Dynastycrooks’ Modi complex stems from poverty of Pappu’s leadership

And yet again, the brigade of Dynasty cheerleaders is at work. A new penny stock, called Sourish Bhattacharya is at work on DailyO.in, praising the greatness of Jawaharlal Nehru. Dynastycrook Ram Chuha is facing some stiff competition:


No matter how hard the RSS-tutored BJP dispensation in New Delhi tries to obliterate Jawaharlal Nehru’s legacy, it can’t. Because it is everywhere, and all of us are beneficiaries of it.

Ha ha…No matter how hard the Dynastycrooks in Lutyens Delhi try to obliterate India’s Hindu legacy, it can’t. Because it is everywhere and all of us are beneficiaries of it, including those who impose Jazia tax on us. We have really heard this spiel from Dynastycrooks before. You see, it is the epic tolerance of the Indian Hindu that is the ultimate safeguard of our nation’s democracy. But Macaulay’s children, who hate everything about our nation’s Hindu soul cannot admit that. So, they have no option but to ascribe to Nehru the inherent great qualities of our ancient civilization.

Unlike the BJP-RSS questionable contributions to the freedom struggle and the growth of institutions that have sustained free India, which can easily fit (and mostly for the wrong reasons) into an annex of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), Nehru’s bequest is far greater and still in need of deeper study.”

Actually, I have a question. What exactly is the contribution of Nehru to India’s freedom struggle? As far as I can see, he was one of the handful of  Indians of that era who got super rich by helping the Imperial British government to enslave and plunder India. And then, these enablers of British rule hung around the British long enough, lapping at their heels, to make sure that when the British finally left after World War 2, they would leave the country in charge of their butlers in India. Yes, indeed we need “deeper study”, we really need to ask ourselves frankly and honestly : did Britain leave India because of Nehru? After WW-2, Britain simply didn’t have money to run the Empire. British people were surviving on tiny  rations. In fact, here is the situation of Britain after the War ended on May 8, 1945:


Some snippets about Britain’s condition:

27 May 1945: Bacon ration cut from 4 to 3 ounces/week. Cooking fat ration cut from 2 to 1 ounces/week. Soap ration cut by an eighth, except for babies and young children”

“Mid-1946: Continual rain ruined Britain’s wheat crop. Bread rationing started.

“January–March 1947: Winter of 1946–1947 in the United Kingdom: long hard frost and deep snow. Frost destroyed a huge amount of stored potatoes. Potato rationing started.”

“Mid-1947: A transport and dock strike, which among other effects caused much loss of imported meat left to rot on the docks, until the Army broke the strike. The basic petrol ration was stopped

So, bread, potatoes, petrol, meat, soap, oil everything was being rationed in Britain after 1945…such was the dire condition of Britain…and they say that Britain left because of Nehru…ha ha!!!

Let’s keep reading the Dynastycrook’s article:

By letting present politics skew their vision of history, the BJP-RSS megaphones would like the nation to forget that Nehru gave us just about everything we cherish as Indians today.”

Wow…NOW Ram Chuha’s job is really in danger. With sweeping statements like that, Queen Sonia might pick this guy to replace Chuha. Did you hear that? EVERYTHING we cherish as Indians today was due to Nehru. No…wait! Not “due to Nehru”, but “given by” Nehru, the Lord and master of the nation. And they call us “bhakts” 🙂

It was not easy to be the country’s first prime minister, handed an inheritance of mind-numbing poverty by a depredatory colonial regime and a deep communal divide drenched in the blood spilled during Partition. Nehru did not let these Himalayan odds either stop him from remaining a visionary, or getting swayed by the examples of contemporary demagogues, some of whom were his good friends, who turned into dictators.”

Himalayan odds or Himalayan blunder that Nehru handed to us in 1962? An inheritance of mind numbing poverty? Sure! And here is what “Panditji” did to bring India out of mind numbing poverty:


Between 1947 and 1964, CAGR for Japan’s GDP per capita was a sizzling 7.9%, for the USSR 4.4% and for India 1.68%

Wow…that is some serious visionary work by Nehru! Japan was nuked into rubble and managed 7.9% growth rate. Even the Commies in the USSR managed 4.4%. And India achieved a grand 1.68%!!! It would genuinely take some special talent to grow as badly as that. Wait…India achieved even bigger heights under Nehru:

Also, India’s record was worse than the Philippines or Malaysia. Even dirt-poor Burma (now Myanmar) clocked a CAGR of 3.16% between 1950 and 1964.

Be it a capitalist country like Japan or South Korea, a Communist country like China or USSR, or a dirt poor country like Philippines or Malaysia, we managed to do worse than everyone. Congratulations, Panditji….you made us #1 from the bottom! Some vision!

But wait, Dynastycrook Sourish Bhattacharya has more praise more Nehru:

He was a lifelong democrat, who truly believed that politics is the pursuit of gentlemen, and our democratic institutions owe their longevity to him (just as the RSS owes its survival to his liberal politics – a leader inspired by an exclusionist ideology like that of the RSS, would have happily permanently banned the organisation in the aftermath of the Gandhi assassination).

That is some solid logic! So Nehru gets credit for not banning the RSS permanently. In other words, he liked to suppress those who disagreed with him, but used to forgive them after a while! What a gentleman! When the RSS’ mouthpiece the Organizer published material criticizing him, Nehru issued orders that RSS could no longer publish anything without prior permission from the government. The RSS took Nehru to court and won. So Nehru decided to amend the Indian Constitution itself to make sure that Freedom of speech would be curtailed with “reasonable restrictions”, with Nehru having a monopoly on the definition of reasonable! What a wonderful democrat with an inclusive ideology…unlike the exclusive ideology of the RSS…

Even his daughter, overcome by her insecurities and misguided by her sycophants, could not cause permanent damage to the democratic institutions that Nehru nurtured with a missionary’s zeal. Even she called for general elections, instead of choosing to be a lifelong dictator.

Yeah…I was wondering…how come no praise for Queen Indira yet? See, the Emergency was not her fault but that of her sycophants 🙂 In fact, she gets credit for calling for General Elections. She did us a favor by not choosing to become a lifelong dictator 🙂 This is the mindset of Dynastycrooks, they think that the Dynasty is doing us a favor by allowing us to continue with our democracy, instead of becoming supreme rulers which is their birthright.

Ironically, you see the real reason Dynastycrooks are yapping is because they have a Modi complex. All they have to offer is Rahul Gandhi. They know he is an idiot. When Narendra Modi came forward to oppose Pappu, the Dynastycrooks hit back at him in the most petty fashion possible, by attacking his humble origins as a Chaiwala. How dare a Chaiwala take on the great Dynasty? What they cannot digest is that RSS came centerstage of Indian politics. Unlike the Congress, the RSS was not created or sustained by institutional support either from the British or their intellectual descendants in Lutyens Delhi. Now that they have lost the narrative, they sit back and curse the day that they let the RSS survive. They wish they could turn back the clock and ban the RSS permanently back when Nehru & Indira had the power. Nehru & Indira didn’t destroy the RSS not because they were tolerant democrats, but because they were too drunk in their arrogance and underestimated the power of India’s hindus to snatch power from the hands of the Anglicized elite. Yes, they made a tactical mistake. Pappu is paying the price…


10 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks’ Modi complex stems from poverty of Pappu’s leadership

  1. Excellent article. They have resorted to invoking Nehru in their desperation to win elections. They have lost hopes on current dynasty. Slowly they will start praising Mahatma and start connecting him to the current day congress in the belief that people can be taken for a ride


  2. If it was not for Sardar Patel, we would have lost entire J & K. And if it were not for John F. Kennedy, we would have lost big chunk of our North-East section to China during 1962 war. Even though, Russia was friend, it did not do anything until Kennedy pressured Khrushchev to put Russian military at Russia-China border to stop China winning bigger chunk of our land. Some Nehru legacy.


    1. And if I remember correctly, Sardar Patel saved us the Andaman/Nicobar and Lakshadweep islands too. Under his orders, Indian Navy ships arrived there barely hours before Porki navy ships 🙂 These islands are of course of tremendous strategic importance for the military…


  3. The recent Gurgaon rape case of two Nepalese girl at hands of Peaceful Arab sheikhs has tied the media in a bind. How will they criticize the peaceful people. So now they have taken the new route of bashing the Modi govt for not able to arrest the diplomat due to diplomatic immunity.


    1. very well explained the legacy of Great Nehru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still can’t understand why we have tolerated all these morons all these days? how many more days to go?…………


    2. Yes, even some mediapersons were shocked at how this story was underplayed. Btw, did you hear…there are rumors that India was tipped off about this Saudi diplomat by the Iranian government. If this is true, Modi govt is playing its diplomatic cards well…saved Indians from ISIS using Saudi help, got Dawood’s properties in Dubai seized by UAE help. Now, Iran is helping us too… Modi govt is playing the Muslim powers against each other and they are all helping us..


  4. What would have been the outcome if the RSS were really banned permanently – as these Dynasty Crooks wish it were? It would first have gone to court and fought hard to get this ban removed. However if the courts had Dynasty Crooks who went with the ban? Interesting to think what would happened. Hindus might have taken to violence as a last resort – as in Tamil there is a saying – If the timid get angry, the forest cannot contain it. So in summary, the Dynasty actually did itself a favour and extended its lifetime, by removing the ban on RSS 🙂


    1. I think even if the RSS had been banned, some similar organization would have come up and done the same job. All dynasties lose power sooner or later. With India gaining independence, Hindus were bound to wake up slowly and slowly and ultimately take charge of the nation. I don’t think Hindus would have resorted to mass violence. Hindus are fundamentally peaceful people. The forces of history would have crushed the dynasty sooner or later.


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