Congress insults Modi’s caste: serves Chaiwala moment on a platter


Yes, the Congress has hit the ball straight up in the air. No, it’s even easier than that. The ball has gone straight up in the air and then fallen into the wicketkeeper’s gloves. All the wicketkeeper has to do now is wake up and claim the catch so that the umpire can raise his finger and send the Congress packing to the pavilion.

Yes, it’s true… this is a direct reference to Modi’s Teli caste, a direct insult to Modi for not being a Brahmin like Nehru. They actually put arrows in their poster to show Nehru as the great upper caste leader and Modi as the “Gangu Teli”. Though we all know how low Congress can sink, at first even I was worried that this might be a photoshopped poster. No, it’s confirmed:


Yes, the Congress is really being that stupid. Yes, they really have served Modi another Chaiwala moment on a platter. It’s been nearly 11 hours since this report came out and this incident has not even gone viral on Twitter! Has the BJP IT cell become incompetent to this extent? How come this is not being feverishly reported on all channels? How come BJP spokies have not swooped upon this?

If they let this opportunity go, I don’t really know what to say. Seriously…and I think they are gonna let this opportunity go. I can’t even…. I am speechless. Here is a tweet from Dhaval Patel…

So folks who are reading this blog, I request you people to post this on your Twitter, your Facebook, your Whatsapp groups….please post this in timeline of BJP leaders, especially the more responsive ones like Giriraj Singh and BJP IT cell people like Priti Gandhi and Arvind Gupta (@buzzindelhi). What can I even say…it seems that they will let this Chaiwala moment turn into a #DoobMaro moment for BJP’s communication team.


20 thoughts on “Congress insults Modi’s caste: serves Chaiwala moment on a platter

  1. I told you Chaiwala. The BJP is now suffering from the same syndrome Congress suffered. They have completely sidelined their friends from the Social Media. Amit Shah has surrounded himself with incompetent people with no political acumen. Sadly this is the reality. As Praveen patil had recently tweeted 2014 was a mirage.


    1. Narendra Modi is losing credibility. And So I doubt whether this ( caste snide) could even get exploited to the extent of the earlier chaiwala moment .
      What has Modi to showcase as achievements or restore faith of the average indian on the committed manifesto ?
      How different is the Modi govt from MMS govt on many fronts ? Where and how Modi is showcasing his distinction ? When there is no palpable difference happening in their lives why would anyone believe/ repose trust on Modi or care for him as a ‘victim’ ???
      He is now PM and the buck stops there. If he is not going to or unable to showcase any progress on his manifesto ( and instead choose to wait till 2018/2019 ) he is himself limiting his options. The ‘clean govt/good governance’ pitch can easily be trivialised as a myth thru ‘manufactured outrage’ over momentary lies by opposition/ media crooks.

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    2. The comparisons are interesting, but I don’t really agree. Rajiv was really a Shehzada from the palace who got to rule. Modi is a battle hardened veteran. He has endured perhaps the longest vilification campaign against a politician in Indian history. But lets see…


    1. Welcome to commenting on my blog, Viswanathan ๐Ÿ™‚

      The poster says in Hindi ” Kahaan Raja Bhoj aur kahaan Gangu Teli”.

      It is a Hindi idiom that tells people not to compare the powerful king (Raja Bhoj) to a lowly nobody like a Gangu Teli (Teli=mustard oil maker). Here the poster points to Nehru and calls him the King and mocks Modi for being a “Gangu Teli”. This is a direct reference also to Modi’s caste because Modi belongs to the Teli caste.


  2. Bang On Target. He has to hard sell his brand and try to show how different he is from the previous regime. No more campaigner Modi but more PM Modi, the reformer Modi. That will fetch him 2019. Give more and more power to local leaders and groom them.

    One of the key advantages of BJP is that there is no dynasty so anybody is free to take the mandate,this is what BJP must focus on.


    1. Be patient. Tremendous impatience being exhibited bordering on ridicule. Things cannot be done in a trice. Modi is no ordinary to be advised on trivialities. What is 2019 being focused in 2015/2016? It is far away. We will cross the bridge when it comes. The odds against Modi are not simpler to be wished away. Issues obviously occupying his mind are talent replacement if there was real dearth, political sagacity, statesmanship, strategy to stoop to conquer, tackling internal bickering, Media management and reforms. If the going gets further tough only the tougher would get going. Pulling him up won’t help. Think and try to give solid suggestions for consideration. Above all negativity by all means should be avoided. If you tremble it is a sure sign of opportunity for the opponents. Be cool and composed. Don’t rock the boat while in turbulence mid stream. Satyamev Jayate.


      1. I agree with the impatience part. Right wing governance has an inbuilt problem that the systemic changes take time to bear fruit. I personally believe Modi will emerge unscathed in 2019.


      1. The impatience is partly justified because the things are not looking very rosy for BJP right now. See ours is a young country and people are impatient. If they don’t witness any incremental change in their lives then they can be easily swayed by the populist politics of the Lalu Mulayam Sonia et.all


      2. I am a very optimistic person. I feel some amount of immediate disappointment is bound to happen following the election of a leader seen as a Messiah. Obama faced this problem too. Democrats lost polls badly in 2010. But eventually people come around and now Obama is sitting pretty and joking about how he could easily win a 3rd term if the Constitution didn’t prohibit it. He probably could…


  3. Some facts these congi’s like to ignore!

    Jawaharlal Nehru was the son of Thussu (Motilal Nehru’s second wife) and Mobarak Ali (Motilal Nehru’s boss).

    Feroze Khan was then in England and he was quite sympathetic to Indira. Soon enough she changed her religion, became a Muslim woman and married Feroze Khan in a London mosque. Indira Priyadarshini Nehru changed her name to Maimuna Begum. Her mother Kamala Nehru was totally against that marriage.

    Nehru was not happy as conversion to Muslim will jeopardize her prospect of becoming Pr ime Minister. So, Nehru asked the young man Feroze Khan to change his surname from Khan to Gandhi.


    1. The Khan –> Gandhi surname conversion has fetched rich dividends, must say. It basically allowed the Dynasty to appoint themselves as successors of Mahatma Gandhi. What a cleverly chosen surname… ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Actually none of this is surprising. If you subtract Modi, then the rest of the BJP is not much different from the Congress. Even their ideology is relative, just like motion in Einsteinโ€™s theory. BJP spokies will sound nationalist on Sudarshan news or other hindi news channels, and try to be โ€œliberalโ€ and apologetic about their core ideology on 9PM English TV national courts. If you recall BJP under pre-Modi era, e.g. 2009 elections, then they were extremely weak in attacking/countering congress even after numerous corruption scandals and pusillanimous terror/Pakistan policy. The job of exposing Congi corruption scams was done by individuals like Subramaniam Swamy (who acted like a one man army, and hence is much reviled by the secular brigade unlike โ€œstatesmanโ€ Vajpeyee, or even off late, Adwani who is getting favourable press in MSM) or by the social media. Modi alone cannot tackle all the fronts, and we have no reason to except rest of the BJP to be even reactive, let alone be pro-active.


    1. Yes, India saw its weakest possible Opposition in the years from 2004 to 2013 until Modi came along. In fact, with 44 seats, Congress is showing us what REAL Opposition looks like. BJP could never show half as much opposition with nearly 3 times as many seats!


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