Dynastycrook Shoaib Daniyal begins the fire against helpless Pakistani Hindus

On Tuesday, I had predicted this:


Honestly, I don’t deserve much credit because any sensible person could have predicted this. As soon as the Modi government decided that persecuted Pakistani Hindus could stay in India without fear, the Dynastycrooks were sure to release a torrent of articles railing against it. Any time a Hindu gets to breathe in India, a Dynastycrook feels like he is choking.

And so, Dynastycrook Shoaib Daniyal is the first to go off the block attacking Pakistani Hindus. Here is he is, breaking his bangles:


Let’s read along:

Pseudo-secularism” was a term invented by Bharatiya Janata Party supremo LK Advani, ostensibly to attack the misuse of secularism in India. In reality, the phrase functioned as dog whistle and was used by people who had no desire to correct Indian secularism but who intended to remove it altogether.

Here is something more interesting Shoaib. The preamble to the original Constitution of India declared our country to be a “sovereign democratic republic”. The terms “secular” and “socialist” were inserted by Indira Gandhi in the 42nd amendment (1976) as part of her Emergency package to destroy Indian democracy. Since then “secularism”has been used as a dog whistle by people with no desire to be secular, but only those who wanted to keep Hindus down as a stop gap measure for a few decades until the Muslim vote was sufficiently large for the Ummah to take over our country…

Advani is now out of the picture but the wheels he set in motion have gathered a lot of momentum….”

Indeed they have. And many Dynastycrooks are kicking themselves and cursing the day that Congress allowed the RSS to survive. By misreading the power of the Hindu resurgence, Nehru & Indira made a tactical mistake for which Pappu is paying the price. As a desperate consolation, Dynastycrooks these days heap praise upon Nehru’s “democratic spirit” for not banning the RSS permanently and on Indira Gandhi for not becoming a lifelong dictator!

Let Shoaib Daniyal start complaining:

Of course, that the rationale of “religious persecution” is only half the story, as is obvious from the glaring omission in the list: Muslims.

Huh? You want the peacefuls from Pakistan to be allowed to chase their prey right inside our borders?

Shia Muslims, by any standard should be categorised as under “religious persecution”: more than 150 members of the community were murdered in Pakistan in just the first six months of 2015 .

Yes, we know that the “idea of Pakistan” has many flaws. But please do not bring the factional fights of the Ummah to our country. Why not ask them to move to one of the 56 other peaceful majority nations? Or tell them to move to Germany! Poor Germans just got suckered in by emotions to accept millions of peaceful Syrian refugees. In 10-15 years, when these native Germans become refugees in their own land, India would do well to open its borders and welcome the hard working & technologically advanced Germans…yay 🙂 Sorry, Shoaib we can’t open our borders to just anyone right now…we already have 125 crore people…we need to leave some space at least to accommodate the flood of German refugees in a few years…

Clearly then, India’s claim of offering asylums to people suffering from “religious persecution” is only half true. The other half is driven by India’s internal considerations…

How surprising that India has adopted an asylum policy based on our “internal considerations”! Why would any country do that…lol! Which other civilized country has a visa policy that is based on its own interests? Sorry brother, we are not as internationally minded as the Ummah or Lutyens Delhi.

The BJP’s ideology of Hindutva assumes a religio-ethnic definition of Indian.In its election manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party had declared India to be “a natural home for persecuted Hindus” who “shall be welcome to seek refuge”…

So what else is it? Where else would persecuted Hindus flee? To Saudi Arabia? When a persecuted Hindu is surrounded by 56 peaceful majority nations, how hypocritical of you to laugh at his plight and tell them that his situation is the same as any Muslim sect! He has nowhere else to go except India. And for recognizing that obvious reality, you point fingers at our nation? Oh wait, did you read the Dynasty’s manifesto for 2014, Mr. Daniyal? It promised reservation for Muslims! In fact, right before the Maharashtra elections, the Dynasty even announced reservation for Muslims!


Which “religio-ethnic” definition of Indian was that, Mr. Daniyal when Muslims were given reservation in Maharashtra (now cancelled after the BJP government came to power)?

In 1947, when the Congress accepted the division of British India, it implied a de facto acknowledgment of the “Two Nation Theory”. However, India’s leaders at the time never even considered accepting it de jure. Becoming a “Hindu Pakistan”, in the words of Jawaharlal Nehru, was anathema and the Indian state always sought to define itself as secular.

So, allowing persecuted Hindus to stay in India will turn us into a “Hindu Pakistan”. Actually, India is already more like a “Hindu majority Pakistan”, where much like the Mughal empire, the oppressed Hindu majority has to live according to terms set by the Muslim minority. Is it not a de jure acknowledgement of “Hindu majority Pakistan” when reservation is given to Muslims? Remember that Dr. Manmohan Singh said that Muslims have the first right to India’s resources? You already have a de facto Pakistan in India. Let Hindus have this little de jure thing at least. Don’t be so narrow minded, Shoaib…let it go.

why is the Modi government now making policy that treats religious categories as political? Why is the Indian state using religious communities and not individuals as policy building blocks?

Ha ha…I’m sorry….did you just arrive from Pakistan, Mr. Shoaib Daniyal? Or did you miss the last 7 decades of Indian politics? Treating religious categories as political is a new thing in India? Why have a separate ministry for minorities then? You don’t complain when Muslims receive special loans from the government. You don’t complain when minority institutions like St. Stephens take 95% of their funding from the taxpayer and reserve 50% of seats for their own community! You don’t complain when Muslims are given reservation for being Muslims! Suddenly you have woken up and are talking about religious categories in India being treated as political?  Let’s read this line again:

Why is the Indian state using religious communities and not individuals as policy building blocks?”

This must be the greatest joke I have ever heard. In India, Muslims are not even governed by Constitutional laws, they live their lives according to some arbitrary diktats given by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. What is triple talaq, if not treating religious communities as policy building blocks? Be it laws on marriage, divorce, inheritance, anything, Muslims in India get to have their fatwas rule over our Constitutional laws. Where was this Dynastycrook when the Indian Constitution had to be amended to uphold the supremacy of Sharia law over the  Supreme Court in the Shah Bano case? Ha ha…now he has come to complain about the Indian state accepting religious communities as policy building blocks….ROFL! Indeed, where was this Dynastycrook when the Shehzada’s government in Kerala issued a notification allowing young girl children to be “married off” as per the “Muslim marriage act”?


Recently, the Local Self Government Department (LSGD), Kerala issued a circular allowing  Marriage Registrars’ to register Muslim marriages where the man is less than 21 and the woman is less than 18…The LSGD issued the Circular under the notion that, Muslim Marriage Act, 1957, did not mandate any age limit for marriage…

But here is the fun part about the “Muslim marriage act, 1957”:

There is no statute named Muslim Marriage Act, 1957 prevailing in India. Allegedly, the Act mentioned in the Circular is the Muslim Marriage Act, 1957 of Jamica.”

LOL! Which planet are you living on, Dynastycrook Shoaib Daniyal…come to India and see…here even laws from Jamaica are used to allow child marriage of Muslim girls. And you complain about religious communities being treated as blocks for policy… good good joke!

12 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Shoaib Daniyal begins the fire against helpless Pakistani Hindus

  1. the notion of “hindu pakistan” and the subsequent fear of Bharat turning in to it arises from their own skewed understanding of Hindu-tradition/Sanatan Dharma/Hindutva and Gandhi’s Sarva-Dharma-Sambhava.

    Neither Sanatan Dharma is like Islam nor Sarva-Dharma-Sambhava means that all creeds are to be treated equally instead of their inherent merit. S-D-S means having the same attitude towards all Dharma whether its Brahmin Dharma, Kshatriya Dharma, Vaishya Dharma or Shudra Dharma and other like Guru Dharma, Shishya Dharma, Pitru Dharma, Matru Dharma, Putra Dharma, Rashtra Dharma etc.

    The biggest fallacy is at the core of it i.e. Dharma is religion. When infact Dharma has nothing to do with worship or even notions of God or even human society. Human society has to strive to be in consonance withit its not the other way around.

    With Vedic Dharma/Hindutva/Hinduism/Sanatan Dharma at its core Bharat can never become a hindu pakistan as these people claim.

    Thousands of years of evolution of human consiousness in identifying and understanding Dharma in Bharat and thousands of sampradayas/panths/beliefs appeared and died but never ever creeds like Islam and Christianity were born in Bharat, creeds whose followers are not content with their own belief in their creed but want everyone else to also convert to their creed and this zeal for conversion is a corner stone of their belief.

    If that didn’t happen how can there be a “Hindu Pakistan” take birth in Bharat.

    The difference between the beliefs of “Omkar Parivar” and “people of the book” must be understood by everybody just like the difference between brass and gold.

    There is a big difference and the difference between a free man and an enslaved one.


    1. This is actually a splendid point. The idea of a “Hindu Pakistan” is a contradiction in itself. The Sanatan dharma simply isn’t like an Abrahamic religion. It does not impose on anyone else. The Western idea of secularism was born as response to aggressive, expansionist Abrahamic religions. A Hindu state is that which would allow everyone to live freely.


  2. Day by day, we are seeing these reptiles crawling from under the Earth, unable to bear the heat of truth and success of the BJP and Modi govt. It is really spine chilling to see so many anit-national people having spread across all walks of life. It is the dharma of this Hinduism, taht has kept the country intact in the last 60 years, and much more in the last 10 years. Now, everyone of these wolf in shppe’s clothes are getting exposed. As you can see, for the last few days, everyone of these morons are getting exposed of their true colours in the meat ban issue in mumbai. When the ban has been in force for the last 41 years, and when the cong govt increased its duration from 2 to 4 days a decade back, we had not seen this sort of an outage so far. But, now everyone of these morons are coming out in open as if it is only the BJP that has done this. The NCP which governs the Navi Mumbai municipality has enforced a 4 day ban there, but is in the streets fighting against BJP. The TOIlet paper owner, Vineet Jain it seems has woken up suddenly from his Rip Van winkle sleep that he tweeted about food preferences only now. If BJP has discontinued that ban this year, the same vineet jain and every other moron would be up in arms for the Jains. Today, Damn if you do, Damn if you dont.

    Assam had been flooded for the last 10 days, Maha is facing one of its worst drought in the recent years. But for these page 3 columnists and bollywood puppets, FTII and meat ban are the breaking news.

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    1. Just think. Junior DOCTORS are on strike in Karnataka. But these presstitutes are covering the strike of FTII students 🙂 Honestly, I have no idea what FTII students expect to achieve with their strike. A strike can be effective only when your refusal to work hurts someone else. Like a strike of DOCTORS!!! But FTII students…lol. Ok…let them go on strike…who cares. Let them stop making pro-Naxal movies…it would be good for us overall as a nation…lol

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  3. BTW Manipur is burning and there is flood in Assam but since both states have Congress Govt. so media is least concern there. So now they are repenting over meat ban and everything. I sincerely believe govt. is heading into unnecessary controversies

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  4. The dynasty crooks are under the pay role of the Vatican agent , the media crooks have to toe the line of their chrislamic bosses and the anti national commees and the pseudo libs are brain washed anti Hindus As Such these crooks would oppose any move the govt makes to relieve the plight of poor Hindus.


    1. Yes, they are putting in a lot of effort to create a Chrislamic state. As it is, with Modi’s rise, things have gotten harder for them. The last thing they want in India is more Hindus…!


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