Dynastycrook Sandipan Sharma has lost his mind

For a while now, Firstpost has become the favorite spot for Dynastycrooks. Only god knows what The Jaggi is thinking. Does Jaggi cultivate these idiots around him so that his occasional article looks like work of genius by comparison? And Sandipan Sharma is probably the very worst of the Dynastycrooks at Firstpost.

So when Dynastycrook Hamid Ansari decided to whine about “the condition of Indian Muslims” for the 5000th time and received flak for it, Junior Mameluk  Sandipan Sharma decided to fight back on behalf of the Senior Mameluk.


Get ready. This is gonna be a huge pile of smelly crap.

The radical right is bound to have a problem with the current Indian Vice-President. He does not play the Veena publicly, quote freely from Hindu scriptures, his candidature was not endorsed by the NDA and he answers to the name of Mohammad Hamid Ansari.

Grrr…the swipe at Dr. Kalam that has become so routine of late 😦 It truly is something to see that the liberal left feels so much pain and anger at Dr. Kalam. Why? What did he do? Did Dr. Kalam ever do anything that hurt India’s liberals? Of course not. Then why do they hate him? Because liberals went like this:

Hating Modi —> Hating Hindus —> Hating India

Liberals hate that Dr. Kalam made India stronger. Liberals hate Sanskrit now. Liberals managed to hate even Rakshabandhan (note: Rakshabandhan is a symbol of patriarchy, while burqa is empowerment). On the flip side, liberals love Yakub Memon, Aurangazeb and Nitish Kumar.

In a vitriolic atmosphere where post-modern analysis of historic figures is done on medieval notions of creed and community, debates are structured on the unfortunate Us vs Them binary….”

Actually, historic figures who lived  and worked in medieval times should be analyzed based on medieval notions, no? Isn’t that the exactly correct way? In fact, it is post-modernism that is the real bullshit. Post-modernism is actually the effort to rewrite history by whitewashing it with modern political correctness.

So, there is nothing egregiously surprising about the vitriolic response to the VP’s appeal for “affirmative action” for the saath and vikaas of Muslims. You can count on the VHP and members of its ideological parivar to ignore the message and shoot the messenger every time somebody talks about the grievances of the minorities.

Why shouldn’t there be a vitriolic response to the appeal for affirmative action for the saath and vikas of Muslims? And what grievances of minorities? That we did not give them enough of our country in 1947? That they want to take more of it? Almost a third of the nation was given exclusively to peacefuls back in 1947. In the rest of the country, we have equal rule of law and a secular state. Exclusive rights to 1/3rd of the country and equal rights in the rest is not enough for you? Now you want more than equality? You want affirmative action too!!! How much more ransom must we pay before peacefuls agree to give us their “saath” for the “vikas” of the nation?

Honestly, I have never been able to understand what is the exact grievance of India’s secular minority. They were not historically oppressed, in fact they were the oppressors: for a whole 1000 years! Then they were given a separate country where their religion rules. And in whatever is left, all we want is equal citizenship of all! What grievance? What historical wrong have they suffered because of which they have a grievance?

All we want is equality. Why would ANY community, especially the historically advantaged ruling class, i.e. Muslims, feel aggrieved by it?

There is, however, another worrying aspect of the far right’s attempts to silence the Indian VP, to ask him to refrain from speaking his mind and remind him of the “dignity of his office” and, of course, his religion. What about the VP’s right to freedom of expression? Have our democratic values hit such a low that we now have no qualms in depriving those at top constitutional positions the basic rights enshrined in, ironically, the Constitution?

Yes, the VP has freedom of expression! People in high constitutional offices have freedom of expression, with the exception of the Governor of Tripura, right? Then why start whining when Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy says that those attending Yakub Memon’s funeral (except relatives & close friends) could be potential terrorists?

The Governor’s tweets have fueled sharp reactions. Ruling Trinamool Congress’ Derek O-Brien said in a statement, “A Governor must speak like a Governor and behave like a Governor.”


Ideally, the VP’s argument that Muslims are deprived of employment opportunities, education and that their poverty levels are much below the national average should have triggered a healthy debate….It is a pity the far right does not understand.

Absolutely! It should have triggered off a healthy debate WITHIN the Muslim community. Why is it that Muslims, India’s erstwhile ruling class, have been reduced to poverty and unemployment? Perhaps that is because certain elements who are close to the Dynasty, instigate Muslims to feel threatened when the Government pushes Madrasas to teach Math & Science? THAT is where the debate should start. It might be time to stop blaming everyone else: RSS, Zionists, Modi, CIA, Danish cartoonists…

It’s a pity Dynastycrooks don’t want Muslims to understand.


16 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Sandipan Sharma has lost his mind

  1. Glad you took this crook on. I was going to point out the same article to you. The anger against DR APJ is unbelievable. Btw, isn’t it exactly the kind of thing we can expect from these morons – that the VP is ok to talk as a Muslim, but NaMo should not talk as a Hindu. He needs to wear skullcaps, go to Mosques etc to show that he is the PM

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    1. Exactly. No one ever asks why Hamid Ansari is not wearing Tilak to show that he is secular. For these people secularism is a one way street. Two things have exposed Dynastycrooks in recent days:

      1. Love for Yakub

      2. Hate for Dr. Kalam.

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  2. Part two of this nonsense – they want to whitewash the sins of the oppressors using today’s principles or tell us that the past sins should be seen in that time’s context. Where is the same principle applied to the Hindu side?

    Today we are all told how we need to pay for yesteryear’s supposed actions that today’s minorities are suffering from (really?!).

    And even within the Hindu community everyone has to carry the guilt of past notions that are perceived as monstrosities today, never mind whether any of us believe or act that way today.

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  3. “…startling facts disclosed by Shri Salman Khurshid in his Press Conference on May 29, 2012, boasting about multiple benefits showered on the Muslims and four other minorities on the basis of Justice Sachar Report. Among other things the said press conference disclosed that not one single scholarship out of the two crore freeships was given to the needy daughter or son of the poorest Hindus. Nor were any cheaper educational or entrepreneurial loans advanced to any Hindu poor, while funds worth several lakh crores were advanced to the children of the five super-favoured minorities. These extraordinary favours were granted only to Muslims and four other minorities and by design the poor Hindus were excluded.”

    This is a quote from a Congress Muslim leader’ boast.
    If anything at all, the Vice President should encourage Muslims to participate in “Sab Ka Saath” Without that you cannot demand “Sab Ka Vikas”. As is, the Muslims (and our pseudo secular like Sandipan Sharma) want to oppose Mr. Modi at every step, yet demand their Vikas.

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    1. Ha ha ha…Salman Khursheed is also famous for his “Sonia cried seeing dead terrorists” remark! When not giving scholarships to needy Hindus, is seen as an achievement, what can we say? UPA 1 & UPA 2 were the most overtly anti-Hindu governments since independence.

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  4. WOW! that was fabulous!!

    You completely destroyed whatever Junior Mameluk had lovilingly written in support of Senior Mameluk.

    what is the exact grievance of India’s secular minority?……for your question the answer is simple!…there is basically no grievances at all!! almost all grievances are cooked by presstiuttes.

    As for taking a swipe at Dr. Kalam…..is because these AH’s are no good low down scum of the earth !!

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  5. Arvind Lavakere’s article nicly compares two muslim scholars.

    Good conclusion…Quote
    Finally, the punch line. “What Indian Muslims have to understand is that eventually it is not their leaders but they themselves who will have to make their destiny.”

    Those words of Dr Zakaria are true 13 years after they were published. He spoke like a pure secular person.

    Contrast this what our secular nation’s current Vice President said the other day. And there lies the difference secularism and pseudo-secularism.

    By the way, Sabke saath” really means “Support of all” while Mr Ansari’s Subke saath means “With all” It’s a nuanced, subtle difference, like the difference between “secular” of the Congress and the “secular” of Dr Zakaria….UnQuote



  6. Apologies for this late comment – was away in a period of silence.

    I want to highlight the tweet of dynasty crook Rajdeep Sardesai. In a tweet he referred to the R/W not having read the VP’s statement in totality before reacting to his point of affirmative action. It is worthwhile to recall how RJ and his fellow crooks reacted to Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on doing charity in India. They picked only on what he said about mother theresa and twisted it out of shape. It is obvious that they lose their perspective when reading statements from the RSS, BJP and R/W. Maybe they use different coloured glasses for such reading!


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