Hindus are humans too

So, just yesterday, I was talking about how the entire Mameluk media has gone completely silent about the murders of Gau Raksha activists Prashant Poojary in Mangalore and Sandeep Kataria in Gurgaon.

Well, the plot just got thicker:

Almost a week after the murder of flower vendor and Bajrang Dal activist Prashant Poojary in Moodbidri, a key eyewitness in the case allegedly committed suicide in a shed in Moodbidri on Thursday October 15.The deceased has been identified as Vaman Poojary (68).


Now, this really hurts. And it’s impossible not to make comparisons about the relative status of Hindus and Muslims in this country. It’s really tragic that Mohammad Akhlaque was killed in Dadri. I hope that his killers receive the harshest sentences; possibly the death sentence. But the death of Prashant Poojary is equally tragic. And the fact that the entire Mameluk media, civil society, Sahitya Akademi jokers will not spare one moment of outrage for Prashant really hurts. One can live with a group of elites who are hand in glove with certain political parties; every country has that. But this kind of outright denial of rights of Hindus makes me feel like we are subjects living in an occupied country where our lives have no value.

Again, this isn’t Mohammad Akhlaque’s fault. He was an innocent man who was brutally murdered. This is not about him. This is about the subjugation of the Hindu masses by an alien minded, rootless and ruthless elite that sees us as subjects rather than citizens.

Let us read more about who this man who died yesterday:

Vaman had a tender coconut shop next to Prashant’s shop, and at the time of the latter’s murder on October 9 early morning, Vaman was present at the spot. He was thus considered a key eyewitness in the case.

Will nobody speak up and even demand an investigation into the death of this eyewitness within a week of the murder? When a stone was thrown at a church in Bandra last year, the national media got on the case. So much concern for one window pane in a church, but no concern for a dead human being?

This hurts. It really does.

21 thoughts on “Hindus are humans too

  1. It is unfortunate that an eyewitness to a week old murder was found hanging in Manguluru. Police are to act in right earnest. Again Beef was the culprit behind these murders. Expecting the MSM to cry for a hindu murdered and an eyewitness to that murder found hanging has remote chances. Now according to reports, West Bengal is in a crisis of Hindu identity. Like the kashmiri pandits thrown out of the valley, Hindus in the rural Bengal are being persecuted by property grabs and place dislocations, it is reported. Tourism in Darjeeling is being gradually trampled. A force behind is suspected. Law and order is undeniably a state subject. If the State turns a Nelson’s eye, to the problems of the majority, the citizens are to go where? If BJP enters it is politicisation and polarisation. Then MSM enters and supports the sickcular state govt. The issue is indeed complex. BJP is to consolidate by delivering the promised good governance at the centre. The damage to the fabric India was orchestrated for over a decade. MSM was thrown out of gear by a design and it has fallen a prey. For media to become objective, it takes time. But it will have to fall in line. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. BJP at the centre needs time. Don’t be intemperate and provoke lest the fringe jumps in to entangle it.
    Maintain cool and keep communicating with ideas to grapple with the situation to improve it for the better. We have to resurrect and we will. Jai Hind.


  2. “India’s millions of recyclers, currently mostly informal, must be recognised and included as active service providers in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the Circular Economy Framework”. About the ‘recycling of waste’ in India, not much is apparently known. How do we join this recycling activity! can someone throw more light please. Please provide the links for reading.


    1. I know Bengal very well. The current TMC government is the most anti Hindu government Bengal has seen in a generation. Hindus are now being persecuted in Bengal as if Aurangazeb is ruling. Previously, when Commie killers were ruling, they would only kill their political opponents. On a day to day basis, common Hindus did not face intimidation purely for being Hindus. But now, common Hindus in Bengal are living as second class citizens.


  3. One Tapan Ghosh is calling for help from the rest of the country as it is much beyond the capacity of West Bengal citizens, Hindus in particular, to resist and protect themselves and the State.
    A video named “The Bangla crescent by mayank jain” on youtube was seen by about 5300 in a country of 125 crore Indians. These are the pressing National issues the youth of this country should be at least be aware of. The country has more serious issues to tackle deftly and swiftly.


  4. The biggest problem in the Hindu society is that it is fragmented and is not united. The basic ethos of our scriptures are pluralistic. Whereas Abrahmic religions especially Islam is completely opposite to what are the basic ethics of the society. That is why you see the Muslims have a soft corner for their brethren of the Ummah. This is in varying degrees but is there.


    1. The most important problem is that we are divided on caste. This has become the albatross around the nation’s neck. God knows when it will go away. From terrorists to Adarshliberals to Lalu, everyone takes advantage of this.


  5. I have been saying this for a year now in different limited available to Hindus forum that a single level focus on economic development is not going to solve India’s even economic problems. We have seen this before. India was once the most prosperous country and within decades, it became pauper as soon as it lost political and military power. Without subduing the enemies within, even strong military or political state can not be built. The enemies are built and entrenched for 1000 years and are reinforced with new vigour, with the help of traitors and useful idiots in last seven decades and new government is focused on economic development only. Can a jaggurnaut run on a single wheel? Even with multi level strategy including robust economic and infrastructural development, it can take decades, how are we going to progress in any field with anti national congress, BSP, SP JDU RJD, DMK NDTV, IBN, JNU, Bollywood and thousands of medias and institutions which are rabidly anti Hindus which are 80% of population?

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  6. The strategy has to be two fold. Talk less and carry on your agenda. The less you talk the more frustrated the MSM gets. Our stupid BJP CMs who go to the commies channels to give interviews must be strictly dealt with. Modi himself has perfected this art. Don’t know why these buffons don’t understand.


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