Is Dynastycrook Shehzad Poonawalla even dumber than the Shehzada?

It is not everyday that you can say that. And yet, it happens. On our planet of 7 billion people, there are indeed idiots who can compete with  the Shehzada himself in tomfoolery! We have found him…finally…and his name is Shehzad Poonawalla!

His article in DailyO is titled “India desperately needs a Muslim, Dalit or tribal PM“. Ok…he said Muslim, Dalit or tribal. It’s still better than Pappu telling us that India desperately needs a “pajama, kurta or chappal ki sarkar

So, round one goes to the Shehzada. Sorry, Shehzad. Here Shehzad goes again:

The highest office in the land is that of the president but under our constitutional scheme, the real executive power is vested in the office of the prime minister.

Are you sure about that line, Mr. Shehzad? Power is vested in the Prime Minister? This line could surely raise some eyebrows at the office of the ex-Chairperson of the National Advisory Council 🙂 Watch out, yaar…  😛

we have unfortunately, even after 68 long years of Independence, have neither had a Dalit, tribal, Christian nor a Muslim as the prime minister of India.

Indeed…how about we ask the party that has held power for almost 60 of those 68 years why they could never find a Dalit or tribal or Muslim who could run the country? As for Christians….hmmm… no comments 😛

Generally, the trend is that, by and large minorities and lower castes are being denied the right to hold this office, which is quite evident.

Clearly, Shehzad must be talking of how Congress’ elected Dalit president Sitaram Kesri was kicked out of office so that the Queen could occupy it.. Here is the Congress party’s pet court poet Rashid Kidwai describing how Sitaram Kesri was dismissed:

 The moment Kesri stepped into the hall, he knew something was amiss. Loyalist Tariq Anwar was the only one who stood up to greet him. After Kesri sat down, Pranab began reading out a resolution’thanking’ him for his services and invoking Clause J of Article 19 of the Congress constitution…A horrified Kesri listened to its provisions: the CWC could act beyond its constitutional powers in ‘special situations’ as long as it got the decision ratified by the AICC within six months…..‘Arre yeh kya keh rahe ho (Hey, what are you saying)’ was all Kesri could say when he found his voice. But there was a smirk on the faces of his colleagues. Kesri raved against the ‘unconstitutional’ meeting and loudly protested that he was still the Congress chief. But Prasada, the vice president of the party was already announcing, to thunderous applause, that ‘Madam Sonia Gandhi’ was their new leader.


Shehzad continues:

The last PM belonged to the Sikh minority community that makes up for just 1.7 per cent of the Indian population.

Indeed…and I am sure every self respecting Sikh will forever be ashamed of the spineless puppet who occupied the PM’s chair at Sonia Gandhi’s feet. It gets even worse from this point. Speaking of these other communities who have been “denied” a chance to occupy the PM post, Shehzad writes:

Why is it that none of the members of this community have been afforded the political platform within political parties and by our democratic political set up to lead the nation?….Do they inherently lack the talent, integrity or the ability to lead India

Now this is a completely fair question. If Queen Sonia had chosen a different puppet to occupy the office of PM, would the Coal scam have been any less grand than 2 lakh crores? Would a puppet chosen from the Dalit or tribal community have lacked the talent or ability to allow the 2G scam? Isn’t it ironic that Manmohan Singh declared openly that “Muslims should have the first right to the nation’s resources”, but Muslims do not have the right to become the first choice for scamster-in-chief?

Shehzad Poonawalla is not done yet…he pulls out Hardik Patel…

When a Hardik Patel demands reservation for empowered folks like Patels and brandishes weapons, incites violence, media gives him wall-to-wall coverage

Now, we all know that Dynastycrooks in the media gave saturation coverage to Hardik Patel because they were desperate to spite Modi. But it seems that among another set of Dynasty loyalists, Hardik Patel has also managed to cause some jealousy. Even a mad clown like Hardik Patel was able to draw huge crowds of youth, if only for a day. That is a lot more than Pappu ever gets…  Things are so bad that even Hardik Patel is a bigger youth icon than the Shehzada 🙂

This is exactly the kind of hypocritical Manuwadi thinking that has denied many communities their legitimate share in the sociopolitical space….The reality is that the deprivation of sociopolitical power to this 40 per cent has also resulted in the lack of their development and progress on various socioeconomic parameters.

Ha ha ha…Blaming Manu for the fact that Congi crooks have been wagging their tails in front of the Dynasty for 68 years? It’s not Manu who lived in ancient times, but Macaulay who is the reason Congress fell at the feet of Sonia Gandhi….along with the entire Dynastycrook brigade in Lutyens Delhi. Don’t blame Manu. The reality is that in order to preserve the power of the Dynasty, it was necessary to keep these sections of society backward and destitute and looking for handouts. Then, each generation of Shehzadas or Shehzadis would offer these unfortunate souls just enough to keep them alive to vote for Congress in the next election. Check out the Congress slogan:

At Salumber in Udaipur on September 11, while kick starting Congress’ campaign in Rajasthan for Assembly Elections in December, Rahul Gandhi coined a new slogan:

Puri roti khayenge, 100 din kaam karenge, muft dawaiyan lenge aur Congress ko jitayenge
(We will have full rotis, work for 100 days, take free medicines and will vote for Congress).

He coined the slogan in response to Union Minister Girijia Vyas’ concluding remarks that once tribals used to say that “aadhi roti khayenge, Congress ko jitaenge.”


Few days later, Modi thundered his response: “They have taken 60 years to go from aadhi roti (half a roti) to poori roti (one full roti). Now they will ask for another 100 years before you can have pet bhar roti (enough rotis to satisfy your hunger) Will you wait another 100 years?” There can be no doubt who milks political power to enjoy lakh crore scams while the deprived stay poor and waiting for their handouts. And it certainly isn’t Manu who lived thousands of years ago!…. LOL

5 thoughts on “Is Dynastycrook Shehzad Poonawalla even dumber than the Shehzada?

  1. There are thousands of sects in Hinduism and most of the sects had not their prime minister ruled India. Then again Modi from BJP and Sardar for once from Congress came from lower sections of society. About sixty years of dynasty rule is non Hindu rule according to strict Manuwaad, the standard shehzad is using. So,what he is whining for lower minority pmship? The leader should be chosen on merit, representing ethos,value and culture of majority of people in democracy. The leaders chosen on sychophancy and minorities bring devastating results as proved by corruption and inefficiency of Manmohan Singh and dynasty. Thousands of Hindu sects are united in culture, ethos, value and religion can wait their turn to provide leadership on merit for thousands of years.

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    1. This is so true. If each little sect and caste and subcaste in India demanded to have a Prime Minister, our country would become divided into 1000 pieces. Although, this is exactly what pro-Pakistani, anti-national elements want.


  2. Well written. Any idea about family background of the poonawala brothers? Only thing I could find over net is his father being sarfaraz poonawala belonging to khoji muslims sect.


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