Dynastycrook Shekhar Coupta and the Republic of Idiots

Shekhar Coupta (pronounced with a silent “p”) is an intellectual. In other words, he knows about stuff. But Shekhar Coupta is a special kind of intellectual, one who knows everything about everything. Or as Sushant Sareen recently put it:


Yes, Shekhar Coupta is an alleged journalist. Now, we all know that the entire mainstream media has been hoping somehow to get BJP defeated in the Bihar polls. That’s fine. We take it for granted now. In fact, beating the media is now part of the fun of seeing the BJP win…and sometimes…watching the media cry can be the main reason for celebrating a BJP win 🙂

But yesterday, Mameluk Shekhar Coupta entered the Saggy Aunty league of specially retarded Dynastycrooks by tweeting this:

3 lions on the Ashok stambh? This is what happens when you fall asleep in school and then have to make a living as a “journalist”.

We understand. Shekhar Coupta lives in the Mameluk media’s Republic of Idiots. The emblem of this Republic has a vulture in the center with 1  donkey to the left and 1 donkey to the right. The vulture in the center is “S”, while the donkeys on the sides are “R” and “P”. This is the emblem of the Mameluk media’s Republic of idiots to which Shekhar Coupta swears an oath of loyalty each day. But Shekhar, you should read about this emblem of your republic more carefully. You will find out that the original has a hidden animal who faces backwards and is not immediately visible to the public. That animal is a jackal…its name is “V”.



15 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Shekhar Coupta and the Republic of Idiots

  1. Nice comparison. I liked the way Sushant described journalists. I call Arnab like journalist as “9 o clock neethipathis”. Neethipathis in tamil means judges.

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  2. ha ha ha! Brilliant and Hilarious ! Sushant Sareen conclusion is a body blow to the DC in the media. The vulture named’S’ in the center and the hidden jacka lnamed ‘V’ ‘HIDDEN’in the back are the correct position with donkeys named ‘R’ and ‘P’ on both sides. R.. S..V..P.. Superb!

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  3. Coupta also commented on the recent news item about DRDO and Swami Rama as below:

    “Problem with Baba Ramdev deal: do we need #DRDO to make herbal drinks? Its output on armaments is zilch. Our arms, even pistols, imported.”

    He forgets that a wing of DRDO at Mysore, DFRL works with the following Vision and Mission:
    To be technological leader of excellence in food research and product development
    Design, develop and evaluate; safe, nutritious and convenience food to meet the needs of Services and spin off to civil application.

    The technology developed by this wing of DRDO has resulted in many packaged and ready to eat food packets now available in our super markets.
    His is a natural reaction arising out of hatred for the Swami.

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      1. Yes, Baba Ramdev has emerged as a target for Dynastycrooks. These people dont know that DRDO has made a lot of things that are useful to ordinary people in the ordinary consumer market. Yes, I believe DRDO should focus instead on building tanks/guns/artillery and reducing India’s dependence on weapon imports. But that is not Baba Ramdev’s fault.

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  4. In my Indian entertainment package, I have weeded out most of the trash Indian news channels, but NDTV has sneaked in as free add on. So are some of the Khan and hidden Pakistani channels under the garb of Bollywood entertainment channels. This Cupta (p =silent) strolls at every commercial break in front of presidential palace and utterers nonsense. It saddens me.

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