The hypocrisy of Dynastycrook Sagarika Ghose

In America, there is a term called “limousine liberal”. This refers to rich liberals who live obscenely luxurious lives while moralizing to ordinary people about how they should lower the quality of their own lives for various feel good liberal causes. The best example of this is Al Gore, who made millions by making movies about the dangers of global warming/fossil fuel AND then sold his own TV network (Current TV) for millions of $$$ to Qatar’s Al Jazeera:

Al Gore made millions by selling fears about fossil fuel to ordinary Americans, used that fame to create his own TV network and then made millions again by selling that TV network to Oil rich sheikhs 🙂 This is how the limousine liberals work. Another great example is Hollywood legend Harrison Ford who is a passionate environmentalist… but owns as many as 8 private jets and once took his private jet up the American East Coast on a sudden whim to eat a cheeseburger!

Again, it is not the success and wealth of these people that irks. In a free enterprise system, everyone is entitled to earn their own wealth and use it the way they want. What bothers is the hypocrisy when these people turn around and try to snatch away the small joys and luxuries of ordinary people by giving lectures on environmentalism. Another such character would be the filmmaker Michael Moore, who has made millions of $$$ making documentaries bashing capitalism (his latest documentary being an outright satirical attack on capitalism itself called “Capitalism: A love story”). The irony and hypocrisy of what they do vs what they say is why they are called limousine liberals.

India, of course, has its own version of these limousine liberals, headed of course, by the Dynasty itself. While the Dynasty lives in palaces and goes abroad on 56 day holidays, India’s poor people are given the slogan:

Aadhi roti khayenge, Congress ko jitayenge” (we will eat half a roti but vote for Congress)

One of the finest articles about this phenomenon, titled “Our socialist royalty” was written by Tavleen Singh. The article is slightly difficult to find, but I managed to find an FB link where the text is present:

Sagarika Ghose is one of this crowd. Having been ejected from CNN-IBN right after Modi came to power and frustrated to the point that her husband started physically attacking Modi supporters, it is no wonder that Saggy aunty has been actively participating in the propaganda storm by media Mameluks over the so called meat ban. But read this tweet from her:


Deer and giraffe? BOTH of these are ILLEGAL in India!! Ok…let us give Saggy aunty the benefit of doubt and say that she did not do anything illegal, which means she ate such meat abroad. Watch the hypocrisy…she can fly abroad to exotic destinations to eat the meat of wild animals like deer and giraffe, but she will come back and give us all a lecture on conservation of animals, water, environment, energy…this that…lol. Does your child want to play with colors and water on Holi? Saggy aunty wants to snatch that little pleasure from him… watch them moralize:

If your child fills up a balloon or pichkari with water, he is destroying the world. Take that away from him, but don’t ask what Sagarika Ghose is filling up her swimming pool with:

If an ordinary person wants to play with crackers on Diwali, crackers cause pollution and noise (for mysterious reasons, the same doesn’t apply to crackers on New Year Day). If a child fills up his water balloon, it is a problem. But it’s not a problem when Sagarika Ghose flies around the world to eat the meat of endangered wild animals and comes back to a nice swimming pool…

Ok ok…but that was a while ago. Recently.. Saggy aunty seems to have started using recycled water:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you collected enough for your swimming pool…

12 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of Dynastycrook Sagarika Ghose

  1. she has gone completely berserk since Modi came to power. Hope this C5M continues the same way which would educate the world about the entire genre of people loke her who are alleged journalist and masquerade as intellectuals.


    1. Yes, I think media is beginning to approach a tipping point, where they lose all trust of the people. At this point, negative media bombardment will no longer have an effect on public thinking. In America, this point has been reached and no one believes the media any more. In India, this time is coming.

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  2. Hawala Bazz ‘Royal Socialist’ SONIA MAINO was reported to have spent 1800 crore during one of her secret treatment on the entire one month stay of her two families from India and Italy in the huge Royal suite of Hotel Hilton. Whose money? wherefrom? Hawala money? This is in addition to the regular secret vist several times each year. Same for her son too. Ma Beta without any accountability has SUCKED the Blood of the country

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  3. She and her elk, should go to USDA Web site and find out how much fresh water is needed to produce one pound of beef (or any other kind of meat) versus one pound of grain. There are numerous articles in media depicting rate of consumption of fresh water by meat eating public would lead to fresh water shortage so great that next world war will be fought for fresh water rather than oil.

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    1. Yes 🙂 The world over, it is actually whiny liberals who try to convince people to give up meat (and be vegan). Only in India is meat eating a liberal cause, just because Muslims eat beef …ROFL 🙂


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