The 3 levels of selective outrage

So, there is a flood of articles in Dynastycrook outlets complaining about “whataboutism” from the Right Wing in the context of this manufactured outrage on “intolerance”. First of all, let me express my delight once again that these articles had to be written in the first place. Till now, the Left has usually ignored atrocities on Hindus with a condescending smile. The fact that these Mameluks have had to leave their holes and justify their outrage is a win in itself. It means that the charge of selective outrage is sticking. People are asking questions. And liberals are having to explain themselves. This is a sea change from what this nation used to be.

Many liberals have put forward various excuses to explain their outrage choices. Some jokers like Abhinandan Sekhri of Newslaundry have talked about “past mistakes”. Others maintain that they have a freedom to choose what to outrage over (and so do we have the freedom to question those choices), while others subscribe to a “tipping point” theory.

Just in case there is any liberal around who has any interest in intellectual honesty, let me explain briefly what the right wing grievance with selective outrage is. You see, everyone makes choices. We get that. But when someone makes the following 3 levels of choices, we are bound to question. Let me show you here the 3 nested levels of selective outrage from the liberal brigade:

Level 1: Select only those instances of violence and intolerance that have occurred after Modi came to power. Ignore everything from Emergency to Nellie to Bhagalpur to 1984 to Muzaffarnagar.

Level 2: After limiting yourself to incidents after May 26, 2014, restrict yourself to those in which the members of the peaceful community were victims. Ignore Prashant Poojary but cry over Dadri (or even choose to spit in the dead man’s face by saying his death deserves to be ignored)

Level 3: After limiting yourself to incidents of violence against the peaceful community that happened after May 26, 2014, further restrict yourself to blaming ONLY the Central BJP government and not the secular state government where the incident really happened. For example, blame Modi for the death of Kalburgi in Karnataka, the lynching of Akhlaque in UP and the rape of a nun in West Bengal even though the BJP is not in power in any of these states.


25 thoughts on “The 3 levels of selective outrage

  1. The very fact that the incidents of Dadri in UP and death of Kalburgi in Karnataka are not investigated by the States, leaves one to smell a rat and that the incidents were tacitly approved ones with a deliberate intention to smear the Central government before/during the Bihar elections.

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  2. Some pseudos go beyond three level. They even include Dabholkar’s murder (and other activist’s murder) which happened under UPA at Center and Congress/NCP at State level. What is even more interesting is the trickle down process. Either they just want coverage just for them and not share it with other awards returnees or being just copy-cats or more likely, keep the issue alive long enough for Bihar election. Seems like they want to repeat their success in Delhi election when fake Christian Churches attacks worked.

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  3. I have a strong feeling that this last group of awards returnees were waiting for the last day of Bihar election. It will be very interesting to see if any more person returns his/her award now that it will not have any effect on Bihar election result, just like, as soon as Delhi election was over, fake attacks on Christian Churches ceased.

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    1. If this is what they did for Bihar, imagine what they will do for UP 🙂 For the moment, black money will have to wait. Right now, Modi ji is bringing back the “black awards” that were given away by the Dynasty to its crooks over the years.

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  4. What is worrisome is that these people call themselves intellectuals. If this is their level with no respect or concern for the national image, it is better to be a part of the non-intellectual gang.
    All their actions are creating a very vilified atmosphere that they use to brow beat the central government. A huge predetermined agenda is at play and every right thinking Indian must see thru’ this and counter the agenda thru’ Social Media as we cannot expect any support from the MSM to convey the other opinion to their agenda. Communicate to all your friends & request them to forward such facts to counter the false propaganda. Jai Hind !!

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    1. These “intellectuals” think they can brow beat Modi. But they are wrong. Modi has become immune to these people over the years. Modi is not Vajpayee.

      And hello and a warm welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂

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  5. This is a good opportunity to reclaim the awards given to undeserved bootlicking and anti national idiots, who have not returned yet the award and reward money, by anti Hindu government. If we don’t have mechanism to do that we can democratically agitate for the same. If our culture, custom, deep rooted democratic values and our high civilization restrict us to use peaceful means, we will have to organize and unite more powerfully to be effective. Let peaceful voice of 85% + 13% reasonable voices from more Indian patriots seal shut the mouth of paid presstitutes, useless nikame congis and their similar ilks in other parties mameluks.


    1. Exactly, right now Modi ji is bringing back the “black awards” that were given away to the stooges of the Dynasty in the last six decades. These awards are also property of the nation. They were looted and distributed to undeserving Mameluks. Good thing they are coming back now.

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  6. A post from facebook:
    A father had a useless son who does not go to job. One day he said that he should leave the house if he is not earning Rs 100 a day. His concerned mother gave him Rs 100 and he handed over to his father. Smart father, who know what has happened told him to throw that Rs 100 into dustbin. Son did so without a word. Next day, his mother was not available in the house. So, he has to earn the money. He went out and worked hard to earn Rs 100 and gave to his father. Again, father asked him to throw the money into dustbin. But, today son opposed it because it was hard earned money & knows the value of it. He did not throw.

    Similarly hard earned awards will not be returned. If they get the awards without hard work, they have no problems to return it.

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  7. Suzanne Arundhati Roy is an intellectual “giant”. She has figured out how to time travel. 2002 Godhra train massacre happened as the train came from the 1992 Ayodhya Masjid event. Notice how she says that no one knows how the burning occurred. But of course, with every Muslim murder, they know instantly who was at fault. NYT ran an article in the last couple of days where in Manipur a muslim person suspected of trying to steal a calf was killed and they have declared that as a hate ‘cow” crime by a Hindu mob. With feeders lie Suzanne Roy and lappers in NYT, this will never stop.


    1. And as in the case of Barkha Dutt, the message is that they were doing something wrong, so we should not be alarmed by their murders. Same for Poojary. They are not even being devious anymore. It is out in the open and flaunted in our faces.

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    2. Another way to look at this : the infrastructure given by Congress of 50 years was so bad that train starting it’s journey from Ayodhya in 1992 was still travelling 10 years later 🙂


  8. We see how the standard of journalism plummet in this interview. It is bad enough that this guy asks questions loaded to one side. Half way through he drops all pretense and starts making judgment statements than interviewing.

    And the dangerous statement made was “The trouble arose because there was silence from Prime Minister Narendra Modi post the Dadri lynching.” It’s a veiled threat – follow what we are asking you to say and do; else there will be trouble.


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