Oh TERI! What an intolerant woman!

Confirming that the atmosphere of intolerance in this country is rising under Modi, a female Ambani-Adani-Zionist-CIA-RSS agent who had made accusations of sexual harassment against Shri R K Pachauri has decided to resign from TERI:

A female research analyst, who has accused former Teri director general R K Pachauri of sexual harassment, has resigned from the institute. In her resignation letter, the 29-year-old complainant said that she was “treated” in the “worst possible manner”.  “Teri has failed to uphold my interests as an employee,” the complainant said.


Let us read along the series of exchanges between R K Pachauri and this Adani agent and you will discover just how much of a monster this woman is (http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/rk-pachauri-the-energy-research-institute-harassment-charges/1/420185.html)

Pachauri’s SMS on September 7, 2013, at 9.22 pm: “My life, your good wishes have brought me safely home. Will ever your love bring me safely into my real home – your warm heart!

On September 8, 2013, at 2.32 pm: “I shall try to suppress my human feelings, and live with a sad restraint on my words and actions. Never to make you uncomfortable or stressed on my account .”

On September 17, 2013, at 10.28 pm: “I never want to make you uncomfortable even if it requires curbing my own instincts.”

Woman’s SMS the same evening, two minutes later: “Hi Dr Pachauri, yes I do get a little embarrassed and also feel overwhelmed.”

Woman’s SMS on October 1, 2013, at 9.38 pm: “As a 21st century woman (I) deserve the right to say that you kindly shouldn’t try and or just hold me close or kiss me. I just got to the Metro.”

At 10.01 pm: “I ain’t and don’t wish to be just a pretty face in your office. That hurts and is a bit demoralising. I’m much inexperienced and nowhere near where you are. I will never do anything out of line with my conscience or take advantages.“”

Throughout you can see how Shri Pachauri is expressing divine love from his deeply liberal heart and this Adani agent woman is showing tremendous intolerance towards his liberal feelings. Let’s read her intolerant statement again:

As a 21st century woman (I) deserve the right to say that you kindly shouldn’t try and or just hold me close or kiss me. I just got to the Metro.”

What kind of a rude and arrogant woman refuses love filled kisses from enlightened liberals? Is this what Adani agents are trying to turn India into? A dark, cold and ruthless place where people refuse kisses? A nation where love is returned with hate? Should a man, that too a successful and honorable liberal like Shri R K Pachauri have to lose his reputation and career simply because of love? Is it a crime now to fall in love in Modi’s India? Ha! What does Modi even know about love? What does a man who couldn’t even accept his child marriage know about love? Just as Congress leader Smt. Renuka Choudhury pointed out elegantly yesterday:

If you Modi ever have a son-in-law, then you dare talk about other people’s damaads. What does he know about how to live with a family? He doesn’t have a family and that is why there is so much nonsense in the country today

Ever since the Adani agent woman made a formal sexual harassment complaint, TERI had to constitute a committee to investigate the case. Yes, yes, they found Shri Pachauri guilty. What else did you think would happen under the stone cold hard hearted laws in Modi’s India? But there is a twist:

TERI has freshly constituted its Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), just a few weeks after RK Pachauri, its Director General accused of sexual harassment, was allowed to return to work. The immediate and official reason for the formation of the new committee is the resignation of Ranjana Saikia, the Presiding Officer and Chairperson of the previous committee who upheld the charges of sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation against Pachauri. Saikia resigned on Monday.


Do you hear that Modi? After upholding the charges against Shri Pachauri under the hard hearted laws in Modi’s India, the Presiding Officer Ranjana Saikia was so overcome with remorse that she voluntarily resigned! Take that Modi! I tell you Modi, non-cooperation has arrived. You might have become Prime Minister somehow, but the people are revolting against you. If you make them uphold sexual harassment and intimidation charges against liberals for expressing love, they will resign to spite you. The people have decided to accept foreign contributions for their NGOs and not file their taxes. You know…just like Mahatma Gandhi used to. What will you do now?

I’m telling you Modi what we want. Take back your laws on sexual harassment. Replace the Supreme Court’s Vishakha Guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment with the Tejpal guidelines:

a Goa sessions court has rejected the defence argument that the alleged act was consensual and not criminal since the victim was a “liberated, emancipated modern woman”.


Do it now! Overrrule the Vishakha Guidelines and replace them with the Tejpal Guidelines under which “liberated emancipated and modern women” will have no right to complain against sexual harassment by liberal men. I don’t want to hear excuses that you can’t overrule the Supreme Court. We know the Supreme Court has been overruled before and it can be done again. Rajiv Gandhi overruled the SC to punish Adani agents like Shah Bano and you can do it too. Let me tell you very clearly Modi; until you do a “Kanoon Wapsi“, the “Award Wapsi” shall continue…


10 thoughts on “Oh TERI! What an intolerant woman!

  1. Eminent Intellectual had a nice tweet recently on similar lines and here it is:

    Sanghis reminding that Dibakar Banerjee had sexually exploited a girl. Regressive Sanghis, we call it evolved sexuality. Tejpal did the same

    So it is high time Modi and BJP and NDA stop being intolerant towards this sexual evolution or is it revolution – a word that would appeal to the seculars in JNU 🙂

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