latest shocker (figuratively speaking, a lighted fuze “information” bomb) thrown into the “Mameluk” camp by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. Going by his reputation he does not speak, act or write without proof to back up on what he says. I’m eagerly waiting for the comment of this blog on this latest shocking multi-chore likely scam allegation.. The web-link is given below. Read on.


    1. Can I admit something honestly? I looked at the links. They are all on official UK govt websites. There can be no doubt that both in 2005 and in 2006, Rahul’s nationality was reported as “British” on the company returns filed with UK govt. Yes, that was probably a typo, but media never showed such courtesy to Smriti Irani. Or to Vasundhara Raje or Sushma Swaraj.

      More serious question is that it seems Rahul did not disclose his UK company Backops in his 2004 EC affidavit. Yes, his affidavit in 2004 mentions a company called Backops, but according to Scroll, it’s a separate company with similar name registered separately in India. While he has reported the Indian company he owns, he did not report the UK company of the similar name in which he is 65% shareholder.

      The most serious question is that Rahul’s business partner is one Ulrik McKnight who has close business ties with someone named Gautam Makkar who received a 20,000 crore defense contract from the UPA government.

      Now let me come to my honest admission. When I became aware of all this in the morning, I was very excited and chose this issue as my topic for today’s blog. But then, I simply lost courage. I am not bold enough to challenge the Gandhis straight. I have no resources to fight any lawsuits. Sorry. I chickened out. I wish there were genuine free speech laws in India. But we don’t 😦

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