Dynastycrooks mourn the “death of secularism”

Of late, DailyO has started publishing random outbursts of Dynastycrooks STILL unable to come to terms with the fact that Modi won. The other day they had a hurriedly written rant from Kamal Mitra Chenoy. Today they have published a rant called “Death of Secularism” by lawyer Rajeev Dhawan.


He starts off in great alarm:

Has the slide begun? That too so easily? Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a man of ideas. He is a strange mixture of copy-cat economics and pulpit politics. Today the Parivar is pervasive.”

Oh dear…not again. Thank goodness Modi doesn’t know/care much about the so called “idea of India” 🙂 Whatever great ideas your Shehzada has found, ask him to keep them to himself.

Never in our independent history, has our conscience been so stubbornly strained.  The ghetto Juhapura (Gujarat) is called a “Mini Pakistan… with Wagah border”.

Really? Well maybe not YOUR conscience. Yours is not mine. It is nice to know that your conscience was not strained when Indira Gandhi canceled the right of habeas corpus in the Constitution. As for Juhapura in Gujarat being called “mini Pakistan”, so what? Since time immemorial, seculars have been referring to us as “kafirs”. Why not open the Book of Peace and see the kinds of things they say about kafirs and how we should be treated? So let’s not get into this stuff, okay?

The next paragraph is just plain incoherent:

The “ghar wapsi” campaign is not a request but intimidation. It is a sequel to the undeclared “desh chhodo”. We have seen the campaigns in Mumbai against Biharis.”

Huh? What is he even talking about …linking ghar wapsi to campaigns in Mumbai against Biharis? I think Mr. Dhawan has just arrived from Pakistan after a 50 year vacation. Settle down Mr. Dhawan, take some antacids and drink some water. You are getting too incoherent here.

Violent campaigns against the people from the Northeast. If India does not want the Northeasterners, are they prepared to allow the Northeast to secede?”

Again, drink some cold water, Mr. Dhawan. Linking anti-Northeast prejudice to the RSS? I must say this rant is one of the most incoherent ones I have ever seen on DailyO…

Meat shops are banned on the Kanwariyas’ route from Hardwar. The RSS inspired Parivar “think-tanks” are preparing India for enmity.”

Ummm…errr…you should go ask your beloved Ayatollahs of secularism about this. Uttarakhand is ruled by one of Queen Sonia’s Mameluks… As Kanwariyas walk into UP & Bihar, they are again met by secular governments in Lucknow and Patna. Ask them…

Now, India has become a country for banning books, films, art and ideas. The Censor Board has been taken over. Leela Samson was ousted.”

Wait…I need to dissect this line. Let us read it again:

Now, India has become a country for banning books, films, art and ideas. The Censor Board has been taken over. Leela Samson was ousted.”

You realize what you just did Mr. Dhawan? Do you realize why I am rolling on the floor laughing? Did you catch the irony? Do you see the irony in compaining that the Censor Board  has been taken over from your friends by people you accuse of suppressing free expression 🙂 ?

If you are reading this article, Mr. Dhawan, I suggest you take a 5 minute pause, a deep breath and try to figure out the irony yourself 🙂


Okay…time up, Mr. Dhawan. Let me ask you this: what is the purpose of  a Censor Board? To “censor” stuff, right? If you are okay with the existence of a Censor Board and Leela Samson sitting in it, you are automatically supporting censorship! Then you can’t turn around and complain about freedom of expression when someone else puts up his stooges on the Censor Board instead of your own friends. You can’t use the free speech argument because all you are demanding is that the job of suppressing free speech be handed over to your friends instead of their stooges….

In other words, Rajeev Dhawan has pulled off a John Dayal here. A few days ago, I wrote about how John Dayal started huffing and puffing about suppression of dissent by Modi and his supporters.


Johnny was so angry that he went all the way to the police station to demand that those criticizing him on Twitter be punished by the law. When the police told him there wasn’t much they could do, Johnny expressed his anger at Twitter :

The police say that while Facebook is more amenable to queries from the Indian government and cooperate in identifying cyber-criminals, Twitter, with its main servers in the United States, does not, unless a Tweet meets the criminality criteria of the US with its Freedom of Expression tradition.

He was so angry about his freedom of expression being allegedly suppressed by Fascist Modi that he went to the police station and came back to complain about how he can’t put his critics in jail due to the silly “Freedom of Expression tradition” in the United States 🙂

Finally, let me say something about “death of secularism”. Secularism is a great idea and one of the cornerstones of a modern democracy. So is Freedom of Expression. In India, freedom of expression died on the day Jawaharlal Nehru amended the Indian Constitution to punish the RSS Mouthpiece Organizer for criticizing him. The Organizer had dared to criticize him and Nehru’s administration tried to censor them. The RSS challenged the censorship in court and won and then Nehru decided to strangle freedom of expression by amending the Constitution to overrule the court order. It was the FIRST Amendment to the Indian Constitution ever…yes…when Nehru saw the Constitution, his FIRST decision was that Freedom of Speech should be removed from it. As for secularism, it died in India on the day a Uniform Civil Code was denied to the citizens. Like the ghost of Nehru still occupying Teen Moorti Bhavan, our nation has been carrying the corpse of secularism on its shoulders ever since. Every now and then the corpse of secularism is lashed with whips, such as when Rajiv Gandhi amended the Constitution to deny a living to the poor widow Shah Bano. Secularism in India dies many deaths when a police constable like Sujata Patil is asked to apologize because she wrote an angry poem against those who were molesting women and desecrating Amar Jawan Jyoti…simply because the criminals were from a secular religion. It was just a poem, Mr. Dhawan…just a poem. She did not even lift a hand against the molesters (she was under orders to let them do whatever they wanted), she just wrote a poem expressing her helpless anger when she came back…

When your idea of secularism  and free expression is strong enough to tolerate Sujata Patil’s poem, come back and give me lectures on tolerance. Till then, please have some shame.


25 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks mourn the “death of secularism”

  1. I couldn’t read the whole article without throwing up. Talk about a meandering, meaningless diatribe that doesn’t even know what it is talking about.

    What caught my eye was this:
    “Not that I approve of Muslim fatwas on music genius AR Rahman, but today Hindutva history has rushed to the fore. The controversy over changing the name of Aurangzeb to honour Kalam is petty.

    Aurangzeb was a great emperor who gave grants to Hindu temples, imposed religious taxes on both communities when his treasury was empty and unified parts of India. Like many emperors, he did things we consider wrong. Examine his rule. Don’t denigrate him ignorantly. Kalam was not the greatest of presidents. His elevation to fame is exalted by Hindutva.”

    Ah, the gratuitous one liner on the fatwas to show you are neutral. And connecting that to a comment on Hindutva history – huh!?

    And the claws are out – Kalam was not great; he was elevated by Hindutva. How sad – now they can’t tolerate Muslims too.

    A school kid would have written a more coherent and better sounding article.

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  2. I love the way you strip these crooks of their fig leaf. Shameless creatures, who would not hesitate to cut their nose to spite their face. It is so transparent that their hate for Modi converts to hate for this country and they would anything to cause all round dissatisfaction by their mad rantings. Like Tufail Ahmed says in a recent blog, (at the Indiafacts. org site ) all these crooks belong to the Amartya Sen Model of Intellectual Semi Literacy.

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    1. These JNU guys do not have India’s interest in heart. No one who holds a strong card will simply throw it away hoping others will follow suit. At best they live in an utopia world like their namesake leader who threw away UNSC post for goodwill; at worst they are anti India and want to keep themselves as slaves of the white man.


    1. Ravish of ndtv tried to shut off Netaji’s grand nephew Chandra Bose.Asking him why he was blaming Nehru for snooping and not L B Shstri and V Patel. Dynastycrook was insulting and not listening to explanation that Patel and Shastri died early in their position to have actively participated unlike Nehru.


      1. Ravish is actually the most biased news anchor on Indian television. Other anchors actually try once in a while to be balanced. Ravish never even tries. He loves the sound of his voice…his show is one long monologue cursing BJP.


  3. Believe me I am waiting for the day when the Indian media will turn into Pakistan media and then we can have the circus 24/7 going on. If Modi wins the 2019 elections believe me it will happen. There may be mass suicides too.


  4. I have given a point by point rebuttal to that article in that page itself. but, it was again shocking to see how these mamuleks have spread their tentacles and are there everywhere including Supreme Court. may be, next the dynasty will ask one of the judges to write an article. it is sort of a payback time for all these crooks.


  5. Posting the same reply here too.

    It is really ironical that a SUpreme court judge can stoop to such a low level to write an article of this kind. This either shows how deep the dynasty crooks have percolated or how unquestioned loyalty to the dynasty is important irrespective of your position.

    Let me rebut the arguments put forth by this eminent lawyer point by point.
    The professor Pralay Kanungo’s only acheivements and publications have been on RSS bashing. See this author is quoting that professor for his defence.

    Regarding the FIR incident that this author has referred to, Iam quoting the article from TOIlet paper itself. “Rakhial police inspector Barkat Ali Chavda reportedly said, “The writer wrote Pakistan as the address in FIR because it was dictated to us by the city control room. This is quite normal here. Those who live there also identify themselves as residents of Pakistan”. Even locals claim that auto-rickshaw drivers in the city whether they want to go to Hindustan or Pakistan.

    What has Modi and RSS got to do with this Mr. Lawyer?

    Was the meat ban law brought in by BJP and RSS? was it not in effect from 1964 in maharashtra and was it not increased by two days by the congress govt in 2004? where were you at that time? OK, jains came to supreme court when the case came up? what has that again got to do with BJP/RSS? Did not your rajiv gandhi govt go against the judgement in shao bano case? did not recently, the muslim personal board negated the discussions on triple talaq? are they are part of secularism?

    Coming to ghar wapsi campaign, what is wrong in conducting the same, if christians are allowed to openly do conversions. dont they call that as harvest and rejoice for every narutal catamity as an opportunity for more harvest? did not pope declare openly that this millineum is the millineum for harvest in India? did you oppose that statement? if not, that shows your hyprocrisy.

    Again who enacted the Ranbir Penal code in Kashmir? was it Modi? who was ruling J&K for so long? Modi? when was the PIL filed in the Hight court?was it during Modi’s rule? all your so called secular govts were doing just the lip service and did not do anything to get this rule nullified. The judgement cane now? if at all you can blame someone, it must be the judges who gave the verdict? As a lawyer, please make it clear? are you accusing the judges of J&K high court?

    In rajasthan, the meat ban was increased from 2 days to again 4 days by the previous cong govt. This year, the BJP govt made it to three days and see what the media cried, as if a new ban has been introduced in rajasthan.

    Was leela samson removed from her post, or she quit because she was not able to answer selective tratments to the filem certifications?I dont have to elaborate on this. all the information are all available in the public space. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/censor-chief-leela-samson-to-resign/

    See how selective you are with respect to banning. what about banning davinci code, satanic verses, lajja? you dont want to talk about that?what about leela samson trying to ban the film MSG?so if people of your ilk ban something it is okay and if other do that it is wrong. see your double standards.

    Regarding the withdrawal of book of megha kumar, se the article in Hindu and the opinion of Mr. soli sorabjee. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/revise-your-book-orient-blackswan-tells-megha-kumar/article6123845.ece

    Who hounded tamil writer perumal? was it BJP and RSS? they are a non-entity in tamilnadu and I come from there. I have read that book and you wont believe that the said book conveys something in the tenor of stating that anyone born in that particular region and having a specific name is born in an illegal manner. is that the way you write history with hearsays and assumptions?

    see your double standards. the fatwa against AR rahman is just a passing remark and Iam impressed by your research on aurangazeb and his soft side for hindus.Can the author explain what the parivar actually wants to do with the nehru museum. That museum was named nehru museum but it was setup to showcase the achievers of India, but pathetically it is just showcasing only Nehru and no one else. the govt wants to correct this imbalance, is that wrong. There is a Birla planetarium in my city and I went there and found not details about the astronomy but only about Birla group of companies. LOL. Is that what is expected.

    It is very clear from this article, that irrespective of your position, your hatred towards one particular party,organisation knows no bounds and just like you lawyers twist and turn the facts and truths to suit your narrative this article resembles your exact nature of arguments.


    1. Also add a note on how Joe DÇruz is being hounded by the Libtards for his open support to Modi and Sanskrit. That is tolerance and FoE as practiced by these crooks.

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  6. If anything, agitation against Bihari in Mumbai is no proof of intolerance against Muslims as mostly Biharis in Mumbai are Hindus, so what is he smoking, ranting, whining and wailing?


  7. Fitting response by Shri Fadnavis on open letter of Sardesai. I guess we need more such responses from the BJP team to counter the false propaganda of MSM.


    It is one thing to create wrong news but it takes different kind of foolhardiness to write a open letter. I guess they have belief that even such things would be given a go bye by BJP and they would go scotfree


    1. Finally Fadnavis spoke up after being constantly maligned since the day he took power. But its a pity the CM had to personally do this. BJP spokespersons should have taken care of the situation so that the need for something drastic like this doesn’t arise.


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